Fated to be in the eye of the sleaze storm

One discreet, irreproachable figure stands close to the heart of the two sleaze scandals of the moment grabbing the headlines and carrying the spirit of the age. Lord Geidt – for 10 years Her Majesty’s Private Secretary, who was a steady hand on the Royal tiller until ousted in a power struggle in 2017 by Prince Charles and Prince Andrew, leaving the Queen weaker when faced with fraught dilemmas involving the Sussexes and Andrew. He then became Boris Johnson’s independent adviser on ministers’ interests, a typically quiet and almost judicial role – only to become what Matthew Parris described as ‘the patsy’ of ‘the Vampire of Downing Street’ over the corruption kerfuffle over who paid for Boris and Carrie’s No 10 décor makeover.

  In the Royal Household, Geidt was known to be straight talking, often telling members of the Royal Family things they wouldn’t like to hear, but should listen to. Andrew reportedly was furious about Geidt’s role in getting him removed as the UK’s trade envoy in 2011 over his Epstein friendship and because he heavily controlled Andrew’s expenditure. Tensions with Charles had simmered for years but it came to a head over how to manage the transition of power between the Queen and Charles. The prince’s staff were keen to “accelerate” plans to increase his involvement in key royal events by the time he reached 70, with Geidt voicing concerns. Andrew backed Charles and they ganged up against Geidt and the Queen gave in. Getting rid of him may be proving a very costly mistake.

   Geidt was born 17 August 1961 and has his Leo Sun conjunct Uranus, North Node and Mercury – all hovering around that late Leo degree which appears in several of the high profile inter-connected charts of the moment, see below Epstein’s spider’s web – though there’s no indication Geidt ever met any of them. His Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Capricorn is also late degree – so certainly clashes with Andrew Venus Mars in Capricorn.

  His relationship chart with Andrew is explosive with a composite Sun opposition Mars square Uranus. And with Charles, the Geidt relationship is not much better with an active-dislike composite Mars Saturn conjunction. With the Queen Geidt has a business-like composite Sun opposition Saturn; and a friendly, influential, power-couple composite Jupiter opposition Pluto square Venus.

  His relationship with Boris has been under strain through 2021 with tr Pluto opposition the composite Sun, exact again now, and repeating later this year; with rising tensions this month and in March/April; and serious aggravation from March onwards, worsening in 2023/24, though I can’t imagine either will be in the same position by then – but the sour taste will linger.

  I am always fascinated by people who are sucked into the centre of the zeitgeist, often unwittingly. Their lives are fated to be at the centre of the storm.  Partly this will be Geidt’s ‘leadership’ Leo North Node conjunct his Uranus, Sun, Mercury. Also his Jupiter Saturn conjunction, which for a few, can throw them up to giddy heights, only for them to come crashing down at some point.

  It’s also intriguing why those late Capricorn and late Leo degrees are being dragged into the spotlight.  Late Capricorn is certainly picking up transiting Pluto in Capricorn but there’s nothing much of note hitting on the Leo planets.   

The universe runs on numbers.

16 thoughts on “Fated to be in the eye of the sleaze storm

  1. This article reminds me that I have Jupiter at the Anaretic degree of Cancer, which will likely get triggered by transiting Pluto.

    That Jupiter is a part of a Water Grand Trine, with the Sun in Pisces and Uranus in Scorpio.

    My question to the wider astrological community that follows Marjorie is, how will tr Pluto affect the Grand Trine. What should I look out for?

    • That would depend on individual things like the house Jupiter rules, the houses of the grand trine etc.

      Personally, I had a baby 😀 My Jupiter is 5 Cancer, in a mini grand trine with Venus/Uranus, and Saturn in the 5th at the midpoint apex. Jupiter is in my 3rd house and rules my 8th. I also received a large sum of money (work, not an inheritance), which allowed me to reduce my hours when the children were small. There were other transits and condition of Jupiter in my chart is fairly unafflicted compared to the rest, those factors will make a difference too.

      • Thank you for the response, tara.

        Jupiter rules the 6th and 9th houses. And the Grand Trine are in the 1st, 5th and 9th Houses.

  2. I’ve got a stellium in late Leo – my life has been so quiet recently !!

    Jupiter just went through opposite it for 3rd time. I was reading up on that in Stephen Arroyo’s book during the early passes. Seem to recall he suggested it could be the start of a new cycle, or at least highlight the tension and turning points of a current one.

  3. Considering the well known emnity between Charles & Andrew it must’ve really taken something for them to join forces. Geidt was looking after the Queen first & foremost, in particular to restraining Andrew with what must be damage limitation foresight. Poor ‘Mummy’ has come off worst in this situation.

    • The enemy of my enemy is my friend in this instance. I half bet Charles is regretting the day he did – since it has bounced back badly in letting Andrew run amok and upsetting all the Royals’ apple cart. Neither of the has good judgement and spoilt brats that they are dislike being told NO.

    • I have a bunch of stuff in late Leo too, plus BML, part of fortune plus asteroids all gathered around my Leo node in the 12th and I experienced Jupiter’s transit in Aquarius in a very positive way. As it went over my South Node in opposition I experienced a huge sense of release from the ghosts and behavioural patterns from the past. I’m a little wary of Saturn as it approaches the same opposition, mind you!

        • How did you go with Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron in 2009-10? I had a breakdown!

          I’m decade behind you. Got my nodes conjunct mars in Aqua – they’re getting hit by Saturn this month. Uranus got there last year – not a sausage – maybe on the next pass?!?

          • 2009/10 — Not good, GN. A host of various health problems as you would expect with a 6th house SN outer planet transit. I had surgery in 2010. All resolved now, so I’m girding up for the dreaded Saturn SN transit and hoping it won’t be too awful.

  4. Those late ‘fated’ Leo degrees and North Node (which as Marjorie says are part and parcel of the Epstein circle) also occur in the natal charts of Obama and Princess Diana. As a matter of fact, so is Black Moon Lilith which conjuncts Geidt’s Sun. It brings to mind the natal chart of Queen Elizabeth I’s astronomer/astrologer and advisor John Dee who also had a 29 degree Sun (in Cancer) conjunct Black Moon Lilith also at 29.

  5. Thank you Marjorie . Matthew Paris’s article was scathing. Yet it will do nothing to dent Johnson’s arrogance. Perhaps those who think they are untouchable can conjure up some sort of protection power. It is incredible to watch Johnson’s Generals fall and yet he is still standing. When is he going to fall? Any indication Marjorie?

  6. I can’t see his chart on the device I’m using at the moment, but late Leo always suggests Regulus and it’s themes of regulating power, royalty, responsible leadership etc (or it coming back to bite)

    • Pondering further while cooking lunch (and now kept in by the disgusting January weather)…

      Would anything late Leo be on the tip of a yod by the transiting Pluto and Neptune sextile? Does that work in transit?

      • Hmm yes. Tr Pluto is exactly inconjunct now and tr Neptune is almost within orb for a Yod. Even without a yod that tr Pluto at 26 Capricorn does seem to be creating a fair amount of mayhem.

    • I am a late Leo and descended from the old Royal houses. I also had a chance of fame. My Capricorn Moon quintile Saturn stepped in and I intuitively knew I would not be able to handle and kind of fame. I have no desire for it.

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