Boris Johnson – his ambitious Moon may mark his downfall ++ great-grandpa Ali Kemal

The runaway train that is Boris Johnson’s premiership may or may not run out of rail with the resignation of his Chancellor and Health Secretary. Past experience of his track record through the decades of lies, irresponsibility, negligence, unprincipled and dishonourable behaviour, all blithely swept aside as trifles, suggests he may try to brass-neck it out for a while yet.

  His timeline has been chewed over endlessly astro-wise, see previous posts dates noted below.   

  But what caught my eye recently was his Scorpio Moon at zero degrees Scorpio which does seem to play an unusually significant role in his life. His chaotic, do-or-die determined Mutable T Square of Pluto Uranus opposition Saturn square Mars has moved by Solar Arc in recent years to trigger his Moon – starting with the Brexit campaign in 2025/16 when his Solar Arc Pluto was conjunct his Moon. Now his Solar Arc Saturn is within weeks of the exact opposition to his Moon as his government threatens to collapse around his ears.

   By next March tr Pluto starts a two year square to his Moon which may well have the final say on his crazed career.  Last time tr Pluto was in hard aspect to his Moon was in 1983/84 when in Scorpio conjunct his Moon – and he entered the hallowed halls of Oxford University to join political thrusters like David Cameron, Michael Gove, William Hague and Jeremy Hunt.  It would be fitting if his Moon which propelled him upwards also signalled the final chapter for his overwheening ambition.

  Why his Moon particularly raised interest was in relation to Lord Brownlow, the entrepreneur, financier, Tory Party donor and life peer who was the source of the financing for the No 10 redecorating scandal which raised eyebrows. Brownlow, 16 September 1963, a Sun, Venus in Virgo with Uranus Pluto Moon also in Virgo – and more notably has his Mars in intensely-driven Scorpio conjunct BJ’s Moon.  

  Brownlow’s Mars is also opposition Prince Charles’ Taurus Moon on whom he has similarly bestowed bountiful largesse in vast sums of money for the Royal eco-village and gained a peerage and other honours as a result. [This is a tangential ramble – but it would have to be said that Prince Charles is looking less and less competent when it comes to filling the Queen’s shoes. Woefully bad judgement.]

  Brownlow’s North Node in Cancer is incidentally conjunct the UK’s 10th house Cancer Moon, symbol of the ruling classes.

ADD ON: BJ’s Turkish great-grandfather, Ali Kemal Bey, a journalist/politician who was murdered (hanged and stoned) during the war of independence in 1922, 7 September 1869, was a Sun Virgo (conjunct BJ’s Pluto) with his Mars in Scorpio conjunct BJ’s Moon (like Brownlow). Kemal also had a super-confident Jupiter Pluto in Taurus.

 His son, Osman Wilfred Johnson ( BJ’s paternal grandfather), who became a naturalised Brit, 4 September 1909, also had his Virgo Sun conjunct BJ’s Pluto and a hyper-active Cardinal Grand Square. BJ’s father Stanley, 18 August 1940, is a beyond-stubborn Sun Mars in Leo square Uranus in Taurus with Mercury Pluto in Leo and Jupiter Saturn in Taurus. Utterly immoveable. Whereas his mother Charlotte, the painter, 29 May 1942 had her Sun and four other planets in Gemini and Neptune in Virgo – incredibly mutable, changeable.

  BJ’s antecedents on his father’s side also trace back through Bavarian aristocracy to a illegitimate child of the 18th Century Prince Paul of Prince Paul of Württemberg, of whom his stepmother wrote: He has done nothing but offend his father with the improprieties of his conduct.” He had multiple mistresses and several other bastard offspring.

  Maybe that’s where BJ gets his sense of divine right. A previous mistress Petronella Wyatt said of him: “he thinks he has a God-given right to rule forever’.

  Back to BJ’s government. Rishi Sunak may have been too wealthy personally but he felt like a steady hand on the economic tiller. Given the dire state of the global economy added to the UK’s post-Brexit Boris-shambles damage, there is understandable alarm about how many will cope with inflation/soaring energy and food costs. The August 1st Uranus North Node Mars conjunction will oppose the UK’s 2nd house Neptune in Scorpio exactly. The effect is likely to mark a turning point and not just for a week or month or so but a financial fallout of considerable proportions.

  The UK chart is looking alarmingly unsettled and stuck, even more so than most other countries over the next three years. Exact in four months there is a blocked, Solar Arc Pluto square the Sun which will bring a slow-down to a halt as well as denting the UK’s image. In 18 months from now there are also two Solar Arcs – Sun square Neptune and Saturn opposition Uranus – for losses, disappointment and tensions erupting. With the economically explosive Solar Arc Uranus conjunct the 8th house Mars by late 2024/25 – the sick man of Europe may be back.   

  Nadhim Zawahi, 2 June 1967, in as Chancellor, is another Gemini jitterbug with Uranus Pluto in Virgo. His relationship with BJ is sagging badly through the next two years; and his public popularity will not stand up to the pressure.

  Steve Barclay in as Health Secretary, 3 May 1972, a Taurus trine Jupiter in Capricorn, is having a confidence meltdown this year and on till 2025 with tr Neptune square his Mars Venus and opposition his Pluto; and his relationship with BJ will be high-anxiety and disappointing.

