Carlson & Lemon – first the word, then the sword

Fox’s Tucker Carlson and CNN’s Don Lemon were kings of respective television castles until summarily ejected for different reasons this week.

  The abrupt dismissal of pro-Trumper Carlson, Murdoch’s biggest star, stunned media and political circles, although his private messages unearthed by Dominion Voting Systems’ defamation lawsuit including criticisms of Fox executives and anchors did suggest there would be fallout. Insiders painted a picture of him as a star whose ego had led him to believe he was untouchable.

“Anytime somebody starts acting like they’re bigger than the platform, they go,” said a former senior News Corp executive: “There’s many things you can do in News Corp and Fox, but you can’t make Rupert look bad.” 

 Carlson, 16 May 1969 10.07 am San Francisco, CA, is a heavyweight New Moon in late Taurus opposition Neptune and trine a super-confident Pluto Jupiter South Node in Virgo. He also has an outspoken Mars in Sagittarius in his performing 5th in a ruthless square to Pluto.

  His Jupiter Pluto would give him a sense of being above the rules and regulations that restrict ordinary mortals. Interestingly it recurs in his relationship chart with Rupert Murdoch with a composite Jupiter Pluto at 18/20 degrees Leo. That is classic power-couple aspect which can raise both to great success when they pull together as one. But inevitably the energy gets turned inward into the relationship itself and becomes divisive and there follows a oneupmanship struggle for the upper hand at which point it becomes bitterly hostile.  Tr Uranus is elbowing that Jupiter Pluto exactly now and in coming weeks.

  Carlson’s Solar Return over this period from May 2022 onwards has Pluto on the Midheaven which hints at a career blockage of considerable proportion along with reputational damage.  Plus Uranus on the 18 degree Ascendant for an abrupt change of image.

  High flying presenters who are toppled rarely climb back to the same heights and he will have a disappointing and discouraging run ahead with tr Neptune opposition his Jupiter this year and tr Pluto square his 10th house Saturn in 2024/25. Though he does have Jupiter through his 10th this year till next spring and has Jupiter on his Solar Return Midheaven for this coming year – so he may grab onto a few breadcrumbs. A Russian station has suggested he should run for president.

 Don Lemon, 1 March 1966 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, no birth time, was fired after 17 years with CNN for crass comments about Nikki Haley not being in her prime, with falling ratings for his show not helping his chances either.

  He has a stellium in Pisces with Sun conjunct Saturn which in turn is conjunct Mars and Mercury opposition Pluto Uranus in Virgo square Jupiter (Moon) in Gemini – hard-edged, hard-working, unpredictable, chaotic and lucky with a strong Jupiter. His Mars Mercury in Pisces are in a showbizzy trine to Neptune and South Node in Scorpio. He’ll be a whirlwind of a personality, short-fused and at times overly forceful.

  Tr Saturn in Pisces aiming for his Second Saturn Return in 2024 won’t do much to boost his confidence and luck in 2024/25 as it pours a bucket of cold reality over his central T square. But he’ll bounce again come 2026/27.

  All that strikes me as similar about the pair of them is late degree Taurus with Carlson’s Sun being conjunct Algol as is Lemon’s North Node.

  Maybe just maybe with Carlson toppling there are faint signs of the ending of an unfortunate era of lies and misinformation. Though it’ll take more than his exit to wipe the board clean.

8 thoughts on “Carlson & Lemon – first the word, then the sword

  1. When I heard that the two news hosts had been sacked independently of each other on the same day, I knew Mercury must be involved, as it usually is whenever things happen in twos! Mercury rules talk and news shows and their hosts and on the evening of April 24th, it exactly opposed the upcoming lunar eclipse degree. Like Marjorie I wonder if Pluto in early Aquarius is purging those who stand in the way of its agenda of deep and transformational social reform. It will be interesting to see where Carlson in particular lands. Thanks for a great analysis, Marjorie!

  2. Were these firings a preemptive move to keep the crazies in their respective audiences muzzled heading into the meat of the campaign? I doubt Mr. Taurus would let those vote-fraud tales drop since he banked his reputation on them…. plus the Russians desperately needs media guys iike him to make sure Biden doesn’t get four more years to support Ukraine.

  3. Thank you Marjorie. I found your last sentence about Tucker Carlson running for President interesting, as, as I was reading your analysis, that concept surfaced in my mind. Tucker Carlson has a Sun/Moon conjunction in Taurus in the 11th house. Taurus is ruled by Venus and is on the 2nd house in a flat Astrological 12th house Chart. Therefore, he may well get backing to run as a Governor or present political views, by wealthy groups, especially as you write Jupiter is giving him luck and prominence in his 10th of stature. His somewhat powerful Venus ( as it is enhanced by all his chart’s Taurus connections) is also in the 10th – lending power to a charming leader. Not to mention Saturn give credence to authorities view or just authority. His Jupiter is also on the midpoint between Pluto and the South Node in detailed Virgo – which given his “background” may well prove very handy for detailing a deep and thorough argument. He may also know where some of the bodies of politicians lie and their dealings. Also his Uranus is presently trining the Aquarius transiting Pluto, which during the months leading up to the next USA Election; may we reveal conversations and some revelations ( Pluto/Jupiter/South Node stellium in the 3rd house). The Russians may have him pegged or they secretly read your page and know their astrology! At the least he will not disappear quietly.

    • All Cable News networks have been losing viewers. Carlson was Fox News most watched presenter so his departure is probably going to accelerate that trend. Mercury at 28 Aries in the Carlson/Murdoch composite chart is within a degree of the 20 April 2023 Solar Eclipse so presumably it in part triggered the parting of the ways. I expect both the presenters will find other outlets if they want on the internet or in other fields such as politics. I personally don’t think these events signal any return to the norm in the media as the underlying story is really the slow unravelling of the corporate news empires that own CNN and Fox which has been underway for sometime now.

  4. Thank you for looking at this, Marjorie.
    Fascinating that Carlson’s Jupiter Pluto conjunction is also conjunct the South Node.
    The concentration of luck, money, and power may have proven to be his undoing.
    He believed his own press.
    Relieved to read that he faces roadblocks through the 2024 election.
    In addition to the ones you noted, it looks like Uranus will reach the degree of his Sun by June 2024, and retrograde back over it just in time for the November election.
    Possibly a bumpy ride, or at least some twists and turns, ahead.

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