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  1. Too soon for another look at Musk (last nov 22), but as a comment – the announcement that his Neuralink firm has been given the green light for human trials of implamantable tech into brains feels ominously like Pluto square the nodes.

  2. Hi Marjorie,

    Can you have a look at Celine Dion chart.
    More shows postponed.
    Is she will ever return to show business?
    Her health do not look to improve.

    Thanks a lot for your time!

  3. Marjorie,

    You have written at length on Pluto Returns, especially in the context of the US’s ongoing Pluto return.

    Can I get you to write on the impact of Uranus Returns?

    Many countries born in the aftermath of WWII will be undergoing their Uranus Return in the near future. Almost the whole of South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Burma) and the People’s Republic of China will all be undergoing their Uranus Returns between 2028 and 2033.

    The US’s first Uranus Return was around the same time as its Civil War. India and Pakistan were both born of a quasi civil-warlike Partition. And India and the PRC have both had long-term border disputes. All three of them will have those Returns at about the same time.

    Also, each Uranus Return is also a Pluto trine (where tr Pluto trines natal Pluto). How does one separate the effects of a Uranus Return from a Pluto trine, given that they happen at the same time? Is it even worth separating given that they happen at the same time?

    • “Almost the whole of South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Burma) and the People’s Republic of China”
      This is almost a third of the global population.

  4. How about Stewart Rhodes, the oathkeepeers founder, just sentenced to 18 years on charges of seditious conspiracy for trying to topple the US government on Jan. 6. GOP hopefuls are saying they’ll pardon him if elected, which makes me wonder what his chart look like across the election, inauguration and 2025.

  5. Hi Marjorie,

    The other day a commenter asked you about Mars in Cancer and the many obvious negative associations that it conjures up. A while back (Fall?), you did a small series on afflicted Moons… I was wondering if you might do the same for afflicted Mars, and ideally Venus as well (or any other planets)?

  6. Hi Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you would look into the new Netflix documentary web series called “Cleopatra.” Apparently, the casting of Black British actress Adele James as Cleopatra has caused an uproar in Egypt. Many Egyptians feel Hollywood is engaging in cultural appropriation and historic revisionism of their culture by allowing Black British person to represent one of their historical figures.

    Egyptian comedian, producer, and writer Bassem Youssef even appeared on a segment of Piers Morgan Uncensored where he stated that he was tired of Hollywood “erasing” his peoples’ culture and identity by allowing their stories to be told by non-North African people. Youssef stated he was particularly disappointed about Cleopatra habitually being portrayed by Jewish actresses (like British-converted Jewish actress Elizabeth Taylor and Israeli actress Gal Gadot) and by actresses of Sub-Saharan African ancestry.

    Granted, Cleopatra VII was a Hellenistic queen of the Macedonian Greek Ptolemaic Dynasty. So, she obviously had Caucasoid-Mediterranean ancestry. However, we have no way of knowing what her actual phenotype was given that she lived over 2,000 years ago (long before film and photography). Also, given the fact that Cleopatra VII’s Macedonian Greek ancestors had been living in Egypt for almost 300 years before she was even born, it’s possible her family could have intermarried with the Indigenous ethnic groups of Egypt in that amount of time.

    Today, Egypt is far from being an ethnically or racially homogeneous country. For example, “ethnic Egyptian Arabs” themselves are actually a genetic mix of Semitic, Amazigh (Berber), Indo-European, and Sub-Saharan African peoples according to geneticists and researchers. Plus, in addition to ethnic Arabs, Egypt is also home to a litany of other Indigenous Peoples and ethnic minorities that are rarely mentioned including: Armenians, Copts, Siwi Berbers, Nubians (who are Black Africans), Beja, Bedouins, Greeks (who are descents of merchants who settled in the country during Ottoman rule), and many others.

    Anyway, any astrological insights you could share regarding the new Netflix series Cleopatra and the controversies surrounding it would be greatly appreciated. I really am curious to know the astrology behind all of this.

