Boris Johnson – eyeing up lucrative employment ahead

Boris Johnson having been demoted from big dog to tiny dog is huffing and puffing hints he may be back, the rumour mill being further stoked by the prime pot-stirrer Dominic Cummings. How likely is it? Contrary to the prevailing BJ fanclub yowls that it was a disloyal backstab that brought him down, in reality Westminster (and most of the country) could not cope with his lies and lack of integrity any longer.

 There might be two worries ahead for those keen to see even a smidgeon of decency and competence return to No 10. If his birthtime at 2pm is accurate then his Solar Arc Jupiter and his Progressed Mars are both poised to cross his midheaven in the next two years, which suggest a confident and successful career surge.

   However what might also be a pointer is tr  Jupiter moving through his financial 8th house from July 2023 for a year which will bring money rolling through. His stint at No 10 curtailed his income severely and with multiple children and a new wife and two new minis he was finding the going less lucrative than his previous overpaid journalistic career.

  Theresa May has earned more than £2 million since leaving Downing Street and I might hazard a guess that once his ego recovers from the shock of being ousted after such a short stint, he’ll be eyeing more profitable prospects further afield from speaking engagements, journalism and book contracts.

  He’s downbeat at the moment till early August and again through December; with coming-down-to-earth-with-a-bump Uranus aspects returning to his Neptune and Jupiter this December effectively through till mid March.

  Into 2023 tr Saturn will oppose his Sun/Moon midpoint in early March bringing a sense of separation briefly in his marriage; but it also for a politician brings lowered popularity. Then tr Saturn in Pisces will tip cold water over his chaotic Mutable T Square starting with a square to his Mars in mid March and moving onto his Second Solar Return from late April running to January 2024. That is usually a heavy time of facing up to reality and being forced to make considered decisions for the next third of life.  

  Tr Pluto square his Moon from late March, on and off till late 2024 will be the interesting one to watch since his Moon is highly sensitive to events.

  He does pick up a lucky break, good-for-new-projects tr Uranus conjunct his Mars/Jupiter midpoint from May 2023 on and off for a year which may see gainful offers coming his way.

  Tr Neptune will square his Sun and Venus May 2024 on and off for a year to undermine his confidence/prospects which may or may not be connected to tr Uranus square his Sun/Moon midpoint, disrupting his marriage in 2025.

 His relationship chart with the Tory Party 1912 chart continue to be on a downhill slide till February 2024 with tr Neptune square the composite Mars, with other downwards blips before then. His relations with UK Inc will be high-tension, very unsettled and not improving right through till 2026.

  Carrie is not having a great 2023 with tr Neptune conjunct her Pisces Sun into 2024; and their relationship, sagging at the moment, will rock n’ roll through an exceptionally bumpy patch in 2025/26.

Nothing is set in stone but a return looks less than likely.

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    • Interestingly William Hague who has been a master of diplomacy up till now about BJ’s failing, as befits a former party leader, has now taken the gloves off warning of the possible horrors to come. In today’s Times, behind a paywall.
      “He is going to be Heath with jokes added in, and Thatcher with consistency taken out, all rolled into a bundle of resentment, denial, attention-seeking and attempted vindication that will be a permanent nightmare for the new prime minister.”
      “The Conservative Party had no choice but to remove Johnson from office. His standards of governance and veracity had fallen below what reasonable people could defend.”
      So he is clearly marking his card as an eminence grise of the Tories that BJ is not defensible now or in future. In contrast to the DM’s idiotic campaign for ‘Bring back Boris.’

    • Further evidence of his grandiose narcissism. Is he aware that this refusal to admit defeat and go gracefully is straight out of the Trump playbook?

  1. Looking at the charts I would imagine that if Liz Truss becomes PM then Boris Johnson will not have to lift a finger to take revenge on those who ousted him. The payback is already ordered, paid for and waiting for delivery. In retrospect I think those who have been most eager to see him ousted will find that they ought to have waited to allow the public to have made that decision at a General Election rather than organising an internal coup.

