King Charles – leaning towards a novelesque scenario

Charles gave his first Christmas message with heartfelt sympathies being offered to “those at home finding ways to pay their bills and keep their families fed and warm;” and thanks to those who give generously with time and money to help out those less fortunate.

  While understandable and touching, he did veer closer to politics than the Queen ever did, which was always the concern, highlighted memorably in Michael Dobbs To Play the King novel and TV serial in the 1990s. In the fictionalised version the newly anointed Charles publicly opposed a Tory Government’s social policies and the serpentine prime minister Frances Urquhart ultimately blackmailed him into abdicating with the threat of exposing hidden Royal scandals.

  The Queen as head of a constitutional monarchy rarely put a foot wrong but Charles has a bleeding heart, is naïve, lacking in self-awareness – and open to serious question about not only financial ongoings in his charity, his friendships with questionable billionaires and also his own extravagances.

  Rishi Sunak is nowhere near as twisted as Frank Urquhart but he looks a touch cool towards Charles over this New Year into early January; and more so towards mid 2023 and on. 

  Charles has a successful tr Jupiter moving across his Midheaven and 10th house from March 2023 till late 2024 which will keep his popularity afloat. But for all that he is facing a testing year ahead with a jolting and jangling tr Uranus square his Pluto mid March for three weeks and then opposing his Scorpio Sun from July on and off into early 2024. So his controlling tendencies will be severely challenged. 

  Pluto squares his 10th house Moon from late this March as tr Pluto moves into Aquarius until mid June; and then returns in 2024. This will bring immense pressure on the emotional side involving family relationships, bringing up past suffering and can involve power struggles. It will also affect his career and reputation since his Moon is 10th house and power struggles may encroach in this arena as well.

  Mid January to mid February looks disaster-strewn as does August to mid September and November to late December 2023 with his Mars/Saturn midpoint being triggered. Through 2024 tr Neptune will square his enthusiastic Jupiter opposition Uranus and Solar Arc Midheaven which will undermine his confidence and exuberance.

His relationship chart with the UK has smatterings of affection though is trickier and less successful than the Queen’s. In his case there is a resignation about this being the way it is and he will divide opinion. There will be a turbulent phase in his popularity and position through 2024/25.

  His relations with close relatives:- Oddly enough with his brother Prince Edward there will be most confusion and tension, picking up late this March and running on for several years.

Andrew is clearly unhappy with a blocked, frustrating, enraging tr Pluto conjunct his Mars Venus in Capricorn now till late 2023; plus a downbeat tr Saturn conjunct his Pisces Sun throughout 2023. And nothing to suggest a road back since Prince William seriously dislikes him.

The stand off with Prince Harry won’t improve and with Harry’s Pluto in Scorpio exactly opposition Charles’s Taurus Moon there won’t be any give, more likely an intensified tug of war. Tr Pluto is also conjunct their composite Midheaven from late March which is likely to be destructive to their relationship rather than constructive.

  With Meghan, Charles looks edgy in 2023 and most alarmed, disappointed and aggravated in 2024/25/26. I reckon the MegHaz dog and pony show will grind to a halt circa 2025/26. 2027 is when her chart looks to be in critical meltdown with possible relationship splits on both sides in the year or two before.   

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  1. World famous astrologer Jessica Adams says Charles and Camilla will never be King and Queen ? And that in March 2023 there will be the biggest shake up of the monarchy of all time ….

  2. Moonchild, I also caught the clip of Megan’s mock curtsey, Harry looked disappointed and uncomfortable with Megan’s comments and gestures. This union has turned into a circus, who to choose… Ringmaster or Juggler!

  3. I’ve always felt sorry for King Charles, a shy, apprehensive, bullied, isolated child, an awkward teenager, the complete antithesis of cool. He didn’t have his sister’s ability to ride through it.
    The thing that puzzles me is the intense hatred and viciousness that he seems to inspire in others, especially those who don’t know him. Is that the scorpio element?
    I fear for him now. The floodgates have opened, aided and abetted by his 2nd son and lady wife. Shakespearean stuff indeed.
    His financial affairs are dubious, but at least, so far, it’s all been spent on good works and buildings. Of course we don’t know who actually owns these buildings and because Royal Wills are secret, perhaps we never will.
    Apparently, when King Charles was a baby, a surgeon advised pinning back his obtrusive ears. The family decided not to but then constantly teased him about it. A little anecdote which seems to sum up his life.

