Joe Biden – a glasshouse and stone throwing mishap

The discovery of classified files from Joe Biden’s time as vice-president stashed at a former office and two of his homes has taken the glow off his recent run of successes. The scandal threatens to embarrass his administration just as the FBI criminally investigates Donald Trump, for putting the nation’s security at risk by mishandling classified information. There is a difference in that Trump hoarded nearly 100 classified documents at his Florida estate and refused to hand them over until the FBI raided his property. Biden’s supporters insist his files only numbered 10 and his staff turned them over, though waiting until the mid terms were over to announce the fact which has a sniff of dirty politics. But perception is all and any defence is going to sound like splitting hairs to many who only glance at the headlines.

  Biden has had a run of political triumphs so far in terms of progressive acts passed and economic management so his shoe-in for 2024 seemed inevitable although most Democrats would prefer another candidate. But the second half of his term was always when trouble was going to brew so all bets are off until nearer the date.  

 On his Administration chart, 20 January 2021 11.48 am Washington, DC, pressure will start to mount with tr Pluto square the Moon from now till early February, and escalate further with tr Pluto conjunct the Term Sun from late March in and off till late 2024. With a run of discouraging and disruptive Solar Arcs through this year and next – SA Sun conjunct Saturn; SA Saturn square Mars Uranus through 2023/24 as well; SA Saturn conjunct Jupiter in 18 months and SA Pluto square Moon in 2024. It will get progressively more challenging between now and the election.

 His own chart is especially rattled and disaster-prone mid February to mid March and again mid November to late December this year with tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Pluto midpoint – though that could be anything other than the above, including a dose of flu.  Mid February to late March also has a devastating and confused Sun/Neptune midpoint triggered, which returns twice again in 2023 and on until late 2024.

  The May 5 Lunar Eclipse will rattle up his Mars for an argument or two; with a few outbursts as tr Uranus opposes two Mars midpoints and his Mercury from late May 2023 onwards. Plus other less than helpful midpoints.  He will rev up in confidence from late February 2024 for two years on and off with tr Pluto square his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint but whether that is enough to carry off the election remains to be seen. He also has tr Pluto trine his 10th house Neptune in 2024/25 which may not be helpful for ambitions and personal glory trips.

  Merrick Garland, the AG, who has been landed with the task of nailing down Trump and now overseeing the investigation of Biden is having a year of massive upheaval with tr Uranus opposition his Scorpio Sun and square his Pluto and tr Neptune square his Venus.  He was sworn in on a Sun Neptune conjunction which never bodes well – indecisive, over timid, a dither-and-delay term. His relationship with Trump is aggravated at the best of times and in a state of disruption through March.  His relationship with Joe Biden is stressed for the next two months, edgy thereafter and up in the air in 2024.

31 thoughts on “Joe Biden – a glasshouse and stone throwing mishap

  1. From today’s FT:
    ‘The president and his top aides and lawyers have faced mounting criticism in recent days for being sloppy in their treatment of sensitive government records —– They have also faced a backlash for a lack of transparency in failing to disclose the recovery of the documents to the public until last week.’
    “It hasn’t been the White House’s finest hour — the drip, drip, drip of statements has not been helpful,” said Christopher Whipple, author of The Fight of His Life, a book released this week on Biden’s presidency. “There’s political damage here and the damage goes to one of Joe Biden’s most valuable assets, which is trust. That’s what is at stake here.”

    • I still have a feeling that these revelation is not accidental. For Democrats the Mid-Terms are out of the way, Trump is going down and Biden is too old for the second term.

      With Presidential elections less than 2 years away, it all makes sense to start the process of replacing him with a new leader now.

    • Marjorie … slightly off point but I reread your december 2022 post “USA 2023 A long and windy road ahead” in which you write
      “he US Federal Reserve, 16 November 1914 9am chart, has an 8th house Neptune at zero degrees Leo which will catch the tr Pluto opposition exactly later March to mid June 2023”. Now that the midterms are out of the way and McCarthy gave away the store in order to secure the speakership, his back room deal making apparently included concessions to the ultra right house members regarding the vote raising the debt ceiling by June which would impact the US credit rating. Looks like the timing lies up with your analysis. Looks like house members, the likes of MTG Boebert, Gaetz etc. will try to burn down the house.

  2. These are pretty small misdeeds… Trump hid his documents, Biden’s team alerted the proper authorities and cooperated.

    The only reason this is going to be a big deal is cause the Republicans will make it into one and they’re in the majority now (like with Hillarygate, which made a mountain out of a moleill, then erased itself completlee).

    There’s no “Sniff of dirty politics.” not if you know read American newspapers and know about American government, not tabloids and headlines.

    • Also–“glass house”? I think the investigation is up to a neutral body in the US government, not at all Biden. Justice department.

