Carlos Arcaraz & Marketa Vondrousova – high octane winners

Carlos Arcaraz, the Spanish tennis player, who defeated  Novak Djokovic to win the Men’s Final at Wimbledon, making it his second major singles win, is barely twenty years old.

  Born 5 May 2003 3am Murcia, Spain with a tennis academy director father, he started hitting the headlines as the youngest participant on the international circuit and winning as a teenager.

  He has a quick-witted 3rd house Taurus Sun and Mercury which squares onto a dynamic Jupiter Descendant opposition Neptune Mars.  He has perseverance and endurance from Taurus, high vitality and the ability to take risks from Jupiter Mars and endless optimism with Neptune in the mix.

  What also marks his chart out as talented, lucky and determined in an inspirational and entrepreneurial Fire Grand Trine of Jupiter in Leo on his Descendant trine Venus in Aries in his financial 2nd house trine Pluto. Charming and easy-going in one-to-one encounters, he’ll ooze confidence, be an influencer in society and will enjoy spending money. His Jupiter opposes Mars Neptune for one Kite. His Pluto opposes his Moon and Saturn in his sporting 5th house for a second Kite – giving him toughness and an ability to shut off his emotional needs.

  Long term with Saturn in his 5th plus that entrepreneurial Fire Grand Trine I’d imagine he’d become a sport organiser/executive.

   He’s on a lucky roll this year with tr Uranus conjunct his Jupiter/Uranus midpoint despite tr Saturn heading downwards through his First Quadrant for some years ahead which can be a drag on ambitious projects.

Marketa Vondroušová, who won the Women’s Singles, the first unseeded player to do so, was born 28 June 1999 (no birth time) Czech Republic. She comes from an athletic family and started playing tennis at 4.  She has a Cancer Sun on the focal point of a yod inconjunct Pluto sextile Neptune so will veer between over and under-confidence. Like Arcaraz she has a high-vitality Jupiter opposition Mars which in her case squares onto an ever-hopeful Neptune.

  Neptune oddly can be a strong factor in top athletes’ charts.  

  She’s also got fortunate winds behind her this year and next with tr Pluto square her Jupiter and tr Uranus conjunct her Solar Arc Jupiter. Though she will have moments of frustration through this October with tr Pluto square her Mars.

2 thoughts on “Carlos Arcaraz & Marketa Vondrousova – high octane winners

  1. Thank you Marjorie. Because I was reminded of Nadal when Carlos Alcaraz was talking, not because both are Spanish and charming, I googled their charts to find interchangeable suns and moons, with Scorpio in the mix. Also Djokovic, Federer and Andy Murray’s continued the themes, in particular Scorpio and Gemini, plus at least one earth each. Andy didn’t have Scorpio in the major 4, but there’s a definite pattern.
    Carlos Alcaraz, Sun Taurus, Moon Gemini, Asc Aquarius, MC Scorpio
    Rafa Nadal, Sun Gemini, Moon Taurus, Asc Scorpio, MC Leo
    Djokovic, Sun Gemini, Moon Aries, Asc Capricorn, MC Scorpio
    Federer, Sun Leo, Moon Scorpio, Asc Virgo, MC Gemini
    Andy Murray, Sun Taurus, Moon Sagittarius, Asc Virgo, MC Gemini
    After his victory over Medvedev, I thought Alcaraz knows he’s going to win the final. Nonetheless, I wasn’t completely convinced, even though it felt like the right time. Djokovic seemed prepared for the inevitable, but even he couldn’t quite believe he’d lost. He looked edgy going onto the court and throughout the initial stages. Very touching, very strange. Terrific match though.
    Then I looked at Marketa Vondrousova and Ons Jabeur. Ons drove me crazy because I couldn’t understand why she didn’t access her anger or distress to push her forward, instead she melted. Marketa was terrific, on the one hand solid, on the other slightly eccentric. Lo and behold, when I looked at Jabeur’s chart, no fire at all, predominantly earth and water, so she sticks it out, no fight, in tears. Marketa’s ascendant and MC were unstated, but her chart is apparently predominantly earth, fire, fixed.
    Obviously, my googling of Astrodienst was superficial, ignoring house placements etc, but the similarities are fascinating and unexpected, at least to me.

  2. I didn’t manage to watch the women’s final, but I watched the men’s final. I rooted for Alcaraz, but thought he wouldn’t win – the match started off so well for Djokovic and it looked like it was going to be a very quick straight set win for him. Then, it all turned around and became one of the most exciting finals I’d seen in a while.

    Just re-read your 19th June post on Djokovic, where you say… “He may have no wish to retire but with tr Saturn moving through his First Quadrant he will start to ease back and his Solar Arc Midheaven conjunct his Saturn in 2024 (birth time being exactly accurate) may see him revising his plans.”

    I wonder if this is the beginning of the start of him stepping back. That Pluto in Scorpio is tough, so I imagine he will continue through this year, but this Wimbledon loss was heavy on him.

    Two different personalities, but both determined. It’s interesting to see where Alcaraz’s charm comes from, with his fire grand trine. The crowd have taken to him much more easily than Djokovic, who wants to be loved by the crowd but struggles to get the same love back that others have managed to get, with what may seem like less effort.

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