Camilla – a steady, modest consort

The announcement that Camilla will be Queen was adroitly slipped in with Queen Elizabeth’s anniversary celebrations making it less likely to raise a fuss.  She has been a mellowing and supportive presence in Charles’ life, crucial for his stability and morale when he takes over the throne.

  Born 17 July 1947 7.10 am London, she has a 12th house Cancer Sun trine a 4th house Jupiter in Scorpio pointing to a contented, happy family upbringing and both of these chime well with Charles’ Scorpio Sun. Camilla also has a charming, motherly Moon Venus in Cancer in her friendly 11th. And a stalwart Saturn Pluto in Leo just below her Leo Ascendant.

  She is reserved and has never given any indication of wanting to upstage Charles; indeed all reports were she was hesitant at thoughts of marriage to him at all.

  Diana on the other hand with a 7th house Cancer Sun and a 5th house Venus in Taurus was much more outgoing and hungry for attention. Diana’s rebellious Uranus was square Charles’ Sun which was never going to work and her airy Aquarius Moon was a bad fit with his Scorpio temperament. Plus her argumentative and uptight Mars Pluto was conjunct Charles’ Saturn which produced a very gritty interface.

   Camilla has kept her head down and not put a foot wrong since their 2005 wedding, slowly building an empathetic reputation especially for her work with domestic violence victims and her calming presence at the side of the heir.

  There will always be snipers, bearing grievances on behalf of Princess Diana and betrayed wives in general, but she’s faced her trials well.

  What is likely to be a challenge ahead is her aggravated relationship with Prince Harry. She gets on well enough with Prince William  whose New Moon in Cancer is close enough to her Cancer Moon and Venus. But Harry’s Virgo Sun collides with her Uranus (and Charles’ Uranus for that matter) and his Mars Uranus collides with Camilla’s Mars – very ratchety. And it reflects Camilla’s relationship with Diana which was understandably stressed with an explosive composite Sun, Mars, Uranus conjunction and a tussle-for-the-upper-hand Jupiter Pluto. Just to set the difficulties in concrete Camilla’s Saturn Pluto falls in Harry’s 8th and his Saturn Pluto in her 4th.

  Camilla’s relationship chart with Harry is fairly unfixable with a composite Mars opposition Uranus Pluto square Moon opposition Jupiter. Their connection is sagging through this year in a discouraging way and will move through more upheavals and ruptures in 2023/2024. Mind you Harry’s relationship with his father and brother are not good ahead either for several years. And Meghan is a bad fit with Camilla since C’s Saturn Pluto is conjunct M’s Leo Sun and M’s Mars in Cancer square Saturn in Libra collide with C’s Moon Venus.

  Camilla’s Solar Arc Midheaven will conjunct her Uranus (birth time being accurate) which does suggest a radical change of direction late this year or early next, coinciding with a fair amount of nervous anxiety.  Maybe once the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations are over she’ll make a further step backwards.

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  1. One thing I hope that Prince William’s children know, is to how to put the kettle on. At the very least, they should be able to know their way around the kitchen and to be able to close their own curtains.

    I was not a fan of Diana, but I laughed when I read that having asked PC to make her a cup of tea, that she threw the said kettle at him when he claimed to not to know how. So much for Gordonstoun!

    As for Andrew, he should never have been as indulged as he was. Certainly, if I had been Queen I would have brought him up better than that! I admire the Queen in many things, but not the way she brought up her children.

  2. I really feel for PC because it seems to me during my time observing the RF as an adult, that he has never had not even a week of glory! Everyone in his family – even if their press has been generally bad – has had a least one period of favour but it seems that no matter what he does, he has never had even a brief moment when he has enjoyed a little praise or admiration. Perhaps he is grateful for that but I imagine it must be hard for him to see every other family member dance in the limelight at least once (and I’m not referring to Diana or H&M).

  3. This is indeed a warm gesture towards Camilla but I do wonder if Charles will ever become King. I remember around the time of his investiture some psychic or other predicting that he would never become king and somehow that has always stayed with me. I wonder what would become of Camilla if Charles did not get to succeed his mother. It has also been said that even if Charles were to become King he would quickly hand over the reins to William &Kate in recognition of the fact that it needs the energy of someone who is not an OAP in their 70s!

  4. What about the Part of Fortune?
    I noticed it in Camilla’s 12th (between Sun and Mercury, which Harry has as well, in his 8th house).

    Any good references would be appreciated … I can never tell if they mean that much or if aspects are key…

    • Diana’s death probably delayed Charles and Camilla’s marriage not enabled it after the outpouring of public grief and vilification of Camilla? Charles and Diana had already been divorced for several years and were said to be getting on better than when they were married.
      I rather doubt Diana would have lived a life of obscurity somehow given her personality.
      I have developed an admiration for Camilla over the years for the way she has handled the situation with grace and maturity. When you hear her speak at one of her charity events she is very down to earth and relatable and seems kind and sympathetic.
      She is just the consort that Charles needs. They look so good together.

