Canada – standing firm not the best option

Canada is on tenterhooks with their heavy-duty, resistant Saturn in Scorpio opposition Pluto under considerable pressure from destabilising Uranus this month and the upcoming November eclipse.  There are indications of a recession in 2023 with high inflation but the country has been shielded from the Ukraine fall out and nowhere globally is immune from economic pressures.

  Saturn in Scorpio opposition Pluto in Taurus is strong, enduring and ultra-stubborn. What it is exceptionally bad at is giving way and being adaptable, so when the winds of change blow there is a tendency to dig in and refuse to budge until unavoidable events of sufficient magnitude come along that make resistance impossible.

 Tr Uranus will oppose the Canada Saturn from this week, October 11th until early November and again in April 2023,  and conjunct the Canada Pluto this December to mid January and February to mid March. Effectively the whole period from May 2022 till March 2023 is one where that central steely core of Canada is being stress tested. Countries don’t respond at the same speed as individuals to planetary influences so the effects may not be instantaneous. Critical mass needs to build up.

  The Lunar Eclipse on November 8th at 16 degrees Taurus could be critical since it will be a further catalyst for change, adding more pressure. It falls close to the final high-tension Uranus square Saturn aspect which has bedevilled the past eighteen months and could bring further economic wobbles as well as a clash between opposing views. See below for the meaning of Saturn Uranus together. Next May’s Lunar Eclipse is at a similar degree of Scorpio.

  The effects of both the late October Solar Eclipse and the November Lunar Eclipse will resonate in Canada. When the eclipse chart is relocated there, the Solar has a mutinous Pluto close to the IC and the Sun Moon conjunction in the 1st house with an uncompromising and independent-minded Uranus in the 7th. The 8 November Lunar Eclipse sees the Full Moon conjunct Uranus again falling across the 1st/7th houses with Saturn in square close to the IC. Both will be divisive and disruptive, affecting image and cooperative agreements with neighbours as well as sparking internal difference.

  This October Solar Eclipse is in a Saros series associated with force and taking power.

   Justin Trudeau’s Term chart, 26 October 2021, will catch the late October Solar Eclipse which is conjunct the Term Scorpio Sun, triggering a crisis.

  The opposition leader Pierre Poilievre, 3 June 1979, will be on red alert for changes since his Uranus in Scorpio is on the same degree as the Canada Saturn and catching the celestial mayhem – so whatever is happening will have a significant effect on his life. He does have one lucky, successful influence running until early December but thereafter looks less than upbeat through 2023/24.

  Trudeau himself, 25 December 1971 9.27pm Ottawa, will be rattled from October 11th (next week) with tr Uranus opposition his Sun/Pluto midpoint until early this November which Ebertin describes as sudden adjustment to new circumstances. With a high-risk, over-stressed, shocked, all-systems-change mood through the rest of November. All of which repeat in early 2023 which will be a catastrophic, disaster-prone year for him with setbacks and failures stretching for three years after that.

PS. Germany’s 8th house Pluto at 17 degrees will also catch the tr Uranus conjunction from next week and the November Lunar Eclipse, looking ultra-sensitive to significant events with the Lunar Eclipse conjunct Uranus falling close to the IC = domestic upheavals and ruptures.


In positive vein, this conjunction preserves the best of the old and merges it with the best of the new, but it can be a jolting, jarring transition all the same. Sudden states of tension give way to a release of tension as Saturn’s rigidity is forced to give way under Uranus’s explosive need to be free. The mood is prone to swing between optimism and pessimism.

   This can also be a catastrophe-prone combination, since both planets will, in their negative aspects, lay waste rather than give way. Saturn, the envious patriarch, will destroy rather than hand over power. Uranus will reduce order to anarchy rather than compromise. In their own way both can be highly dictatorial. Saturn the Grim Reaper is often pictured with a curved scythe in hand. Uranus is the thunderbolt, light-giving but earth-shaking.

