Aaliyah – a drama-filled life and sudden end

Aaliyah, the young super-successful singer who met a tragically early death at 22 in a plane crash, is in the news with a 25 year old album – One In A Million – now on release on streaming services for the first time. And for less edifying reasons being named in R Kelly’s sex trafficking trial as having married him on forged documents when she was 15 and he was 27. Her parents whisked her out of the liaison a year later.

  Born 16 January 1979 in Brooklyn at 8.43 am (unverified), she did have a heavy chart with a Sun Mars in Capricorn in the 12th square an 8th house Pluto. Her Saturn in Virgo was in a creative square to Neptune.

  Kelly is also an ambitious Sun Capricorn square Mars and both share(d) Jupiter in Leo in aspect to Venus for PR charms.

  Their relationship chart had a passionate composite Venus square Pluto and a needs-space, differing-agendas Sun square Uranus – hot while it lasted but never designed for the long haul.

  If her birth time is sound, then his controlling Pluto Uranus fell in her 7th house of close relationships so he’d be a disturbing influence. Worse his Mars was conjunct her Pluto for a damaging and risky connection. His Pluto was also conjunct her North Node as he directed her career and took her over.

   When she was killed in the Bahamas on an over crowded small plane with a dodgy pilot, the tr Saturn opposition tr Pluto was in a direct collision with her Solar Arc Uranus.

   R Kelly, in court at the moment denying everything, looks bullish ahead with tr Pluto picking up two of his Jupiter midpoints. But tr Neptune is dissolving the ground he stands on this year and more so in 2022/23.

  What a fated life.  Her victim 12th harmonic was strongly marked; as were her self-defeating and self-destructive 10th Harmonic and 16H.

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4 thoughts on “Aaliyah – a drama-filled life and sudden end

  1. I look for the harmonic charts that have major configurations. Tony Blair’s rise-and-fall 10th harmonic has a Grand Trine of Sun trine Neptune trine Uranus with Sun opposition Mars so formed into a Kite and that is very marked. 10H can bring crashing falls. Elvis Presley’s superstar 22nd harmonic has a Grand Cross of Neptune Pluto opposition Sun square Moon Venus opposition Mars Midheaven – so very marked. These are very obvious examples and ‘normal’ charts won’t be as standout, but interesting all the same.

    • Thanks Marjorie

      I get it now that I should take note of the harmonic charts that have stand out configurations as per your examples, to will give me that extra information. Cool, and yes they are very interesting!

  2. I was a teenager in the 1990s and I remember Aaliyah being a major musical artist during that time. We “older Millennials” were close in age to Aaliyah and she quickly became one of our popular culture icons.

    I’ve always been eclectic with regards to music. However, I became a huge fan of Blues, R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Neo-Soul, Soul, and Rap music in 1996 and I was listening to artists and bands such as: SWV, TLC, The Notorious BIG, Queen Queen Latifah, Monica, Brandy, Salt N’ Pepa, En Vogue, Jade, Janet Jackson, Brownstone, and Erykah Badu that year.

    I had been familiar with Aaliyah since 1994 – the year she released her first album “Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number,” and I remember seeing her appear on various music-related talk shows and teen-related entertainment and popular culture shows throughout the mid and late 1990s. However, I really didn’t start listening to Aaliyah’s music until the year 2000 (just a year before her death).

    I used to listen to the radio religiously back in the mid and late 1990s and early 2000s…and in the year 2000, they used to play a song by Aaliyah called “Try Again” all the time. I really liked the song…so I began exploring more of her music.

    I remember the day Aaliyah was killed in the plane accident. It was Saturday, August 25, 2001 and the main radio station I listened to at that time, 95.1 FM, actually announced that Aaliyah and I believe 8 other passengers died as a result of a plane crash in Abaco Islands of the Bahamas. I remember I was preparing a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich at the time of the news announcement.

    Aaliyah’s death was particularly big news here in Florida since she died in the Bahamas which is isn’t too far away. I remember street artists were painting her face on a few old buildings. I remember high school and university students were putting pictorials of Aaliyah on their AOL profile pages and their Open Dairy pages (this was still pre-Facebook and Myspace days) and some of the local music stores in my city even hung up newspaper clippings of the incident, strung ribbons, and taped up “In Memory of Aaliyah” banners after her death. So, it was a really big deal at the time.

  3. Thanks Marjorie,

    I’m always baffled about how to recognize the harmonics and from the way you write about them they seem to say a lot. On astro.com you have to put in the number to pull up the chart for that harmonic but have no clue as to how I recognize which is the strong one relating to me.

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