  5. May they both bring in pleasant aura of stability !(C+C).
    I do congratulate them on their endurance in their mutual commitment .
    Had they had courage to get together officially earlier, the mayhem Diana’s vengeful energy caused them along with sons (mostly H)would have never happened .

  6. I think it’s not necessary to drag Harry and Meghan in a random negative comparison with Camilla. It’s more interesting to compare Camilla’s chart with the UK’s to see if the country will accept her or Charles as king and queen in the coming decade or a comparison with Kate’s chart as her successor.

    • Don’t you think Julie ,Marjorie did so to show the feelings H&M have towards Camilla and possibly their actions towards her ? She wouldn’t use the press to defend herself unlike H&M to manipulate the press.There’s a grain of truth in MM being called Mrs Pinocchio .
      Nobody’s perfect but blatant manipulations in public seem to be below the belt for people trying to maintain their humanitarian halo ,arent they ?

    • Camilla looks like one of the few genuinely contented people in The Family. News of her imminent title feels like a boost of progress – and the only warm thing about Charles inevitable crawl to the throne.

    • Drag? This is an astrology site and Harry’s is the only stand-out afflicted relationship chart with Camilla with Meghan trailing not far behind. His book is due out this year which will undoubtedly have negative comments about her.
      It was hardly random so why would I skip over it?

  7. Hello Marjorie
    I am not experienced in astrology but it is all fascinating, as are your readers’ comments.
    I am British and deeply grateful to Her Majesty the Queen, for her dedication to duty and stability she has given our country and the Commonwealth. She is very dearly loved here and around the world.
    It has not been easy to do this continuously for 70 years, and feel that Prince Philip was key to her success. I think the monarch needs a strong and supportive partner, with great composure and Camilla is this person for Prince Charles.
    I admire and love her for how she has behaved with such quiet grace and dignity, no matter what has happened. She is a very normal relateable lady, and shares a lot of interests with Prince Charles, including horses dogs and gardening ( she was on Gardeners World last summer ) You can see she makes him really happy and she has now found her own voice that is respected and listened to. I am proud of her for speaking out against domestic violence as one of her causes.
    I think she will make a wonderful Queen Consort
    …. and isnt it nice that the the wife of a King is automatically a Queen. Just a little ‘girl power’

  8. Harry’s Saturn/Venus midpoint on Pluto makes him quite capable of hurting women. Moon in Taurus trine Sun in Virgo is another sign of his perfection of beauty. His Sun/Pluto midpoint on Venus is close enough to bite back and hurt as well. His mother may be idolised now, yet one wonders what he may have thought of her as a man, had she not died. He must be quite critical of people, especially women. Camilla’s Cancer/Water Mercury, Moon, Venus and Sun would make her want to avoid confrontation and like crabs move aside, when confronted with aggression. Yet Cancers cant be tenacious and will dig in. Harry will not get all his own way with her. Harry’s may have critical earth signs, yet water is the only element that moves and can wash over people. I have often found very watery signs to be the most difficult people to really know, as they are adept at avoiding and not saying what they really think. Camilla has aged gracefully and is fast becoming very popular without Charles. I suspect both the Sussex’s will resent another women above them.

  9. The Queen will not abdicate. A British Monarch is not enthroned, they are anointed. Just as her father before her, she believes that being anointed to serve their people is a binding agreement until death. This is why she signed her address to the people on the 70th anniversary of her succession “Your Servant”

  10. Loved Diana, and was deeply saddened for her, -being a young girl with all the hopes and expectations a new bride has,- and watch these dreams erode as she realised that her husband loved another woman.
    I don’t believe Charles expected to love Camilla as he did/does, and I have a certain admiration for the man being so true to his very enduring feelings.

    • Didn’t realize how much I cared for Diana until her sudden passing. Truly saddened as well. All the tabloid noise during her lifetime obscured the goodness of her humanitarian work.

  11. Thank you, Marjorie. Charles and Camilla have some interesting synastry when it comes to the asteroids too. One of the aspects that struck me was Camilla’s Ceres conjunct Charles’s Moon/North Node in Taurus in his 10th house which also opposes Camilla’s Chiron in early Scorpio. With Camilla’s Moon/Venus in Cancer I feel that her maternal energy was extremely attractive to Charles who had a tough early childhood with his mother becoming Queen when he was only 4 and her need to place duty first. He missed out I think, and Camilla’s Ceres/Chiron may be experienced as both healing and nurturing in that respect. Charles’s Mars in Sagittarius is conjunct Camilla’s Juno in both their 5th houses. Camilla has Vesta conjunct her Uranus in the 11 house — an excellent placement for promoting humanitarian causes. They share the same Leo ascendant within a degree. It’s obvious to me that he adores her.