   In cooperation they can promote a golden age of enlightened justice and constructive scientific advance. Uranus, the sky god, was the bringer of civilization and the initiator of culture; Saturn brings prosperity and material wealth through regulated work and good agriculture. But the balance is tricky to get right.

   In classical mythology, Saturn the son castrates Uranus his father, throwing his genitals into the sea and cutting off his virility forever. But he who lives by the sword dies by the sword: as Saturn destroys the generation before him, so will he in the fullness of time and old age be brought low himself. There is an inevitability around Saturn–Uranus conjunctions, more so even than the other cycles, an inevitability that what is raised up high will be brought low, and vice versa. In the words of the I Ching, the great Chinese book of wisdom, ‘It is the law of heaven to make fullness empty and to make full what is modest.’

   In the myth, the castration of Uranus results in the Furies being let loose to devastate the land; paradoxically it also results in Venus-Aphrodite, the goddess of love, arising out of the ocean, perhaps hinting at the dual nature of Saturn–Uranus, which encompasses both terror and great beauty.

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  1. Thank you for having a look at this Marjorie.

    SATURN URANUS “preserves the best of the old and merges it with the best of the new.” That is something to hang onto.

    Emergencies Act inquiry starts Oct. 13 and wraps up its public hearings on Nov. 25. The Liberal government has waived cabinet confidence over documents relating to its invocation of the Emergencies Act, agreeing to a request from Paul Rouleau, the head of the public inquiry.

    This seems to dovetail with the dates of upcoming eclipses and start of Uranus opposition. Municipal elections in many provinces also take place on Oct 15 or thereabouts.

  2. I would like to know why governor generals who are supposed to represent the monarch are continually allowed to push their Republican viewpoints which is hardly in the monarch’s interest. I always understood it is supposed to be an appointed position, which means she could be sacked. Or am I being naive?

  3. On the other hand (I’m replying to myself here, lol) if you look at Mercury (a document) as representing the Canadian Constitution of which many Canadians are proud (Leo), then the upcoming Pluto opposition to Canada’s Mercury at 4 degrees Leo in 2026-2027 may represent constitutional challenges if not change. In fact, the second exact hit on July 23, 2026 also has Jupiter conjunct Mercury, Neptune trine it, and Uranus sextile it, all while Saturn is conjunct Canada’s Neptune and ascendant and Mars is conjunct Canada’s Venus. At the time the Constitution was repatriated, Canada’s Mercury was also heavily aspected with a Mercury-Jupiter opposition square it, Mars sextile it, and Uranus trine it, while the rising moment (if correct) at 11:35 am on April 17, 1982 at 6 Leo was conjunct it. (It also occurred within months of the 1982 Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra.) I’m hoping the upcoming Pluto transit finally spells electoral reform, but of course, it could indicate both. Thanks everyone for listening to me blather on! Of course, astrology is not a crystal ball and only time will tell what will really happen so far off, but it is interesting to speculate.

    • This was meant to be a reply to my reply to Andre, sorry. Lost my entire first attempt when I used a function key and then on the second attempt obviously forget to link. Doh!

    • Laurien,
      I treasure your responses to any of the Canadian content that Marjorie posts!

      I am deep into huge transits and SA’s in my own chart and had not looked at the Canadian chart.
      Oh dear. Some of them jive for both me and Canada, it seems.

      I love the Canadian natal Moon in Gemini… our countries within countries, our threads of communication through the CBC, comedians, the National Film Board, etc. Gemini – learning to hold opposites, ongoing communication…. our hyphenated ethnic heritage many will use (Indo-Canadian, German-Canadian). We have much to take responsibility for still, but, as a country… there is a chance to mature. I have such a high dream for how Canada could offer some wisdom in this realm in the future.

      I’m not so sure about republics… am currently researching this!
      But the astrology described certainly seems to point to a big shift in our government structure.
      Geez…. there is not a corner of the Earth free from this disruption!

      Blather away!