    • Unfortunately a GE is two long years away..
      I agree with William Hague he just had to go.
      I also agree that the alternative looks grim after removing the whip from, or driving from politics, many of the moderates in the party.

  2. Looking at his chart, I’m wondering why he thought becoming a leader is for him?

    He’s predominantly mutable mostly placed in the succedent / cadent houses. In fact, he doesn’t have any cardinal planets which are usually the ones who want to become leaders.

    Is it down to that Scorpio moon in the 1st wanting to dominate and be in control of relationships?

    His chart is much more suited to what he did – journalism, public speaking etc.

      • The penny just dropped … with Sun in 9th, he didn’t want to be a leader; he wanted to be a god.

        It’s the Cult of Boris. He’s just another Jim Jones leading a cult of followers who got sucked in and then find it impossible to step away because they’d have to give up everything to do so.

        9th house connection to Jupiter which is in the 8th – so all about power, as is his Scorpio moon in the 1st.

        Cancer MC wants to have its family around it. The Capricorn 4th is cold and ruthless with them. Saturn in 5th playing at being the father to his followers.

        Uranus at the end of 11th – revolutionary groups
        PLuto on cusp of 12th – hidden lust for omniscience

        • You’re right, his chart is odd for a political leader. At a stretch his focal point Mars will give him a leaning towards being out front but it is very hidden in his chart.
          You may be right about his 9th house emphasis – his sister Rachel said as a child he wanted to rule the world – and I would think he has an Olympian fantasy – as in Olympus – realm of the gods. So less power-driven than many politicians but seeking immortality.
          His strongest Harmonic is to my surprise the 17th – leaving-a-legacy-for-history, which would fit this theory. That was marked with Steve Jobs, but also Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison – and Jim Jones. They left their mark behind them.
          He is fascinated by history having written several books on those whose names live on – Roman emperors, Churchill etc.
          My other thought about him is that he’s still at Oxford University battling for the debating crown, wanting to crow it over his contemporaries – David Cameron etc. That breed never seem to leave their school/college days behind them.

        • That’s a very interesting thought GD about being a godlike cult figure given Johnson’s fascination with all things Roman.
          I’m thinking of Augustus and his use of propaganda leaving behind so many statues and monuments (and coins) in his image many of which remain today. Think Johnson’s vanity projects like the garden bridge which came to nought at great cost during his time as Mayor of London, water cannon deemed illegal, cable car over the Thames hardly used, airport in Thames estuary etc etc.
          Augustus was also revered for his military triumphs – echoes of Ukraine?
          Augustus also promised to bring back ‘the age of gold’ – sunlit uplands?
          Augustus could be ruthless in his wielding of power..
          Of course Augustus was proclaimed a god after his death. At least that can’t happen but in his delusional prone mind?

    • Johnson is a Grifter and Con Man not a leader. Politics was, necessarily, his metier, backed I believe by longstanding and very dark ( Scorpio Moon?) relationships with Russia, funding only being a part of those clandestine links both for BJ personally and the Con Party. All conducive to mutable sign duplicity. He needs to be thoroughly investigated and a bright light shone on this stuff. Don’t hold your breath.

  3. Thank you Marjorie for having a look at Johnson’s prospects yet again because we have seen the greased piglet rise up and out of so many tight spots we can hardly believe the end is near. My question is this – will his Saturn return humble him? Or does Johnson have the power to bounce off lead? LOL.

    • His Saturn in Pisces is in the 5th. I’m not sure there will be the signs you’re hoping for that he will be humbled.

      Maybe his children start writing their truths about him – it will hurt him – but the rest of us won’t get much satisfaction. Other than to say “Yes, proves what we all thought”.

      Or perhaps the Saturn in Pisces unleashes some hidden trauma he’s been hiding – so he turns to alcohol or greater addictions to avoid it. Doesn’t mean the rest of us will see anything more than further dishevelment and dysfunction.