    I think she had to endure some harsh treatment after Diana and has played her role very skilfully, not an easy thing to do considering the savage nature of the British press.

    • I have found that another type of Leo personality can be a person who embodies a quiet dignity, as I have observed of Camilla. Someone who is “to the manor born” and truly feels that on the inside doesn’t have to be flamboyant.

        • Yes, “A” Fan, absolutely. In Camilla’s case, I suspect that Saturn being in range to conjunct her ascendant gives her a rather serious cast. It seems to have served her well. Where I first noticed this quieter Leo is that one of my sisters is Leo Rising, but does not have that flamboyance one would expect with it. Sis’s Saturn tightly opposes the AC on the 7th house side. Saturn certainly signifies dignity (the mundane definition, not the astrological one). Your choice of the word “sustaining,” too–very Saturnian. 🙂

          • Ha!
            We gotta show Saturn some l o v e~ and who better than Leo ( or the Sister of one!).
            Thank you for the insight.

  12. They seem to be very compatible, she with a packed 12th house Cancer and he a 4th house Scorpio… there is a deep connection I’d say. Her Jupiter gives an easy humour I’d say, because he can be intense with all the Scorp stuff and po-faced perhaps…. Her pr Sun and Venus have IC (therefore MC also) equidistant in April/May this year and also her pr MC is very close to conjunct Uranus…so changes for her (and Charles) may arrive faster than anticipated. Five water planets, no earth and a packed 12th show private life to be overwhelmingly her priority… Both have Sun/Merc/Venus in water – not much verbal communication is needed between these two as they are fundamentally matched.

    Charles’ pr. Sun is exactly square Merc in 7th now….The Sun is the chart ruler…his progressed Node opposes the Sun on the 5th cusp – very public problems with H again? Alt ernatively a major falling out with P. Andrew since Mercury rules Charles’ 3rd house of siblings so he may be very tempted to step into that mess to stop further calamities from occuring……

  13. Thanks Marjorie. Well done her for carefully and consistently doing what she thinks is best for her husband, his family and the country over the last few years. She has certainly worked hard to repair the public’s perceptions of her. Looking at the 8th and 4th house relationships between her and H, seems to me that he puts the weight of guilt on her efforts to make a “home”, so to speak, probably still trying to make her pay in some ways. She, on the other hand, seems to have a great deal of say in his efforts to access inheritance (his Dad’s) money, perhaps squeezing him there in response. As for her and M, my first thought is that M thwarted whatever efforts C made to try to help and possibly, nurture M’s role in the royal family (C’s Moon Venus). Oh well, opportunities lost…

  14. I don’t see why Camilla has to be Queen Camilla. Prince Philip wasn’t King Philip and Prince Albert wasn’t King Albert. Is it different for kings and their wives?

    • Yes, wives derive the same title and rank as their husband, but not the other way around. And that is all the way down the honours hierarchy.
      So, for instance, the wife of a Lord or Sir is a Lady, but the husband of either a Baroness or Dame does not get a title based on their wife (though they may of course have their own title).
      The wife of a King is automatically a Queen (by law), but the husband of a Queen has no automatic title whatsoever.
      Prince Philip was given the title of Prince by his wife, a few years after she became Queen. Before that, he was just the Duke of Edinburgh (a title given to him by his father-in-law the day of his wedding to Princess Elizabeth) and the day before the wedding, he was just plain Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten RN.
      As an aside, Portugal’s custom in this regards was interesting. The husband of a Queen Regnant became King, after he had fathered an heir with the Queen. Before the birth of the heir, he would have no title, just like the British system.

      • Thank you Unmystic Mom. I think Camilla is doing a good job of highlighting different causes. It’s a pity about Prince Harry’s book.

      • Prince Philip was already a prince of Greece and Denmark when he married Elizabeth. He renounced any claim to the thrones of those countries in order to marry our now Queen.

  15. Camilla’s radical change of direction and nervous anxiety early next year could follow the Queen’s announcement in her New Year’s message that she will abdicate during the course of the year. There are reports the military are planning for a coronation in 2023. Someone must have told them something. The royal succession appears to be under way.

    • The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee message recommitting “her life” to the service of the nation and Commonwealth suggests that she is nlikely to be abdicating. She is here for life.
      Even if she were to abdicate, I suggest that she would overshadow Charles’s monarchy simply due to her years of experience.
      Her mother did live till 102. There are good genes and a long life in that family.

      • Great point abt a lingering shadow…though it occurs to me taking over the throne at her passing would be quite hard too, with massive public grief over her death.

        I so don’t look forward to Charles as King. His wattage is dim compared to the cast of characters around him. I suppose low expectations will help his efforts shine. Elizabeth is truly legendary. Impossible to follow…

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