  The odious and oleaginous Jacob Rees Mogg,  24 May 1969, a Sun, Mercury in Gemini with a super-successful (hedge-funder) Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus in Virgo, is facing mixed fortunes ahead with dashed-hopes as well as bullish confidence.  Though his private fortune will no doubt keep him happy even if he trips into a few political sink holes.  His popular reputation, such as it is, will take a hit over the next three years.

“Do not swear by the moon, for she changes constantly.” William Shakespeare

“Runaway train never going back

Wrong way on a one way track

Seems like I should be getting somewhere

Somehow I’m neither here nor there

Bought a ticket for a runaway train

Like a madman laughin’ at the rain

A little out of touch, little insane

It’s just easier than dealing with the pain.” (Song)

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98 thoughts on “Boris Johnson – his ambitious Moon may mark his downfall ++ great-grandpa Ali Kemal

  1. What’s grating on me is the people turning up on all these vox pops lately saying
    “They stabbed in the back, he did really well on the vaccines”

    Like that success had anything to do with him and not pure luck that women like Kate Bingham and Prof Sarah Gilbert were around to save him! Not to mention the unpaid volunteers.

    Venus Rx to the rescue. Do any of these people even remember these women’s names? What Boris is “good on” is taking the credit for others work.

    I don’t know if the media seeks these people out “for balance” or if people really are this mentally lazy these days

  2. On a lighter note , in 1998 two Tamworth young pigs, Sundance and Butch made an escape from the lorry that was taking them from Malmesbury to an abattoir, swam across a river, and remained free for a week , public opinion swung behind them in their dash for freedom, they were reprieved and rehomed at a rare breeds place in Ashford, they lived to the ripe old age of 14, so there is a precedent.

    • Delicious, Virginia, but this particular one was already ensconsed in a rare breeds place….and made a mess of it!

  3. Far far from it, in reality the opposite.
    Its Stonewall that has been veering strongly into homophobia since 2015 and thats the problem inherent in Pluto in Capricorn enabled by boundriless emotionally manipulative Neptune in Pisces. Corporations, institutions and charities veering from their remit for money relevance and power using ideology to greenwash or rainbow wash any real scrutiny.
    Mission creep.

  4. Has anyone else noticed that Mercury went out of bounds Wednesday morning (just as Sunak and Javid were resigning) – exactly on Johnson’s natal North Node. Mercury reaches its maximum OOB on Sunday, and comes back from out of bounds on Wednesday of next week, perhaps implying a week of feverish “mercurial” (dissembling?) activity …

    (BST times)
    enter OOB North Long Decl
    06.07.2022 8:51 2 cn 5’40” 23°26’16”

    max OOB
    10.07.2022 5:45 10 cn 4′ 1″ 23°45’17”

    leave OOB
    13.07.2022 23:22 18 cn 3′ 2″ 23°26’16”

  5. He thought he was better than all of us and that’s the problem when you’ve had a Eton education . Too much hubris
    and no common sense

  6. Marjorie and All, thanks for the astrology and interpretations here.

    Significant timers: Adding to the important personal and professional turning point with SA Saturn=Moon, that Marjorie pointed out, Boris Johnson has his SP Moon squaring natal Pluto, suggesting major change/upheaval/downfall.

    Also, his current Solar Return is intriguing in light of events. I look forward to your comments on it. Some of its features: Same angles as natal angles (emphasis for important year), with all planets in Western hemisphere (suggesting that others and the public will condition-control his decisions and actions), and an unaspected 7th House Mars, in Aries, contacting all the angles (raising a red flag that he may be under attack and fighting for survival this year).

  7. I am getting heartily sick of people who can’t/won’t admit they were wrong and take responsibility for mistakes/character flaws. It was the herd, BJ said, dripping contempt. The plebs you mean?
    He ain’t gone yet – and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few dirty tricks still up his sleeve.

    • My first comment when he said he would resign in autumn was that he will use those two months to try and win back support; or possibly even change the rules so he can’t be got rid of. While it now seems unlikely, at the very least he will be figuring out how he can get the best deal for himself.

      He is playing the country the same way he played his wives, extend the moment of break-up for as long as possible until it suits him to go rather than be forced out. Give nothing away for free and make them work for everything they get until they are willing to just give him whatever he wants to get rid of him.

      But ultimately he is just a symptom of the malaise this country has. I believe there are a good many people who support(ed) him because their own dysfunctional lives work in the same way. They can’t see anything wrong with any of it.

      • I thought that too, GD. He’s treated the women in his life so badly, and let down colleagues badly over the years, pre his political career. Thing is, everyone knew that, and yet they still somehow thought it would be ok. His carefully created ‘loveable rogue’ persona seemed to take in so many people, who perhaps fantasised about behaving badly themselves. That can be a Gemini trick of course – twin personae (?) switching at will, like a carnival showman with his set of marked cards.

        Some are now calling for him to go sooner than the autumn. I’d guess he wants a last summer lording it at Chequers…and time to sort out somewhere to live. He’s now got two very young children after all. Plus, I’d imagine Carrie isn’t too impressed with him right now. From gold wallpaper, and ludicrous boasting about a third term to this in such a short time must be bewildering.

