Bishop Kirill v Pope Francis – on different spiritual paths

Pope Francis has indicated there is a possibility of him visiting Kiev after he was invited by President Zelensky and Mayor Klitschko. But Vatican sources say it depends to an extent on Bishop Kirill, the Orthodox Patriarch in Moscow, who has been belligerently pro-Putin, justifying the invasion on religious and moral grounds. The two spiritual leaders have been video-calling for a few weeks and there is a hint that there has been a shift in positions. Pope Francis has called the invasion infantile. ”Once again, some potentate, sadly caught up in anachronistic claims of nationalist interests, is provoking and fomenting conflicts, whereas ordinary people sense the need to build a future that, will either be shared, or not be at all.”

  Bishop Kirill, 20 November 1946 St Petersburg, was reportedly a KGB agent in Soviet Russia and has been a prominent supporter of Putin and all his policies. His Scorpio Sun conjunct Venus is catching last November and this May’s Lunar Eclipses for a crisis or two. He also has Jupiter in acquisitive Scorpio, with tales of expensive watches amongst his scandals. He also has a slippery and ruthless Mars in bellicose Sagittarius trine Saturn Pluto in Leo sextile Neptune. Not overflowing with the milk of compassion for sure.

  He has sprinklings of confidence and good news ahead alongside dashed-hopes after August for a few months and car-crash Solar Arcs in 2023/24. His Term chart is boxed in, trapped and infuriated this year and next.

  Pope Francis, 17 December 1936 9pm Buenos Aires, Argentina, has tr Neptune square his 6th house Sagittarius Sun from late this May which will sink his energy and at his age the medical advice will be against such a trip. Though it’s a moot point since he might feel it doesn’t matter what happens to him at this late stage. Relocating his chart to Kiev puts Pluto on the Midheaven which is generally a location that astrologers put a warning danger flag on. It also puts Mars on his Ascendant so it will certainly arouse his anger.

  He and Kirill are polar opposites with Kirill’s obdurate Saturn Pluto opposition the Pope’s Moon Venus in Aquarius; with Kirill’s Uranus opposition the Pope’s Sun North Node – on different paths.

 The Pope’s Election chart 13 March 2013 which has two fated Yods – one onto Jupiter and the other onto Saturn – is in a year of disappointment with tr Neptune conjunct the Sun.

Kirill pic: Kremlinru

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  1. I don’t know if Francis will actually visit Kyiv, but today, when holding mass, he kissed an Ukrainian flag sent from Bucha condemning War Crimes. It is said that he has never forgiven himself for not speaking out louder during Argentian dictatorship. And I think this proofs it. This is deeply personal for him.

  2. There are actually political aspects to Kirill’s “reign”, given Patriarch of Moscow presides over Orthodox Churches in various countries surrounding Russia, while Greek and Balkan Orthodox Churches have traditionally been under Patriarchy of Constantinople, or Ecumenic Patriarchy also presided by Patriarch of Constantinople. Many Orthodox Churches have “switch” Patriarchy over politics, for instance, Finnish Orthodox leaders, fearing Bolshevik influence, decided to bring Finnish Orthodox Church to Ecumenic Patriarchy if Constantinople in 1922. Ukrainian Orthodox Church left Moscow Patriarchy in 2019. Now, it seems even some churches within Moscow Patriarchy are condemning war, including Estonian, “mother church” previous Patriarch Alexy II. There is also battle on control of dioceses within National Churches, for instance in Finland, two Metropolitans were in such bad terms they needed to be called to a hearing by Patriarch of Constantinople a couple if years ago, even these kind of disputes would usually be solved internally by Archbishop.

    Overall, the Orthodox Church “politics” seem Byzantine, and one definitely would need sharp elbows to rise in ranks therr.

    • What gives with organised religion? There are some ‘sharp elbows’ which would be putting it very politely in the Vatican as well – ruthless power (and money) brokers.

      • @Marjorie, yes, true, though the most ambitious Vatican Cardinals usually seem to know their place as “Pope Maker”, rather than Pope nowadays. Could be because of the Reformation, could be that Holy Roman Empire collapsed 100 years before Russian Empire, and “National Projects” in Western Europe were largely secular. But with notable exception of Iberian Penisula dictatorships in the 20th century, secular power hasn’t really “cozied up” with Churches here the way it did in Russia up until 1917, and now again.

        Kirill is most definitely Putin’s doing, he is rumored to be a KGB thug with connections to Saint Petersburg underworld. He was brought in by Putin. As for Francis, he was made by the Cardinals, especially those outside Europe, who had never had a representation, but I’d say also by some “anti- Ratzinger” teologists too.

    • Pope Frank, Sag Sun Moon Aquarius, is an idealist…..somehow he seems to bat off the bullshit/’fame’/ expectation comments…..simplicity in other words, can Confuse the Others who are battling for control of public opinion/ the Vatican, blah blah. His passion is the tango – he had girlfriends, he loved – he’s principled, humorous and the ego is far less important than simple enjoyment of another’s company. Of course Those Ruling will see all this as flaws, not strong enough etc. The man had a life before the Church and accidentally ended up showing us how to live; simply, thankfully, with compassion and humour.

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