    • Urgh, cultural appropriation another of these irksome buzz words. Not sure I have any salient astro comments on the matter.
      Except to point out that both Cleopatra and Mark Anthony were born with the Pluto Neptune conjunction in Taurus which is being activated at the moment.

  7. Can you look into why so many US politicians are so old? 49 out of the 100 senators are over 70. The oldest, Dianne Feinstein, will be 90 this year, and has dementia and has been absent from work – but plans to run again(!).

    The House of Representatives is no better with fading geriatrics like Pelosi (age 82).

    And then there is Biden, who struggles so much the white house spokesperson praised him for waking up in time to do a 9 a.m. press conference when Silicon Valley Bank failed (apparently he normally sleeps till noon).

    What is going on in the American chart that when voters of both parties are faced with the choice of a dementia-sufferer who can’t remember what they’re told five minutes later, and someone in their fifties who is vigorous, they plump for dementia person?

  8. I can not help but wonder why they scheduled the coronation on Archie’s birthday
    Is there an astrological aspect that is deeply relevant to all

    • Chrys – the date is chosen in consultation with the Government, Church, and Royal Household. So there would be many things to consider, including religious dates and so on. This year, Pentecost Sunday (Whitsun) is on May 29th, seventh Sunday after Easter so a moveable feast set by the Moon’s phases. There is always a Spring Bank Holiday on the last Monday in May, and around 1st May too each year here in the UK. A Bank Holiday for the Coronation would be more or less automatic, so the date would have to fit that extra holiday in too. They’d also consider half-term school holidays, amongst other things. George V took the throne on 6th May, perhaps something the RF thought about too. Lots of fiddling around with diaries and calendars! And maybe, at some point, they thought Archie might be present for the Coronation. But he is only four, so wouldn’t fully understand what was going on.

      As we’ve previously discussed here, there are a number of significant Royal Family dates associated with eclipses. I think the Lunar Eclipse is probably the most notable thing, astrologically, about the Coronation weekend.

    • If Harry is not Charles’ son, then Archie is not Charles’ grandson.

      Charles has his Moon at 0° 26′ Taurus. On the day of Harry’s birth, Pluto was at 0° 33′ Scorpio.

      Diana told Andrew Morton that Charles was upset when he saw Harry, she claimed it was because Charles wanted a girl. But that Pluto transit to Charles’ Moon suggests emotional trauma and hurt. Diana said Charles gave up on the marriage that day and never slept with her again.

      When Harry claims the family treated him differently, he probably picked up on something real. They made no attempt to prevent Harry leaving for California because they were glad the cuckoo was leaving the nest. St Diana is responsible for this mess. She probably thought it was funny to cuckold Charles, and never gave a thought to how it would affect Harry.

      • P.S. Here’s the quote from Diana to Andrew Morton:

        “suddenly as Harry was born, it just went bang, our marriage—the whole thing went down the drain.”

        Tr Pluto was exactly opposite Charles’ moon that day. Something devastating happened to Charles that day.

        • I have had similar thoughts. I don’t think Diana was the victim that many people believe she was – and I think somehow she “pre-loaded” Harry as a future weapon of mass destruction. ( She couldn’t do this with William as he was in official training for future King so subject to many other people and influences in his life). Much as many want (?) Hewitt to be Harry’s father – if you look at Harry’s face there are distinct ” family” features. I am very nervous about saying this and have no wish to set hares running – but I wonder if the culprit (if indeed there was one) was perhaps a little closer to home?

          • Hmm I’m not sure – these rumours always swirl. Mind you sometimes they are true. But producing the heir and spare is standard for aristo families and then the ‘happy couple’ are let off the hook to go their own merry way. Charles’ inability to cope with a hysterical Diana had been no doubt intensifying since the marriage and it may be he felt he’d done his duty by this time.
            Mama is alleged to have done much the same with Andrew being heavily rumoured to be Lord Porchester’s son (racing manager).
            Harry’s red hair ties him into the Spencer side of the family and there was a streak of irascible instability running down from grandpa Spencer.

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