Poland elections – another cliff hanger

The Poland elections on October 15 are being seen as pivotal to the future of the EU and the outcome of the war in Ukraine as well as the most important election in Poland since 1989. “Depending on the outcome, the country will either reorientate itself as a euro-enthusiastic rising democracy or will commit further to an illiberal turn at loggerheads with Europe over the rule of law and enlargement.”

  The right-wing populist Law and Justice Party in power since 2015 has polarized political debate, ramping up the kind of identity politics which have dominated the US, UK and elsewhere. Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader, and Mateusz Morawiecki, the prime minister, face opposition leader Donald Tusk.  Commentators reckon the result will be so narrow that fresh elections will be required within a minimum of two years.

 The Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, 20 June 1968 2.15pm Wroclaw, Poland, a Sun, Mercury, Venus Mars in Gemini square Uranus Pluto in Virgo, looks deflated over the election with tr Saturn opposition his Jupiter and in for a sudden change with his SA Midheaven conjunct his Uranus. And has a mixture ahead of undermining Neptune through into 2025; and some upbeat influences late this year into 2024.

Jarosław Kaczyński, 18 June 1949, another Sun, Mercury, Mars in Gemini, looks seriously aggravated at the moment, with tensions rising later in the year. He would not give in easy since Pluto is conjunct his Jupiter through till late 2024 but he is not in a progressive phase.

  Donald Tusk, 22 April 1957, whose main policy is to oppose the government, is a Sun, Venus, Mercury in Taurus so should in theory be heled by Jupiter moving through Taurus But he is looking jangled and jolted now, downbeat and devastated in 2024. With maybe just maybe a glimmer of uplift in later 2024.

   What may be an indicator is that tr Uranus is now trine tr Pluto suggesting the beginnings of a shift into a new scenario – which may not come immediately for Poland but will make its influence felt over time.

  I keep trying to work out why we have been cursed with all these yowling, damage-wreaking, rabble-rousing Geminis since the middle of last decade – Trump, Boris etc etc etc.  It must be something in the celestial waters.

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  1. Luckily, Donald Tusk and his center-left party (Civic Platform) defied the polls, the corporate media, and all of the pessimists. It’s been reported that Polish women voters, in particular, played a pivotal role in these parliamentary elections and they helped save Poland from a further far-right takeover.

    Poland’s elections actually give me some encouragement – perhaps fate will be kind to us here in the U.S. and not allow a fascist takeover in our presidential, House, and Senate elections next year.

  2. Marjorie,

    Have you taken a look at Slovakia’s elections? Slovakia’s elections take place on September 30th and the EU and NATO appear to be more concerned about the outcome of this country’s election than Poland’s.

    Robert Fico has been described as an anti-vaxxer, xenophobic, right-wing mini version of Hungary’s Viktor Orban. I know he’s been leading in the polls (of course, a geopolitical expert did mention that Slovak voters do have a history of being unpredictable and they sometimes change their minds at the very last minute) and he’s seen as an ardent supporter of Vladimir Putin and the “Pan-Slavism” movement.

    Many geopolitical and international relations experts warn that if Robert Fico and his party win the election, it could cause another disruption in the European Union and NATO – especially with regards to aiding Ukraine.

    Public opinion polling has shown Slovak citizens to be some of the least supportive of Ukraine in the European Union – only about 40% of Slovak citizens who’ve been polled have expressed solid support Ukraine whereas 60% either blame the EU, NATO, or Ukraine for the war.

    I really hope the EU and NATO have measures in place to keep these crazy Vladimir Putin supporting nutjobs from obstructing progress – not just for Ukraine, but in all affairs.

    I’m beginning to think the Washington Treaty needs to be re-written in such a way that limits rogue NATO members from having the capacity to hold-up critical decisions and policies. There also needs to be stipulations put in place that allow for expulsion of NATO members who do not comply with the alliance’s objectives. I think Hungary and Türkiye have proven to be a testament to that.

  3. Just a thought. Gemini is everyday communications. Whereas, we have entered and are the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus. Uranus is thought to be the higher intelligence – perhaps unification of the mind? It will take time for the celestial shift from the grumblings by individuals to working within groups of countries or indeed a peace on earth. Maybe even centuries to grapple with living in individual countries upon one planet. Uranus is pulling those who wish for a kind of Heaven on Earth, whereas Mercury is concerned with basic communication of thought of individuality?

    • Not very written. However, having left Pisces ruled by Neptune, which gave us the romantic notion of divine love who looked after us. We are now being asked the question of relating and communicating about how individuals live together. Perhaps Karma does exist and we are on some kind of celestial wheel, where we all do a term in learning. As the Earth planet makes it way through the great celestial year?

  4. We are not through with negative Geminis in politics. The leader of the Opposition in Canada, Pierre Poilievre (a bilingual English Canadian from the West who has married a Venezuelan immigrant who grew up in French Quebec) is a Gemini. And Jupiter will be in Gemini next year. He appears to be our home-grown Trump, a populist who is all things to many people with a decidedly intolerant streak. Canadians are tired of wokist Chinese-loving Trudeau but many fear the alternative.

  5. ” I keep trying to work out why we have been cursed with all these yowling, damage-wreaking, rabble-rousing Geminis since the middle of last decade – Trump, Boris etc etc etc. It must be something in the celestial waters.”

    I’d rather not see it happen, but according to the polls, Canada’s next Prime Minister could be one of those yowling, damage-wreaking, rabble-rousing Gemini types, and he could form a majority government were an election held today. Pierre Poilievre, the Conservative Opposition Leader, was born June 3, 1979 in Calgary, Alberta.

  6. Hi Marjorie, I believe the elections are October 15, rather than September. But I don’t think that alters your analysis which is about the contestants.

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