Biden timeline – storms & sea-fog ahead, little luck

Joe Biden is creaking along through a bout of Covid with his approval ratings sinking to a new low over concerns about the economy; and his wife Jill’s dipping after a badly received speech to a Hispanic civil rights group. VP Kamala Harris is down in the dumps as well.  Almost two thirds of Democrats do not want him to run for the White House again in 2024 though he’s sticking firmly to his intention to do so at present.

  2024 will not be a good year for him with a disappointing tr Neptune square his Jupiter/Uranus midpoint in the months leading up to the election at the same time as a catastrophic tr Uranus square his Mars/Saturn midpoint in the October of 2024; and a disruptive tr Uranus opposition his Sun just before that.

  He’ll be increasingly confused either mentally or devastated by problems he can’t make a dent in from early 2023, on and off till late 2024 (exact at the election) with tr Pluto square his Sun/Neptune midpoint and tr Pluto square his Venus/Neptune midpoint also running early 2023 to late 2024 which Ebertin describes as a “painful renunciation.” Though that last could be due to an emotional relationship as well as a career hope.

  By the Inauguration in 2025 he has tr Pluto square his Taurus Moon on the focal point of a Yod so it will be an ultra-sensitive time for him. Though he’ll also have a confident, upbeat tr Pluto opposition his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint at the same time.

  At the moment he has tr Uranus square his Pluto/North Node midpoint for  significant disruptions which is sometimes associated with great or tragic upsets within a community. The early August Mars, Uranus, NN will catch it exactly, and Uranus continues on till mid October and returns in late April 2023. He’s got an accident-prone/setback tr Saturn square his Sun/Mars midpoint late August to mid September, and again early December this year.

  This year into early 2023 he has tr Saturn square his Mercury, Sun, Venus in Scorpio which is downbeat but probably nothing too critical.

  From June 2023 on and off till March 2024, tr Uranus opposes his Sun/Mars for periods of serious aggravation. Plus a panicky, undermining tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Pluto midpoint August 9th to September 20th this year again Feb/March and December 2023. 

 He does have one upbeat influence – tr Pluto trine his Sun/Jupiter midpoint this August till early this December which is only mild but better than nothing and will bring some relief.

  Much of the above, even the calamities and catastrophes, would be standard since the White House is never a walk in the park. Though the running Neptune sinkers as well as disaster-prone influences throughout suggest it might be more than ordinarily bumpy and swampy for him.

Jill Biden looks relatively upbeat over the 2024 election since tr Jupiter in Gemini picks up her Sun, Mars in Gemini but wives are not always a good judge since they are quite often relieved to be away from the goldfish bowl and risk of a White House stint.

17 thoughts on “Biden timeline – storms & sea-fog ahead, little luck

  1. Anyone else see in Biden’s astrology that he is unlikely to complete this first term? What do you see for him around November 8th eclipse? Also the astrology around the time his adult son died?

  2. Joe Biden is born under the star of Scorpio. The people I know in this sign are very tough and have survived
    the most appalling adversity and won. He has buried his first wife and two children and has overcome a speech
    impediment. Few individuals, regardless of their signs have risen to such a height after such terrible tragedy.

    This is not an individual that can be easily written off, despite his age.
    Interestingly, Gurmeet Singh uses Verdic Astrology and posted Donald Trump’s rise and decline with unnerving
    accuracy from 2016-20 has predicted JB will continue as POTUS, in 2024.

  3. I think Joe Biden, as a centrist, would be viable for 2024 if it weren’t for his age. He may be in full command of his faculties (I believe he is), but most people in their late seventies and beyond have some speech hesitation and simply not enough energy to present as fighters. I voted for him, but I agree we need new blood in 2024. I am worried that Kamala Harris could not win the White House; the problem has absolutely nothing to do with race or gender, she just hasn’t been impressive or charismatic. I wonder why more people have not mentioned Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island as a potential candidate. His gender and Caucasion ethnicity will work against him in our diversity-loving party, but his investigation of dark money in the Supreme Court has been nothing short of brilliant, he’s a fine lawyer, great speaker, modest, hard-working, and would make a fine president. I would be extremely interested in Marjorie’s opinion of his prospects.

  4. Y’all need to get out of your cocoons. NY/NJ New England or California/Washington/Oregon are not representative of the greater American public. But those areas are the Dem party’s strongholds. The Democratic party has developed a very left public persona for the public to sneer at. Newsome and Kamala and Buttigieg sorta epitomize that Dem. appeal to the general public. Much of the country openly rejects that. They would trend badly in a general election. New York and California, especially, have had very large out-migration in large measure due to the Dem policies which center around high taxes, coddling criminals and large scale illegal immigration. These policies play poorly in the rest of the country. But they also strongly pull middle class voters into the Republican party’s arms. Trump, ass that he is, is the signal carrier for this rejection of the the left in America.