        As Hugh and Marjorie have noted, more shocks to come. And looking at the Conservative Party 12 November 1867 chart, you can’t help but see the Sun at 19 Scorpio and Pluto at 15 Taurus. BML is also heading for that chart’s Uranus in July, square Neptune in the 2nd house. We need a ‘real’ government of some kind before the autumn – we can’t stumble along with some kind of patchwork set of ministers until then. I realise we can, but think it is dangerous and wrong.

        • “Downing Street has not denied reports that the prime minister and his wife Carrie Johnson are planning to hold a wedding party at Chequers later this month” (BBC live thread at 7:15pm)

          A microcosm of the whole saga.

    • Did anyone notice that Johnson didn’t mention ‘resignation’ in his speech? He has not resigned but bought time for himself while fooling the party and the country.

      Right now he just wants to ride the tide and hopes that something will come up to save his job.

      • Yes. Normally a resignation is a trip to see the Queen. Although, given that she is in Scotland, maybe that is why he has not tendered is real resignation? Furthermore, there is nothing to stop him standing again as a contender for the leadership. He could be counting the number of MPs who would back him right now?

      • Don’t get sucked into conspiracy theories simply because Boris is unable to utter a simple set of words that hurt his ego.

        There is no way anyone can interpret his words in that press conference as anything but a resignation speech. Phrases “I will not be able to complete the projects I wanted to complete”, “Darwinian system will produce a new leader”, “thank you to my family” and most importantly *** “I am sad to be giving up the best job in the world” ***

        A resignation does not have to include specific words. It doesn’t even have to be put on paper but it is clearer for everybody if those things happen. There is proof for both sides with written on paper. Boris has never been one for clarity but, as I say, there is no doubt he was resigning, it has been filmed and multiple media outlets are now reporting him as having done so. If he wished to state in September that he hasn’t resigned, he would be laughed out of court or Parliament.

        Most importantly, he does not have his own secret police or army to be able to force his way on.

      • The Prime Minister is a Crown servant and can only be removed by the Monarch. The latter is very unlikely to do anything until a successor is found who can command a majority in Parliament. Since Starmer does not have enough votes in the Commons and the Tories have no leader Boris Johnson will remain PM until either there is a General Election or the Tory Party elects a replacement. This situation would apply even if the government loses a Vote of No Confidence. In fact it is normal for a PM to remain in post until a successor is chosen. Thus Theresa May stepped down as Tory leader on 24 May 2019 but remained PM until 07 June 2019. I can’t see the Queen changing this process not least because in the recent vote the Tory Party had on Johnson as their leader he won. Once a successor is elected Johnson will be expected to submit a formal letter of resignation and if he does not he will then simply be sacked and replaced.

    • No.

      By the ‘herd’ – his actual words were ‘the herd instinct’ – he meant Tory MPs all turning on him in an instant.
      A classic case of group psychology, the bullying instinct, the desire to be on the ‘winning team’ and to junk the loser for fear if being contaminated.
      I’m not a big fan of Johnson, but he’s got a point. What we saw the other day was just a ‘glorified’ case of schoolyard bullying.

      • @Jonathan Portes
        It’s called ‘Group think’. It’s the default, used to fit in, be part of and accepted by the in group. Hold on, but wasn’t Boris there when he was helping overthrow Theresa May? Or am I mistaken? Pot calling kettle black?

  8. Well. Still reeling here! And thank you Marjorie for the ancestral information, so fascinating to see those connections, and consider how they work out (or not) in every family group. Boris is related, distantly and illegitimately, to the Queen via George II – and does have a Hanoverian look I think. David Cameron is also related to HM (and therefore Boris), through illegitimate descent from William IV and his longstanding Irish mistress, actress Mrs Jordon. Samantha Cameron descends directly from Charles II and Nell Gwynn (one of thousands of those!). The shadows of the past have a firm grip on the present – and this would seem to apply to many of us, and be recorded in our natal astrology.

    Somewhat dreading the ‘future shocks and upsets’ mentioned by Hugh, and the upheavals Marjorie references in relation to the Mars Uranus Nodes conjunction. While this seems to be already creating mayhem, we’re not there yet either.

  9. The Conservative Party rules and regulations are still better than those of the Labour Party.

    When the Labour MPs passed a vote of no confidence in Corbyn, by almost 80% to 20%, the man refused to resign. He was automatically allowed to stand again for the leadership at a subsequent election held by the Labour Party members. Although he succeeded, the Party lost badly at the next general election – hence the appointment of Johnson as PM.

    And the moral? It’s ultimately down to the electorate as a whole – not MPs or members of political parties. Johnson knows where his power base lies.

    • Update. Johnson has done the decent thing and resigned.

      A pity the Labour Party won’t change their rules and regulations.

      • WHOOOOHOOO! Just here to post the same thing!
        He thinks he will stay as PM till Autumn, but likely, fingers crossed they will boot him out any day.
        Happy days. if we have to have Tories, may we have someone sane like Javid rather than a stock market spiv like Sunak.

        • He’s not gone yet! Also the best we can hope for as a successfor is someone who isn’t a liar, but that’s not guaranteed. Tory (and Labour) primordeal soup is somewhat thin at present!

      • I love this whataboutery to the Labour Party. Johnson and decency do not belong in the same sentence. Maybe also reflect on the rules that he broke and how the Tory party enabled this rather than than trying to shift focus elsewhere eh?

