Charlie Watts – an anomaly in the Stones madhouse

Charlie Watts, long time drummer with the Rolling Stones, has died. The quietest, least riotous of the group, he was married to the same wife for nearly six decades, disliked fame and the whole rock n’ roll notoriety and, apart from one lapse in the 1980s, steered clear of drugs.

  Born 2 June 1941, he was a Sun Gemini square Mars in Pisces with Jupiter and Venus also in Gemini. He had Saturn Uranus in Taurus trine Neptune and maybe a Virgo Moon. Gemini is a common sign amongst pop singers/stars though he really preferred jazz. Uranus trine Neptune of the generation produced many fine musicians and singing talents.

  His wife Shirley, 11 September 1938 (net sources) has a hard-working Mars in Virgo as well as Sun Neptune in Virgo with a self-reliant Saturn in Aries. In recent years the Watts had bred Arab horses at their Devon farm which fits her Virgo planets. Her Jupiter in Aquarius was square his Saturn Uranus so she would be a motivator and encourager when he got down.

  Their relationship chart has a close and possessive composite Sun Pluto Mercury in a chained-together square to Saturn. With a enthusiastic Jupiter sextile Mars (Moon); a needs-space Venus square Uranus; and an intense Mercury Pluto Sun sextile Mars. Evidently if he was home for too long away from touring she became irritated so it was a bond suited to separations.

  His relationship with Mick Jagger had its pluses and minuses with Mick’s powerhouse Sun Jupiter Pluto in Leo conjunct Charlie’s Pluto and Mick’s wayward Uranus conjunct Charlie’s Sun.  But the relationship chart had a high-energy and successful composite Sun Jupiter square Mars. With undertones of aggravation and tensions from Mars trine Pluto.  

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  1. I have to question Watts’ ascendant. Gemini with Leo rising would tend to be voluble, outgoing and attention seeking (think Donald Trump). Watts disliked the limelight and was a picture of reserve and calm. His drumming was renowned for its’ precision as opposed to the manic drum solos of other rock drummers of his generation. My guess is that he was born a bit later giving him a Virgo ascendant.

  2. In his rectified chart, Moon is at 1 Virgo, in his 5th House of entertainment trine Jupiter
    in 1 Taurus, 1st House. Natal Uranus, ruler 11th, group/band is conj his Asc.
    His natal Gemini Sun, falls in his 1st House. Name asteroid Watts is conj his Asc.

  3. I rectified his chart to 5:00 am, Asc 22Taurus. In numerology, #22 gives fame
    With this Asc, name asteroid Watt is conj his Asc and asteroid Rocknroll is in his 6th, work.
    C.E.O. Carter gives 25 degrees of cardinal signs as heart trouble…..his trans Pluto was
    at 25 Capricorn when he passed, and trans Watts was on his Descendant.
    He recently had a heart procedure.

  4. I know Charlie was 80, and him cancelling touring earlier this Summer was not a good sign, but I’m still devastates by this.

    Astrologically, it would be interesting to know where his Gemini fell, because he was such a private person, even in the 1960’s. Apparently, he didn’t tell other Stones he had married Shirley. This was quite understandable, given how juvenile the lot was at the time, and while opening up to band mates eventually, never liked interviews.

    My theory is he might have been either Scorpio or Pluto Rising. My “baby” brother (he is in his 30’s now) is in fact a Gemini Sun and Mercury with Scorpio Pluto Rising, and it was to say interesting to see this influence truly kicking in when he was in his teens. In fact, many family members thought he was just being a teen, but by that time, I had learned enough astrology to know this wasn’t true.

  5. . and you know Lizz, it was Keith who told Charlie to get off drugs fast, and to do it, he told him it looked unprofessional when he passed out in the studio one day. Nothing would get a Virgo influenced person moving quicker then that.

  6. Thanks Marjorie. A quiet Gemini, very stylish, and a very talented musician. I just watched some footage of the Stones at the BBC, and there he is through the decades, exactly the same, doing his job. And often a wry little smile to himself, as he watches the flamboyant antics up front. Tempted to say he must have a Virgo Moon because of his love of immaculate tailoring! A real gem.

  7. interesting that they have Virgo moons … my best friend of over 30 yrs and I share one as well; my on-again ex-boyfriend too, but he’s a Gemini with Saturn in Pisces that is hard on his moon (and mine) so we are better off as sort of chained together friends. Plus both our Plutos are conjunct our moons

  8. Took a look at Keith Richard’s chart — he and Charlie had their moons conjunct in Virgo. That moon conjunct moon aspect is a nice one to have with a long-term friend or partner. I have it with my best friend of 30 years and we’ve always understood one another without talking. Must work between musicians as well.

    • @Lizz Virgo Moons – well, Virgo influenced people in general, but this is more pronounced for Moons- tend to have a brand of very self-disparaging humor Keith and Charlie definitely shared. This is also how Keith gets away with his very Sagittarian bluntness – everybody know he is hard to himself first.

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