Max Mosely – exerting control on his back story

Max Mosely has died, famous as a key figure spearheading Formula One racing for decades and infamous as the son of the prominent fascists ‘Blackshirt’ Oswald Mosley and the former Diana Mitford; and latterly a relentless campaigner for press regulation after he was outed by a Murdoch tabloid for a sado-masochistic orgy with prostitutes.  The liberal left, including Labour’s Tom Watson became cheerleaders for his attacks on media intrusion but then dropped him like a hot brick when his earlier pro-Nazi and anti-immigrant, racist past emerged. He was instrumental in the fight against hacking which led to the News of the World’s demise, which earned him plaudits but his dubious past and dubious motives left him open to attack.  

  He was born 13 April 1940 eleven weeks before his parents were interned in prison for three years because of their pro-Hitler propaganda. He was the fourth child of Oswald Mosely and Diana Mitford, whose 1936 Berlin wedding was held in the home of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels and attended by Adolf Hitler. Oswald was an unpleasant character who cheated on his first wife, Lady Cynthia Curzon, with her sister and her stepmother and after her death married his (other) mistress Diana Mitford who had been cheating on her Guinness family husband – London’s bright young things.

  Max had a mixed childhood, with nannies and home-schooling initially, time spent in Ireland and two years in a boarding school in Germany with links to Nazi sympathisers. At Oxford he became a cheerleader for his father’s return to political life with a rebranded fascist party, which campaigned against Jews as well as West Indian immigrants and he helped stoke the flames that led to the 1958 race riots in Notting Hill.

  The sado-masochistic orgy which was reported in the News of the World detailed that he had whipped prostitutes dressed in striped pyjamas while counting in German. This was the kind of information he wanted silenced.

  He once said that his predilection for sadomasochistic sex had begun in his childhood – “The interest started when my age was still in single figures” – though he hid it from his wife and friends.

  He had a super-confident Sun Jupiter in Aries which was inconjunct Neptune – lucky, pro-active, overly grandiose and another of those who thought he ought to be untouchable.  He also had a ramped up Venus Mars conjunction in Gemini, redolent of Jeffrey Epstein and some of his associates. There’s also a slippery and evasive Mercury opposition Neptune and an unyielding Saturn in Taurus square Pluto in Leo with his Sun Jupiter square Pluto as well leading to a might-makes-right attitude. When push comes to shove, he was no shrinking violet. At first glance it seems a lighter chart than I’d have expected but house placings will make a considerable difference.

  He was certainly nowhere near as off-putting as his father Oswald, 16 November 1896, a Sun, Uranus, Saturn, Mercury in Scorpio square an Aquarius North Node; and the signature Neptune Pluto in Gemini of the time with Mars also in Gemini opposition Venus.

  His mother Diana Mitford, supposedly the brains behind the family’s political aspirations, was a controlling Sun Pluto in Gemini with an explosive, disruptive Mars in Cancer opposition Uranus – not one for compromising. Evidently she never repented her fascist, anti-Semitic views.

  It’s a stretch with no birth time but I would wonder about Max Mosley’s Gemini Moon which was conjunct his mother’s Sun Pluto and his father’s Mars. And his Pluto was conjunct his mother’s Mars. All of which adds up to a bubbling volcano of hostility with monumental power struggles not the least between his parents and between himself and his mother, which he play acted in his dominance/submission games.

  His 9th Harmonic (= what brings pleasure) has a ruthless Pluto Mars connection to Neptune, which does suggest a deviation from the norm. And his Uranus was conjunct his Mars/Saturn and Venus/Saturn midpoints which would give him a cruel streak and a wayward love life.

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5 thoughts on “Max Mosely – exerting control on his back story

  1. Rotten upper class idiots the lot of them. Good riddance. It is past due for the UK to get rid of its class system, disestablish the monarchy, and treat its “aristocracy” in the same way the rest of Europe does. Abolished. Then there’s a hope people won’t be mesmerized by these ingrown, privileged idiots. Diana M, a woman “educated” by governesses, with no real accomplishments, who did nothing with her life but marry 2 guys and have 4 kids (Wow!). Yet she continues to be held up as an object of interest decade after decade. Solely based on her looks. Which aren’t even that great-a US friend commented on her unstraightened “English teeth”. You’d think she could have got that done since “Diana has always lived in great comfort”. I and my GFs are all professionals with PhDs/MDs who have high powered careers and pay our way. I don’t notice anyone asking us for an opinion.

    • Diana and Unity Mitford-about as much intelligence as a couple of Justin Bieber fans and both long overdue for consignment to the Dustbin of History.

  2. ‘The sado-masochistic orgy which was reported in the News of the World detailed that he had whipped prostitutes dressed in striped pyjamas while counting in German. This was the kind of information he wanted silenced.’

    Given that charming scenario, I dont know that he is not as bad as his dad after all.
    His Sun is also in outer sign conjunction with Saturn and square that Pluto, and the Sun Jupiter and Lillith are square Chiron in Cancer the family curse from the past, sickeningly played out in the above scenario. Also re the venus mars conjunction in Gemini, I cant remember if it was you Marjorie who wrote a piece about Venus Mars conjunction and its dark sociopathic side, as in Hitler etc.

  3. Max Mosley has Moon at 22Gemini37
    Oswald Mosely has Neptune at 19Gemini32 and Mars at 27Gem50
    Diana Mitford has Sun at 25Gem24 and Pluto at 26Gem21

  4. Martha was wondering where his Moon was. I rectified his chart to 3:25:09 AM, Asc 26Capricorn39, appropriate for a Formula 1 chief. His Moon is at 22Gemine37 allowing you to compare his mom and dad’s placements.

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