        • A famous quote on power by Tony Benn on power:

          “What power have you got? Where did you get it from? In whose interests do you exercise it? To whom are you accountable? And how can we get rid of you”.

          Labour MPs couldn’t get rid of Corbyn – only the electorate managed that. Tory MPs are ruthless when roused – there was/is no way that Johnson could survive a Tory putsch.

    • I would agree on that. The Conservative party rules ensure that the party and its members remain supreme.
      No one person or personality can take control over the party.
      I wish other political parties can take cue from them as to how a party can be run effectively!

      • I think the Corbyn controversy was more about a schism between Labour MPs and Labour Party members. The activists in the latter group backed Corbyn (by majority) but the MPs (PLP) wanted his resignation as leader.

        The Conservative Party rules do, as you say, ensure that no one person or group can take over. Maybe Tory MPs didn’t in the end like the undue influence of Johnson’s backers – Brownlow for one.

      • Not sure it worked well for them with Johnson as leader. He almost engulfed them! More like a Brexit obsession or cult.

    • The bad news for the Conservatives is that the transits to the charts for the party’s various charts is that there are a lot more shocks to come both for them and this government. Johnson is a product of the parties own internal divisions not their cause no matter how hopeless a PM he was.

      • He has resigned. Joyous news. This full moon is amplifying the final phases of Pluto where the corrupt in power, in politics in corporations in personal plutocracy and institutions finally implode.
        Recently Maxwell, Trump, Boris,Tra, Stonewall, the dominos are beginning to fall. We will see much more of it both on the Right and Left. And hopefully not too long before Putins comeuppance in one form or another.

      • I agree. The Tory Party is so fragmented I doubt anyone could have done much better. It has been fragmented ever since John Major signed the Maastricht Treaty. It’s just that the Tories wash their dirty linen in private and put on a united front so most people don’t know how deep the chasms run.

        Do you think we need a war cabinet to deal with the current crises?

  10. Thank you for the information on Lord Brownlow, in the past I was a contractor at his company ‘Huntswood’ – never, ever again. The experience left me disillusioned with ethics in business. It didn’t matter how good someone was in their job it was all about the bottom line and how much Brownlow could make. I saw some really great people cheated by his ‘bonus’ schemes that didn’t pay out even though the employee/contractor had gone above and beyond.

  11. ‘ …… August 1st Uranus North Node Mars conjunction …..’ and 8 November eclipse.

    All this action takes place in his SA 6th house, work and health? How would you interpret it conjunct Jupiter- bigger impact or more positive because it’s Jupiter? In his natal 8th house?

  12. The north node in Cancer is all about personal matters and emotional security after the severe experience of the Saturn-ruled south node. His resonance with the public, as an entertainer, is more about seeking personal support (Moon) than service and duty. The Moon’s ruler is Mars, in Gemini, word fighter or court jester (clown) for the King, the Sun, which has the goodies, being conjunct Venus.
    Yes, the October south node solar eclipse on his (fallen) Scorpio Moon is an exit of something personal (the Moon) and new relationships perhaps based on therapy, healing, but more likely based on financial advantage. Why would the north node ruler be in a poor state? The intent to carry on some bad behaviour carried forward from the past. Same with another public figure with her north node ruler Venus in Scorpio (detriment), the strong desire to carry forward some habit of bad behaviour. Eventually the need for reform becomes apparent but given the north node is excessively worldly the lessons show up in the outer realm by circumstances rather than being learned by introspection. This means plenty of suffering for other people. But hey, witty and cute is an excuse, right?

    The ‘powerpoint’ new moon in Leo (square eclipse) at the end of July is an activation. It is a ‘north bend’ new moon, so still some positive energy. While the new moon in Leo is on the 28th it will come into effect following the last quarter moon on the 20th. That is in two weeks’ time. A new financial relationship being developed perhaps with royals (Leo). Some special payoffs for going along with things not in the public interest. Hints only as it is 3 months until the south node solar eclipse on his natal Moon. They will be working on it, not on concerns for the public good.

    As was pointed out in an earlier post on BJ the lunar eclipse in November has the Sun conjunct natal Neptune opposite the Moon fully illuminating, exposing, his comfort-aspiring Jupiter in Taurus. Looks like the exposure of nest-feathering and personal life taking precedence over public service. Also covert deals with corrupt royals and new world order types to secure personal wealth and power might be starting to be exposed on the full moon 19 Aquarius on 12 August (square the lunar eclipse) and take 3 months to unfold. Watch for him (or PM’s office) being gifted a luxury yacht taken from the Russians (lunar eclipse Sun conjunct Neptune) for meetings and cruises. Joining in a conspiracy to impose a new feudalism in which elites own everything and you own nothing (and will be happy with it or else). Agree the north node conjoining Uranus in Taurus might derail the gravy train, big time, for a while, as people wake up to the ridiculous plans of the unworthy for world domination. New Office of the Constitutional Monarch filled by 3 retired judges ratified by a 2/3 majority of a joint sitting of the houses of parliament, on rotation serving maximum 2 years, with prescribed powers of swearing in Ministers, signing statutes etc. Immediately retiring the present mob with options to be employed as tour guides and other educational roles (only) if approved on a case by case basis with retaining properties not an option.