    • @ Bethany,

      Thank you. I really think all of this is being blown way out of proportion. Most informed Americans are not concerned about all of this nonsense. We have more important issues in this country (not to mention more important issues on a global scale) that need to be addressed and focused on right now. A few classified papers that were apparently misplaced by one of Biden’s aides is hardly anything for people to be clutching their pearls and pulling their hair out over.

      It would be more productive if our news media were to focus on more pressing issues like: women’s reproductive rights, education, the economy, Ukraine, foreign policy, Social Security, healthcare, and well…you know what I mean.

      If President Biden had a history of jeopardizing our national security and autocratic behavior (like Donald Trump), then I would see why all of this would be more concerning. However, since Biden doesn’t have such a history, I think this will all be water under the bridge at some point. One astrologer predicts that by April of this year, this will all blow over.

  3. Biden has been a great president. We’ll see how this plays out. No matter what Georgia Grand Jury and the Former Guy’s effort to strong arm Georgia for 11,000 votes is going to be a deciding factor. I know that Marjorie saw a sag with Biden I think this year in several articles she wrote – so probably this and the Hunter Biden (I don’t remember voting for Hunter) investigation will feed into that. I think Putin would have taken over the whole of Ukraine by now if The Former Guy had been in power. He was going to take us out of Nato.

  4. I’d be grateful if you would remember this is an astrology site not a political fanclub. Some background context is fine and can be helpful. But comments such as our lot are wonderful while your lot are terrible are not.

  5. The difference between the UK & US is that in the UK, Boris got chucked out for having parties on the grounds that if an ordinary citizen partied during lockdown, they’d be fined for breaking the law, so the Prime Minister should be held to higher standards – a fine and losing his job.

    Whereas in the US, Democrats are writing screeds about how it’s justifiable for their guy to break the law – even though there is a security risk in improperly removing documents, whereas no-one got hurt by Boris eating cake behind closed doors.

    Also note it was Tories who removed Boris through mass resignations.

    There are no mass resignations amongst the Democrats, instead they’re making excuses for Biden (eg claiming he’s necessary for the legislative process, when Kamala Harris is perfectly capable of handling it as president).

    There is always some wrong-doing in all countries – what matters is how the system deals with it.

    In Britain, the Tories removed their own leader over cake & parties, proving that Britain is still a clean state that upholds standards.

    In the US, the Democrats will defend Biden’s right to break the rules, proving the US is intrinsically rotten and corrupt.

    • ‘In Britain, the Tories removed their own leader over cake & parties, proving that Britain is still a clean state that upholds standards.’

      Very simplistic view when most of the UK are aware of the MPs Expenses scandal, PPE contracts scandal, Dominic Cummings scandal and the rest ….. Maybe they just more skilful at covering up until being exposed, which was what the UK press/media used to be/are very good at when they want to be.

    • @Candy, the two political systems are totally different and not the least comparable. It’s easy to remove pols in the UK, not so much in the US. I’ve lived in both countries.

  6. Chris Romero, like others here, I agree with everything you’ve said. The “mishandling” of documents by Biden is in no way comparable to the Trump situation (incidentally, it was actually more like 300 documents that Trump shuffled around Mar-a-Lago and deliberately hid from the government, not 100). I put “mishandling” in quotes because I, like Chris, wonder if these documents were planted by the GOP or other enemies of America (e.g., the Russians), in an effort to further divide us and make it harder to distinguish the truth from the lie. (I know it sounds like a conspiracy theory, but stranger things have happened.)

    Also, has everyone forgotten that during the time Biden was allegedly mishandling documents, he was also dealing with the illness and death, from brain cancer, of his older son? How could anyone be expected to attend to all the minutiae of National Archives rules in such a situation? Although he will take the blame, at least some of it belongs to his aides, who should have been paying attention to these details while he navigated unspeakable grief.

    The gibbering of the GOP ghouls about Biden’s perceived missteps highlights another of America’s wounds: the wholehearted embrace of pitilessness in politics, at least by the GOP. Of the many loathesome things Trump and his supporters have done to this country, their assault on basic human decency is one of the worst. The GOP, in selling what passes for its collective soul to Trump, has embraced his cruelty and heartlessness with a vengeance. I happen to believe that the GOP will ultimately reap what it sows here.

  7. Such an interesting discussion! I heartily endorse Chris’ views about the over-arching importance of Biden’s (and Pelosi’s and Schumer’s) great legislative advances which will improve many lives. Compared to the new legislation Biden’s sloppiness can seem like small beer, especially given what looks like Trump’s obstruction. But on a gut level I feel indignant that Biden was so cavalier about national security documents. U.S. Federal workers lower on the food chain would be in real trouble if they left those papers in their garages for years. I am so sick of the double standards and unfairness. It’s also becoming clear that the National Archives doesn’t live up to its name and lacks basic process protocols that can be found in any decent company that has proprietary information to protect.