      • You are so sweet, Sandra! I enjoy your comments too and I really love your observation about so many Canadians having a hyphenated ethnic heritage in keeping with our Gemini Moon! Brilliant! I am leery of becoming an American-style republic where the head of government is also the head of state as I think that tends towards autocracy. I also have concerns about an elected head of state that may become politicized even if we retain a separate prime minister. The neutrality of the monarchy is a boon, in my opinion. I respect Andre’s point of view and his desire for a Quebec republic but at the same time, I hope a way can be found to hold Canada together, even if it means renegotiating federalism. But I agree with him that Canada has an inherent disunity with that Sun-Uranus conjunction, and it’s amazing how many provinces (like BC where I live) have that same aspect in their chart even though they joined Confederation later.

        I also agree with you that what Canada is undergoing is the same shift to the right and challenges to democracy that are happening almost everywhere. I still wonder if the new Pluto-Saturn cycle in authoritarian Capricorn that started in January 2020 is partly to blame, setting the tone of power dynamics until the next conjunction in Pisces in 2053-54.

        I’m sorry your chart is getting nailed right now and I hope the Universe is kind to you. I get so engrossed in political astrology that I forget to check my own chart sometimes, lol. I have a few heavy ones right now that I think I am expressing through some of the subject matter I am writing about. A good mitigation!

        All the best and I trust we will cross paths on these pages again!

  4. Thanks so much for this analysis, Marjorie! Your reading suggests that Justin Trudeau and his government will FINALLY be called out for their divisive racism, favouritisms along “ethnic” lines and nonsensical mismanagement of the economy. I wish I could give you a start date for the Liberal Party’s house organ — the Toronto Star — beyond 1892 because it, too, is divisive, falsely “progressive” and supportive of the Trudeau government’s favouritisms along colour/ethnic lines (including Brown over Black biases). I truly view the Toronto Star as an Enemy to the Good in Canada because of its power as the country’s largest newspaper, its anti-democratic intolerance for opposing views, its grandiose irresponsibility and its tacit support for a policy which even it admitted (twice last fall) suppresses Canadian wages and most hurts our poorest citizens who are disproportionately immigrant and/or of colour. I’d hope that the Star rots but citizens need what news coverage it provides if not the editorial follies of its selective “generosity” to some at the cruel, unjust expense of the MAJORITY of Canadians of all colours. The Star and the Liberals are part of Canada’s larger, smug, callous, “we know what’s best for you”, personally protected, but ultimately incompetent “elite” of government, business, media and academic “leaders”. Which is why you are so right, Marjorie, to detect why Canada is so hard to change. But the natives are restless and big change is coming.

    • Apologies, Marjorie, for my bitterness and fear. Would you possibly consider indicating when positive change will happen in Canada? We have a homelessness crisis (with an estimated 235,000 homeless people, disproportionately Indigenous), housing affordability crisis (helping to drive 30,000 Canadians to emigrate each year!) and health care crisis while millions of Canadians are retiring into poverty and there is zero federal planning for our aging population. Any hope you can provide will be greatly appreciated! Meanwhile, I am doing what I can by volunteering on the election campaigns of progressive politicians for mayor and city councillors in Toronto. Thanks again for looking at Canada’s chart!