  13. I wonder if Boris Johnson map has any similarity to the one of his turkish great-grandfather Ali Kemal, whose life ended tragically.

  14. Johnson is refusing to resign despite losing the support of parliamentary party.

    I have a bad hunch that he will linger on. Appoint Liz Truss as chancellor, as she was his first choice before Zahawi. Introduce tax cuts straight away to win over the party an public.

    Johnson is vey sly. He would do anything to stay in power.

    • That’s not how it works.

      The Queen only devolves power to a Prime Minister, if they can command a majority in the Commons. This person is usually a party leader with the most seats, but doesn’t have to be.

      If Boris no longer commands the support of his party and can’t get his budget through, the Queen just summons someone else who can. They kiss hands, power passes from the Crown to the new person, and they are the new PM.

      Nothing Boris can do to resist. It’s the ability to get your budget through that counts. As soon as the monarch thinks you can’t, you are toast.

      • Of more interest to me (you are allowed to yawn!) is the ‘Dissolution and Calling of Parliament Act’ which was brought into law this year. This repealed the Fixed-term Parliaments Act and allowed for the body to be dissolved by the Queen “on the request of the prime minister”.

        I will spare you from the details but essentially, prior to the Act, the dissolution of Parliament and the calling for a general election before the end of it’s fixed term (five years) required the support of two thirds of the elected MPs (of any political party). I presume that is still a way out of the dilemma if Johnson refuses to resign as PM and doesn’t want a general election.

    • Ann, he can’t linger on – would it be democratic if he did win against his huge dismissal by those closest? He’s had a lucky run but… Node/Uranus are on the way towards conjuncting Algol in his 8th – there is more shocking news around finances probably (other people’s of course!) His pr. asc is at 26 Scorpio, opp natal Algol, with transit Saturn squaring from the 5th……tr Mars on MC makes him fight…he can still make us laugh because his giant’s version of himself is so huge…..however, he will walk today, I reckon (or rather be pushed down the well)……

  15. You’re entitled to your opinion, JY, but surely you can’t believe that Boris Johnson staying in power for another year would in any way be good for the country! The astrology doesn’t support this either. I think you’ll find that it’s not just the BBC ‘hyping it up’

    • Mars made its Ingress into Taurus yesterday and was exactly opposite his Moon when these mass resignations started. It will be conjunct this Conservative administrations natal Uranus on Sunday 10 July. It will then move to be conjunct his natal Neptune and opposite Johnson’s governments natal Mars at 15 Scorpio on 28 July 2022

      Uranus/Mars/North Node move to an exact conjunction at 18 Scorpio between 26 July 2022 and 1st August 2022. The North node moves to 15 Taurus on 15 September and stays there until 2 October 2022. This is the moment the South Node crosses Johnson’s natal Neptune and his governments natal Mars. The first week in October is when the Conservative Party conference begins.

      The Lunar Eclipse on 8 November is at 16 Scorpio and will be within 1 degree conjunct Johnson’s Neptune and this Conservative governments Mars .

      Finally Uranus retrogrades back to 15 Taurus exactly opposite Johnson’s Neptune and his governments Mars in December 2022.

      At the moment Saturn is retrograding back to the Conservative Party 1834 Tamworth Manifest natal Uranus at 23 Aquarius. The 1867 Conservative Party Chart has Pluto at 15 Taurus and a Sun at 19 Scorpio so Uranus/Mars/North Node transits are hitting them as well as Johnson and his governments charts (the Sun is conjunct the South Node at this moment). The 1912 Conservative Party Chart has its Sun at 19 Taurus so it is in play as well and it has Uranus at 3 Aquarius which is square Johnson’s governments Uranus at 3 Taurus. The Conservative 1922 Committee was formed in April 1923 when Neptune was at 15 Leo Mars was at about 22 Taurus and Jupiter was at about 17 Scorpio degrees that have been or will be activated by the upcoming transits. All these charts are under stress at the moment.

      To be honest I never thought a showboater like Johnson would make a good PM but the attempts to bring him down in almost any pretext seem to be getting more and more fevered. The bad news for the Conservative Party is regardless of whether he stays or is forced out he is not going to go quietly and the charts for this Conservative government and for the Conservative party would seem to be in for plenty of future shocks and upsets over the next 6 months.

      • Great analysis Hugh – always appreciate your posts from both an astrological and explaining what is happening in actuality.

        • I must echo the compliment to Hugh. And note that its kind of intriguing that the MP whose behaviour at the Carlton Club led to Johnson’s downfall was the MP for Tamworth – the constituency that gave the Tory Party the same Manifesto – via Sun Aquarius, Moon Capricorn Sir Robert Peel and in which he committed to “the firm maintenance of established rights, the correction of proved abuses and the redress of real grievance”. Ahem…
          Also “Our object will be the maintenance of peace, the scrupulous and honourable fulfilment, without reference to their original policy, of all existing engagements with Foreign Powers”. Also – ahem…
          The Carlton Club is profoundly important for the Conservatives’ political development and self-image too, so they really are being hit in the founding principles at the moment.
          Lots of references from journalists and restive Conservatives in the last 24 hours to Johnson being ‘delusional’, ‘living in a parallel reality’, and being ‘the last person’ to have woken up to the problem with alcohol in the Houses of Parliament.

