US politicians – jockeying for a place before the flag goes up.

The race for the White House in 2024 is wide open with Biden’s approval ratings plummeting and VP Kamala Harris in no better a state. The Biden Term chart is flagging up extreme distress through 2023 with the Solar Arc Saturn closing the square to the disruptive Mars Uranus to exact as well as the Solar Arc Sun conjunct the Saturn; and by 2024 the Solar Arc Saturn will conjunct the Jupiter to damp enthusiasm further.

  Below is only a sneak and rapid peak at a few possible runners, some with no birth time.

  Kamala Harris, 20 October 1964 9.28pm Oakland, CA, is in a panicky, uncertain year in 2024 with three undermining Neptune hard aspects to midpoints. Nothing to suggest she’ll come up smelling of success.

  Gavin Newsom, 10 October 1967 5.13 am on the other hand while not totally upbeat does have tr Jupiter moving across his 10th house at the election and beyond, for a smidgeon of success and prominence. He looks hopeful but may not succeed; and will be less fortunate in 2028.

Pete Buttigieg, 19 January 1982 7am South Bend, Indiana, has the heavy pressures of tr Pluto conjunct his Capricorn Sun across the 2024 election. Tr Saturn is not quite out of his low profile 1st Quadrant so is not at a peak which comes in later years. 2025/26 look good or him; and so does 2028 – not perfect but a definitely hopeful election.

Mitch Landieu, 16 August 1960, no time, is making a confident and successful push through 2023 to late 2024 with tr Pluto square his Jupiter/Pluto though that runs alongside muddle and mayhem Neptunian influences. But something is keeping his spirits up.

Joe Manchin, 24 August 1947, no time, who has been blocking the Biden agenda despite being a Democrat (in name at least), may be keeping his profile high for a run. He’ll have high hopes which are disappointed in 2023/2024 (and exact at the election) though he does pick up more fortunate Pluto transits to his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint in 2024/25.

On the Republican side, Mike Pence can forget it since he has troubled, aggravated influences over the next few months and disastrous, dead-halt ones in 2024. Not a chance.

Ron DeSantis, 14 September 1978, no time, has two strongly upbeat, fortunate and successful influences in 2024. Tr Uranus square his Sun/Jupiter midpoint in October 2024 and again spring 2025; with tr Pluto opposition his Jupiter in 2024/2025 including across the Inauguration. Whether he runs or not, he’ll be firing ahead on all cylinders and on a high.

Donald Trump, has more than a few sinkholes and mudslides to cope with over the next year with a scary, trapped, dead-halt Solar Arc Mars square his Pluto, exact in six months; and a discouraging also blocked Solar Arc Pluto square his Saturn, exact this time in 2023. Tr Uranus will be shaking his self-esteem through 2024 as it squares his Mars. His Solar Arc Neptune will conjunct his South Node over the election and is aiming to undermine his Moon and Sun in 2025/26. He does have Jupiter moving through his 10th which can be successful but that won’t outweigh the minuses on his chart. He’s already starting to lose his stranglehold on the Republicans and the next year may finish the job.  

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  1. Marjorie, thank you so much for keeping your eye on U.S. politics. Am a lifelong Democrat but hoping Biden hangs it up soon. He’s a good human being and an infinitely better president than 45, but he is just too old for the most stressful job in the world. Democrats have a way of force-feeding their primary voters candidates that don’t excite them–e.g., Hillary Clinton who kept getting less of the popular vote, but the establishment gave her “superdelegate” voters to push her over the top. If Bernie had been allowed his win, or if Clinton had been magnanimous enough to place him on her ticket, the whole country might be different now. If Trump or DeSantis win in ’24, all of the seniors in the U.S. should be frantically concerned about their Medicare and Social Security. The posts here on Republicans opposing abortion rights didn’t factor in the fact that Justice Clarence Thomas and many Republicans are now opposing CONTRACEPTION. The Mississippi governor is already preparing to criminalize it. Republicans have truly become the party of the Stone Age, and they’re winning. I don’t get it and am deeply worried about our poor country. Depend on your wise posts to help make sense of the never-ending mess.

  2. Thank you @Kjm for proving my point with your last sentence.
    Pay attention folks, as this is exactly why one shouldn’t sleep on Liz Cheney.
    I can only sound the warning to choose Dem candidates wisely!

