Jeremy Hunt – medical complications

Jeremy Hunt, the UK Health Secretary having become embroiled in an unprecedented and increasingly aggravated battle with junior doctors, is now facing charges that he may have misled parliament. He appears to be backing away from his earlier claim that he intended to impose a new contract on them which has led to four strikes.

Born 1 November 1966, he’s a Sun Venus in Scorpio square Jupiter in Leo – so charming and quite slippery. Tr Neptune is now on the opposition to his Mars in Virgo till the beginning of June which will have him staring failure in the face. That influence repeats until early 2017 with a tr Saturn square Mars across in July, late Oct/early Nov to add to his irritations.

He’ll stay bullish nonetheless as he did over the spate of criticism when, as Culture Secretary, his connections with NewsCorp and the Murdochs caused a furore but it all fizzled out. Though his relationship with David Cameron looks rockier this year with tr Uranus opposing the composite Venus from May onwards, aiming to oppose the composite Sun in 2017. His luck may just run out or the PM’s patience.


Turkey – the price of realpolitik

Angela Merkel is now learning the cost of doing a deal with Recep Erdogan, the increasingly authoritarian President of Turkey over migrants. Turkey got a chunk of money, visa-free travel for Turkish citizens into the EU Schengen area (not the UK) and promises to fast track Turkey’s EU membership – in return for taking in more Syrian refugees. Except that Turkish soldiers are now shooting refugees fleeing from the fighting in Aleppo.

And Erdogan has insisted a German comedian is put on trial for insulting him. With Merkel’s agreement he is being prosecuted under an antiquated German law.

Erdogan’s 2014 Presidency chart, 28 Aug 2014 2pm Ankara, is highly controlling with a Uranus opposition North Node square Pluto; ruthless with Mars Saturn in Scorpio; and delusional with a Sun opposition Neptune.

That last is now exact by Solar Arc so he’s floundering.  Plus tr Pluto is square the Presidency Uranus exactly in July/Aug and Oct/Nov this year – so a rocky time for him. With a really discouraging slog from tr Pluto sextile Saturn in 2016/17 and sextile Mars in 2017/18.

His own personal chart, 26 Feb 1954, is highly Mutable oddly enough with Mars (Moon) in Sagittarius opposition Jupiter in Gemini square Sun Mercury Venus in Pisces. The tr Saturn square tr Neptune will chip away at his morale in an anxiety-provoking and disappointing way through 2016/17; with the disruptive tr Pluto opposition his Uranus in 2017/2018.

Turkey itself looks to be heading into problems with a financial-bubble-bursting Solar Arc Neptune conjunct Jupiter in four months time and a much worse high-risk, dead-halt Solar Arc Mars opposition Pluto after mid 2017.

Relations between Turkey and Germany will worsen through this year and beyond with tr Saturn conjunct the composite Mercury Venus and opposition Pluto Neptune in 2016 which is chilly and critical; with tr Neptune picking up the square in following years for a downhill slide; with a noticeable upheaval and turnaround in relations in 2017/18 as tr Pluto is trine the composite Uranus.

Canada – First Nation suicides undermining reputation

An epidemic of suicides has swept through a small  sub-arctic Indian reserve in Canada recently, bringing calls for First Nation deprivations to be addressed. Canada’s record is no better than Australia or the USA where indigenous peoples are concerned. Indeed no country is without a guilty past where mistreatment by invading/ruling powers are concerned.

According to Julian NoiseCat (see URL below) this is a catastrophe generations in the making as native peoples were moved off their ancestral homelands to allow for mining, were forcibly split from their families and abused in residential homes, and then left in bantustans with inadequate housing, education and health care.

When a country’s image is dented you would expect to see transits to the Ascendant and Canada does have tr Pluto square the Asc and Neptune in 2016/17, having had tr Uranus in opposition over the past year. So pulling down an old reputation and the need to reconstruct a better one.  Neptune on the Ascendant natally tends to give an illusory feel or at least an image which doesn’t match the reality.

