Neptune in Aries – fiery visions or damp squibs

Neptune, planet of spirituality, illusion, delusion, deception, creativity and vision moves out of its own sign Pisces, where it has been since 2011, into Aries in 2025 staying till 2038. Looking back on historical events linked to its stay in upfront and pro-active Aries, not an easy combination, there are some constants but there will be additional cultural or psychological effects which the history books don’t describe. Aries Fire won’t sit comfortably with Neptune’s Water.

Neptune in Aries 1861 – 1874: Most notably this covered the American Civil War, which arose after the abolition of slavery, which had been banned in Europe decades earlier.

The Bahai faith was founded as was the forerunner to the Salvation Army and the Geneva Convention established the Red Cross.

Italy was unified in 1860 and Canada came into being.

Prince Albert dies, Victoria’s consort and the ‘uncrowned king of GB.’

In the UK parliament, the inspired leadership of Benjamin Disraeli pushed forward with parliamentary reform.

1697 – 1710: The ill-fated Darien Scheme, which lost 20% of Scotland’s money, led to the Act of Union with England in 1707.

The Act of Settlement in 1701 establishing the succession to the English throne, put the childless protestant Queen Anne on the throne, leading on her death to the establishment of the Hanoverian Monarchy in 1714, still in existence today.

1533 to 1547: Henry VIII is excommunicated by Pope Clement VII and in the split from Rome establishes the Anglican Church.

Henry declares himself and his heirs as Kings of Ireland, replacing the Lordship of Ireland with the Kingdom of Ireland.

1370 to 1383: In England, the ‘Good Parliament’ attempted to highlight the corruption of the Royal court and to reform the government. John of Gaunt, the effective ruler, replaced it the next year with a ‘Bad Parliament’ which undid the advances.  

1206 to 1219: The English Barons force King John to sign the Magna Carta, in an attempt to curb the power of the monarch.

  Looking briefly at the above Neptune in Aries clearly marked key times for the English/UK monarchy and parliament.

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  1. Thank you for this Marjorie!
    It does look like an interesting time ahead for/with the Outer Planets
    and whatever aspects Jupiter/Saturn make with them.

  2. Some notes:

    – Aries Neptune also coincided with the two most horrendous not man made famines in Northern Europe of the written history, roughly in 1696/98 and 1867/1868 (although several crops were lost locally in years before and after).

    – Another “great power” majorly impacted seems to have been Russia under Romanov Dynasty. Peter I The Great renovated Russian Society and started expansion westward during 1697-1710 Neptune in Aries. Alexander II signed Emancipation Act liberating serfs in 1861.

    – Incidentally, I went through some digitalized newspapers last night from the first Neptune in Taurus year after Neptune in Aries, 1875, in order to see if there were news on my 2nd great grandfather’s killing. There was a family lore on this of him being accidentally killed due to a fight he did not participate in. Turns out, he did indeed die due to a head trauma caused by a solid wooden bucket, but the drunk killer he’d tried to pacify went after him. Apparently, this was the first murder in parish in decades, and made it to largest newspapers also as a moral warning on evils of alcohol.

    What was interesting to me was how many newspapers there were in 1875. This was only half a decade after a famine that killed up to 10 per cent of the population, and rural population (including 2nd great grandfather) was deep in debt. Yet there were dozens of newspapers published in two languages, at least biweekly. The change had been incredibly quick in the last few years of Neptune in Aries, too. Most newspapers, including what would become the largest National Finnish language paper were established in the early 1870’s. In a way, you could say there was a quick increase of conciousness.

    • Something along those lines may occur due to mass job displacement resulting from automation. The Neptune Saturn conjunction in Aries (occurring in 2025) could be linked to dissolving outdated structures: a universal, mass disillusionment with ineffective institutions and no longer viable societal beliefs/ ideals but can also associated with the birth of new collective ideals – maybe united action on climate change for instance? Is the Neptune/ Saturn cycle also associated with key moments both in the rise and fall of socialism too?

