2023 – being and becoming, rising to the challenge ++ Saturn in Pisces

“Change is inevitable, growth is optional” is a thought to hang onto as 2023 throws open its doors. Jupiter changes sign every year, Saturn every two years and Pluto every fifteen to twenty years. This year three sign shifts will require adaptability, resilience and resourcefulness.

  Jupiter will be in upbeat, fiery and enthusiastic Aries until May 17th which should help to lift flagging spirits. It then moves into indulgent, earthy Taurus into 2024 which will allow for a few treats.

  Saturn moves through Pisces from March 8th until May 2025, which is not its favourite sign bringing a regretful mood, one prone to anxieties and fearfulness, and a reluctance to let go past mistakes and hurts. It does induce humility and an understanding of the less fortunate with an urge to be helpful in discreet ways. But needs periods of quiet to operate successfully.

 What to be thankful for is that Saturn has moved away from the high-tension square to Uranus which has made the past two years exceedingly stressful and argumentative as well as disruptive.

  Pluto is the game-changer as it moves into Aquarius on 24th March, staying initially until mid June; and returning in 2024 to stay till 2044. Pluto is the planet of transformation, which pulls down old structures and attitudes and provides an opportunity for a positive advance. It has been grinding through materialistic Capricorn since 2008. Financial systems and forms of government have been its principle focus and although one might have wished for more wholesale changes, there have been acute pressures in both areas and maybe more to come before it exits finally and for ever (well 250 years ahead) in January 2024. It now switches its laser beam onto a new arena. The start usually brings the most noticeable effects as the deconstruction begins.  

  Aquarius is an Air sign, a thinker and communicator, emotionally detached, friendly, better at group activities than one-to-one relationships, an explorer of ideas, scientific, inventive, can be dogmatic in defence of theories and beliefs. At best it can be enlightened and humanitarian, at worst a fanatic.

  It may in a small way provide a helpful counter-balance to the mush of Neptune in Pisces in its swansong years up to 2026 which has in recent years pushed irrational beliefs to the fore.

  The Solar Eclipses are moving backwards at 29 degrees Aries and Libra for the year. The 20 April 2023 Solar has the Aries New Moon conjunct Jupiter and square Pluto so will have a powerful effect, with confidence and power-struggles prominent. Bernadette Brady says it is in a Saros series that is not subtle and brings deep and hidden passions to the surface.

  The 14 October 2023 Solar Eclipse at 21 degrees Libra is also square Pluto and in an even more forceful and fast-moving Saros Series – obstacles will clear suddenly or a crisis will blow up and escalate at speed.

 The Lunar Eclipses will remain as for 2022 in Scorpio/Taurus. The 5 May 2023 Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees Scorpio will be opposition to Uranus for sudden surprises. The 18 October 2023 Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees Taurus sits beside an upbeat, but overly impulsive and opportunistic Jupiter opposition Mars.  

  There are no major outer planetary aspects as there were for the Saturn Pluto conjunction of 2019/20 and the Saturn square Uranus of the past two years, which will be a help in terms of jangle or pressure.

  My final thought is that Neptune may have a few things up its sleeve before it exits Pisces in 2025 – often the ending is as significant in events as the beginning.

  Eclipses are generally thought to cast a shadow six months ahead until the next one so the start of 2023 will carry the mood for the October/November 2022 Eclipses – see previous posts October 25 2022 and 27 August 2022.

Previous Saturn in Pisces – 1994/95 – 1965/66 – 1935/36 -1906/07. These always coincided with other outer planet placings so not always easy to extrapolate what truly belonged to Saturn in Pisces.

 Though there did seem to be concern for the poor. 1935 in the recovery from the Great Depression the USA Social Security Act was passed, and Alcoholics Anonymous was founded the same year. The 1964 Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 authorized the formation of local Community Action Agencies as part of the War on Poverty.

There were also advances with TB vaccines, strep treatment, electronics, first vacuum cleaner – though they have have been boosted by Uranus Neptune and Saturn Neptune around then.

  There did seem to be larger natural disasters than usual; as well as atrocities – Stalin’s Great Purge, Romanian Peasant Revolt (11,000 died), Rwanda genocide, Srebrenica massacre. King George V dies in 1936 and Churchill dies on the next Saturn in Pisces.

  There were USA east coast earthquakes in 1906 and 1994 but both of them also had Uranus Neptune – in opposition and conjunct respectively, so more to do with that.