  5. I am a Canadian constitutional lawyer. This post is timely. Perhaps I can provide some context.
    This week saw he emergence of two major challenges to the Canadian constitutional order, one from Alberta, another from Quebec. In the West, a radical populist, Danielle Smith, was selected last Thursday the new provincial premier. Her main objective is the adoption of what she calls the Alberta Sovereignty Act. This law would be clearly unconstitutional, but she seems set on igniting a constitutional crisis. It would allow the provincial government to block the application of federal laws it doesn’t like, mainly those relating to oil and gas development and the environment. This is reminiscent of similar legislation adopted by Southern states before the US Civil War. This issue will be resolved by the provincial election expected next spring, but clearly the premier hopes for widespread public support. The issue has raised such concern that the provincial lieutenant-governor, who represents the monarch, has taken the extraordinary step of declaring she might refuse to sign the bill adopted by the legislative assembly.
    The new challenge from Quebec could have even more profound effects. The provincial government has been reelected in a landslide for a second term on Monday. In its first term, it adopted a controversial law on secularism inspired by France and another on the protection of the French language which curtails English minority rights. These laws are challenged and are slowly working their way to the Supreme Court. If the latter declares them to be unconstitutional, this could raise political tension considerably. The emerging constitutional issue is the decision by the new leader of the separatist party in Quebec’s National Assembly to refuse to swear allegiance to King Charles. This is an Irish scenario without precedent in Canada. Polls in Quebec consistently indicate overwhelming support for the abolition of the monarchy. This is likely to set off another constitutional explosion. I confess I am personally involved in this matter, and I have called for the unilateral proclamation of a republic of Quebec within or outside Canada.

    • I agree with Andre that the developments in Quebec and Alberta are important and I see them linked to the transiting Saturn-Uranus square hitting Canada’s Saturn-Pluto opposition which is being energized by this and next year’s eclipses. It’s not surprising that the issue of whether we should remain a constitutional monarchy has come up since Saturn rules Canada’s 10th house which represents the head of state and it is placed in the 7th house of other nations, and King Charles III became monarch while transiting Uranus opposed Saturn. As far as Quebec’s nationalism and the new premier of Alberta’s proposed Sovereignty Act goes, I think they relate to transiting Uranus conjunct Canada’s Pluto for general rebellion against the powers that be. I don’t personally expect constitutional changes anytime soon (but could of course be wrong) but dates in the future I’ve been thinking about include June 2032 when there is a Saturn-Uranus conjunction on Canada’s Moon and our Uranus return in 2034-2035, both of which lead up to three Saturn-Pluto oppositions in 2034 to 2035, the first of which at 17 Leo-Aquarius will form a grand cross with Canada’s natal Saturn-Pluto opposition. I have my doubts Danielle Smith will hang on past the next Alberta election due in or before next May but I keep reminding myself that everything right now has to be seen in the context of the Saturn-Uranus square and eclipses and that whatever will produce maximum instability will probably happen! Thanks for sharing, Andre. Very interesting!

  6. Thanks so much for this, Marjorie. I am going to post a link to it in my Canadian astrology blog. Just one thing, I notice you ended up with ‘Ottawa Brook’ Nova Scotia for the location instead of Ottawa so the chart angles for the eclipses are different. Pluto is on the IC for the solar eclipse and Saturn on the IC for the lunar one which seem to relate to the Hurricane Fiona disaster since the Sun-Moon rise lines for both eclipses run through Atlantic Canada on an astrocartography map.

    I do feel the Saturn-Uranus square has produced a hard right turn in Canadian politics. Saturn was square Canada’s Pluto-Saturn in February during the Freedom Convoy occupation of Ottawa and border blockades, and in fact, it was exactly square Canada’s Uranus on February 2nd, the day that centre-right Conservative leader Erin O’Toole was ousted by his caucus, paving the way for farther-right populist Poilievre to take over the party. Poilievre’s leadership campaign coincided with the first exact Uranus conjunction to Canada’s Pluto in May. I am interested to see what happens to him around the lunar eclipse as it is also conjunct his Venus-Mars conjunction in Taurus as well as opposite his Uranus. Recently the leader of an extremist group called Diagolon discussed raping Poilievre’s wife on a podcast which sounds very much like a Venus-Mars thing. Of course, Poilievre expressed his outrage and there is now an RCMP investigation into the threat. But before that, Poilievre was called out for a photo of him with the man during his campaign but he claimed he didn’t know who he was at the time. Poilievre curried the favour of Convoy supporters and extremist groups during his campaign and I did wonder if he would find he has a tiger by the tail.

