Britney Spears – keen for a fresh start ++ Sam

Britney Spears pledged her troth for the third time yesterday to her long-time, twelve year younger boyfriend Sam Asghari at a glitzy Los Angeles do. Reports indicate evening and the wedding pics have his watch at 7.45 so I’m assuming circa 7pm.  There was a Gemini Sun in a sensible trine to Saturn and trine a Libra Moon so an Airy, emotionally detached affair. The Sun was also in a vague, unrealistic square to Neptune; with a super-enthusiastic Jupiter Mars in Aries; an excitable, needs-space Venus Uranus; and a serious Mercury in Taurus square Saturn, sextile Neptune trine Pluto which last won’t make light-hearted communication easy.

  She has tr Jupiter just over her Descendant moving through her 7th house of close relationships for a few months which is positive for one-to-one partnerships.

  Though it’s a year where she will have panicky moments of plans not working with tr Neptune opposition her Mars, around earlier this year and returning late September through October and again January/February 2023.

  But she’s on a confident roll no matter what with tr Pluto square her Jupiter/Pluto midpoint on and off till late 2023 and then square her Jupiter in 2024/25.  She may go over the top and overdo the enthusiasm but she’ll be up rather than down.

 His birth date is unverified either 3 March or 23/24 March 1994.  The later date would work better putting his Aries Sun and Venus in her 7th. But it isn’t certain.  

Add On: 3 March appears to be supported from their Instagrams which makes him a Sun Saturn in Pisces with Venus also in Pisces; plus the highly-strung, excitable Uranus Neptune in Capricorn and a trio of Scorpio planets – Jupiter, Moon, Pluto. His chart has an abundance of Water signs where hers has only one and she’s Air/Fire so they’ll either complement each other; or totally mystify each other since they won’t understand where the other is coming from.

 Both have Jupiter in Scorpio so will be attracted to money and indulgence. His Pisces planets fall in her 6th so he’ll get her organised on the work front and will be comforted by her wealth with his Scorpio planets in her 2nd.

  It’ll be an edgy combination but she’s not exactly a settled personality. There is a composite Jupiter Pluto conjunction in the relationship chart which is a sign of a power couple – together they boost each other’s morale and make a splash together. But these relationships sometimes come apart at the seams if one tries to outdo the other. [This depends on his birth date being accurate.]

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  1. His Pisces Venus opposite her Virgo mars – and square her Sag Neptune – there’s lust and romantic illusions. Backed up by his Cap Uranus-Neptune on her Venus. Probably feels like they’re soulmates.

    Transiting Pluto hitting those Capricorn planets – teach them both some lessons.

    Let’s see what happens next year and into 2024 when he has his Saturn return and then it goes over his Sun-Venus.

  2. Good for her. Finally a break amidst years of psychological abuse.

    Can you analyze Justin Bieber’s chart, along with his wife? He is diagnosed with a rare facial paralysis disorder. It’s very serious and scary. What an awful experience he has signed up for.

    • I’m not sure. Have you heard his misogynistic views about relationships and children? He’s close friends with a handful of domestic abusers and Britney is seen often with bruises on her that’s causing concern. She had a split lip on her wedding pics. Sam is unpleasantly narcissistic.

      The wedding footage shows; it’s 80% focused on him and the bling and Britney is like a side piece. It’s weird. Also when they’re together in the pics she’s leaning away and when he has his hands on her her own arms are just hanging down by her side. Compare it to her wedding pics to ex husband, Kevin. She showed her usual tactility with the guests later. There’s something dangerously off about Britney and Sam’s relationship. I’ve seen people compare him to Brittany Murphy’s controlling husband, Simon Monjack, and can actually see it now.

      The guests all have strong links with her conservatorship and management and the woman she wanted to sue, Jodi Montgomery, is now overlooking her in a secret termination plan and she was at the wedding also.

      Sam was posting gym selfies an hour after the miscarriage and doing a lot of clout chasing and bragging a out work projects that week. He’s shamed female sex workers and minorities. He’s obsessed with fame and materialism. He’s exposed himself to be a pathological liar many times. In April he doctored images from his 3-week police cadet programme when he was 15 to imply he was in the police! At 15 he looked about 23 so fans bought it. He half-heartedly cleared it up recently.

      There’s so much negative back story to this guy and it’s horrifying. Britney has traded one controlling narc for another with father Jamie for Sam. And looking at her body language with Sam, when they’re not hamming it up for the camera, shows a dead chemistry. There’s often a fear element when she’s around him.

      On a video recently, she was heard asking him if she could get closer to the ocean when on the beach. He replied with no emotion or explanation, “No. Here’s fine.” Who the hell asks for permission anyway?!

      I feel the nudes are used to humiliate her until she says they are not. But she is gagged now more than ever. You cannot trust her IG as it manipulates too much and more than one person clearly accesses it. Britney in person and speaking is so different from the IG persona. The IG makes her out to be manic and crazy.

      The concern is growing at a rapid pace online again about Britneys welfare around Sam. There might be another movement before long.

      I feel the wedding was forced. God forbid, if Britney dies in this marriage, Sam gets to inherit and can remove her sons names from the trust. It’s all extremely concerning.

      Oh, and as a side note, Britney’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, just won an award for his work on Britney’s case by the industry who had a helping hand in trafficking her! Even though there has been no arrests, charges, depositions, or sentences.

      The statute of limitations on the bedroom surveillance runs out in several weeks and there’s nothing on the court calendar showing a case to look at it. July has 3-4 hearings and I’m expecting firework distractions from Britneys twisted team. I’m very worried for her life, actually

      • Wow Jo. That’s the concern I have. That she has replaced a controlling father with a controlling husband hence asking Marjorie about the astrology. But her astrology sounds ok at least for next 2 years (ish).

        I was worried for her cause he does give off all about the money vibes and it’s usually after marriage certificate signed that the control begins for these people. I hope it’s not the case for her.

        • Yes, the sudden death scenario crossed my mind too.

          I find it strange her sons didn’t attend their mother’s wedding. Either they don’t agree with the marriage or was forced to decline because why else? What a mess!

          • I wish I wasn’t a fan so I wasn’t paying attention to any of this. It’s anxiety inducing, lol.

            It’s been noted her IG drops the same kinds of clues and codes as before. Like song choices, quotes, books she’s reading, then you check the author out and they have written about a man who duped the rich and used the complicit media to get away with it (!) The IG has often clearly dismissed Sam in an indirect way. Cue post often gets removed followed by an adoring post about him. It’s very narcissistic patterning. If she is dropping clues, she dropped a big one tonight. On the wedding video montage she used a song called He Don’t Love Me by Winona Oak:

            But he don’t love me
            No, he don’t love me
            No, he don’t wake up in the night
            And want me by his side
            No, he don’t love me
            No, he don’t love me
            No, he don’t love me, no

            What an odd choice of song to choose for supposedly marrying the love of your life as the IG calls him. BTW, she’s not once spoken publicly about Sam other than needing him to drive her car to places in the testimony. And she hasn’t said anything in a year. It’s all so suspicious. But then she could expose the entire industry. She’s dangerous to a lot of people.

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