27 thoughts on “2023 – being and becoming, rising to the challenge ++ Saturn in Pisces

  1. I’ve survived Sat in Pisces before, (tho not easily), but 20 years of Pluto in Aquarius ! with Aquarius rising, (with South Node in the sign), I’d been feeling the Saturn transit – even stronger now as it is about to cross the ASC – and hoping for some relief but I’m not sure that Pluto will bring it on a personal level. Basically Pluto will be in my first house for the rest of my life, even if I manage to live into its transit of Pisces.

    But if Pluto can help on a societal basis, that will be worth any personal difficulties

  2. Francois Hollande hosted an interview in which he claims Ukraine’s success is due “to his own diplomatic efforts in 2014-2015.” Hard to believe…unless one was within the inner circle during that period.

    Here is the link to the article –



  3. I know they don’t meet until mid decade in Aries but it will be interesting to see how Saturn and Neptune co exist in Pisces, particularly after the lean towards irrational views Marjorie refers to. Saturn and neptune together in Pisces feels like collective paranoia or a reality check, possibly both. I wonder about Saturn in Pisces and the money markets. I think we have discussed on here Neptune popping up with big money speculators and investors (it is Jupiter ruled in ancient astro I guess). I want to look back to the mid 90s and see what was happening financially although I recall it was recession or just post recession and a bad housing market drop.

      • Ft quote from a really old article.

        “On Wall Street, 1994 was the year many money managers lost their shirts.

        A sharp, unexpected rise in interest rates wrecked the value of bond portfolios and turned profitable trades into money losers. Hedge funds blew up, banks plunged into the red and the resulting shockwaves even hurt the equity market, which reversed a strong start to end down on the year.”
        I wonder if Saturn in Pisces will bring a sharper reality check to the markets and the really well off folks who have felt less pain in the few years than the rest of us.

        • I wonder if that is simply because many of the people in banking at that time were born in the 60s with Uranus-Pluto in Virgo and a few of them undergoing their Saturn returns with Chiron also in Pisces. Will be interesting to see how they handle it second time around; there is a lot of victim-saviour mentality in that generation still waiting to be addressed.

          • @GnarlyDude, I think you are into something here, also lookinhg at LarryC’s post below. I think astrology of “leaders” is incredibly significant especially in finance and corporate settings with “ladder” and thus people having a set road ahead starting from certain schools to attend and leading to rewards (or resignation) somewhere along the line.

            I’ve seen the first, big rebellion against this model among Pluto/Uranus in Libra gen born in the early 1970’s. I think many founders of the first start up boom are of this generation. I am, also, currently working at a family owned business. Our leadership team is now 60 per cent people with Pluto/Uranus in Libra, most with a background in big, global corporations. All seem to have shifted to less “corporate” environment during a midlife crisis in their late 30’s and early 40’s, but I also feel for different reasons – for instance CEO is a Aquarius Sun/Leo Moon, and has some serious frustration about his career. Three remaining members are two tail end Pluto in Libra/Uranus in Scorpio and one Pluto/Uranus in Virgo. For all the admiration I have for Pluto/Uranus in Virgo person, who happens to be CHRO, I often note how what she says about work/life balance starkly contrasts what she does – sending e-mails, with who ever limited list, at 9 pm Sunday evening does tell a lot about what was considered not only appropriate but a must by this generation. I also know one Pluto in Libra/Uranus in Scorpio with personal planets in Cancer actually resigned because of the culture shift she saw.

          • Thanks, Solaia. Was talking over the weekend with long-time friends (42 yrs). I’ve watched their two young children grow to create large families of their own…being caught up in the materialist culture nonsense. Three SUVs, a smart fone for every child, larger and larger homes…and longer, longer work hours. The oldest has finally rejected being owned by The Man.

            When one of them moved from Oregon (worked for Intel, another ancient nemesis of mine), he was worried over what to do with their home sale windfall (several millions). Now he’s become a ski bum, and his influencer wife wants to expand internationally. Their four kids are rudderless. A reflection of late 70’s/early 80’s child environment, with the widening pendulum swing.

            The changes I see now at the Lazy B frighten some of the dinosaurs which still remain, wandering the halls and bellowing “Hurry Up!” Some will just never get it, even as they walk back into the tar pits. An older colleague (35 yrs Boeing) lashes out at me for using speech not in the Boeing vocabulary. Makes me want to return home…

          • GnarlyDyde I was born ’65 with saturn, moon and chiron 1st house asc pisces with leo and mercury in 6th house. I have a victim/saviour mentality doesn’t help with mars in libra 8th house.

