Belarus dictator – flagrant abuse of airspace ++ Roman Protasevich

  ‘An act of state terrorism’ is how the forced diversion of a Ryanair flight going from Greece to Lithuania with a fake bomb threat in order to seize a Belarusian opposition activist on board is being described. Alexander Lukashenko, Europe’s last dictator, president of Belarus since 1994, has been facing increasing opposition since ‘deeply’ flawed elections last year led to huge protests over his economic mismanagement and handling of the pandemic.  The hundreds of thousands of Belarusians who took to the streets were subject to a brutal crackdown.

Lukashenko, 30 August 1954, is a Sun Virgo trine Mars in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Scorpio – hard-edged, unsentimental. His Pluto is also in a ruthless trine to Mars.  He’s got a lucky Jupiter Uranus in Cancer squaring a can-be-fanatical Neptune and Venus in Libra. Tr Pluto is square his Neptune and opposition his Uranus this year for confusion and disruption; with his nadir looking like 2023/24.

  Though what will be more pertinent is his presidency chart, 20 July 1994, which has been badly tattled in recent times with tr Pluto conjunct the Neptune in 2019/2021 and has now moved to conjunct the Uranus for a potential turnaround or upset; with more pressure and challenges in 2022/23 from tr Pluto opposition the Sun.

   The modern Belarus country chart, 25 August 1991, maybe 6pm, Minsk, is facing its greatest test in 2022 when there is a panicky-failure tr Neptune opposition the Mars from May onwards till late 2023 and tr Uranus will oppose the Pluto from June onwards for a year which will most likely lead to a rebellion, revolution, considerable public unrest. If the start time is accurate tr Uranus will move then into the 4th house stirring up domestic disruption and insistent pressure for change.

 Roman Protasevich, who was dragged off the plane in fear of his life, was born, according to net sources, on 5 May 1995 which makes him a stalwart Sun Taurus with the highly-strung Neptune Uranus conjunction on the focal point of a tough-minded mini-Grand Trine between Pluto and Saturn. He also has one or maybe two Yods. His Saturn in Pisces is sextile Neptune and both are inconjunct Mars in Leo, making him assertive but also with a tendency to be erratic and disruptive.  He also has his Jupiter inconjunct his Sun (yet another!) and perhaps sextile a Cancer Moon.

  He’s having a confusing, devastating, nerve-stretching 2021 and much the same in a swampy, undermining 2022.  

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4 thoughts on “Belarus dictator – flagrant abuse of airspace ++ Roman Protasevich

  1. I dont think we can guarantee the accuracy of his birth data though, Rodden only gives it a C. Theres controversy over the day, not least the time. Putins another old school dictator with an even less substantiated birth time.

  2. Reminds me of the Kashoggi murder – who was killed despite being outside of Saudi Arabia – combined with, of course, Navalny, taken to the next level. The despots must feel insecure despite their overwhelming power to murder dissident journalists so overtly (or want to pass a message to their unhappy public?).

    meanwhile, another hard-edged, fearful male Virgo in power 🙁

  3. Do you see any astrological similarities with Nicolae Ceaușescu of Romain, who went out in quite a spectacular way?

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