  16. This is not good for the country. Everyone just needs to ride this out. Most people in the world are doing so in one way or another at the moment. They should all just wait until the end of the year-long period the recent Tory no confidence vote gave Boris to hold office. After that, they should move to axe him. The drawn out internal messiness is unproductive, and not in the country’s international or domestic best interests.

    Plus, it’s boring watching the BBC hyping it up.

    • It just requires one specific person to resign for it all to be over.

      A new leader can be elected and all the other resignations retracted to get the people who know what they are doing back into place. As it stands there’s going to be 30+ people doing on the job training and that can’t be a good thing for the running of the country.

      If you’re finding it boring that says more about you than what is going on. It is unprecedented to see 30+ people resigning.

      • The Tories had every opportunity to prevent this fallout from happening. And yet they just recently chose to vote for the man for another year. It’s a mess of their own doing. No one else contributed to it. I’m not moved by their mass walk out. They picked him.

        The party’s lack of foresight and overall incompetence is what’s unprecedented here. It’s all so embarrassing.

        I must admit that I liked Sunak, though.

        I don’t care for Zawahi, and I suspect I’m not the only one.

    • If you’re finding the BBC “hype” boring (personally my sense of schadenfreude thinks this is hysterical), I suggest you exercise your ability to watch another channel’s coverage.

  17. Thanks Marjorie, a significant aspect of his make up is his sociopathy and narcissistic personality. This list, and there are many others showing similar traits, are BJ to a tee imo. So an entrenched set of personality disorders and, I guess, mental illness illustrate what we have been dealing with for so long. The Scorpio moon at its worst will deploy the Samson Option and bring the temple down with it if needs be, so if he has to destroy what he can no longer have he will. The Tories know what he was from the beginning so must shoulder a lot of the responsibility for this dreadful a**ehole. Does his departure signal a dilution or meaningful change in the Brexit charts? Let’s hope so..,Coulter.

  18. For those asking about Parliament, Simon de Montfort’s parliament started on 20th Jan 1265 in Henry III’s reign.

    But it’s not official and was mainly a talking shop for barons and knights, though some freemen were invited.

    Edward I made Parliament an official advisor to the king in 1295 and introduced the concept of elections – he asked each county to return two knights, each borough to elect two burgeses (freemen) and each city to elect two citizens.

    Edward I’s summons declared, “what touches all, should be approved of all, and it is also clear that common dangers should be met by measures agreed upon in common”. Hence the nickname the elected chamber got of “Commons”.

    It also established that the succesor of a baron could also sit in future parliaments, hence inventing the hereditory House of Lords at the same time.

    It was called the Model Parliament, as it established the structure, and first sat on 13th November 1295.

    Given that this is the first time elections were involved, I think 1295 is more representative of the House of Commons than 1265.

    As for the time – it wasn’t till 1994 that Parliament started sitting in the mornings. Before, it started at 2 p.m. and worked through the evening and night. Presumably because pre modern transport, they used the morning to actually walk or ride to parliament (starting too early would mean travelling in the dark in an era with no streetlights).

    • That probably explains something I’ve wondered about. Pluto moved in to Aqua in 1287ish but I knew of nothing significant historically unlike the next two Pluto in Aquas when when Henry VIII split the church in the 1500s and when US declared independence in 1700s both creating new power structures.

      • In the chart for 13 November 1295 2 p.m., Pluto is in the 12th house at 12 Aqu 55, trine Neptune in the 7th at 17 Lib 59 trine Saturn in the 3rd at 18 Gem 30.

        Sun-Mercury conjunction in Scorpio in the 8th.

        A packed 7th house (Uranus, Ceres, Neptune, Moon and Mars). The moon and neptune are conj and both trine Saturn.

        Transiting Mars has been opposing most of those 7th house planets in the last few months and is now closing in on the last of them (Mars at 5 Sco 34).

        • Something else about that 1295 chart:

          The moon is at 23 Libra 16, exactly opposite the 1066 England Ascendant at 22 Aries 17.

          And on the EU referedum day in 2016, both got aspected by transiting Uranus at 23 Aries. Suffice to say Parliament got very stressed.

          Theresa May resigned on 24th May 2019 when Uranus was at 4 Tau 15 – exactly opposite Parliament’s Mars.

  19. I think Johnson is quite deluded at this point. It was slightly worrying when he recently announced he was going to carry on as PM into the 2030s at the G7. Soon after Thatcher said she believed she would ‘go on and on and on’, she was unceremoniously taken down. At that point, Spitting Image was portraying her as a power-crazed Roman emperor.

    “I fight on! I fight on to win!”
    Margaret Thatcher, November 1990.

    Downing Street has just announced that the PM would contest a vote of no confidence and that Johnson still believes he has the support of a majority of MPs so he’s not going to go down easy. Scorpio Moons can be tenacious and stubborn and don’t underestimate their capacity for dramatic defiance – I think of the Black Knight in ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ having lost his arms and legs, shouting “I’ll bite you to death!” to his adversary.

    Thought it was interesting that neither the Slithy Gove or Patel were at Johnson’s side during today’s PMQs. Hmmmm.

    • Boris is a good study in how chaotic people run their lives. The talk of carrying on into the 2030s is a way of moving his internal focus onto a new dream – something nice rather than deal with the unpleasant. It avoids having to look at the emotional hurt he felt at by-elections losses.

