Epstein’s sordid circle – an astro- spider’s web

 A dreary not to say sleazy start to 2022 with the news headlines awash with the fall-out from Jeffrey Epstein as well as covid confusion and questionable, if not downright, corrupt politicking in various quarters.

  A Ghislaine Maxwell re-trial doesn’t bear thinking about after a screw-up by an idiot juror. And Prince Andrew’s Virginia Giuffre case is heading inexorably towards trial unless he settles out of court. Latest reports say mama has opted out and he is footing his own legal bill and will bear any damage payout himself.

   It’s all been said before but there are a couple of astrological oddities worth pondering over as well as reflecting on the full horror of Virginia Giuffre’s story.

  Virginia Giuffre, born 9 August 1983 5.52 am Sacramento, California, came from a troubled home, aged 7 was molested by a family friend, ended up living on the streets as a 13 year old, then in foster homes, was abused by a 65-year-old sex trafficker, who was later imprisoned for alien smuggling for prostitution. She returned to live with her father aged 14, who was a maintenance manager at Mar-a-Lago. Virginia helped out and met Ghislaine Maxwell there  when she was 16 and was offered a potential job working for Epstein as a traveling masseuse with the assurance that no experience was necessary.

Between 2000 and 2002, Giuffre travelled between Epstein’s residences in Palm Beach and Manhattan, (his New Mexico ranch  and island Little Saint James, being trafficked, she said in a TV interview by Epstein to provide massages and sexual services for him and a number of his business associates over a two-and-a-half-year period.

  Beyond horrible childhood and it’s a testament to the ability of the human spirit to survive that she’s upright and smiling at all.

  The barbarity and cruelty of her childhood are well reflected in her Saturn Pluto conjunction square Mars in Cancer which suggests early experiences of being trapped, scared witless not just of sexual abuse but also being killed/destroyed. What she puts upfront is a sunny appearance with a 1st house Leo Sun and Moon; and she does have a lucky, adventurous Jupiter Uranus in Sagittarius conjunction in a superficially charming square to Venus.

   What caught my eye was the late Cardinal degrees of her Mars in Cancer square Saturn Pluto in Libra since Prince Andrew has his Venus Mars in Capricorn closely in opposition to her Mars and square her Saturn Pluto. Ghislaine Maxwell has her Saturn in Capricorn ditto.

  Epstein himself had Saturn in late Libra conjunct Neptune hooking in as well with his Sun opposition Giuffre’s Mars. Other names who were Epstein associates – Alan Dershowitz has his Venus at 25 Libra;  Donald Trump his Venus at 25 Cancer conjunct his Saturn; Bill Gates has his Neptune at 28 Libra. 

The Sabian meaning for 27/28 Capricorn is ‘an aviary’ = birds of a feather flock together and troublesome gossip. Alex Acosta, the US attorney for Florida, who signed the ludicrously lenient deal with Epstein initially and had to resign over it eventually has his Capricorn Sun at 28 Capricorn.

Rudi Guiliani, another social buddy of Epstein has his North Node at 28 Cancer. Wilbur Ross has his Jupiter at 25 Capricorn. Even Sarah Ferguson, Andrew’s not-quite-ex has her Mars at 25 Libra conjunct her Sun.

  The other connecting astro-link is Virginia Giuffre’s 26 degree Leo Moon which is exactly the degree of Bill Clinton’s Sun and indeed exactly the same as Donald Trump’s and Alan Dershowitz’s Mars in Leo. Bill Gates Jupiter Pluto are closely conjunct as well. Epstein’s Pluto is conjunct Virginia’s Sun and Moon; Ghislaine Maxwell’s Moon North Node are conjunct Virginia’s Sun. Maxwell and Prince Andrew’s Pluto are conjunct Virginia’s Venus.

  It doesn’t prove anything but it is a fascinating cross over of energies of people who were all drawn into Epstein’s corrupt and unsavoury ambit.

  Virginia looks exceptionally stressed from early this February onwards with tr Pluto opposition her Mars and square her Saturn Pluto, running off and on till late 2023.   

25 thoughts on “Epstein’s sordid circle – an astro- spider’s web

  1. It seems Virginia Giuffre initial experience of abuse did not start with Epstein, Maxwell etc. but much closer to home. Whatever Prince Andrew may or may have not done he was definitely not responsible for her horrendous early childhood. Guiffre 12th House Mars at 27 Cancer suggests a lot of locked up anger, presumably about abuse behind closed doors indicated by the square to Pluto in Libra. The square to Saturn at 28 Libra in the third house indicates a feeling of being abandoned and alone, and a struggle to get the story out about what has happened to her. It is noticeable that the Mars in Cancer is in reception to that signs ruler the Moon at 26 Leo in the 1st House. Her father (Sun) and Moon (Mother) are clearly highlighted as important by their House placement but I suspect that the relationship with the latter may be the key to the chart.

