Caitlyn Jenner – speaking as one who knows

Caitlyn Jenner, the former Olympian and member of the Kardashian clan who transitioned to being a woman in 2017, has been criticizing those she describes as “trans Nazis”. Ahead of a launch of a new documentary about the Kardashians she said trans issues had become “way too big”. “Everybody’s talking about it, and it’s such a small part of society. It is such a small group of people that are actually, truly, gender dysphoric.”

  She believes that trans girls should not compete in girls’ sports at school. “It just isn’t fair,” and believes gender ideology should not be taught in schools. Such involvement from schools is “wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong”, she said. “Schools cannot be involved in this. Stay out of their lives. Kids will figure this stuff out. It’s so few of them, but they’ll figure it out.” “A lot of kids will get forced into it,” she added. “You see a lot of de-transitioning, a lot of people are just confused.”

  The documentary The House of Kardashian has been getting good reviews – “It’s the opposite of the jarringly hectic, shamelessly shallow reality show that made its subjects famous: an engrossing, fascinating portrait of a family – whose cultural impact and economic might are undeniable (their combined fortune is estimated at more than $2 billion, $25 million of which — some £20-plus million — is Jenner’s).” Caitlyn is the only family member contributing to the film.

  Caitlyn, born 28 October 1949 6.16 am Mount Kisco, NY, has her Scorpio Sun conjunct the Ascendant catching the late October Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio tied into Mars opposition Jupiter giving her confidence a boost as she steps out on a round of publicity gigs. Jupiter is moving through her 7th house of social contacts and partnerships. She has an influential (and controlling ) 10th house Pluto in a charming trine to Venus. Her determined and exuberant 1st house Scorpio Sun trines a maverick Uranus in the 9th and sextiles onto a hard-working Mars in Virgo.  

Her Aquarius Moon is on the focal point of a yod to Mars sextile Uranus hinting at an emotional life which starts disorganized and needs gradual adjustment until he/she is able to nurture others.

  Her needs-to-stand-on-her-own and take-the-lead Aries North Node opposes her Mercury Neptune and those are being keyed up by this October and next April’s Solar Eclipses. So she’ll be at a significant crossroads in her life. 2025 looks stuck with SA Pluto conjunct her Sun as does 2026 with SA Mars square her Pluto. But she’ll keep making money along the way and heading upwards career-wise.

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  1. I’ve worked in the biological sciences for most of my adult life, and I’d like to clear-up a few points that the public finds confusing:

    Firstly, if a male transitions AFTER they’ve exited puberty, they’ll likely possess many physical advantages (muscle-fiber density and distribution, larger heart, and skeletal frame, as examples), when compared with cisgender females (that is, chromosomally and physically female at birth).

    But, if puberty is fully suppressed, then the male-to-female individual will grow up (with the use of hormonal assistance) to be a normal-appearing female, and will not possess additional, physical advantages.

    • Tell us about the 90% of children with gender dysmorphia desisting from their delusion, when left to complete a natural puberty (without chemical or surgical interventions).

      Do have a look at the detrans reddit, there are over fifty thousand members. Be warned, it is sobering reading.

    • Ethics. These children are simply too young to consent to puberty suppression.

      Puberty onset is getting younger and has been for some time. It’s not my area, but there is a growing body of research in developmental psychology focussing on the effect of this on child and adolescent mental health. Average age of menarche (first period) was not uncommonly 14-15 years up to the mid 20th century, now it’s usually about 11 years old (quite a few 9 year olds in my daughter’s class). Of course, it is trickier to tell with boys because there is no menarche event to compare. When puberty begins, in boys especially, isn’t as clear as you might think.

      It is hypothesised that many children today are going through physical changes before they have the mental maturity and that this is taking a toll. However, there enough known about the long term effects of puberty blockers most of these children are not mature enough to consent to that either, let alone some of the more radical, permanent interventions that have been carried out. We also don’t fully understand why such a high rate of autism presents as a comorbidity to gender dysphoria.