The other possibility is 8th house, being the house of ancestors. Tr Saturn is moving through the Canada 8th until late this year and the Progressed Moon is also moving through the 8th, with a few months still to go. So maybe as those two come to the end of their time they will prise unwanted realities to surface.

Canada does have quite a hard chart with a Fixed Saturn in Taurus opposition Pluto; a business-minded Earth Grand Trine of hard-working Mars in Virgo trine Pluto trine MC; formed into two Kites focussed on Saturn and Sun Uranus. There’s also an inward-looking, self-protective Water Grand Trine of Sun Uranus in Cancer trine Jupiter trine Saturn.

There should be charity and sympathy from Jupiter in Pisces but it was obviously outweighed by material and commercial concerns.

Spain – Solar Arc Sun on Pluto

Spain, lingering in limbo for months after failed efforts to pull together a coalition government, faces another general election in late June. Though no one is hopeful that the stalemate will be resolved even then.

The Spain country chart, 22 Nov 1975 12.45pm Madrid, has a seriously stuck Solar Arc Sun square Pluto, exact in four months’ time. These influences are usually stronger in the run up but where Pluto is concerned there’s usually a long run down as well. So it’ll be a while before the blockage lifts.

Mariano Rajoy, 27 March 1955, is continuing to act as prime minister despite his party losing the December election. He has a fearsomely Fixed chart with Mars Moon in Taurus opposition Saturn square Venus in Aquarius opposition Pluto – so not a man to budge in a hurry.  His 10th house Aries Sun is unaspected.

He does have a lucky tr Uranus square his Jupiter Uranus in Cancer but that disappears before the putative next election date. At that point he has a sagging tr Pluto conjunct Sun/Neptune which is not positive for an election win.

Tom Jones & Linda – Gemini and Capricorn

Singer Tom Jones has just lost his wife Linda to cancer, who was his behind-the-scenes lynch pin since their marriage nearly 60 years ago. She stood by him despite his self-confessed infidelities but stayed very much out of the publicity spotlight, becoming almost agoraphobic.

He was born 7 June 1940 12.10am Pontypridd, Wales and she 14 January 1941. He is a Sun Moon in Gemini both square an 8th house Neptune, giving him musical talents, the ability to project a powerful aura to the public, but also making him elusive when it came to commitment.  His Sun/Moon midpoint (the marriage signifier) is exactly square Neptune but also in aspect to supportive, lucky Jupiter. So he had the good fortune to find a wife who’d stand by his wandering ways.

Her Leo Moon probably conjunct Pluto fell in his 7th which is a good long-term relationship placing; and her Venus in Capricorn opposed his Moon which is also positive for affection.  Her Capricorn Sun fell in his 12th so she’d prefer to be out of sight; though her feisty Mars in Sagittarius would promote his ambitions, falling in his 10th.

Their relationship chart had a romantic composite Sun opposition Venus, perhaps square Moon, and trine/sextile Pluto – so there would be passion and possessiveness. But there is also notably a composite Mars Neptune conjunction suggesting very different ambitions for each individually and as a couple.

David Gest – a Tony Blair Taurus Pluto

David Gest who has just died, was an entertainer and television personality, friends with Michael Jackson and Liz Taylor, and in the headlines with his brief marriage to Liza Minnelli in 2002.

Born 11 May 1953, (only a few days after Tony Blair) he was a stubborn, controlling Sun Taurus square Pluto; with an enthusiastic Mars Jupiter in Gemini; and Venus in upfront Aries opposition Saturn Neptune in Libra square Uranus – so in his way an innovator, though with a complex emotional life.

His Sun square Pluto had moved by Solar Arc to conjunct/square his natal Neptune Saturn now, which is highly confusing and stressed, as his life ended in sad circumstances, seemingly alone and in debt.

His relationship with Liza Minnelli was not good his his Uranus conjunct her difficult Cancer Moon Mars Saturn conjunction which would set both their teeth on edge. Their relationship chart has a combustible composite Mars Uranus conjunction; and a struggle-for-the-upper-hand Jupiter Pluto; plus an illusory Neptune aspect to Venus and Sun.