    • you know, I have a number of friends born in early 1950’s… with Saturn conj. Neptune in Libra. A little Mini-generation of only a few years, I think.

      All have this lovely life purpose that strives (and I DO mean strives!!) to manifest a dream (in this case the Libran dream of community, communication, justice, etc) in a very real and practical way. From an urban planner who focussed on developing municipal policies for the disenfranchised to a chef who was at the forefront of the whole/natural food movement to working in volunteer fire departments, etc, etc.

      It has been quite a marvel to see all that they have accomplished… all without much outward notice. They just get in there and make things work. Impressive!

      A bit more nebulous in Pisces, but I would hold out for some pretty amazing, concrete changes… at least manifested later by those born during this time!!

  4. Thanks Marjorie and a Happy Christmas to you and yours and a Good New Year.
    One significant moment is likely to be the move of Mars from Gemini to Cancer in late March after almost 9months In Gemini. General progress of Mars through the signs returns, which at least will provide more varied atmospheres and moods.

  5. The generational mood music is definitely going to change over the next 3 years heralded by the move of Pluto to Aquarius. By mid 2026 all the outmost 5 planets Jupiter, Saturn,Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will be in Masculine Air or Fire signs. This is going to be a big shift from the current set up. The movement of the nodes into Aries-Libra Cardinal axis are probably a significant marker of the new era though it’s origins can probably be traced back to the Grand Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius in 2021.I would say that the shift is going to mark a bigger interest in action/thinking and less concentration on feeling that has particularly marked the past decade. The latter period seems to have been dominated by the influence of Neptune in Pisces which is now tipping over into the promotion of irrational beliefs as Marjorie has identified. It is probably going to be a factor in driving the shift. Of course, lots of Air and Fire makes for a combustible mixture so the change may turn out to be quite explosive.

    • “The generational mood music is definitely going to change” — “Masculine Air or Fire signs”

      Rock and Roll is gonna come back?!


    • Thanks Hugh, that gives me hope. Neptune’s journey through Pisces has given rise to fanatical movements, extremism, polarisation and distorted thinking. Those fish swim in opposite directions and yet are forever tethered to one another. Looking back on the mid-1800s, the last time Neptune was in Pisces, there’s one movement which stands out significantly which eventually spread globally – Spiritualism. In fact the Fox sisters first reported the ‘paranormal’ events at their home in March 1848 when Neptune was at 0 degrees of the sign.

      This was a movement which swept the world, celebrities and notables such as Queen Victoria were said to be interested in contacting and communicating with the dead, and the movement gave rise to the séance (or ‘sitting’). Synchronous with the rise of photography, came the phenomenon known as ‘spirit photography’. Writer, Arthur Conan-Doyle for example became immersed in it. Spiritualism also emerged at a time when the entertainments industry in the US was burgeoning with new possibilities. And it escalated in popularity in the aftermath of the American Civil War with bereaved families seeking comfort. Spiritualism has endured to this day and is now an official Church, communication with the dead is now televised, streamed and has given rise to a mass of popular paranormal shows such as ‘Ghost Adventures’ during our own Neptune in Pisces era – and yet most, if not all of it fake, deception, illusion, absolute nonsense. (Imho of course).

      So I think it’s worth bearing in mind just how crazy Neptune in Pisces, with its association with the 12th house can be, and that the meaning of the planet itself is so much more than floaty, ethereal airy fairyness. For in our own time we have seen the rise of religious and ideological fanaticism as well as extremism leading to dreadful violence – there’s more to this planet I feel, which we have yet to fully understand.

        • VF – did you mean you think the paranormal is nonsense, or just the TV versions of it during this Neptune in Pisces era? I am always wary of mediums, although one did give me an extraordinary sitting, including the odd nickname of my grandmother as well as, later, her first name – an unusual one. It was impressive and thought provoking. Perhaps he was simply reading my memory banks, but even so, impressive. Happy to admit I’ve seen numerous ghosts, mostly in broad daylight, and mostly having no personal meaning for me at all. They were just there, and interesting to me. No gothic flourishes!

          I agree that the commercialisation of anything intangible/supernatural is a shame, but on the other hand perhaps it allows people to admit to their own strange experiences more easily? Neptune’s flimsy boundaries are easily breached or even corrupted? Thinking of Saturn in Pisces, how does lead fare beneath the waters?