      Stressful Change Hypothesis (Simmons & Blyth, 1987); Off Time Hypothesis (e.g., Livson & Peskin, 1980); Early-Timing Hypothesis (Stattin & Magnusson, 1990)

        • Hi Tara From experience people with autism generally feel isolated from society. Some individuals focus on their gender as the problem, believing that if only they were the opposite gender all their problems will disappear. It can be very hard, if not impossible, to dissuade them once they are fixed on this idea. The tragedy is that, of course, after transition, nothing has changed as the basic problems with communicating and interacting with others, remain. The big worry is that there is little research into how many people with autism cope / have mental health issues, after transitioning.

    • Dean, I simply don’t believe you. I think your motivations are political, not biological.

      There is no merit or fairness in allowing any male who takes drugs, for whatever reason, to complete against women in sport. Absolutely none.

    • I had no idea my medically-oriented post would become a Rorschach test for political beliefs.

      Sadly, most people don’t know anyone who’s transitioned; so, the medical understanding of the process has be capsized, and weaponized by political operatives from BOTH sides.

      And, the internet is not much help – I mean, you can find a large numbers of sites ‘proving’ that the earth is flat, and that Trump is the reincarnation of Christ.

      Now, when one knows the actual medical and psychological elements that underpin the transitioning-process, the conclusion that most people I’ve spoken to will draw, is that BOTH ideological sides offer some truths; but, each side, overall, refuses to see ANY truth in what ‘the other’ is saying.

      Also, on a broader note, we’ve all got to stop rushing to the internet to find just the right ‘proof’ to give us permission to demonize ‘the other;’ because, unconscious bias, fueled by false facts, only leads to ideological extremism, in my opinion.

      • The real problem – hah – is that there is no one-size-fits-all answers. Where some with genuine dysphoria will benefit from early intervention it is clear that too many who suffer from all manner of other conditions or are just going through a phase will be damaged by it. No idea what the sensible solution is but it is why the argument splits.

  2. Sigh. I thought this idiotic argument was subsiding. What Caitlyn Jenner said seemed to me eminently sensible. And no one has ever accused me of being a Trump supporter. How a minute problem in demographic terms – as Jenner pointed out – turned into this mainstream toxicity is beyond me. Genuine gender dysphoria about which everyone is sympathetic affects very few.
    Holly, Richard Branson’s daughter, recently said that her friends and family called her Josh when she was growing up as she wanted to be a boy and was grateful her parents allowed her the freedom to question her gender. Now 41 she is married with two children. Which is what Jenner said – leave kids alone and they will evolve as they evolve.

    • Agree with you Marjorie. As a teenager I wanted to be a boy. It had NOTHING to do with physique and everything to do with freedoms, agency, the ability to come and go in the world. I was in an environment where women were protected – which is good – but also limiting. This was also at the 70’s at the beginning of the womens movement. As it is I had a progressive father and was strongly encouraged to go into engineering by him – he was an engineer. He told me “You are as smart as the boys, I know you can do it, I want you to try”. Thank God the Military Officers are taught how to develop people. As it was, it was not that hard, and out of 85 people, 81 of which were men, I graduated number 3 in the entire class of engineers. I outgrew wanting to be a boy when I realized I could have the freedom, agency and economic power as a woman that I wanted, and I have dad to thank for that. As a woman I also had to come to terms with working in all male environments, dealing with different personalities, and coming to terms with my Mars in my chart – which is in Leo and conjunct the ascendant. Men have a nurturing side, women have a side of agency. It is sad we forget we have both within us. As it is I have enjoyed being a woman, and I also have enjoyed making men think differently about women in the Stem fields.

      Thank goodness some of the people did not get ahold of me as a teenager as we may have had a different outcome not good. Children – Teenagers – are confused – it is a confusing world. It takes time to sort through it.