  2. In mid-to late August last year, there was a truly horrible T-square involving transiting Moon Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn + Eris in Aries + Giuffre’s Mars in Cancer. Add in Prince Andrew’s IC at 24 Libra, it created a grand cardinal cross. Another T-square quickly followed on in Giuffre’s chart, connecting with Ghislane Maxwell’s Saturn at 28 Capricorn. The Moon/Pluto conjunct at that time certainly painted a picture of Ghislane Maxwell as a “toxic mother” figure in that pileup. I hope Giuffre can find her way to peace and that the guilty are punished.

  3. A terrible childhood or a horrible shock of abandonment in childhood. can split body from head. Perhaps the Pluto/ Neptune in Virginia’s depicts this. Many who were sexually assaulted in childhood cannot recall verbatim the horror they went through. Intuitively, I didn’t think it was Andrew who assaulted her. I think she has transferred her hatred of authority onto him. This may seem harsh and silly, yet having been a child victim of sexual assault and been through years of therapy. Victims can transfer. It is not for me to judge, yet I cannot get away from this not being so cut and dried as it appears. A network of powerful men has been around since time immortal, it would interesting to see how many of these networks connect, like Marjorie has connected. An Astrological Detective would be good.

  4. Poor girl, sadly there are too many like her in the world, falling through the cracks by neglect making them vulnerable to abuse. I saw many children in the 80’s and 90’s drop out of school and fall off the radar all too easily. Things should have improved, but social services and children’s services everywhere are on their knees, chronically underfunded for decades. Child food poverty and food banks have almost become normalised! It’s like we are going backwards.

    Thanks Marjorie for all the late cardinal connections. That area has been under massive stress in the last couple of years from major outer planetary transits, eclipses and stations, like a sustained war of attrition. Perhaps this is what it takes to get even close to justice when dealing with the “greased pigs” of this world.

    In addition to the Venus station in late Cap and the late 2020 Mars station in late Aries, there was a Mars station at 28 Capricorn in 2018, following the Uranus transit through 28 Aries that seemed to kick all this off. Was this the time of the settlement with Epstein?

  5. Wow! Really interesting – thank you.

    I am a firm believer in one’s ability to choose to let go of horrors and just get on with it. The people who hold on to enormous pain and drag it around with them stop themselves from making the most of life. How can one enjoy life with mountains of shadow blocking everything? Perhaps easier for some to do than others.

    As for VG’s choice to look for retribution. Hmmmmm. I am guessing this is really only due to the potential financial returns. To some extent you can see she has moved on (I have a Leo moon and strong scorpio, I tend to be able to bounce back – not sure if this is relevant). Spending enormous effort to open up and re-live and fight for personal retribution I think never works. It does not give the satisfaction one would expect. There is never enough retribution and it just really massages the pain and awakens it. I am guessing she would not be going through all of this if the people involved were not financially wealthy. I do not think any retribution she does get will be “enough” and on balance, she has now, internationally, blasted out her story for all with a label of victim etched into her as mitigation for whatever money she does get. Sometimes a “win” is not really a win or a hollow win at best.

    I know this opens up the question of people should be held accountable. I admire people who have the strength and will to do this; I am not one of them anymore having seen for myself how many times a win is not actually a win and the personal soul toll those kinds of battles can take. I have seen as well- universe absolutely dishes out karma in a far more unique and I-could-not-have-come-up-with-better way. Always. It just does it in its own time.

      • Reveal, feel, heal.

        Facing the emotional pain and processing it until it doesn’t trigger you. You have to *feel* the emotion, sit with it, until it subsides.

        But people who struggle to “let go” will change the topic, rationalise, self-medicate, deny or a host of other things to avoid that feeling when it wells up. The feeling keeps coming back, they keep trying to deal with it logically rather than emotionally.

    • She will find it exceptionally difficult to let go with such an afflicted Pluto.
      I wish I shared your happy optimism that the universe dishes out karma – many times the greased piglets just continue to snuffle in the mud for decades and decades without any interference.
      I do think it is a difficult choice between personal healing and holding the perpetrators responsible in public. But I take my hat off to those who do embark on the gruelling journey of outing the guilty. Suggesting they only do it for the money is unfair – money is usually the only thing that makes an impact. Do you think the Vatican or the Boy Scouts or private schools would have paid attention if there wasn’t a hefty price tag involved?

    • Very well said, Wendy. Agree with almost every sentence you’ve written.

      Like Marjorie, I’m doubtful about karmic retribution. I came to realise in it doesn’t always happen in 2011-12 after Jimmy Savile died prior to his wrong doing coming into the light. Yes, his statue and reputation were destroyed but he personally never suffered. At least, never suffered beyond the mental issues that drove him towards that sort of behaviour. I think that’s as far as it goes quite often – these types of people are living with constant mental anguish, a need to control and failing to live an authentic, happy life. That’s not necessarily satisfying for the rest of us.

  6. Pretty clear now that the judge will call for a retrial, based on what the juror revealed. Something seems very very fishy.

    Also I’m wondering if it’s possible to cast a chart for the Jan 6 committee investigating the attack on the US Capitol in 2021. The investigation seems to have gathered some momentum finally and the DOJ is under pressure to investigate criminal intent but committee has not referred to the DOJ yet. Committee was formed July 1, 2021 but the bill passed in the House of Representatives on June 30. Of course the fear is that the entire thing will be shut down if Republicans take the house in 2022 and all the big fish get away with it all.

