Captain America meets his match

Chris Evans, ‘Captain America’ in a string of Marvel movies married Portuguese actress Alba Baptista on Saturday.

 He was born 13 June 1981 6.16 pm Boston, Massachusetts, and has a Gemini Sun on the cusp of the 8th opposition Neptune and trine Pluto – so mega-ambitious as befits one of the highest paid actors in the world. He has Jupiter Saturn conjunct in his career 10th house trine a 7th house Mars in Gemini and an 8th house Venus Mercury in Cancer trine a 12th house Scorpio Moon. And last but not least an innovative Uranus on his Ascendant. A curious mix of detached Air and super-intensely emotional and private Water.

 Alba Baptista, 10 July 1997 Lisbon, Portugal, no birth time, is a Sun Cancer with a Virgo Moon so she connects with his Venus in Cancer and Scorpio Moon and offers a practical Earth Moon to compensate for his No Earth chart. Her Sun does square her Saturn in Aries opposition Mars so she will have had tough moments in her life which will have left her defensive but able to put up with challenging situations.  Her Venus in sociable Leo opposes Uranus and Jupiter in Aquarius which will help to offset the harder-edges of Saturn Mars. Like him she is Water Air which is a tricky balance to find between thinking and feeling.

  Her Sun falls in his 8th for a deep connection with her Moon in his career 10th. But her Saturn in his 5th may damp spontaneity especially since it opposes his Pluto. Her Pluto on his Ascendant could find her trying to control his image and since her Pluto opposes his Mars it could lead to differences.

  Assuming the birth dates are sound, it is an odd match with the relationship chart having a composite Sun Saturn opposition Neptune Uranus – too much work, some doubt and suspicion, needs space. Plus a composite Mars square Pluto which suggests a power imbalance. There is at least an enthusiastic Mars trine Jupiter to balance up the trickier elements. The second half of this decade with tr Neptune and Saturn in Aries square their composite Sun etc will see a fair few wrinkles needing to be ironed out.

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  1. Breakups are always painful whether you are married or not. And even couples who choose not to marry can still have joint bank accounts and jointly own property and of course have children together.

  2. Since Neptune rules his 4th house, to me, it would add to the Karmic nature of this pairing, again, assuming her birth time is relatively close to noon.

    • I can instantly recognise her as a Cancerian because of her ‘moon’ face. Arianna grande and the Beckhams daughter share similar features. Meryl Streep too.
      His gemini/scoripio combo would be a red flag to me.

          • Sorry. That sucks.
            CE does have his 5th-house ruler Mars in Gemini in his 7th, so maybe cheating might be his (unhealthy) coping mechanism for a stressful marriage.
            I imagine with Alba’s sun falling into his 8th, she would irrevocably change him/his family dynamics.

        • It is a difficult balancing act with a wandering Air Moon and an intensely emotional Water Sun – and will act like a quincunx even if out of aspect.

          • Maybe CE just likes the chase and Alba’s nurturing sun and mutable moon feed his need for closeness (Scorpio moon) without feeling suffocated (Gemini sun).
            But marriage will help the realities of the relationship sink in and they’ll have to decide whether the insecurities that come with the constant push-pull are what each of them truly want in the long-term.

      • I have Gemini rising with Moon conjunct Venus in Scorpio + Neptune in Scorpio. (My moon is at 19 Scorpio, which I read somewhere is sometimes called “the devil’s degree,” which only adds to the fun. 😉 ) My experience of this is one of intense curiosity about how things work + the willingness to dig deeply to understand the landscape and particulars of a situation. Not a bad thing on the face of it, IMO. Though the other person has to be willing to make that descent also. Can be scary and difficult, but the rewards are worth it!

  3. Thank you for your analysis Marjorie!

    Any thoughts on the Mercury-retrograde wedding date?

    Would he be more protected from it because of his own retrograde Mercury?

    What about her Saturn on his part of fortune, which sextiles her Jupiter, the Apex planet to her yod with a sun sextile moon as base? Assuming she was born relatively close to noon, then his Neptune would also be squaring that moon. So, this still seems Karmic to me

    And the fact that they seem to have met during transit Neptune squaring his Neptune, plus their age difference, make me wonder if this is the aftermath of a mid-life crisis.

    With those difficult partnership aspects, especially the Mars square Pluto, let’s just hope children won’t be brought into the mess.

  4. I like Chris, seems a good fella. Don’t know much about Alba. From a numerological perspective, I think this is doomed. I give it five years.
    I wish more people would follow the Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell model. Just try to live together and if it works out after a lot of years….great. If it doesn’t, no messy divorce to worry about. Tradition is not always best!

    • Baptista was in a fairly recent Netflix drama called “Warrior Nun.” I enjoyed it and thought the storyline was interesting. Agree that Goldie and Kurt have been fortunate to find a relationship model that has worked for them.

      • Would be interesting to get an analysis of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell’s synastry/composite charts to see what’s making them still tick all these years, because of or in spite of (free will)? Sometimes it’s in the action of being committed as opposed to the formality of the paper and saying we are committed ( the formality seems to scares some off or then them act differently? Hmm….

        Marjorie, if you have time please? What do you think?

        Thanks greatly

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