    Newsome gets that lefty California label and that isn’t appealing to especially the independents. Kamala seems clueless to many and Fox News bashes her despite the VP having virtually no power and no say in US legislation and policies. Buttigeig has no legislative or governing credentials. Mayors don’t cut it in national US politics. He needs to run for the Senate or better yet governor to be a viable candidate for President. Landrieu is unknown. Power brokers may know him but he has no national political identity. He’s no Bobby Kennedy or Barak Obama to charismatically inspire the public. It won’t happen easily for these candidates to outpoll even Joe Biden. The Democrats can’t win w/o a large moderate voter crossover in the general election. (The electoral votes just aren’t there.) Particularly in the “purple” states which will decide the election according to the political junkies. Pandering to the Dem party’s left policies will doom that chance in Nov 2024.

    The strongest appeal the Democrats have is Roe v Wade and the moves against contraception by the conservatives. Thus it’s the Republican POLICY base that motivates the base Democratic voters not any of these four Democratic candidates. Essentially the Democratic party has no standard bearer unless you think Biden is that. LOL.

    On the Republican side, there’s the Donald. But he already has proven himself unable to win last time around. His endless grousing will inhibit most voters — so as to prefer a different candidate. Both governors Abbott from TX and DeSantis form FL are similar politically but not so bombastic yet have strong claims to good governance in their respective states. They are much stronger candidates for the Repubs than any of the Dems for the Dem party.

    Just so you know, I’m an independent voter. I live in a “purple” state – Wisconsin. I live in the suburbs of Milwaukee (the biggest city). By US standards I’m center-somewhat left politically. Democratic party support, in this state at least, has dropped tremendously over the past four decades. The working class is all Republican, even many black working class voters lean Republican. The suburbanites are swing votes leaning Republican, the big cities lean Democrat. The rural and small town and exurban communities go overwhelmingly Republican. Just yesterday I was on the highway and there were pickup trucks everywhere with big flags proclaiming “F*ck Biden” flapping in the breeze zooming down the interstate highway. Small town people have similar stuff in their front yards. And I mean all over the place. It’s in some suburban front lawns too. The Dems are in trouble here. If not for Roe v Wade it would be all over in this state. And I hear conditions are similar in most of the “battleground purple states” that are the key to victory. For you Brits, think something like the “leavers” campaign.

    I’m not a Bernie voter, but he would be better for our country than any of the above. Good luck dreaming about the perfect Democratic candidate to lead the party faithful. They don’t appear to exist. Cross your fingers that the Republicans lose despite the mood in this country. God willing.

    • @Carson: While you make some fair points, I’ve already sufficiently addressed or countered the rest.
      The fact that you identify as Independent and think Bernie would be better than ML, PB or even GN is typical of ‘some’ non affiliated voters which tend to be cynical and or fickle. It’s expected so it’s fine. Suffice to say any of these 3, but one in particular, would not find it difficult to out poll Biden; especially in 2023!

  5. I apologize to you Marjorie Orr the poll is imminently out there the truth of July 19 to22 says Bidens approval rating with Democrats is @37%. 538 polls. Thank you Troy. I’m not blaming Biden and Thank you Mimi. I agree the badmouthing is in the air. Nicole I’m with you, if Biden isn’t our man or woman, there is no alternative. In fly over land I’ll be voting the party line come hell or high water, unless the Supreme Court outlaws it. Carey

  6. Biden has a diurnal chart, Sun above the horizon. His Sun is in Scorpio and the 3 triplicity lords of his
    Sun are Venus, Mars, and Moon. He is 79+ yrs old, so the Moon rules the last third of his life.
    Moon deals with public opinion. His Moon is exalted in Taurus but receives malefic aspects from
    a Mars opposition and from a sextile from Saturn, in 7th, public opinion. His Moon is also in the
    bounds of a malefic Mars. Source: Dorotheus of Sidon in “Carmen Astrologicum”.
    Altho’ Biden wants to run again, there is much opposition to his doing so. He would not do well
    in an election.

  7. I am Not conviced that 2/3 rds of the Democrates do not want Joe to run in 2024. I often wish you could site your polling sources for such “facts”. I think such statements are not of your expertise, and wish you would sincerely stick to the interpretation of the charts which I praise. You know well that polls and sensationalism garner response, thus mine. Do you think the party wants us to start gearing up now and has this in mind. “I’m for Joe,are you for Joe, well who isn’t” kinda dialog.??? May the stars line up for all of us that just keep plugging away at life itself. BLESSED BE the “ok now what” of life’s trauma and drama, surprise and drive, wealth and stealth, ifs and buts. I appreciate your care and consideration of our situations overhear in the Native mans Land, MsMarjorie Orr. Thank you.

