Iceland – coping better than most


Iceland is doing better than most with the virus outbreak after decisive action by the authorities imposing a rigorous policy of testing and tracking to find and isolate infected people, even when they had no symptoms. They moved fast at the start and got a grip before other countries. Their tiny population of 360,000 also helped, with just 10 deaths so far.

They will be affected nonetheless because of air travel restrictions, as well as a dip in tourism everywhere. But they are nowhere near as stressed as post the 2008 crash which caused a banking collapse and severe economic depression for several years.

The Iceland 17 June 1944 2pm chart does hint at some disruption and upheavals for the next few years from tr Uranus square the Iceland Pluto into 2021 and then square Mars in 2022. 2021 also has the jolting Solar Arc Sun square Uranus and a run of Neptune squares to the financial Venus, Sun and Saturn between 2021 and mid decade, which latter don’t suggest vigorous growth.

The 1 December 1918 Iceland chart hints that 2022 onwards till 2026 will have their stress points with Uranus squaring the Iceland Uranus opposition Saturn; and a debilitating Solar Arc Neptune square the Uranus and then Saturn. Both charts will be affected by the run of Eclipses, Lunar and Solar picking up from the middle of this year in Gemini/Sagittarius which continue through 2021.

The Bank of Iceland chart, 7 April 1961, is nerve-stretched this year with tr Uranus opposition the Neptune from July on and off for a year thereafter; plus a financially stressed tr Pluto square the Venus.

So much of a pattern with other countries indicating economic pain until mid decade. But none of the Iceland charts are anywhere near as challenged as they were in the devastating years after the collapse of 2008. So not great but not calamitous.

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  1. Portugal done well throughout the lockdown and financial crisis.
    3 dates I found – declared a Republic on 5 October 1910, became a democracy on 25 April 1976
    and Constitution came into force on 25 April 1976.
    Not seen Finland covered here, became independent on 6 December 1917.

  2. Thanks Marjorie. I was wondering what might represent renewable energy in Iceland’s astrology? They are planning to sell some, possibly from volcanic sources, to Europe I think. This is already a leading nation in renewable energy. I am disappointed not to be able to watch them in the Euro 2020 tournament though!

    • You’ll have Finland. πŸ˜€ Interestingly, if Norway advances to tournament through playoffs, Iceland will be the only Nordic team not present there.

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