Boris & Carrie – a snap, crackle, pop wedding

A happy occasion to brighten spirits in advance with Boris and Carrie having sent out ‘put in your diary’ cards for a putative wedding on July 30 2022. Given her ambitious and mega-expensive decoration scheme for the No 10 makeover she no doubt wants time to plan a showy event to remember.

  The chosen day has a firecracker, argumentative Mars Uranus conjunction square Mercury Moon opposition Saturn so it does not point to a calm or particularly upbeat mood.

  Given Boris’s marital and romantic track record it wouldn’t be surprising if he viewed the prospect with some trepidation and there are hints of alarm on his chart. His Solar Arc Saturn is in a gloomy opposition to his Moon; tr Saturn is in a discouraging and dutiful opposition to his Solar Arc Sun, Venus; and tr Pluto is in a frustrating, trapped opposition to his Solar Arc Mars. Plus a trio of transits to midpoints which are less than euphoric.

Carrie, 17 March 1988, is in marginally better spirits with tr Pluto sextile her Pisces Sun exactly and her Solar Arc Sun will be in a confident, lucky conjunction to her Jupiter then or immediately after. She will have a few nervy and sinking moments, but looks in better shape than the groom. Though she will have tr Neptune conjunct her Sun in 2023/4 which will be lacklustre, perhaps disappointing.

   Their relationship chart has a successful, confident composite Sun Node Jupiter – with both the Sun and Jupiter on the apex of a Yod to a hyper-ambitious Pluto sextile Neptune. That is yet another self-righteous, over-grandiose Yod, making the fourth this week.  The Yod itself is an indication of a relationship that will have fateful consequences for both and will change their lifestyles radically.

  There is a welded-together Saturn trine Pluto trine Venus in Air signs, giving them a strong intellectual and ideological bond; though with constant running tensions from the Uranus square Saturn tied into Jupiter and the Sun.

   This year is seeing their connection under a good deal of pressure with the tr Saturn square tr Uranus battering the composite Sun and a sinking-panic tr Neptune conjunct the composite Mars picking up from the 30th of this month and running off and on until February 2023.

   Usually I don’t like raining on a happy couple’s parade but given the triumph-of-hope-over-experience nature of this beast, I’d see 2025 or thereabouts as being the danger point – with tr Uranus in hard aspect to Boris’s Sun/Moon midpoint and tr Saturn conjunct Carrie’s Sun/Moon. Also Boris’s Moon catches the tr Pluto square in 2023/24. And the relationship chart will be under severe pressure from tr Pluto conjunct the composite Saturn and square Uranus.

All this with a caveat that there is much water to flow under many bridges between now and all may change.

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  1. I remember years ago reading that you should always count three days before or after an eclipse before embarking on anything as important as a marriage. Charles and Diana married within 3 days of an eclipse and indeed their marriage took them via highways and byways that neither of them could have imagined. Seems that Borris and Carrie have also tied the knot today within that 3 day orb of the May eclipse so I guess their marital journey too will likely also turn out to be a roller coaster. I don’t know enough to be able to create (or read) that chart however. Will you be revisiting it Marjorie? The question that comes to mind is: why now?

  2. In a surprise move they apparently married today, Saturday 29th May around lunchtime at Westminster Cathedral in a Catholic ceremony !

    Prior planning or a dead cat move to distract from the Cummings fallout who knows !

  3. I’m wondering now about that Uranus square Venus transit falling on the happy day.

    “It’s often said that a transit of Uranus to natal Venus could bring a new lover – albeit a short-term one.”

    For some reason I keep thinking of that quote from James Goldsmith about how when a man marries his mistress, he creates a job vacancy.

    • If you found someone with “uranus square venus” in their natal chart, you’d probably be looking at someone who flits between needing closeness and holding the other person at arm’s length.

      Can’t see Boris changing his spots now, so that vacancy is very much opening up.

    • Hi Linda It might be worth your while getting a good book on astrology and studying it. It would help you considerably in understanding the astrological discussions that take place on this website I know I wouldn’t manage without having done this.

        • Marjorie has written the sun moon lovers guide advertised on this website Laura. Otherwise if it’s just a case of knowing the basics you can browse through the books in any bookshop/ library for one that you’re happy with. If you want to know what transits means a google search would give you the information you neeed.Marjorie night feel that she would like to add some comments?

    • Hi Linda

      I wrote “Transiting Uranus going over her natal Taurus Venus and opposing natal Scorp Pluto.”

      – Transits of Uranus shake things up. Something completely unexpected happens that surprises and changes things.
      – Venus in a woman’s chart is typically about how she attracts a man. So a Taurus venus is practical and sensual; someone like a Leo venus would want to be treated like a queen etc, etc. On a deeper level, venus can represent what you value whether that’s money, love, art or whatever.
      – Pluto is where your passion and intensity lie. It can be where you’re obsessive and unyielding. It’s where you can become controlling of others to get what you want.

      It’s often said that a transit of Uranus to natal Venus could bring a new lover – albeit a short-term one. The transit exposes to someone new in love who causes you to change your values.

      Which is why it’s strange to see her announcing her wedding date – there’s not much surprise given she’s been engaged for over a year.


  4. Most people enter into marriage thinking this one will work, when all the others haven’t. But you do have to consider that they really love each other. I imagine Boris felt that way about all his marriages or relationships. It really is a case of hope over experience. And that has been his path throughout his life. I bet his horoscope would say much the same thing.

  5. I am not one to do electional astrology… my sense for me is that the Gods will maybe give me a few chits in my lifetime to do this, so I better be careful!!
    However.. I did do it for my wedding date 13 years ago. The astrology was so intense at the time and no day really seemed appropriate. I decided on a Thursday, mid summer, at 4:30 pm!! Found a place and made all the arrangements.

    A month later, we were getting organized about other things happening at that time. At one point, my future husband said.. “we can’t do that then, we have a wedding to go to that day!”.
    I said, “For heaven’s sake.. who would get married on a THURSDAY?”!!!
    “We are honey.. it’s us!”. So funny.

    I DO recommend it, however as all these years later, the astrology of that wedding date and time has been beneficial for sure!

    “easily nagged into making promises”…. very funny!

    Happy Victoria Day from Canada!

  6. Good luck to them. Hard to feel positive for their chances given Boris’ track record.

    Am I reading her chart right? Transiting Uranus going over her natal Taurus Venus and opposing natal Scorp Pluto. If they weren’t already engaged, it would be a shocker!

    • When I got married, transit Uranus was conjunct my descendant. I always interpreted it as a change in status and I was also marrying an Aquarian!

    • Yes, v weird and not just tr Saturn square tr Uranus hitting her Venus opposition Pluto, but her Solar Arc Neptune is also square that opposition. Not exactly when I’d have expected them to announce a happy day.

      • I expect the difficult transits have unsettled her, so she’s responded by nagging Boris into setting a date. I imagine he is very easily nagged into making promises.

        • Very funny, and I agree he is probably very easy to nag into a promise. But is that promise written on water? I wondered if she’s been thinking about having another baby possibly. It would not surprise me. Jupiter in Pisces transit in her chart looks quite interesting during it’s journey. It’s there now, hinting at Jupiterian things to come.
          A few testing conversations lie ahead for Boris with all his other children anyway. The Saturn movements in his chart may encourage commitment, but also a feeling of no way out…..a hard thing for many Geminis to face.

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