Charlene – needing space to recover

Drawing attention to Princess Charlene’s absence from the Monaco celebrations to mark Prince Albert’s enthronement seemed a little off-colour given that she appears to be suffering from unspecified mental strain. She has been in South Africa for ten months with sinus problems requiring surgical intervention and only recently returned.

   Albert went out of his way to say it wasn’t relationship problems that were causing difficulty, though with allegations of a third love child last December just before she left, the state of their union is under question.

  Born 25 January 1978 12.35pm Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, she’s a cool, charming Sun Venus in Aquarius with changeable Uranus in her 7th house of relationship square her Moon – so she was never going to pick a conventional partner or indeed settle happily to a 24/7 match.

  Albert, 14 March 1958 10.47 am Monte Carlo, is no one’s idea of an ideal match with a defensive Saturn in his 7th; an uncomfortable and volcanic Mars and Moon in the 8th and a controlling Pluto in his domestic 4th. Plus an overly confident and carefree Jupiter Neptune in his romantic 5th.

  He’s not in a good couple of years with tr Neptune conjunct his 10th house Pisces Sun and square his 7th house Saturn throughout 2022 into 2023. Lacklustre, undermined, relationship uncertainties.

  She looks uncertain, needing space in relationships if not a definite separation with tr Saturn square tr Uranus hitting her Sun/Moon midpoint now until early 2022. But she doesn’t look as if she is getting much settled in the next several years. Their relationship chart always was beyond challenging and requiring great sacrifice from one partner with a one-sided, unkind composite Saturn Mars Moon trine Sun Mercury. It will be under increasing pressure for the next three to four years with a good deal of bitterness creeping in.

  The Monaco country chart 9 May 1949 has Venus conjunct Algol catching the present Lunar Eclipse and repeating for next May’s Lunar as well – for an emotional crisis. Plus a few more besides since its other Taurus planets will catch the Solar Eclipses next year as well. A stormy time ahead for the sunny ring-fenced tiny tax haven.

2 thoughts on “Charlene – needing space to recover

  1. French magazines she is in a rehab facility in order to recover from a long time painkiller and sleep pill addiction. I unfortunately think this is likely true. She has always seemed deeply unhappy with her royal life, and would not be surprised if she’d developed and addiction as a coping mechanism.

  2. With her Uranus half-return coming up next year, I’m not sure she’ll ever go back.

    Uranus is transiting her 1st and Saturn her 10th – same combination as me. This year, first time in my life, I’ve found myself organising my life to please myself and avoiding others when I can.

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