      Put it another way, think it’s more likely we seem him sink further into madness, lies, delusion. Because those are his escape from Saturnian realities. But actual criminal proceedings, loss of money or titles – probably not.

      • @GnarlyDude, is that what the Saturn return can do …. unleash hidden trauma??

        Your example is Interesting because that’s exactly what happened to someone I know for their first SR. Don’t know what the trauma was but they turned to alcohol and it’s been a battle ever since. They also have their second Return coming which may help them find resolve finally.

        • Not necessarily.

          I was focusing on the fact that Boris’ Saturn is in Pisces. Saturn being a restrictive force may be holding back the emotional, spiritual nature of Pisces. And, of course, his Uranus-Pluto oppose it from Virgo which likely also keep it all under control. Saturn arriving back at this point might bring it into sharp focus, make him see the truth and release a Piscean flood!

          Bear in mind, Saturn in Boris’ chart rules his 4th and 5th, as well as being placed in the latter. So, it could be something from his childhood. Or delayed grief from his mother’s death. Or something involving his father.

  4. Thanks Marjorie
    Given his vengeful Moon and deeply ingrained narcissism I think it very likely he will not skulk off quietly. It’s not his Machiavellian nature, so there will be “payback” in some way, overt or otherwise. He has backers willing to finance him in a new Party for example or he may just brief the media behind the scenes against his chosen targets. Cummings’ reading of him as continuing the fight in some fashion is probably accurate imo. The relative lack of success highlighted by your reading of aspects may suggest his actions are unsuccessful for him per se, but very consequential for those he has in his sights. This has a long way to play out I think.

      • I couldn’t agree more.
        I wondered and hoped he might go to the US where his ‘ talents ‘ might be more welcome. Is there any sign that’s a good option for him or would he just be small fry over there?

        • @Silver Darling — He’d be a curiosity in the US, attracting certain crowds (and probably lucrative speaking fees) because of his accent and entertaining repartee.

          Would he have any impact? About as much as Nigel Farage — little to none, but he’d puff himself up from the inconsequential attention, which he’d see as adoration.

          • Interesting thanks
            Money is one of his prime motivators so perhaps he may once he has had his fingers prised off the door in Downing Street. But the lack of prestige and influence might be a problem but then again he is notoriously lazy.
            He wanted to be Prime Minister and then have the benefits of being an ex PM without doing any of the work.
            So its an open question still.

      • Couldn’t have put it better myself Marjorie and today he’s boasting of his achievements in the Express that most Johnsonion of newspapers! He was busily playing soldiers throwing grenades at the Ukraine training ground in U.K. yesterday and ‘flying’ fighter jets the other day instead of attending Cobra meetings on the heat emergency as the U.K. burns. Maverick he is not in spite of his Top Gun cosplay!
        No graceful exit just bitter and vengeful in defeat and it’s probably only just beginning as he tries to pack the House of Lords with cronies and donors etc..

  5. His chart is diurnal….consider the 3 rulers of his Sun’s t riplicity….namely Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter.
    Saturn rules the first third of his life, up to age 30, Saturn is injured by a square from Mars;
    Mercury rules the second third of his life, from age 30 to 60, he is now 38 yrs old. Mercury is in a weak
    cadent House the 9th, combust the Sun….he resigns. The last 3rd of his life, age 60 to 90+, is
    ruled by Jupiter in the 8th House, a good position financially.
    In summary, his middle years are not prosperous. He will be well off when he retires. Source: Dorotheus of Sidon
    For marriage and children, look at the lords of Venus triplicity. again Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter.
    His first marriage was ruled by Saturn, squared by Mars. His current marriage is ruled by Mercury
    in a weak cadent House, and exactly combust the Sun. In his last years, marriage and children
    are ruled by Jupiter, which is in a good place and not afllicted by malefics.

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