Prince Andrew – maybe facing a day of reckoning ++ Queen and Charles

Virginia Giuffre has brought a civil suit in the USA against Prince Andrew, alleging she was sexually assaulted by him in London and New York when she was 17. He has consistently denied the claims. The suit claims the prince engaged in sexual acts without her consent, knowing how old she was and “that she was a sex-trafficking victim”.

   Whether it goes the distance remains to be seen and most such cases don’t end up going to trial. It could be settled beforehand or be struck out by a judge or the complainant could cease the action. He won’t face criminal exposure but could be on the hook for significant damages if it goes against him.

  Legal experts say it comes at an unfortunate time for Prince Andrew with the Ghislaine Maxwell trial due in November and the added pressure could persuade her to cooperate with federal prosecutors and provide more information about the individuals who were in the orbit of Jeffrey Epstein.

  What is clear is that both the Prince and Virginia look under considerable pressure and acutely frustrated presumably for different reasons from early 2022 to late 2023. Prince Andrew’s 6th house Mars Venus in Capricorn is under assault from tr Pluto conjunction and her Mars in Cancer at the same degree has the tr Pluto opposition and square her Pluto Saturn. Their charts from the start were chained together in an extremely unhealthy, dangerous way with her Mars square Saturn Pluto keying into his IC and Mars Venus.

  Her Leo Sun is also in his 1st just below his Ascendant so she is (and always will be) a significant marker on his image.

  Their relationship chart looks logjammed and trapped in 2022/23 so whatever happens with the law suit the aggro will run on.

Neither is looking remotely happy for three years ahead. Though with both having the same Leo Ascendant, they will have tr Jupiter through their 8th in 2022, which could arguably see her on the receiving end of a payout and he maybe inheriting a chunk from Prince Philip.   

   Andrew’s chart in addition to the Pluto grind through his 6th house of health and work has a ‘shocking’ and upsetting Solar Arc Moon conjunct his Mars mid 2022. He’s looking understandably upset exactly now with tr Uranus square his Sun/Venus midpoint and soon in an insecure square to his Sun/Mars; as well as the damaged-reputation tr Pluto square his Midheaven now till late November.

  He does have the odd Jupiter lift ahead from Solar Arcs, Midpoints and houses, so he will be handed an undeserved dollop of luck along the way. But those Pluto transits will be punishing.

See previous post June 8 2020.

As an addendum – his not quite ex-wife Sarah Ferguson is looking deeply unhappy and backed into a corner through this December with tr Pluto square her Mars.

Add On: The Royals will be on edge with yet another scud missile threatening to hole their reputation below the water line. Even the Queen looks less than enamoured of her supposedly favourite son with tr Saturn conjunct their composite Mars exactly now and moving to oppose the composite Pluto for the rest of the month; both of which repeat mid-November to early December, presumably aggravated by the Maxwell trial. A lot of anger and frustration tied up in there. Plus a fair amount of jousting for the upper hand.

  Andrew and Charles have famously never got on with a competitive sibling hostility rolling under the surface. At the moment everything is going up in the air between them with tr Pluto opposition the composite Uranus till late November and continuing in a devastating square to the composite Neptune throughout 2022 – and not improving thereafter.

  Prince William has never taken to his uncle with tensions and suspicions souring their relationship. There could be a significant rupture between them in 2023/24, worsening for the three years following.

 His sort-of-ex-wife Sarah is tied to Andrew’s fortunes, since he bales her out financially when she gets in trouble which is very frequently – and that bond will be undermined and jolted significantly in coming years – not parting company but they’ll have a rough ride together.

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  1. Cressida Dick has just announced that she has ordered the Met Police to investigate Prince Andrew over the allegations presented by Virginia Giuffre.

  2. Actually I might be wrong about Andrew being a lost cause. I seem to remember that a law or laws were changed to allow our police to pursue child molesters anywhere in the world. So maybe, Prince Andrew could be pursued through British courts if they could accept a foreign country’s age of consent that differed from their own. I seem to remember a certain pop star being pursued that way in Southeast Asia.

  3. Most people now regard Prince Andrew with contempt …and rightly so, He deserves it.
    What I dont understand ….and I’m no astrologer by the way….Is how come Boris and his cronies seem to march on unopposed by the press and the common people (I have neighbours who think he is doing a good job )
    He seems to march on regardless in spite of all the mistakes and lies etc

    • What I find interesting and disturbing is nearly evert astrologer is concentrating on Prince Andrews chart and not Virginia Roberts Giuffre? No one is going into any depth in her chart, almost preferring to avoid so, why is this?

  4. I can’t remember if it was Marjorie who wrote that Venus/Mars conjunction means loose sexual ties. I read it somewhere to do with the chart of the young German tennis player Alexander Zverev. However, what I find fascinating is that Andrew has never married in the 25 years he has been separated from Fergie. This seems odd, as he could have had several women. I was also told he is gay. It is interesting Pluto is activating his Mars/Venus conjunction in Capricorn. I know that this is also squaring Virininia’s Pluto/Saturn in Libra. Which will be surfacing old sexual abuse with men. Yet her Natal MC loosely conjuncting Andrews Part of Fortune, could mean she was not finish him off. She may have been drugged and used, which in turn could mean that he was there, yet not necessarily the one who abuse her. My gut reaction goes with Andrew being bi-sexual, with a preference for men.

  5. See Marina Hyde’s article in yesterday’s Guardian ‘Of course Prince Andrew isn’t sweating over this lawsuit he can’t’
    Sorry don’t know how to attach the link!

