Boris Becker – a winning personality with disastrous flaws

Boris Becker, the former wunderkind of tennis, winning his first Grand Slam at 17 and six more before he retired, is facing prison for financial deceptions. He was declared bankrupt in 2017 over a £3 million debt but hid assets and continued spending. His off-court and retirement life has been the stuff of tabloid headlines with a tangled love life, a paternity suit, DNA tests, a divorce amid tales of lavish living and allegations of deceit.

  He was born 22 November 1967 8.45am Leimen, Germany, and has a powerful though potentially chaotic chart. His Scorpio Sun is conjunct Neptune in the 12th trine an 8th house Cancer Moon, sextile Uranus Pluto in Virgo and sextile Mars; and square Jupiter. His Moon is opposition a 2nd house Mars in acquisitive Capricorn. And he has a tricky karmic Saturnine Yod inconjunct Mercury in Scorpio sextile Jupiter in Virgo which requires self-discipline and maturity to get the better end of it otherwise it is self-defeating. His Saturn opposes a charming, good-for-PR 10th house Venus in Libra.  Driven, determined, emotionally intense and not good at listening to advice. 

  His pleasure-seeking 9th Harmonic is exceptionally strong. And his Moon Mars in the 8th/2nd will exacerbate his tendency to financial excess. His Mars sextile Sun Neptune trine Pluto Uranus will give him a bulldozing inclination to go his own way with evasions if need be and overt bullying if all else fails.  

  This year he has the final aspect of tr Pluto opposition his Moon which will be emotionally fraught from August this year; with disempowering panics and disruptions from midpoints and a jangled Solar Arc. With nothing that looks like good news for several years ahead. 

5 thoughts on “Boris Becker – a winning personality with disastrous flaws

  1. I’ve always liked Boris. He has lovely strawberry blonde hair, like hamster fur! My Moon (22) and Neptune are in Scorpio so maybe that’s why. I hope he doesn’t go to prison.

  2. November 1967 was a crazy month of beginnings and endings. I remember these so well.

    Rolling Stone magazine founded. In the USA, PBS public broadcasting was founded. The Cultural Revolution began in China. Lots of rocket launches to prepare for US launch to the moon. British Archbishop quit to do missionary work in Africa with lepers. Worst US battle losses in Vietnam at Dok To which galvanized US civilian opposition. Carl Stokes became the first black elected mayor of a major city in the USA. Turks and Greeks began the major fighting that split Cyprus into separate wars enclaves. British pound was devalued which started a major economic crisis including a gold panic run, later ending gold standard. US air quality regulations (EPA) were enacted into law. Beginning of (fruitless) peace negotiations after the 1967 Israel/Arab war. Beginnings of the student protest movement initially over student fees and then Vietnam protests. McNamara quits as US defense secretary. Eugene McCarthy announces as (peace) candidate for the US Presidency.

    All in the same month! Whew.

  3. To be blunt, he seems like a pretty sh&tty, deceitful human being adding very little to the world and leaving a trail of lies and destruction in other peoples’ lives when his neptunian bubble bursts. I’m sure he’s a lot of fun until then.

  4. It is reminiscent of a Greek Tragedy – defined loosely as “a drama or literary work in which the main character is brought to ruin or suffers extreme sorrow, especially as a consequence of a tragic flaw, moral weakness, or inability to cope with unfavourable circumstances”.

    In other words, these highflyers sow the seeds of their own eventual downfall.

  5. He’s the same era of sportsman as Paul Merson, who spoke recently about how his success in football possibly had a lot to do with his high risk taking – with not such good effects off the pitch. Both have suns at 29 water and an out of bounds Moon, interesting.

    Another sportsman with risky behaviour is Tiger Woods with an out of bounds Mars.

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