    • Unfortunately, DeSantis is the most clear and present danger and we have Democrats donating to Liz Cheney and not to whoever is going to face DeSantis after the August Democratic primary.

  3. Thank you everyone for so much information both astro and political, it is fascinating to see how the USA and the UK are dealing with such loaded situations with consequences for the next generations, the underlying story seems to be how to organize society so that it best reflects the present needs, mainly how people manage the land and each other.
    The generational planets are certainly shaking up present conditions and the inner planets each in turn give impulses both good and bad for people to think and feel what the right course of action should be. We live in crucial times.

  4. Interestingly…despite all the ney neys the Prez and Veep seem to be receiving, polls shows both of them beating both DeSantis and tfg.

  5. @Troy — don’t forget abortion rights. Cheney is opposed and that’s going to matter as more and more horror stories emerge about women dying from healthcare denied and rape and incest victims forced to carry rapists’ babies to term. Denial of women’s autonomy matters.

    • Possibly, if suburban women hold firm to punishing the GOP for a couple years. But let’s say Dems gain 2 to 5 Senate seats over the 2022 to 2026 midterms and retain a slim but still majority control of Congress. Then they could maybe persuade the smaller number of GOP Senators they would need to get to 60 votes and codify something into law by say….2030. That would take it off the table and suburban women would go back to kitchen table issues. Especially if the economy is not perceived as thriving, then voters can shift right back into “It’s the economy stupid” mode with their penchant for thinking(all be it flawed) that Republicans are better at managing the economy.
      Some politicians do strategically “evolve” their positions over time. Liz is only 56 so she has some time to play her cards strategically. Many possibilities so we’ll just have wait and see.

      • It is remarkable that despite the supporters, in fifty years it was never codified. I see that marriage equality is hoping to avoid that strategic error.
        Was RvW decided under a retrograde planet?

        Marjorie, would it be possible to compare the two. From my perspective as a non-American, the politics are far less interesting than the astrology.

        • @ PC. Democrats never had 60 votes in the Senate to break a filibuster to pass Roe into law and it would have been outlawed as soon as Republicans controlled Congress and the White House.

          The problem with Democratic voters is that they are self-satisfied and lazy while Republicans are borderline obsessive in their goals of controlling the culture.

  6. Democrat Mitch Landrieu would definitely be my candidate for President if he decided for run – I would vote for him in a “New Orleans Second” over Joe Biden or Kamala Harris.

    I really like the Landrieu Family. Former Louisiana Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu (Mitch’s sister) was amazing and she was very popular in her state until 2014. Mary Landrieu was one of my favorite Senators.

    The Landrieu Family are all traditional moderate Democrats (like myself) and someone like Mitch Landrieu could possibly appear to ancestral Democrats here in the American South.

    Louisiana, until the 2000s, used to be a blue Democrat state….but they became Republican when the Democratic Party moved further left.

    I would like to see Mitch Landrieu as President , Amy Klobuchar as Vice President, and Susan Rice as Secretary of State. That would be my dream team.

    • @ Chris
      How do you think Landrieu would have been able to win a national election if he couldn’t win a statewide election in Louisiana?

      Actually no real Democrat has a chance of winning a statewide election after Bush re-located so many blacks citizens from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina who never returned.

      I’m not sure that Klobuchar is healthy enough since she is a breast cancer survivor and Susan Rice will always be associated with Benghazi.

      I was hoping for a Kamala Harris/Pete Buttigieg ticket in 2024 but oh well.

      • @ Roderick,

        I know all about the major demographic shift in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. Also, Mitch Landrieu has won a statewide election in Louisiana – he was elected Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana in 2003.

        Even though the demographics and politics of Louisiana has changed since the 2000s, Mitch Landrieu is still fairly popular there from what I’ve read – many people here in North Florida (and this part of the state is very much aligned culturally and geographically with the Deep South) also like Mitch.

        You mentioned a Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg ticket in 2024. Given the current state of world affairs and geopolitics, I feel it’s imperative we elect a President and Vice President who have experience in foreign policy. I know foreign policy isn’t a top-of-the-list issue for many American voters (most American voters obviously vote on domestic issues and concerns), but me being a true “global citizen,” humanist, and xenophile, foreign policy is a pivotal issue for me as a voter.

        I am deeply concerned about the Russian Federation’s imperialistic and brutal war in Ukraine, China’sthreats toward Taiwan, Turkey’s aggression towards the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria as well as Iraq’s politically autonomous Kurdistan Region and threats towards Greece, and Azerbaijan’s aggression toward the Indigenous Armenians of Artsakh / Nagorno-Karabakh.

        Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and Erdoğan have become 3 of the most dangerous world leaders in recent years – all 3 of them are ruthlessly vying for economic dominance, engaging in genocidal tactics towards Indigenous peoples (Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars, Uyghurs, Kurds, and Yazidis), and engaging in land grabs. I just don’t see Kamala Harris or Pete Buttigieg being able handle any of these autocrats effectively. Kamala Harris, in particular, has already had some major blunders….which is cause for serious concern. Putin, Jingping, Erdoğan, and other autocrats would probably do everything they could to test Harris or Buttigieg – likely seeing both of them as novices.

        • @ Chris, you obviously misunderstood what I meant when I mentioned Harris and Buttigieg.
          From the astrology I don’t see either running or winning the Democratic presidential nomination or being the VP in 2024.

          All of what you’ve said is true, but because the U.S. Mars has been retrograde since 2006 I believe that most of the focus of the American presidents for the next few decades will be holding America together not concerned about foreign threats.

          As for Russia and China both of those are countries are facing internal issues mostly related to decreasing domestic populations so there is no point in trying to predict the future when nothing is certain.

    • @Chris: Landrieu and Klobuchar is a sensible pairing. But the Dem nominee would be wiser in choosing Buttigieg as a running mate, which I’m pretty sure I don’t have to list the reasons why again. It would prime him for a run in the 2030s where he could then potentially face 2 Republicans who could win. Spencer Cox and now Cheney. At least if Pete loses, I’d be satisfied that Dems put up one of their best. Him being gay would no longer be a deal breaker I think, but voters just feel the Dems got a good run and the GOP have earned another shot at the top with either of these two being the nominee.
      A white woman who’s a Leo and has become a darling amongst Moderates is likely going to be a force to be reckoned with to become the first woman POTUS.

    • ++ “when the Democratic Party moved further left.” ++

      Chris, I think the Overton window has to be considered here. In the U.S., it has shifted so far to the Right. There’s nothing even mildly Leftist about any of the folks you mentioned above. Sure, “The Squad” is a thing, but they serve their own smaller, more progressive districts. It’s not nearly enough to make a difference on the national level. OTOH, in their favor, the younger generations have been shown via polling not to be scared off by the “S” word. And Obama governed like a de facto Republican, albeit one of the old-school ones.

      • @ TrisKit,

        I disagree about President Barack Obama governing like a “de facto Republican.” Obama was part of the “New Democrats” coalitions (just like President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore). Barack Obama and Bill Clinton are two of my favorite Presidents (of my lifetime).

        I thought Bill Clinton was amazing with regards to handling the economy and I thought he handled the tragic situation in the Former Yugoslavia (Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo) sensibly and effectively. I was a teenager in the 1990s but I was always informed and up-to-date on world affairs, international relations, and domestic issues.

        Barack Obama was successful on the social progress front. He was able to get us Obamacare (which I am deeply grateful for – having been a former small business owner who used to pay for an outrageously expensive independent plan without any subsidies) and eliminated the pre-existing conditions clause. Obama, didn’t handle ISIS as well as I had wished (like when his administration didn’t immediately take action when ISIS steamrolled through the Sinjar region and committed genocide against the Yazidi ethno-religious group [something the West seldom seems to care about]) but I did support most of his foreign policy and I was happy that his administration successfully killed Osama bin Laden.

        As for my stance on Mitch Landrieu, Mary Landrieu, Amy Klobuchar, and Susan Rice, I like where they stand on issues. I thought Mary Landrieu was effective as a U.S. Senator and I think Amy Klobuchar is still doing an amazing job. I also think Susan Rice has been unfairly branded with the “Benghazi” tag – I honestly think she would make an excellent Secretary of State if given the opportunity.

  7. Thank you, Biden is too old, for the presidency. He won a term, it’s time for him to retire. The best news is the criminal, dictator, narcissist emperor wannabe Trump will not be in office.

    I pray he’s never in politics again. I’m a life long democrat but would vote for Liz Cheney in a heartbeat. I love her.

    • @Kjm, you’d vote for Liz Cheney even if she opposed policies you support? That’s like voting for George W. Bush because you’d like to share a beer with him, despite opposing everything he stood for.

      Lord help the US, as they say in the south.

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