Boris Johnson – raking in the loot and largesse

Ominous signs that an undead Boris Johnson may bounce back from his ignominious dismissal last year to joust for high office again are causing ripples of alarm. He’s being punted by the far right ERG, concerned that a ‘leftist’ Rishi Sunak may renege on hard-line Brexit policies.

  Since he withdrew, having been able to only summon support from less than a third of the Parliamentary party, he’s been busy filling the coffers, benefiting from more than £2.5m in earnings from speeches, hospitality, free accommodation, gifts and donations to his new company, The Office of Boris Johnson. He is topping the leaderboard of MPs in terms of donations and cash from work unrelated to his MP job.

Wealthy Tory donor Lord Bamford has given him use of a £20m London townhouse and a cottage in the Cotswolds; his office recently took £1m from Christopher Harborne, an investor in crypto and aviation fuel based in Thailand, who is a Farage/Brexit supporter; and he recently received more than £250,000 for a speech in Singapore about blockchain, the technology behind crypto currency.

 His carelessness about where he takes his funding is likely to tell against him. And his relationship with the Tory Party (1912) is on a downhill slide throughout this year into early 2024 with tr Neptune square the composite Mars plus a few other divisive arguments from May onwards.

  His chart is mixed ahead with his Solar Arc Jupiter and Progressed Mars closing in on his Midheaven over the coming year (dependent on birth time being accurate) which suggests his ambitions will be undiminished in coming years, if anything he’ll go into super-charged mode. The question is where?

  For the immediate future he has tr Saturn moving into Pisces in March, putting a chill on his scattergun Mutable T Square – first squaring his Mars in March and then proceeding to cross his Saturn for his Second Saturn return and oppose his Uranus – which will be around all year.  That will induce high levels of irritability about setbacks.  Plus he has the emotionally intense tr Pluto square his Scorpio Moon from late March, on and off till late 2024. Tr Uranus will be making a final hit on his Jupiter opposition Neptune through next month (February) to mid March which will bring high hopes that then hit the ground with a thud as a hard reality check steps in.

  What will be of key importance and worth watching is the May 5th Scorpio Lunar Eclipse which sits exactly on top of his Neptune and opposes his Jupiter. Into 2024 from April onwards tr Neptune squares his Sun Venus which is usually not helpful for high ambition and tr Saturn will oppose his Pluto as well. Plus he picks up discouraging Pluto hard aspects to midpoints.

   Carrie Symonds, his wife, 17 March 1988, a charming, possessive and excitable triple conjunction in Capricorn plus Mars with a Pisces New Moon is catching tr Neptune earlier as it is in an undermining conjunction with her Sun from this May onwards into 2024. May 2023 looks an especially fraught month for her with tr Uranus hitting one of her Mars midpoints as well.

  Her relationship with Boris has been sagging under his demotion with tr Neptune conjunct their composite Mars in 2022 and returning for a final time early January to mid February; with pressure and tensions mounting from mid February onwards from midpoints.

  Both are high-wire, over-reactive and ambitious personalities so a life of enforced idleness is not on the cards.

  Never say never but I’d reckon it was more rather than less likely that he is persuaded to go elsewhere. Jupiter moves into his 8th house from this July for a year which will bring more money his way for a year so he may get distracted by cash registers ringing, especially if Westminster rules are tightened to prevent politicians raking in questionable money.

15 thoughts on “Boris Johnson – raking in the loot and largesse

  1. Just heard on radio that he will be releasing a memoir based on his time as Prime Minister. No release date but I wonder if it might coincide with his 2nd Saturn Return. Maybe it will burn some bridges and make any return impossible.

    • Haha! Him and Prince Harry. It must be in the Gemini Zeitgeist. Keep talking and the money rolls in. But politicians’ books do not sell all that well, usually, even when the ghost writer is brilliant. This may be because a lot of politicians are full of themselves and devoid of any sense of humour.

      • I doubt Boris will be getting a ghost writer in, he’s written about ten books as well as many newspaper columns.

        If he has any strength it’s in being entertaining to the masses

  2. The £800,000 line of credit from a distant relative while PM (Sunday Times yesterday) is yet another dodgy money arrangement. Beyond belief he still attracts support.

    • Zita the psychology is interesting. Why do otherwise rational people want to continue affiliating themselves despite the evidence with such a discredited and deeply corrupt individual? Same applies to the Conservative Party I guess too. 13 years and we are in the most appalling state in my lifetime by a long way, and its all someone else’s fault.

      Is it a kind of cognitive dissonance? Or sprinkle some glitter on a turd and pretend its gold?

      • I think it is an unhealthy obsession with Brexit, and how it is still imagined, by some, as some kind of magic kingdom. Boris, in this fantasy, is still seen and ‘the one’ who can make this happen. It’s almost like a religious cult of some kind. Just as religious right wing Christians in the US somehow ‘forgave’ Trump his ‘sins’, the right wing of the Tory Party will seemingly overlook almost anything to get their shambolic lucky mascot back. I think Marjorie is right about the money though. He did complain about lack of it when PM. And he writes and gives speeches with great Gemini ease, and earns more doing that. Fingers crossed!

        • Possibly. But it predates Brexit. Greased piglet from early days. Perhaps people like the idea that he gets away with things that they can’t, but why they want to shovel money at him, who knows? Entertainment value?
          I’m hoping that Carrie is his némésis grise!

  3. I watched a random Swedish Tarot reader /Psychic film on YouTube the other day covering UK predictions for early 2023. Her words on Boris: “That former PM with the crazy hair…..he will be prosecuted. There will be some kind of trial and he will not be able to escape that”. (Everyone crosses fingers…toes…)

  4. Thank you Marjorie. Carry’s has transiting Pluto beginning to square her Jupiter in the tenth house. Although it will sextile her Mercury/Jupiter midpoint. I wonder if she may go into politics? As the Mercury/Jupiter midpoint in Aries, will make her feel that she needs to be someone as well, as it may well fall in the 10th house and sextiles Boris’s Mars. Neither wishes to be shut up indoors. I have a feeling Boris may spend more time in the USA and that there may be some tussles ahead. As Carry’s will want more than the housewife label.

  5. Thank you, Marjorie for a hopeful article. As Ann mentioned, there are reports that broadcasters plan to air the entirety of Johnson’s testimony over Partygate to parliament’s privileges committee. Here’s hoping that the committee won’t allow Johnson to get away with his usual shifty word salads.

  6. Thanks Marjorie a better than even chance he will lose his Uxbridge seat. There was talk of Sunak being asked to provide a safe seat for the odious lump, which would be madness if it happens. So hopefully he gets kicked out by the voters. Whether he is leveraging things to suit himself financially ( of course he is) in the meantime to induce right wing morons to support him on the basis he is on the way back, I’d say he probably is.

  7. Thank you Marjorie. This gives hope to all of us who want to see him disappear from politics forever.

    “…..through next month (February) to mid March which will bring high hopes that then hit the ground with a thud as a hard reality check steps in.”

    Just read on Guardian website “Boris Johnson’s Partygate testimony to be shown in full on live TV”. Could this bring him down? Fingers crossed.

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