Barack Obama – keeping the hope flag flying

Barack Obama welcomed in his seventh decade with a 60th birthday party at their waterfront house on Martha’s Vineyard, reputedly scaled down because of covid but still a multi-marquis rollicking bash.

  Friends and associates describe him as ‘personally content, politically worried but unfailingly optimistic’ as he travels around doing good works, pushing back against voting right restrictions but trying to avoid getting tangled up in Washington brawls. 

  His Solar Return has a dynamic Mars on his Ascendant opposition an upbeat Jupiter on his Descendant squaring onto the Midheaven, so he’ll be going full tilt at times over the coming year. But with a hidden 12th house Sun opposition a hard-working 6th house Saturn square a 9th house Uranus he may also be working behind the scenes on reformist schemes. And a lacklustre Moon square Neptune won’t make him energetic at times or committed.

  On his transits, this year is a basic slog with tr Pluto conjunct his Saturn with odd moments of panicky failure as tr Neptune opposes his Mars, extending throughout 2022 as well. The erratic, jangled tr Uranus square tr Saturn is also hitting on his Leo Sun, which won’t make it easy to hold to a steady course. But if his birth time is accurate then tr Pluto sextile his Midheaven in 2022/23 will see him in control of his destiny and having more influence.

  Tr Pluto moves to square his Jupiter for a confidence and morale boost from early 2023 to late 2024 so he won’t be holding back. Though he doesn’t look too cheerful over the November 2024 period which may not all be election glooms but he’s looking as if he’s had a fender bender.

  In general he’s moving from 2023 onwards into a lower profile phase where he’ll want to be less ambitious for a few years.

  Much is being made (by the Daily Mail) about the Sussexes not being at the Obama party with the thought that the Obamas would have been upset at the implicit attack on the Queen with whom they got on famously and also were uneasy about Meghan’s obvious follow-in-their-footsteps ambitions. The former is most likely and the Michelle/Meghan relationship was never that cosy with hints of a oneupmanship Jupiter Pluto power play and an explosive Uranus Mars. Michelle’s relationship with Harry is also on the slide this year and next with tr Neptune square the composite Venus.

  Barack was always marginally suspicious of Meghan with a composite Saturn Neptune and a competitive Sun Mars in their relationship chart which latter is being rattled in 2021/22.

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  1. Marjorie, Thanks so very much for this.
    Is there anyway you can do an update of Gov. Desantis of Florida has turned into a mad man COVID infection rates are now higher than New York 2020 & he signed exec orders banning banning mask mandates in schools, instead, continuing to tout parents rights to choose thus endangering children.
    He is up for re-election in 2022 and has presidential aspirations for 2024.

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