Baby Johnson – starting a heroic and drama-filled journey

Boris and Carrie Johnson Mark Three arrived last week, born 5 July at 9.15am in London, named Frank Alfred Odysseus. A glowing Carrie instagrammed that it was Boris who selected the name of the Greek king and hero of Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey. who was known for his intellectual brilliance, cunning and versatility.

  This one looks to be the biggest handful of the three. He has a friendly 11th house Cancer Sun trine a 7th house Saturn – so far so sensible. But he also has a maverick Uranus conjunct his Midheaven in a volatile square to a rumbustious and passionate Venus Mars in Leo. With Mars on the focal point of a yod to Pluto sextile Neptune. Super-ambitious and self-willed with problems moderating his assertiveness and aggressiveness. Anger will be an issue as it is with his father whose Mars is on the point of an explosive T Square. Venus Mars as remarked before has a reputation for what used to be described as promiscuity (sexual/romantic incontinence). With a doleful Saturn in Pisces in the 7th he will marry later than some and find it a burden, with his 8th house Neptune tending to back away from commitment.

  His mischievous Aquarius Moon, which will make him delight in shocking those close with provocative comments, is square to Jupiter suggesting a mother who spoils him, at least superficially.

  Romy, born 9 December 2021 9.02am London, has not been burdened with a mythological forebear. She has a creative and hidden 12th house Sagittarius Sun Mercury square a vague Neptune in the 3rd house of siblings. She has a persuasive, seductive, passionate Venus Pluto in Capricorn and a 4th house Uranus, hinting at frequent home moves and an unsettled domestic life. Her Aquarius Moon is conjunct Jupiter in her 2nd house so she’ll be keen on finding financial security. She does have a strong-minded Mars in Scorpio in her 11th so she’ll be no slouch when it comes to standing up for herself. But will be nothing like as unruly as her latest brother.

 Wilfred Johnson, 29 April 2020 9am, has a rebellious, unconventional Sun Uranus conjunction in his 11th so will have maverick friends and forge a unique path in life. He has a caring, creative Neptune in his 10th which will soften the rougher edges of his opinionated and stubborn Mars in Aquarius in his communicative 9th house. His pushily-confident Jupiter Pluto conjunction opposes his Moon, so he’s likely to attract himself to challenging partners. Though with Saturn in his 8th he may find closeness not a familiar experience.

  All three have rip-roaring Mars in Fixed signs so the family squabbles will be noisy and all three have prominent Moon Jupiter aspects suggesting a drama-queen mother of whom they think well.

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14 thoughts on “Baby Johnson – starting a heroic and drama-filled journey

  1. Interesting answers to my question. This is what I love about astrology. I had a very long labour for my son’s birth, he was a 9lbs baby in the intensive unit. He has Chiron on his ascendant and wondered?? (Its in Taurus) On our news today there was a article about how wonderful mum and baby looked. I didnt look like that after the birth of my babies, let alone a C section.

  2. My daughter has Pluto on the ascendant and although I was in my mid-forties when she was born (my miracle baby) the birth process was normal. Closely monitored because of the high risk but otherwise little or no intervention (as is the Dutch way). Her foreign boyfriend however has Pluto in the 12th and his mother’s labour was horrific. It is indeed a wonder that they both lived. So not sure how consistent this is.

    • I am replying to myself here because as I was thinking about what Pluto on the ascendent meant in my daughter’s birthchart I realised that her actual birth wasn’t the whole story. After we returned home I struggled to feed her and she had a severe reaction to baby formula because, as we later discovered, she is highly allergic to cows milk which is the main ingredient of formula feed. I was probably also suffering from undiagnosed post partum depression. Instead of offering me support the ‘baby police’ were threatening to take my infant into care because of a ‘failure to thrive’. I was desperate, almost suicidal. In the end my husband and I developed a regime whereby I patiently tried to feed her during the day and he would bottle feed her and stay with her to comfort her during the night thereby giving me time to actually sleep and gain some physical reserves again. Around 3 months the milk stopped completely and she refused the bottle. A different doctor advised that we start her on solids which to my amazement immediately worked. It was a difference of day and night. She instantly started to grow and thrive and is now a striking young woman whose Dutch genes have given her 1.76 m frame. She still has quite a number of food intolerances. But she did indeed have a difficult start which must have felt like near starvation. A curious side effect of our nightly regime was that ever after if she was troubled in the night by a bad dream or a fear of ghosts or whatever it was her father she would go to and not me. Even now she turns to me for practical support and my husband for emotional. So yes, actually her start in life was precarious, not helped I suspect by my stress, exhaustion and emotional instability at the time. Interesting, isn’t it, how we tend to leave aside unpleasant memories.

    • It used to appear often as Pluto on the Ascendant so usually caesareans came after a prolonged and difficult labour. But elective c sections not so much. Interesting philosophical question otherwise but I don’t know the answer.

      • Speaking as an ex midwife (many years ago) that’s v interesting that emergency C sections showed up in the astrology but less so elective.
        It makes me wonder if difficult births in general show up in astrology especially those requiring infant resuscitation indicating the baby had been in distress during labour but not necessarily a C section. Probably no way of knowing.

        • The Ascendant is assumed to indicate how one enters the world – Pluto is a struggle and potentially death dealing. Neptune on the Ascendant was a drug induced birth etc.
          As you enter the world so do you repeat that experience when you meet others – it colours your image or persona.

          • Marjorie – very interesting. I have a close relative whose birth was very traumatic, involved a very belated emergency c-section, and who was briefly very close to death at the moment of birth, and again in the days afterwards. They have Saturn on the Ascendant, 8th house Sun, and Pluto close to the IC. Now very strong and healthy, thank goodness. But it was touch and go.

        • I have Pluto on the Ascendant and my mother had a long and difficult labour. When I eventually emerged I was blue, wasn’t breathing and had the umbilical cord around my neck.

      • Thanks Marjorie, that’s really interesting, especially speaking as one who’s had an emergency Caesarean followed closely by an elective one.

  3. Does Carrie have C sections… as all three babies are born just after 9 in the morning? Boris sure has lots of kids, hope he has lots of money to bring them all up.

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