      Everything is back to front with chaotic people – they cling on when they should be gone or chase when someone isn’t interested; when things are good they’re looking for ways to shake things up because external calm and stability leave them vulnerable to having to look inside.

      I’ve said before, a Scorpio moon is supersensitive and needs a lot of love, Boris also has his trine Saturn in Pisces and in an out-of-sign but tight trine with his Sun/Venus. His whole self is wrapped up in superficiality. His parents simply were not capable of giving him the love and stability he needed – he moved almost every year of his childhood and has three siblings to rival him. He is a deeply damaged soul who has managed to get a long way acting how he does. There is no reason for him to change and at nearly sixty, there never will be. It will be interesting to see what happens on his 2nd Saturn Return next year.

      • Sounds a lot like the former US President ‘s narcissistic personality disorder as described by his niece Mary, a clinical psychologist.

      • It will be certainly be interesting to see exactly how his second Saturn Return pans out, GD in Pisces (my experience of that Piscean Saturn opposite Virgoan Uranus/Pluto is that it can be highly volatile when tied into personal planets, and it does describe his father and upbringing well) the fifth house of children and love affairs. And you’re right about chaotic people and their addiction to drama. He’s still refusing to go and at this stage it could cause more damage to the party and more importantly the country.

    • Michael Gove has just told Johnson to go….28 August, 1967 – Mars 20 Scorpio conjunct Neptune 21 Scorpio, square Jupiter 19 Leo. Yes, I think the Mars Uranus Nodes effect is kicking in a little bit early!

          • Thanks Helen! Mostly I don’t notice it, blissful ignorance. But now and again it trips me up. I did once book a last minute holiday to the wrong place (turned out to be a nice holiday though)……only realised when we were on the plane, and they announced our destination. It was within the same country, just many many miles from where I thought I’d booked…..

      • Looks like Gove may have to resort to an internal coup to get rid of him. He’s rallying troops as we speak. Interesting that the Taurus North Node is opposite Gove’s slippery Mars/Neptune today. (Not that I feel sorry for the Conservative Party — they were warned). I also wonder about looking at Alexander Lebedev’s synastry or composite with Johnson’s chart, now we know that Blojo met Levedev without officials present. What a mess.

        • Good point. Although I thought it was Lebedev Snr who was the one to watch out for? Plus, there’s now the extraordinary public statement by M15 and the FBI re China… I imagine some dubious Chinese business contacts, holdings, etc will now be in the spotlight sooner rather than later. Certainly, we seem to be experiencing the Chinese curse ‘may you live in interesting times’!

          • Jane, I thought that Alexander Lebedev was Evgeny’s father (EL was made a member of the House of Lords in 2020). Yes, China now also a concern – just what we need!

            Interesting times indeed, I mean – wow – Downing Street called Gove a snake!

          • Govey, a snake? Surely not! But then the Mars Neptune Scorpio thing he has is a little serpentine, to say the least. Yes you’re right about the Russian duo. Sorry, I seem to be more dyslexic than usual today. And what a day.
            Also, your point about Johnson’s mental health is interesting – a biographer on tv tonight said that some close to him wondered if his mentality was stable enough to cope with being a PM. He does seem to have got completely lost, and it has been a very eventful time to be a PM. Not excusing him, just thinking about potential triggers for this meltdown.

        • Johnson has admitted meeting the ex KGB agent Alexander Lebedev on 28/4/18 at a party at his son Eugeny’s villa in Italy. This was 2 months after the Salisbury poisonings. Johnson was foreign Secretary
          at the time and had slipped his security detail and had an overnight stay at the villa where he was said to have drunk heavily. I remember it was reported in press at the time that he had been seen at the airport awaiting his return flight looking very disheveled and worse for wear.
          Labour yesterday asked an urgent question about the report that Lebedev Snr. had tried to set up a phone call between Johnson and Labrov the Russian Foreign Secretary to discuss the Sainsbury poisonings! Labour have requested Simon Case at the Cabinet Office investigates the allegation as a threat to national security.
          If true surely this is dynamite?

  20. Marjorie with Johnson’s bullish appearance at PMQS today and there now being 18 ministerial/MP resignations and counting is there anything in his astrology to suggest he is now delusional? Surely with so many of his own party calling for his resignation this situation is unprecedented?

    • Never under estimate the power of Pluto for its superhuman need not to let go or admit fault. See Prince Andrew/Amber Heard etc.
      Boris has his Pluto square Mars and opposition Saturn and they don’t get much more reality-blocking than that.

      • Indeed Marjorie, as told today by ex mistress Petronella Wyatt;

        “Boris will never resign. He thinks he has a God given right to rule in perpetuity. This is going to be long, drawn out and very bad for the Tory Party and the country. There will be no government, as every minute of the day will be devoted to saving Boris.”

      • Thanks for that Marjorie. There are now nearly 40 resignations and he’s still refusing to budge even after a delegation of ministers who attempted to persuade him as well as the chairman of the 1922 Committee. Looks like they will change the NCV rules on Monday when the new members are elected in an attempt to dislodge him. There is now no functioning government and even before this it was focused mainly on clearing up Johnson’s repeated scandals. He’s now sacked Michael Gove..
        I’m running out of vocabulary to describe this charlatan/confidence trickster..

