Charles 111 coronation – taking a new direction ++ Lunar Eclipse

Charles 11 Coronation – the Merry Monarch

The Coronation of King Charles 111 will take place on 6 May 2023, scaled down from previous such occasions with 2000 not 8000 guests and only lasting an hour, with Camilla being crowned Queen at his side.

   As with his mother’s coronation in 1953, Jupiter will be in the 10th house for an enthusiastic mood though there’s an innovative/rebellious Uranus also in the 10th which does suggest changes in the monarchy will follow. Mercury is retrograde which has not been the case in any coronation over the past two centuries (I think) but was retrograde for the crowning of King Charles 1 in 1626 (later beheaded – visible from the get-go with a brutal Mars Pluto on his enthronement) and Charles 11 in 1661, who was profligate, licentious, irresponsible and cultured and reigned for 24 years as king until his death.  

  For this coronation there is a Water Grand Trine of Neptune trine a 12th house Mars trine a 4th house Scorpio Moon which could be healing, a comforter of those who are suffering or in need, can foster the arts through its creativity, but can also be overly emotional and self-protective to the extent of becoming detached from reality.

It happens one day after the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio which located to London puts an enthusiastic Jupiter conjunct the Descendant in an impulsive square to Mars; though there’s also an overly-controlled (maybe mutinous) Pluto on the IC. And trickster, rebellious, reforming Uranus is in full flood conjunct the Sun and opposition Moon which will bring tensions and eruptions. The Solar Eclipse two weeks earlier which is conjunct Charles’s 10th house Taurus Moon is in a Saros series that is highly emotional and passionate.

  On the UK chart tr Mars is just over the conjunction to the 10th house Cancer Moon which relates to the ruling classes. Jupiter is moving through the friendly 7th but there might be concern from tr Uranus moving through the UK 8th opposition the Neptune – as there is exactly at the moment, bringing a mood of heightened anxiety about personal finances.

  On Charles’ chart Pluto at zero degrees Aquarius is square his 10th house public-service Moon and Jupiter in late Aries is moving through his 10th house of career, boosting his status and visibility. The pressure will be on. He is on the exact nodal return, which reflects a moment of destiny in an individual life, a staging post of development.

  His Solar Arc Neptune opposition Midheaven has moved to sit exactly on his Jupiter opposition Uranus which has a handful of interpretations ranging from a career high with sudden changes, to over-hopefulness and/or unearned gains after a loss, as in an inheritance. His honeymoon won’t last long with tr Uranus moving to upend his Sun from early July 2023 onwards, on and off into 2024; and that is followed by a discouraging Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Sun after mid 2024. With some Neptunian disappointments as it squares his Mars/Jupiter, Mars/Uranus midpoints and then his Jupiter and Uranus by 2024/25. Certain plans/hopes won’t work out.

  Camila has tr Pluto conjunct her Solar Arc Jupiter exactly next May for a morale boost and her Solar Arc Midheaven may be close to the conjunction to her Uranus for a sudden change now depending on her birth time. But like Charles she’s facing uncertainty and disappointment  in 2024.

  Prince William has his Solar Arc Venus conjunct his Moon through mid 2023 so will be on  charm offensive. Tr Saturn is moving him into a more visible and ambitious phase in slow stages as it sits on the cusp of his 3rd house. Tr Uranus is also moving him into a livelier social period as it crosses into his 5th exactly then. Tr Pluto is exactly square his Jupiter which sits at his Midheaven which will tend to pump up his confidence (too much so?) through 2023/24 and will certainly be pushing him in a new direction. Pluto then squares his Midheaven from 2024 into 2025 which will transform his reputation and pose a few challenges as he carves out a new path ahead. It may also indicate the considerable wealth he has been handed by his father since the Duchy of Cornwall valued at over £1 billion in property is now his.

  Prince Harry looks emotionally all over the place with tr Uranus moving across his IC into his 4th causing ructions domestically or within his family; and feeling unloved with tr Pluto square his Venus/Saturn midpoint and Pluto in 2023/2024. Tr Pluto square Pluto is always a tug of war, lasting two years of pulling away from the past with the past pulling back. Tr Uranus is also heading to conjunct his Taurus Moon by mid 2023 for more family upheavals and jolts.

9 thoughts on “Charles 111 coronation – taking a new direction ++ Lunar Eclipse

  1. Re: Harry having Uranus transiting his Taurus moon. I read they are said to be considering move a few miles up the coast to a relatively cheaper area. (Obviously still way beyond the purse of most of us).

    I wonder how much that decision has to do with recent events ‘trapping’ them in Britain for an extended stay. Unhappy people tend to think moving house will be the solution to their problems.

    I can’t imagine a 4th house Taurus moon like Harry will feel particularly happy about being uprooted again.

  2. Even if you allow for the day being picked by an astrologer; it is amazing how he will be crowned on his nodal return. Astrology can be amazing.

  3. This is a total lunar eclipse the day before the coronation at 14 Scorpio 58 which falls in King Charles’s 4th natal house of family heritage and which squares his own natal Pluto in his first house of his image. Bernadotte Brady writes this family of eclipses describes events that can catch people off guard and confronts them with their own deep passions which may have been hidden for many years. It sounds as if his long buried desire to be transformed at last into being a King may be more emotionally disturbing than he might have suspected, as Pluto rules this Scorpio eclipse. All very intense!

  4. You will be aware thar there are many astrologers – going back to soon after Charles was born – who have suggested that he may never be crowned King. Is there anything, in your opinion, in this May 2023 astrology that might confirm or scotch this view? Or is there a need to look prior to the proposed Coronation date?

    • Well, regardless of how the astrology plays out….I still wish King Charles III the very best and I hope he has a wonderful Coronation.

      Will the Coronation be televised and broadcast internationally? If so, I will make sure to watch.

      I have May 03, 2023 circled on next Year’s calendar and my friends (the ones who are monarchists and royalists like myself) have already discussed throwing a “Coronation Party.”

      We discussed serving an array of different foods (all vegan or vegetarian, of course) representing different parts of the Commonwealth.

      Since I’m a lacto-ovo vegetarian, I suggested Indian cuisine since it is my favorite and it offers many vegan and vegetarian options.

      We also talked about serving imported miniature blueberry scones and raspberry Linzer tart cookies….and sweetened iced tea (it’s a Southern thing).

      Anyway, I’m excited. This will be a historic event I get a glimpse of.

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