          Of interest – Dr John Dee, Elizabethan polymath, spy, and occultist met Edward Kelley in 1582, when Saturn entered Pisces. Kelley was said to be some kind of medium, or trickster. He proved to be a disastrous companion for Dr Dee.

          Also, in defence of ghosts(!), you might be interested in the British Museum’s Irving Finkel’s work on Ancient Mesopotamian culture and how ghosts were very much a part of it:

          “One of the reasons I wrote this book is that there is a general feeling that ghosts were invented in the 19th century, or perhaps in the Middle Ages. Not many writers even talk about the marvellous stuff on ghosts from Greece and Rome, let alone Mesopotamia [which included Babylonian, Sumerian and Assyrian cultures]. So I thought that I would put the Mesopotamians back on the ghost map to show that these beliefs are truly old and unchanging.”

          His book is called The First Ghosts.

          • Thank you VF, Jane, Marjorie, larryc and All
            In 2022 I’ve experienced the connection to the dead even more easily than in 2012, 2015 or 2019. I’ve also helped two persons born in Africa and living in France to connect to one of their cherished ancestors and to express liberating messages! Neptune will soon conjunct my natal Sun (28° Pisces 8th house) North Node Chiron Moon (first degrees of Aries 8th House) and this is a life-time dissolving litmus test, 2022 getting me ready for the next Saturn Neptune Conjunction at 0°50 Aries on the natal North Node. Thus, I’m treading gingerly, the best of knowledge I could share is the ‘I don’t know’ zen motto, open heart open mind, inner peace first and foremost and gratefulness all over the dimensions! 2022 I’ve lighted so many candles indeed!

          • I’m open minded when it comes to the paranormal in general, Jane but Spiritualism and the Fox sisters gave rise to spirit contact as a form of entertainment which makes me sceptical. Spiritualism afaiac is mostly trickery and cold reading, of course there’s always the possibility that someone has genuine ‘powers’ but I’ve seen Derren Brown do this with tremendous skill and I therefore am a little dubious of the so-called genuine mediums. I don’t like the idea of people preying on and exploiting the bereaved.

            That is interesting about John Dee and his relationship with Kelly, under Saturn in Pisces. I seem to remember that they went on a jaunt to Poland and swapped wives! Then of course there’s the necromancy!

            Thank you for the book recommendation – that sounds fascinating. Poltergeists are also another phenomenon which have been regularly experienced throughout history. I have a friend who lives in a community in a notoriously haunted house and things tend to ramp up whenever a new person arrives. He’s seen a clergyman in the shower as well as a nun (the house is a former abbey).

          • Yes, I’ve seen Derren Brown do it as well VF. He’s excellent. I do agree, in general, about the entertainment aspects. I think there was a kind of erotic strand to many Victorian seances too.
            Poltergeists also have their own genre of entertainment, movies etc. But whatever they are, they are certainly often genuine phenomena of some kind, and have been caught on film in empty rooms by chance from time to time. Easily faked, but not in an empty locked room. Some colleagues of mine were terrified by various objects propelling themselves across a small office room, located in an old building. Several witnessed it a number of times, including an office chair on wheels dancing madly! None of these men believed anything much beforehand. Perhaps a poltergeist is symbolised by Mars and Neptune in aspect? Saturn in Pisces holds similar potential meanings, with the invisible and emotional meeting the tangible and historic? We shall see what the year brings.

  6. I’m hopeful for the first time in many a year. Managed to land a work contract at an old nemesis – Boeing. I see just how far it has fallen in the 15 yrs since I resigned. A much younger workforce exists – including so many young and intelligent women of foreign origins. I sit back and observe the new culture in action; I wonder why this hadn’t happened inside Boeing during the 2000’s.

    Tho, there have been a few muttered, harsh words heard in meetings and video calls about “the old timer” and what was mgmt thinking to bring him on-board. I can lend them that inch of rope, every day…until one day. Boeing has had its heyday and is definitely in decline. Might as well sail with it until the next port of departure.

    Health has improved – following a pair of operations and extensive recovery. Now if I could only lose those spare tires accumulated 😉

    • Good health to you Larry. Have enjoyed some of our interactions over this past year and hearing about your Boeing experiences. I must have left the cut & thrust of corporate life about the same time you resigned from Boeing. For me, it was a nodal thing but I suspect the Pluto in Cap era has kept me away from ever going back too. I can feel change coming and I am both excited and apprehensive about what demands the new homes of Saturn and Pluto will make. As ever, I will roll with it!

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