      I have run into my fair share of bullies in my time, and I know bullying when I see it. This issue is a tremendous hot button for me. How I have seen JK Rowling treated is awful. Some of the transexuals – men to women – think they can shout out an issue or another’s opinion.

      I read sad entries from multiple detransitioners and pschologists. Some of these kids are simply homosexual, but it is easier for them to transition than to own their homosexuality. Sad. And no, I am not homosexual.

      Confusing world. Thank you for being brave enough to post this.

      Finally – back to biology – there are some kids with real chromosome problems. Those with XXY, or those unable to use the testosterone their body produces. They have a real problem. Their real problem is discounted by the crazy we have going on.

      • It may be TMI but I want to caveat all of this by saying more than one astrologer has looked at my chart and has told me just by looking at the chart they could not tell if I was a man or a woman. I know you don’t believe in reincarnation, but I do, and I am certain I have had a lot of male past lives, but I am here to be a woman now, and it is good. I am enjoying it.

    • Agreed, Marjorie, leave the kids alone. There’s now a wide understanding of the harms of social media on the development of kid’s brains. The prefrontal cortex which sits at the forehead is the last develop (doesn’t finish until early 20s) and is responsible for understanding consequences, and developing responsibility & long-term reasoning. I’ve noticed more mental health professionals suggesting that gender confusion in teens is similar to earlier iterations of body-dysmorphic issues like disorganized eating (bulimia/anorexia), cutting, and steroid-abuse. I wish the same scrutiny that is applied to social media use with teenagers was also applied to gender issues.

      While I’m at it, I’ll add one more thing. I’ve noticed a growing push by the left-leaning parties of various democratic countries to reduce the voting age from 18 down to 16. I’m left-leaning myself but for the reasons identified as above, this seems like nothing more than an opportunistic power-play for votes. After all, if the voting age is lowered, then politicians will be allowed to “market” their brand and agendas to these underdeveloped brains. While that might not seem alarming for the Biden’s, Obama’s, and Zelensky’s of the world, imagine the harm if the Trump’s, Putin’s, Johnson’s, and Le Pen’s were also allowed to solicit the votes of teenagers. So again, agreed – leave the kids alone!

      • I have BDD and it is not in any way the same as Gender Dysphoria. BDD is categorized in the DSM 5 as one of the obsessive-compulsive related disorders and includes intrusive thoughts and compulsions. It’s a common misconception to liken BDD to Gender Dysphoria.

      • I do agree to reduce the age of voting again from 21 to 18 and now to 16, is simply to bring children into making adult decisions. In a certain sense some areas of life are not matching the level of maturity necessary for some roles.

    • @ Marjorie.

      No it is Caitlyn’s hypocrisy.
      He accepted the Arthur Ashe Courage Award back in 2015 for his coming out as transgender, and ESPN got a lot of criticism and lost a lot of viewers for honoring him and now he wants to play both sides like the typical conservative.

      Allowing parents to make medical decisions for their children isn’t messing with them because because transitioning them before puberty gives the best results.

      Elliot/Ellen Page said that she was suicidal after she went through puberty because she couldn’t reconcile her body with her gender identity.

      • Your goal of providing the “best result” intrigues me.

        I’m guessing that you mean achieving the appearance of traditionally male or female?

        Children with body dysmorphia who undergo watchful waiting (no surgical or chemical interventions) 90% desist in their delusion once they complete puberty.

        To affirm them in their delusion, then give them puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and surgeries for what you describe as “the best result” seems like an unacceptable margin for error.

  3. It is remarkable that this issue is at all divisive. It’s as if the metoo movement hadn’t happened at all.

    Allowing men who “self-identify” as women into shelters, prison and toilets, is madness.

    Any woman who says as much, is bullied into submission as hateful and bigoted.

    Believe all women now has a big caveat, except the ones who want to maintain same sex spaces.

    In Canada, the statistics are horrifying. The vast majority of the men who transferred to women’s prisons are violent sexual repeat offenders.

