Greece – dreaming of tourist filled beaches


Greece is looking forward to kickstarting its tourism season by July 1st. The government acted swiftly at the start of the pandemic and to date they have had only 146 deaths. Tourism accounts for around 25% of Greek GDP and one in five jobs. They are hoping initially to attract visitors from neighbouring countries not reliant solely on aeroplanes. Their economy had only just started to recover from an eight-year financial crisis when the lockdown was imposed.

Much as with Iceland, the country and central bank charts are challenged through till mid-decade but not under anything like the pressure of 2008 to 2015.

The Greece 25 March 1821 5pm chart has undermining dips from tr Neptune square the Midheaven and Moon and conjunct Venus Mars in Pisces this year and next. With a tough patch in 2024 from a deprived Solar Arc Pluto opposition Saturn.

The 24 July 1974 4pm chart is in a state of upheaval this year with tr Pluto square the Uranus; with setbacks from tr Saturn square the Leo Sun. There will be a significant hiccup and block in 2022 from Solar Arc Saturn conjunct the Mars; and a lacklustre, directionless tr Neptune conjunct the midheaven as well.

The central bank chart, 7 December 1927, will be facing some crises over the next eighteen months as the Sagittarius/Gemini Eclipses rattle its Sun Saturn in Sagittarius from mid this year and through 2021. And financial pressures from tr Pluto square the Venus and a bubble-bursting /confidence-denting tr Neptune conjunct Jupiter in 2022/23.

But again nothing like the dead-halt, meltdown, grindingly painful influences they had post 2008 for several years.

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