Caitlyn Jenner – raising her game

Caitlyn Jenner has announced she’ll stand in California for governor if a recall election to replace Gavin Newsom happens. There are various steps to be undertaken and if it does take place which is by no means certain it’ll be in October at the latest this year.  The term would last till January 2023 with a standard election the previous November.

 Caitlyn Jenner, 28 October 1949 6.16am Mount Kisco, NY, has two things going for her. One is a super-confident and successful tr Pluto conjunct her Jupiter running from mid- August to late November. The other is tr Saturn moving across her IC now to push her into a higher-profile and more ambitious phase ahead. The latter isn’t necessarily spectacular, but it does indicate her move into harder-working phase for many years ahead.

Tr Uranus is also square her Midheaven this year pointing to a change of career direction. She also has less helpful Neptune transits to a couple of midpoints and her Venus in Sagittarius. But whether she does or doesn’t run she’s likely to be more visible in future.

For Gavin Newsom see previous post: February 7 2021.

5 thoughts on “Caitlyn Jenner – raising her game

  1. Twitter consensus seems to be that this is a publicity stunt and that she will withdraw before having to disclose some very embarrassing financial details. I wouldn’t be surprised of this at all. Kris is and always was the financial brain behind the operation, no matter what you think of her. Caitlyn was essentially a stay-at-home parent.

  2. Goodness, only in America could this actually grow legs and run and become a reality! Sorry, my American cousins. Trump won, so why not a transgender Kardashian reality tv queen? This planet is getting crazier by the second and I thought I had seen most of it. Narcissists for the win!

  3. Well this seems peachy. Jenner may exceed expectations according to this reading but a pig will likely stand on its hind legs and start moon walking before a transgendered republican with Trump surrogates as campaign staff beat Newsom in Cali. where every single local government branch is controlled by Dems!
    For context, as much as the GOP overperformed last year, they still lost AZ and GA(along with 2 senators), why? The Seditionist in chief. So Jenner the genius decides to have Trumplicans running her campaign? No comparison to Reagan or the Governator.
    I’m gonna go bold and declare that if Newsom loses, I’ll never discuss politics on this forum again….ever!
    The best Jenner can hope is to get thy feet wet this time then go after Feinstein’s seat in 2024. At which time Mr. Impeachment and centrist darling himself Adam Schiff will likely challenge. I bid thee Jenner good luck.

    • @Troy, she has gone full Kanya, if you ask me. Which is interesting, since she actually was officially his an in-law for a while, although Kris and she were separated in 2014, possibly due to Caitlyn having become more open about being a trans woman. I read some Hollywood gossip at the time, and I think that she was at least a transvestite was an open secret.

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