    • One things that’s possibly noteworthy about the events in the Capitol last year is that it followed a Mars station at 28 Aries and we have just had a Venus station in late Cap (conjunct Pluto). I haven’t been following in depth so the developments you mention are interesting.

  7. What a horrible childhood! VG’s Jupiter in Sagittarius – solar fifth – may explain having found love and a family in Australia, thankfully far from home. I know quite a few Leos who met their sig other abroad and/or also married a Sag.

    As for the juror …

    meanwhile, some jurors in the E. Holmes trial said that she sounded completely ‘honest’ and wasn’t trying to defraud anyone – it’s a wonder she was found guilty at all! must be how she managed to hoodwink so many people when the evidence of failure was plain to see

    • Just to second Anita’s request. Really appreciate your perspective on news items, it adds such an informative and insightful lense. I would love to know if those who promoted and perpetuated such treason will be held to account and if/when the craziness will be resolved (90%of republicans believe the election was stolen!!). Thanks for your work

  8. Noting transiting Uranus’ passage through her 7th began in 1999 (around the time she met Maxwell), opposed her Sun in 2000 and then her moon in 2002 (which coincide with the start and end of travelling). And now Saturn is transiting that Uranian transit as well as it squaring itself and all the details are unravelling.

    Also interesting to note the interpersonal synastry between Maxwell and VG. Maxwell’s fixed t-square fits perfectly on VG’s ASC/Desc/Sun. And both have Neptune deceiving their Leo Moons – Maxwell with a square to Scorpio Neptune that would have whispered deceitfully to VG, who with her trine to Sag Neptune would have been taken in by the fantasy of going abroad to travel and get paid for it – all with no experience!! On top of that Maxwell’s earth planets in early Capricorn/Virgo fall nicely with VG’s 2nd house Mercury/Venus combination that are looking to build security and self-esteem. It’s hard to find any difficult aspects in their synastry.

    It’s no wonder VG got pulled into this. When you’re 16-17, have had a bad childhood, and you get approached and offered the chance of a lifetime by someone confident, glamorous, authoritative who’s 20+ years older, who you feel good around; and you’re undergoing uranus in 7th breakaway transit. There’s no way you’re turning down that offer.

    • That’s a good point about Saturn in the position of that late 90’s Uranus. I was thinking about that the other day in relation to Blair’s new labour winning the election in ’97 and the Royal family shaken by Diana’s death, but didn’t connect it to this. Both of these planets are strong in Aquarius, both ruling the sign by modern/traditional rulership. I’ve always thought it rather apt for Aquarius to be ruled by planets that appear to be seemingly opposing forces – one speeds things through, the other slows down; the new and the old; the rebels and the establishment; the people and the elite.

  9. What a horrible childhood this young woman had, it would have made her even more vulnerable to being abused. I think it’s very interesting about the Cardinal connection here because Cardinal Venus/Mars aspects run right through the Windsor line, including Queen Victoria herself who had Venus and Mars in Aries. Her son, Edward VII had a Cardinal T-Square with Mars in Capricorn, Venus in Libra and Pluto in Aries. This goes right the way down the line, even Beatrice has the square with her Mars in Aries and Venus in Cancer. Eugenie has the conjunction of Venus/Mars, but in Fixed Aquarius.

  10. Completely fascinating Marjorie. Thank you.
    That poor girl and I doubt it’s over yet even if she wins because the elite don’t forget and do kill or maim their enemies, how terrifying is that?
    At least I now realise that having degrees in the middle of each sign makes you steady, even fixed, so, Back to Tony Blair, fixed on Venus luxury and money full stop. And then there is the Diana question of which he was heavily involved.
    It’s given me a lot of food for thought.
    So, Marjorie, a question for you, as Pluto supposed to bring down the baddies at the top, when, if ever will that happen. I don’t believe that any more looking back in history.

  11. Thank you Marjorie. The other Brit who was in Epstein’s orbit of course was Peter Mandelson, even phoning him for advice in prison apparently. He seems to have maintained a very low profile regarding all the goings on. He is, allegedly, still a very influential figure behind the scenes in the Labour party and was of course powerful during the Blair years. I would be interested in seeing any forecasts around his chart if you have time.

    • Worth adding that the Sabian Symbol for 27 Cancer is a Storm in a Canyon Filled With Valuable Homes. That indicates uncontrollable elemental forces being released. Easy to see these being played out on Prince Andrew’s Mars Venus in Capricorn. He is the lightning rod through which pent up energy in Virginia Guiffre’s chart is being discharged though as others have suggested he may have played a very important role in creating the storm in the first place.

      • Apologies that should read Prince Andrew may not have played a very important role in creating the energy in the storm in the first place.

    • I think he is just an idiot, but it’s a good point – the theoretical potential of jurors being persuaded into saying things after the trial to destablise the verdict is rather problematic.

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