    At the same time, as a matter of safety, women transexuals serving time are not allowed in the men’s estate. Make it make sense.

    Has Neptune in Pisces created a massive brain fog of compassion, I wonder?

  4. The trans issue is perfect for the right because they can look like they are defending women while they are actually doing everything possible to limit their rights. Healthcare affects all women, participation in elite sports has much less impact.

  5. “As one who knows” Caitlyn and MAGA always preach to do as they say, never as they do. Caitlyn tries to thread the needle by claiming that she is only against schools being involved at a young age, which can’t help but sound hypocritical and self-centered. It worked out for her (sort of) so who cares about other people’s situations?

    In my purely anecdotal, limited observations, gender identification issues seem to be more common with certain signs (or persons whose charts are ruled by their corresponding planets): Gemini (confusion/id with both genders, not surprisingly), Aquarius (more non-binary ‘neutral’) and Scorpio (homosexual sympathy if not tendency). Caitlyn has a Scorpion Sun& Aquarius Moon.

    • Caitlyn thinks like the typical white heterosexual male.

      I have lots of white gay male friends who came out after they got older and they think and sound a lot like heterosexual men because they married and pretended to be completely completely straight be for so many years.

      Caitlyn has the same mentality and privilege because all the world ever saw was Bruce Jenner for over six decades and he took advantage of that.

      But Gemini isn’t really human and that was the reason that he could travel between earth and Hades.

      I’ve never met a Scorpio who was sympathetic to gay people.

      My mom is a Halloween Scorpio and she’s raging homophobe. LOL

    • I suspect that Bruce Jenner, being a Scorpio with it’s tendency to merge with others, became female due to living with a house full of strong women.

      • @ Jac, you are incorrect.
        Bruce was transitioning when he met Kris.
        Like a true Scorpio Kris saw an opportunity to make money through someone else.
        She told Bruce to tape up his boobs and get to work being a motivational speaker.

  6. The trans issue has become too big due to right-wing conservatives making it a political issue, but Caitlyn is a Trump supporters so of course he would blame the victim.

    • Do people born as women not have any rights then? Or are women again required to bow down to the patriarchy and do what ever men or trans women dictate to them, without consideration of women’s needs. Women are also the victims here.

      • Very Good Belle and Agreed. Thank you.

        Brave post Marjorie as I am sure a poop storm is coming. However, I agree with you. Thank you for posting this.

      • @ Belle
        You’re missing the point.
        If it were up to the people pushing the trans issue there would be no women’s sports.

        Again you’re putting words into my mouth where there were none.

        Maybe create a separate category for trans athletes both M2F and F2M.

        The Right is only exploiting the issue for political gain because they don’t want to solve real issues.

        • @Belle, as a straight white woman, I agree with Roderick and go one step further: the hard-right-wingers are denying women’s rights, too, especially control over our own bodies and healthcare.

          These people don’t care about “protecting girls and women.” They use divisive issues — race, trans, gay and women’s rights, guns, religion — only to preserve their own power and deprive others of their rights and voting rights. Nasty, greedy people.

          I’m more than eager to see them totally discredited and lose power.

          • “These people don’t care about “protecting girls and women.” They use divisive issues — race, trans, gay and women’s rights, guns, religion — only to preserve their own power and deprive others of their rights and voting rights. Nasty, greedy people.”

            I agree with your post, Nicole. <3

          • @ Nicole. Thanks for posting because I feel as if I am the crazy one who sees through the bs.
            People are acting as if trangenderism is something new.

            These children are having the surgery only with the permission of their parents and no one is forcing anyone to do anything they don’t want to do and if it had been up to Republicans/conservatives Title IV and women’s sports wouldn’t exist.

            What’s weird is that when we were having the debate on gay marriage one of the conservative talking points was why should the law be changed to include gays and lesbians but how many anti-trans laws have Republicans pushed through when trans are a much smaller portion of the population than gays and lesbians.

            Let’s hope the trans issue turns out like the gay marriage issue did.

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