  8. Given that the House was already gearing up to ‘investigate’ Biden’s son Hunter’s purported ‘laptop scandal’ and generally prevent Biden & the Dems from accomplishing any legislation over the next 2 years, this was an unforced error that not only gives them ammunition, but weakens the case vs Trump, even if the differences are vast.
    Sure, I can imagine that, as some surmise, aides may have inadvertently packed up papers and put them in the wrong places in the rush out the door. But for Biden not to have double-checked during the 4 years out of office, and esp his car, is just the kind of carelessness that feels akin to his frequent foot-in-the-mouth utterances.

    • @ Terri,

      The Republicans only have a measly 9 seat majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. That “House of Horrors” isn’t going to be able to stop Biden from doing much. To begin with, the Republicans are a hot mess right now and they’re divided between the far-right, moderate, and classically conservative factions. Just remember how many votes it took before McCathy could even get the Speaker position.

      Anyway, the Republicans have been doing a lot of talk right now…but that’s all it is – just talk. They can’t agree on most issues. For example, the fascist far-right Putin and Trump worshipers want to stop funding to Ukraine….that’s not going to happen because there are some moderate Republicans in Congress who support Ukraine and said they will vote with the Democrats to keep the funding going (Republican Mike Lawler of New York [who’s married to a Moldovan woman] and Republican Victoria Spartz [who was born in Ukraine] are two Republicans in particular who support Ukraine).

      Biden still has a Democratic controlled Senate, the power to Veto, and he has many executive privileges (if the Republicans try to block his agenda). So, don’t count on Republicans succeeding….they won’t. I can almost bet on that.

      • To a large degree I agree with you about US politics but you are overlooking the most obvious point.

        All legislation requires the agreement of both the Senate and the House of Reps. President cannot bypass that process. So the conservatives can and will delay/obstruct all legislation proposed that they do not agree with.

        This will devolve to a stalemate and frustrate the public. Marjorie has pointed to this situation astrologically.

        • @ Carson,

          The Republican Party can only obstruct the process if their party is unified. McCarthy is add odds with many moderate and conservative Republicans.

          As for some policy issues, like Ukraine Democrats are confident that there are enmasseough Republicans in the House who support Ukraine defense funding…and if they vote with the Dems, then there isn’t much McCarthy can do about it (he’s relinquished much of his authority).

          There will be some issues, obviously, where the Republicans will be unified and will try to hold things up….but I’m not really worried about any of that. The Democrats got most of what they wanted passed in the first 2 years anyway.

  9. Most of us Democrats and Joe Biden / Kamala Harris supporters don’t care about the misplaced classified documents. We know Biden didn’t intentionally misplace them (that would be out of character for him). This cannot be compared to Donald Trump’s situation – what Trump did appeared intentional.

    Also, Biden has fully complied with the process. He’s not trying to obstruct the investigation (like Trump tried to do). So, these cases are not comparable.

    Policy issues are more important to me than anything else. Biden has helped improve Social Security, student loan debt, Obamacare, and he’s been extremely loyal and committed to helping Taiwan and Ukraine. Those issues matter to me and to millions of other voters in this country. We’re not going to be swayed to turn on a leader who is actually helping us.

    If Biden decides not to run in 2024, that’s his prerogative. However, I do hope we’ll end up with a Democratic nominee who is committed to the same issues I mentioned (particularly helping Ukraine and Taiwan).

    • @Chris, I ‘m with you. It’s distorted appearances the politics of the situation and what the Republican crazies and nutjobs will do with it. Add in the false equivalencies created by political reporters — and I say that as a journalist, though I don’t cover politics.

      The situation is not the same as the deliberate document theft by Trump, but still it’s an unforced gift to Republicans.

      • @ Nicole,

        The timing of all of this seems awfully suspicious. President Biden has been in politics for over 50 years. He leads the field when it comes to foreign policy and national security.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if the Republicans themselves were behind this little setup.

        After all, the Republican Party spent years promulgating misinformation about Hillary Clinton…now, they’re doing it to other Democrats they can’t stand.

        And the far-left isn’t any better than the far-right. They’re both wings of the same bird.

        • President Biden will be removed by using the 25th Amendment …
          ‘ Presidential Disability and succession ‘ Democrats will use this excuse because he has become a liability for the Democrats, they need a reason, this is it.

          • @ Juno,

            I vehemently disagree with you. President Biden will not be removed from office – I’m willing to bet money on that.

            Joe Biden is our golden goose – he has the support from all the demographics that actually matter; he ain’t going anywhere.

            Oh, and I don’t care about double standards. As long as it’s my party that’s in power…that’s all that matters to me. I’m done with advocating what’s “fair is fair.” The Republicans have done what they’ve wanted to do for years without consequences…now it’s our turn. We Democrats will think about our best interests like everyone else in this country does.

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