    As for Trudeau, a recent poll showed he has a disapproval rating of 56% and he has probably been more vilified than any Canadian prime minister since the Conscription Crisis of 1917 and the Great Depression. But he seems to want to go down fighting and has publicly and reportedly in cabinet insisted that he will lead the party in the next election which will be on or before October 2025. It is probably political suicide for him and his party and one wonders if the party will let him get away with it. His assumed political successor Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland is being considered for the job of NATO secretary-general and if she gets it, it may be like losing his right hand.

    I always look forward to hearing what you have to say about Canada, Marjorie! I am a big fan of your work. Thank you for this post.

    • Thanks Laurien, I enjoy your site. It’s as fair minded and informative as this one, although with a focus on Canucks. Very nice to see you here. I do have a few quibbles though.

      A sense of proportion might be helpful for non-Canadians. Aside from fringe groups like the Greens and the actually populist – Peoples Party, Canadian politics hugs the centre of the political spectrum. The label of a more right than usual Conservative party is not quite the seismic shift that fills opinion columns on slow news days.

      ” Poilievre was called out for a photo of him ” – It did receive a remarkable amount of media coverage, that’s for sure. Taint by association tends to appear when more substantial criticisms are few and far between.

      Head over to twitter, search your least favourite prominent person and find that often someone has compiled a string of photos with their arm around some miscreant or other. Gladhanding politicians tend to welcome all comers.

      Even politicians with several handlers succumb. PM Trudeau famously signed a nazi flag at the Calgary stampede. Chrystia Freeland spoke at a rally with a far right Ukanian banner prominently displayed. The list goes on and on, rarely indicative of much, other than a willingness to be photographed often and not having the time or resources to vet thoroughly.

      To be seen as supporting the freedom Convoy, however minimally, is for many Canadians not as extreme as one would think. The occupation was made up of bouncy castles, hot tubs and a festival like atmosphere, filled with people set against a federal mandate. A reporter, Rupa Subramanya, lived a few blocks away circulated freely and often. She offered a perspective that was remarkably at odds with the majority of media reports from afar.

      The upcoming inquiry could help clarify the matter.


      • Hi PC! I recognized your handle right away and appreciated your comments on the Emergencies Act inquiry. The hearings will be interesting especially since the PM will be testifying, although I am not sure if the you-know-what will hit the fan until the final report is released on (I doubt before) Feb. 20, 2023. We’ll be approaching Uranus’s last exact hit to Canada’s natal Pluto a couple of weeks afterwards and Mars will be conjunct Canada’s Venus. I think you are onto something that the perception of extremism is relative to whatever is the norm, and given Canada’s usual centrism that Poilievre does come across to many as quite radical. I think ideas like firing the BoC governor and making government cut current spending commitments to balance new spending are pretty extreme, although again, that is based on what we as Canadians have come to expect from our governments. I agree that politicians of all stripes often get caught out in awkward photographs and was simply reporting what has been in the press, although I do think it is disingenous of someone as well-read as Poilievre to claim he’d never heard of Diagolon. I had heard of the group and I don’t have his resources or a stake in staying on top of such groups that might cause him political harm.

        I agree that many people who were just sick and tired of mandates supported the Freedom Convoy without necessarily supporting the more extreme agendas of some of the people involved which did include overthrowing the current government. But still, after two weeks of the convoy’s occupation of Ottawa, an Angus Reid poll ( showed that 72% of Canadians felt the protestors had made their point and should go home. Only 22% thought they should stay. What’s more, 93% of Canadians supported some form of action including arrests if demonstrators refused to leave. So the movement had firm support from a minority of Canadians although I agree that almost one quarter of Canadians is still a lot.

        I think only time will tell how truly radical Poilievre’s actions as opposed to his rhetoric actually are, especially if he ever becomes PM. Maybe we’ll have to let history judge whether this is the beginning of a permanent hard right pivot in Canada or just a temporary blip. In the meantime, it is always a pleasure to hear what you have to say, PC!

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