      • As I observe gen Z n kids who would add to economy as they become adults in this time… A new World order is beginning to come to being where tyranny or corruption n greed would b called a sin unlike today where materialism is success ..more so its like more money in less work…as they dub smart work

      • Me too Folks, I’m in awe looking at this March 2025 chart: I ‘m born with Sun Pisces 27°53 and North Node Aries 0°15 and Saturn Aries 24°….They all ring an inner bell with the March 2025 Moon Neptune Venus North Node!

  3. I wrote over on the Q&A thread that Neptune in Aries may be about individuals submitting themselves to a bigger cause than themselves.

    The first trade union was legalised in Britain in 1872, five years after a Royal commission looked at them. In the U.S. the “Knights of Labor” was set up in 1869. That said, they took longer to take hold in different places and had been trying to get recognition for decades.

    I’d say “union” is a key descriptor for Marjorie’s list. Not a perfect one. But Civil War (re)united the states. UK’s Act of Union. (But of course Henry VIII dis-united the Catholic and Anglican churches).

    • It does seem to coincide, in the Western world at least with an increase in individual rights. You have the U.K. Education Act of 1870 bringing in elementary schooling for all children and legislation on child labour. In the USA, the 14th and 15th amendments in 1868 and 1870 respectively which gave voting rights to all ethnicities. Also while Neptune was in Aries, the Cardwell reforms of 1868-74 also introduced improvements for recruits and modernisation of the military. The married women’s Property Act of 1870 allowed married women to retain their earnings and inherit. So the period was one of advancements for formally disenfranchised people.

    • Going back to the previous points of Neptune ingressing into Aries and Pluto ingressing into Aquarius at roughly the same time, the most recent dates are the 1530s (CofE established) and 1042 (when Edward the Confessor became King and restored the Saxon line after the Danes had conquered England under Cnut).

      If I had to make a rough guess this particular pattern would seem to coincide with a re-establishment of England in some way, or at least a point of definition for the country.

      Interestingly later on in the Pluto in Aquarius period in the 1050s saw Wales united for the first time under Grufydd ap Llewelyn (Neptune by that point was in Taurus). The 1530s marked the point whereby Wales became part of the Kingdom of England rather than its colony, however it is worth noting that this occurred under a monarchical house of Welsh descent (Henry VII and VIII periodically highlighted this part of their ancestry). The 1536 Act of Union between Wales and England is due its second Pluto Return soon.

      Trying to read patterns and make predictions from past events is difficult.

      • ” the most recent dates are the 1530s (CofE established) and 1042 (when Edward the Confessor became King and restored the Saxon line after the Danes had conquered England under Cnut).”
        Interesting dates. Both are dates that have England taking a break from continental European politics (Ross’s “We were on a break” line comes to mind). The English Reformation has been called by some as the pre-Brexit Brexit.
        Also, both were periods of revival of domestic religiosity, with the formation of the CoE and Edward the Confessor laying the foundations of Westminster Abbey, where most of his successors have been crowned.

        • Of further interest is that neither break lasted for too long as soon as Pluto entered Pisces. In 1066 England was conquered again by the Normans and eventually incorporated as part of the Angevin Empire. In the 1550s Mary Tudor reunified the English church with Rome, however this didn’t last more than five or six years owing to her short reign (it would have been interesting to see where things might have gone had she ruled for longer).

    • I made the same connections. I think it is the time for unions. More specifically, unions resulting in new countries being formed. In the list above, Italy, Canada, the United Kingdom (both the Union with Scotland and the union of crowns with Ireland) are noticeable, as also the post-bellum/Reconstruction US , as GnarlyDude noted above.

      To Marjorie, can you see if there are any similar astrological patterns with the formation of the US, the unification of Australia, and the formation of the United Mexican States (Mexico) and the Union of India?

      Also, will we see the EU evolve into the United States of Europe in this timeframe? And how does this timeframe fit in with the US’s Pluto Return? Will the US fall apart and be rebuilt into a different Union (yet again)?

      • In that case, how does the UK leaving the EU fit into this, given that is an action that goes the other way? Unless the UK also breaks up and the component parts reform into other unions (for example a scenario could emerge whereby England joins the US/NAFTA, or Scotland maybe going into a Celtic union or even joining Canada).

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