  6. This is not something he can ever get away from. Even if he is never extradited to the United States. A few hundred years ago he would have been expected to fall on his sword. However not for the offence he is accused of. Having friends who provided ladies of easy virtue, was par for the course. Whatever their age.

    I personally think a better course of action for Virginia Giuffre would be to pursue damages from Epstein and Maxwell. Other than destroying his reputation, Prince Andrew is a lost cause.

    • “ladies of easy virtue” LOL. It’s always interesting to see people trot out this antiquated turn of phrase to chip away, however unintentionally, the credibility of accusers, apparently over 150 in count (
      When will we (society) be free of the mental preset that somehow it’s alright for boys/men to freely, and however unethically, address their biological urges while applying an entirely different standard to girls/women?
      Lastly, if women continue to be burdened with the extra and undue responsibility of safeguarding men’s behavior, why are men still consistently awarded positions of power?

  7. Such a tangled web. It’s interesting that in 2001, when they are reported to have met, Uranus was in Aquarius and Saturn in Taurus, putting pressure on both natal charts by transit as they are/will be now they (the planets) have swapped places.

    As far as the London episode goes, it should really be possible to prove where Andrew was since there are detailed diaries kept by the office, security records possibly remain too. As for the notorious Pizza party, there will be records of the girls at that school then, and their birthdays which could help in nailing that slippery incident down. If Andrew was indeed elsewhere that day, it surely cannot be too difficult to find the evidence.

    Neptune approaches Andrew’s S Node, which doesn’t look too helpful for clarity, and suggests a fateful or karmic scandal amongst other things. I can’t imagine how the Queen will respond to this. Fevered discussions will no doubt be taking place very shortly. A speedy resolution seems unlikely.

    • The evidence can be found, if it lends itself to being found. But it is a messy issue. Some hundreds of years ago, the woman/women would have been knocked off, quietly and quickly. That was the status quo. Tho the perp would always be looking over his shoulder.

      Today, he could always knock back a glass of chilled hemlock…

      • Yet Virginia’s team have not brought a Criminal charge. This is interesting in itself. They may not have enough evidence, or there is also someone else involved, who they want.

      • But Larry, he is a famous teetotaller!

        The date of the London meeting between Andrew and Virginia is said to be 10th March, 2001. At that time Saturn in Taurus was opposing Andrew’s Moon, while Uranus and Mercury at 22 Aquarius were just three degrees away. So that’s quite a lot of pressure on his emotions, and issues around all the women in his life. Chiron was conjunct his natal Jupiter in the 5th – maybe a gamble or risky behaviour brought and/or inflicted a wound? Tr Pluto was squaring Andrew’s Mercury in Pisces – could this describe walking on the dark side?

        In December this year Jupiter in Aquarius squares Mars in Scorpio which aspects Andrew’s Scorpio Moon. There’s a lunar eclipse at 27 Taurus in November, and another at 25 Scorpio in May, 2022, emphasising his natal Moon too. That all seems to highlight women, the public, his mother – and the Scorpio Mars conjuct his Moon symbolises angry women, amongst other things.

        The whole thing is curious though. There are so many others involved in this horrible and convoluted tale. Yet we hear little or nothing about any of them. And partly, it is the sleazy lifestyle choices of numerous wealthy and well-connected individuals that potentially could be ‘on trial’.

        • I think however he’d handled/handles this it’s the end of him. What’s interesting is his mother’s adoration of him has prevented the royals doing their usual damage limitation thing by isolating him as they did with Harry and Meghan.

          • Yes I agree with you VF. Stepping down from his “royal duties” and being dumped by a number of charities is the closest it gets, for now at least. At this point his “no comment” stance is making him look guilty, as it does in every TV crime drama everyone has ever seen! However, he is not guilty of having sex with an underage girl in the UK, because 16 is the age of consent here. If he knew Virginia had been trafficked, he would be guilty of having sex with a trafficked girl, assuming they met as she asserts. How that could ever be proved is another matter.

            His legal team haven’t handled this very well, but with Neptune transiting in Andrew’s 8th house it is likely the fault lies with both his team, and his own decisions in how to respond. He is likely to be a very difficult client. He was a well-known party animal years ago, and seemed to enjoy the flashiest and trashiest events and individuals. Possibly his judgement is not exactly a strong point.

            I continue to believe there are other cases involving less famous individuals, and probably other very famous ones, that may or may not see the light of day as this saga unfolds further. Part of the fascination of this case, for me, is connected with the accuracy of Andrew’s birth data, allowing us to see astrology in action in a pretty focused way.

          • Indeed I do, Larry! Socrates and so on. A hemlock plant once seeded itself by the gate to my home too. Scary! Thanks for checking up though!

  8. “As an addendum – his not quite ex-wife Sarah Ferguson is looking deeply unhappy and backed into a corner through this December with tr Pluto square her Mars.”

    So with my inexperience with charts, is this mess a spill-over/collateral damage effect to Sarah Ferg.? Or is her chart analytics a totally separate issue?

  9. He is a vile being and his arrogance is only eclipsed by his stupidity – that exclusive interview being the best proof. Yet, Sarah Ferguson continues singing him the highest praises, which is especially disgusting given the allegations. She could’ve at least stay quiet. Just absolutely vile the two of them.

    • Wasn’t he previously known as ‘Randy Andy’ in his more youthful days before he married, when the royal princes were cheered on in the tabloids for putting it about, – very different times.

      I always think he looks the least healthy of HM’s children, maybe this will be his undoing.

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