Dilma Rousseff – Presidency running into the buffers

Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil, is facing a vote on impeachment charges against her, not for personal corruption, but because it is alleged she juggled the accounts to make her government’s economic performance appear better than it was ahead of her election campaign two years ago. Her supporters say it is a power grab by her political enemies.

Her Presidency chart, 1 January 2011 2.45pm, is certainly grinding to a halt at the moment. It has a tricky Capricorn Sun conjunct Mars on one side and Pluto on the other – so betrayal, ruthless tactics by her or against her were to be expected. Pluto has closed the conjunction to the Sun to exact now and will stay in place for some months to come. Tr Pluto is also in a discouraging square to the Saturn and that runs on till late 2017.

Her own personal chart, 14 Dec 1947, is facing considerable challenges and concern this year with the tr Saturn square tr Neptune hitting on her Mercury Jupiter in Sagittarius for some months to come. There’s also an undermining Solar Arc Neptune conjunct her Sagittarius Sun now. So everything will feel as if it is collapsing round her ears, despite her vows to fight to the bitter end.

Tr Pluto will square her Jupiter/Saturn midpoint (same sign and degree as her Presidency Saturn), exact again in June this year and around till late 2017. That often accompanies career losses and even loss of job. Though she’s also got some luck from tr Pluto trine Jupiter/Uranus running now and again around till late 2017. So all may not be completely lost.

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David Cameron – grappling with a family legacy

David Cameron’s bad week will run on right through till the beginning of June with tr Neptune square his Mars/Saturn midpoint. Ebertin describes it as: “Insufficient power to tackle obstacles, weakening power, self-torment, a grievous loss.”

His embarrassment at the publicity surrounding his father’s involvement in an off-shore fund couldn’t have come at a worse time for the REMAIN campaign for the EU referendum and follows damaging criticism for the last welfare-slashing budget.

With a Moon Jupiter in Leo, DC would have been proud of his wealthy family and with a Taurus North Node in the 8th loathe to reveal family financial dealings. Though that North Node is opposition Neptune so secrets will out, usually at the least convenient time. Plus his Mercury is in secretive Scorpio in the 2nd – which doubles up his reticence.

His father, Ian Cameron, 12 Oct 1932, was born with deformed legs requiring several corrective surgeries but went on to accumulate a considerable fortune.  He was a Sun Libra like his son, but born into the troubled early thirties so his Sun opposes Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Cancer opposition Saturn in Capricorn – an innovator, tough minded, determined. He had Mars in Leo also like DC, and a high-finance Jupiter Neptune and Venus in Virgo.

The relationship chart between DC and his father is powerful with a composite Mars Pluto Jupiter opposition Saturn – so equal parts confidently hard-driving and some aggravations. Those aspects would tie them together in an extraordinary way. Plus a composite Sun Neptune opposition North Node – so some illusions, evasions and disappointments.

Justin Welby – family secrets

It seems to be a week for fathers causing problems. Justin Welby, the present Archbishop of Canterbury, has just discovered he wasn’t the biological son of the alcoholic con-man who married his mother and brought him up. DNA tests have proved he is the son of the late Anthony Montague Browne, a private secretary of Winston Churchill’s and quite a ladies man in his day.

Welby, 6 January 1956, always did have an extraordinarily tough chart with Mars Saturn in Scorpio square Pluto and Jupiter. His probably Scorpio Moon is conjunct Neptune square Mercury in Aquarius opposition Uranus in Leo – his mother was also an alcoholic for many years, which fits Moon Neptune Uranus.

He is taking the news stoically , seemingly unruffled, though his 15 degree Capricorn Sun is labouring – last year and this from tr Uranus square and tr Pluto conjunct. As indeed is David Cameron’s Libra Sun at the same degree – so fathers much in mind.

His biological father Anthony Montague Brown, 8 May 1923, had a much cushier life with a Taurus Sun opposition Jupiter in Scorpio square Neptune in Leo possibly opposition an Aquarius Moon. So certainly indulgent.