    • @Zita, I agree with you. Despite his seeming advantages I too have felt sorry for him, especially with the fallout from the terribly mismatched marriage he was forced into with Diana. Whatever you think of Diana, who was so adept at mobilizing sympathy for herself and antipathy for Charles, they were toxic for each other. And poor Camilla can do no right in some people’s views.

      I initially had a lot of sympathy for Harry and Meghan, but am increasingly skeptical. But I’m also noting the raging inconsequential “news” reports about them, manipulated by tabloid media, even in the US, which in effect actually supports the couple’s claims of toxic “journalism.”

      I think it’s time for them to take a break from the spotlight…just as the sensationalism of Harry’s book is about to hit the media. Ain’t gonna happen!

  4. I do hope that Charles last 7years… It will give William’s children time to grown up and get used to what will be expected of them. It looks like they are taking the children to events to slowly get them used to the cameras and crowds.

  5. Just a note about Charles’s out of bounds Mars – he’ll go exactly his own way, especially when he thinks the cause justifies it. Harry has it too, so how this will play out will be interesting to say the least.

    Out of bounds Mars will often jump ahead with things, if they believe it is right, and to hell with the consequences (or they are completely blinded to them). The Mars expression is extreme and stands out from the rest of the chart. Another example is Edward Snowden.

    I have noticed that those with natal out of bounds planets will have a defining moment when the declination reaches it’s peak by progression. Harry’s progressed Mars peaked at it’s maximum declination exactly during the death of his mother. Charles’s peaked in the early 60’s, perhaps when he was still at Gordonstoun.

    Progressed declinations are really interesting when the planets go out of bounds, you can see that Charles losing out to Andrew Parker Bowles and Harry meeting Meghan were also things that would drive them to extremes.

  6. Why did the king select the date for his coronation on Archies birthday – strange
    Astrologer Steve Judd i believe has commented on the date

    • Probably because Archie’s birthday – like that of any other of KC3s children or grandchildren – is completely irrelevant when planning a major state occasion.

        • Chrys – the date for such a major event is carefully chosen in consultation with the government, and the royal household. There are a few potential reasons why May has been chosen –

          “However, the date doesn’t just have modern day significance for the royals—it’s also likely a nod to royal family history. The king’s great-great grandfather, King Edward VII (eldest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert), died on May 6, 1910, making Charles’s great-grandfather George V, king. Later, Charles’s grandfather, King George VI, also held his coronation in May (albeit the 12th) in 1937, with Charles’s mother, the then-Princess Elizabeth in attendance.” Town and Country Magazine

          May 6th is a Saturday, and there’s a special Bank Holiday on the following Monday, 8th May.

          • I think the date was chosen in consultation with the then PM Liz Truss.
            The govt at that time picked the date when the results of local May elections will be out.
            It was chosen to distract from the election result as Tories are expecting a poor show.

  7. When Meghan and Harry divorce, I think she’ll made up with her father….

    The good thing of falling out between William and Harry, is the fact that Archie have (nor will have) some contact with Louis.

    Archie appears be a nice, sweet boy while Louis appears be a aggressive and rude boy.

    • I’m intrigued as to how you have arrived at this conclusion as the circumstances of the two boys differ wildly.

      Louis is seen “live” in public and acts like a normal small boy being boisterous / getting attention / becoming bored and over-tired – behaviours many parents will recognise.

      On the other hand, Archie is never seen “au naturel” by the press because he has been kept tightly under wraps. He is therefore only seen through carefully curated footage that is highly controlled by his parents which would reflect the nice and sweet impression you have mentioned.

    • Dear Meghan, it says more about you to pick on a four year old boy than it does about the boy. Leave the children out of your comments. Also, you appear not to speak English so perhaps I’m misinterpreting your comments, but I doubt it.