    • @Carey: While there are certain aspects of a poll that can be misinterpreted or even a flawed question in a poll that doesn’t elucidate the true feelings of a voter, approval and favorability ratings are straight forward. There are several sites like 538 that aggregate polls to give you averages. And while decent polls can miss the mark by even 10 points, Biden’s approval deficit gap is outside of any polling error. Which means even Democrat leaning or biased polls have him down significantly. That’s not normal.
      Democrats based on at least modern history, don’t like senior candidates. They lean more to age 40s and 50s who are fairly charismatic and/or intellectually sharp; none of which can be used to describe Biden. He only won the nomination for 2 reasons. A) familiarity/experience and B) his strongest opponent was gay and seen as too risky at this time. So Biden was seen as not ideal but safe by Dems; as in just to get rid of Trump. His age is too risky for the long run so it was basically a one term deal.
      Now you have the likes of Gavin Newsom, a tall, easy on the eyes fella in his 50s Governor raising his national profile, with others to follow. Those polls are showing Biden that Dems expect that one term contract to be honored. And if he unwisely refuses to step aside, then fate may very well do it for him!
      So try and limit your emotions to not unfairly cast aspersions and accept reality based on the polling data, which in this case is not difficult to comprehend.

    • @Carey, I’m an activist Dem, all my life. I like Biden, but I agree with Troy, who has it right. It’s fine now for him to talk about running again, since not doing so would further hamper his ability to get things done as a lame duck (hate that term!), but we really do need a younger, more politically agile candidate more in tune with current trends.

      I’m a Californian for over 20 years now but a native of more conservative Virginia. I’m impressed with Gavin Newsom, who’s done a great job steering this large unwieldy state through the seesaws of the pandemic, but have no illusions that the country is ready yet for a photogenic progressive Dem — from “left-coast” California (as many critics from elsewhere refer to us) like him to be our standard bearer.

      I do hope that ultimately Biden decides that one term is enough. Now that I’m older and still working, I understand how acuity generally declines and the body and mind usually slow over 70.

      • Yes, I am in total agreement. I have lived in California for over 20 years and moved here from Boston, so I am fortunate to have lived in progressive states. As much as I, too, appreciate Newsom (and have since he married same-sex couples in San Francisco), I don’t think the rest of the U.S. would, unfortunately, embrace all the qualities I like in him. While I agree regarding the type of Presidental candidates Dems typically go for, I hate the Biden bashing. I will vote for and support any Democrat at any time from here to eternity as the Republican party is an existential threat to Democracy and all that is good and decent in our country.

        • I’m totally with you, Mimi. I can’t vote for a Republican, especially in the Trump era, when any Republican victory buoys him up.

      • Yes Newsom being a West coaster may have a steepish hill to climb, but I figure he’s playing 2 angles.
        Primarily: He’s not going to challenge Kamala if she runs, so he figures get his name out there for a VP spot which he can use as a bigger stepping stone down down the road.
        Secondary: But in case she’s so unpopular that she is forced to bow out via pressure from Dem power brokers, then he’ll be at the head of the line.

        My candidate to watch is Mitch Landrieu. He may not be under the national radar, but he’s being talked about in the donor circles. Even Bill Maher is encouraging him! I’m just not sure he’s interested, but I have a feeling that if Kamala sours, the power brokers will try to nudge him as a candidate with southern roots appeal; hence, a perceived advantage over Newsom.
        Fun fact. Landrieu and Barack are both Leo sun/Gemini moon. Interesting.

        • @Troy, I don’t think Landrieu has enough national name recognition — yet. I like Buttigieg (our formerly conservative newspaper actually endorsed him in ’20, much to my shock), but I doubt the US is quite ready for a married gay man yet. But I’d love to be proved wrong. He oozes competence and is a great communicator, both qualities we desperate need along with openness and transparency. And he’s pretty moderate while appealing to liberals like me. Landrieu of course is also a moderate, our best chance at winning. And of course there are some up and coming women with better political skills than Kamala.

          • @Nicole: I wouldn’t worry about name recognition, as Buttigieg proved that it’s overrated if you have that special political sauce. I too underestimated him in the beginning until I watched his famous first CNN interview special. His intellect and articulation during that sitting hit me like a strong gust of sea breeze. 🙂 The rest is now history. So I’m still on the Mayor Pete train but he has time on his side. And I figure if by some miracle Kamala gets the nomination, the VP spot is going to be a battle between him and Newsom. Plus in this case, Pete’s sexuality may become an advantage given fears of gay marriage being next on the chopping block. Oh and remember that sharp, charismatic Black politician that came out of nowhere to become the 44th POTUS in a hot minute?!
            Like I said in a prior post, never underestimate a Leo sun in politics.

            I agree about the rising women talent. I’m watching Mallory McMorrow like a Hawk. Lol. I see potential. She needs a Senate seat like yesterday as Dems will need a solid lady to go up against Liz Cheney(another Leo sun who’s stock has risen among moderates) when she could run for the top job in 28′ or 32′.

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