  21. Thanks Marjorie. The turning point you mention can’t come soon enough! Although I wonder what will replace this ship of fools. So much damage, and so much potential for civil unrest. Theresa May’s ‘strong and stable’ mantra seems like something from another age…..

    Helen’s comment about the House of Commons sent me to The Book of World Horoscopes (N. Campion). The January 20th, 1265 chart has Mars 23 Taurus, square Moon 25 Aquarius. Tr Saturn in Aquarius (the people?!) is there now. The other one he notes is Ronald Davidson’s – House of Commons, 26 May, 1948 (12.10pm). That one has Saturn at 17 Leo, square Chiron at 20 Scorpio. BML is 24 Aquarius. Tr Uranus 17-18 Taurus now. Do you think these charts work?

  22. Mars moved into Taurus yesterday to oppose BJ’s Scorpio moon. Along with Mercury into Cancer trining it.

    I noted Sajid David and Rishi Sunak both resigned just after 6pm. The Virgo moon went VOC an hour later whereby the cabinet reshuffle took place. Nothing will come of this. Boris is a dead man walking now; more resignations and loss of support this morning. It’s only a question of how long time it takes to get him out.

    I have always thought Boris will pull a Don Revie. (He was the England football manager from 1974-77 who when it became likely he’d fail to qualify the team for the 1978 World Cup went off and negotiated his next role in the UAE before the campaign was finished and became a pariah for it). In fact somewhere like the UAE with all its money seems about right for Boris. Ultimately he is a one-trick pony, who has been consistent in running the country in the same way as his marriages – constant lies and covering up until proof is incontrovertible then an apology which fails to take responsibility and a promise to do better before repeating it all over again.

  23. I hope he’s gone soon rather than hanging on for a while . He pushed out Teresa May now he’s on the verge
    of being got rid of .

  24. Question –

    Why does Prince Charles have all these $$$$ issues – getting donations from people trying to profit off being close to royalty
    Does he not have enough $ or is he perhaps more like Andrew in this but not as stupid or suspect.

  25. Marjorie. Having just looked up when House of Common started, it states the same day as the UK chart. However, what would be the time of the House of Commons’ Chart? As it would interesting to read a chart that may have started at 9.00 am or whenever the time the first sitting took place, to see how the leadership of this country is doing in the next decade. Or is this insignificant?

  26. “The sick man of Europe may be back”

    Here I go again with my obsession with the EU but the truth is the euro is doing worse than sterling at the present time. We (in Europe) are all facing the same woes with energy and food prices. As one punter writes:

    “The euro will be remembered as a flawed experiment. To tie completely different countries with different tax systems, different government sizes and budgets to a single currency is wrong.”

    Is this the end of the euro?

    • As you note Liz, the impending economic collapse is not limited to the UK which thought to insulate itself (“take back control”) by breaking with the EU. Vain hope! As all currencies are becoming increasingly worthless what we actually see looming on the horizon is the end of money as we know it. The population of Greece already has some experience of managing without money.
      As others on this forum have noted, Boris is merely the outward expression of the underlying chaos showing us all what needs to change. Even if he goes today, little will change in the immediate future. Maybe a more ethical person can restore some integrity but that’s about it for now. Whether we like it or not, change is the order of the day. We have to become more flexible and self-reliant and stop expecting government to ‘fix’ any of it. Personally, I think we should move away from central government as a whole (except for fiscal and international matters) and give greater powers to local authorities to manage resources and organise services on the basis of local need (closer to the people using them). Something that requires cooperation. But that may take some time yet.
      Like many others I would like to see Boris go, he is long past his expiry date but I doubt whether his successor will have any better grip on what is happening in the UK, because the subterranean Plutonian (and outward Uranian) shifts we are currently experiencing (not to mention the Neptunian impact on perception) are well beyond the control of any singular entity or organisation. There are simply too many conflicting forces at work. Buckle up and enjoy the ride! (If you can.)

      • Thanks Susan. I totally agree with your assessment.

        I would though like to see some form of regional government – based on the 12 Electoral Regions to start with (9 in England plus Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). Yorkshire and Humber, my home region, has a population of over 5 million – almost as many as Scotland (and London for that matter). If Scotland can be devolved, so can we.

        I think District Councils are too small and lack diversity (in industry at any rate). Housing, transport, medical car, schools, public services and utilities are already under the auspices of combined authorities so devolved regional government is just the next step.

    • The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development recently estimated that Britain would have the worst economic growth of any G-20 country outside Russia next year. Inflation is expected to hit 11 percent year on year this autumn, higher than any other G-7 nation. And while there is no shortage of global factors, economists say that Johnson’s signature policy — Brexit — will come to be seen as a key culprit for these lost years of stagnation and decline.

  27. Thank you. I was hoping there would be an update on BoJo. It is both fascinating and scary to be in the UK at the moment. Johnson is actually holding us as hostages, it is incredible to think our PM will not go. I suspect we will all look back and think how did this happen! Johnson will get paid a £100,000 a year and have permanent police protect, no matter what happens to us and how much we will pay for this horror of a show. in fact all of the aforementioned are winners, they will have a good pensions and will no doubt walk into jobs as consultants. Johnson’s Moon intrigues me, as what will he do with his mendacious personality, once he leaves Government?

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