  8. George 5th became king on May 6th 1910, Charles coronation May 6th 2023. Charles grandson born May 6th. Lot of mid Taurus there Marjorie…..

  9. Thanks Marjorie – so much to unpick here! One thing I noticed is that on the date set for the Coronation, 6th May, 2023, Charles will have a Nodal Return – destiny – and Saturn opposition natal Saturn, a real marker point in time. It is one day after the Eclipse on 5th May at 14 Scorpio, and has Mercury retrograde at 8 Taurus. Maybe an unsettled atmosphere prevails? With tr Uranus still opposing UK Neptune, there’s no telling!

  10. I wish the family peace and happiness, bury the grudges get professional help or move on from toxic relationships. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes.

    I loved King Charles II Christmas message. May he have ‘peace’

    • Except Charles III is a scheming liar who tricked Diana into marrying him so she could produce an heir and a spare.
      He never loved Diana and only chose her because Camilla wasn’t suitable for producing his offspring.

      But please proceed to tell his children how to feel.

  11. Thank you Marjorie. A first Pluto square to his Moon this year, also entering his sixth house Aquarius, service to the people This does not bode well. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end? As the workload may take its toll. A long slow process of decline as Pluto will bring to the surface the things that have stayed hidden. Harry’s book comes out in the 10th January- this may be the trigger point. I didn’t watch the Kings speech, although I am a small ‘r’ Royalist. I read about his speech and wished he hadn’t said what he did. There are very valid reasons for our Health Service to be scrutinised. There is too much politics in this country, without Charles III interference. It is strangling the life out of our lives.

    • I did listen to his speech on YouTube, and I thought it was full of compassion, and showed that he had a real understanding of the difficulties that many people face, in contrast to many of the Queen’s speeches which often seemed disconnected from every day life. I’m not a huge supporter of the monarchy, but I wish him, and all the contributers to this forum a successful and stress free 2023

  12. I seriously believe King Charles will stay on the throne no more than 7 years. He is going to feel overwhelmed with the office of Monarchy and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this reflected in physical illness. My gut feeling tells me he has congestive heart disease and the stress of office is going to bring him to a crossroads. Stay on as King and shorten his life or hand the throne to William and enjoy the time his has left with his soulmate Camilla pursuing his real passions i.e environmental awareness and organic farming.
    I do believe Harry and Meghan will go their separate ways. Harry, wanting desperately to settle down and have a family chose the wrong woman. Meghan has a background of burning bridges when it’s convenient to her eg her Father, her sister, her previous Husband and “best” friend. She will dispose of Harry too when she becomes bored with him. Harry will wake up to Meghan’s true colours and it will floor him. I see Harry decamping back to the UK with his tail between his legs. I may be wrong but I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Meghan post divorce from Harry writes a memoir of her time with him that really puts the boot into Harry. I see their children eventually siding with Harry when they realise how toxic their mother is. She craves public adulation but after Netflix I got the distinct impression it was the first nail in the coffin of their marriage. Harry desperately wants a home life that in his mind addresses the wrongs of his own upbringing, his parents divorce and his mother’s untimely death. Meghan is playing Harry like a fiddle capitalising on his hatred and paranoia of the media and his “rose coloured” view of his mother. Her mocking “curtsy ” scene in Netflix spoke volumes. Harry looked shocked and disgusted amid the smile. Anyone else notice that he turned away from his wife?

    • IMO Meghan’s children will always have a strong bond with her. From Netflix scenes of Harry and Archie, it appears that Harry has no clue what means be a adult or parent. He appeared to be oldest kid of Meghan and nothing more!

      Also Meghan is the normal one of the couple, the kids will relate better to her.

      • Meghan? Is that you?
        They’ll have a strong bond alright, doesn’t mean it will be a good bond. Lili’s Mars/Pluto opposition lands directly across her mother’s ascendant/descendant and squares her Pluto. Don’t see much good coming in that.

  13. “There will be a turbulent phase in his popularity and position through 2024/25.”

    Very interesting, as you mentioned William will go through a transformational phase during this period, as he will have a change in reputation and direction.

    Any further thoughts on this from you or others?

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