Joe Biden – caught between a rock and a hard place ++

The sexual abuse allegations against Joe Biden have put the Democrats, in particular senior political women and commentators, in a double bind. Biden although regarded as handsy and not always god at respecting personal space was/is deemed one of the better guys and the only credible candidate against Trump. In the midst of the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court controversy Biden said of Christine Blasey Ford: “For a woman to come forward in the glaring lights of focus, nationally, you’ve got to start off with the presumption that at least the essence of what she’s talking about is real.”

There is some corroboration for Alexandra Tara Reade’s abuse allegations of 27 years back when working in Biden’s office from family members, as well as considerable doubt being thrown on her credibility from elsewhere – which latter is always typical of these kinds of situations. She appears to have been wildly pro-Biden in tweets until two years back and against Putin; she then reversed her position and started to praise the Russian president.

Biden, 20 November 1942 8.32am Scranton, PA (from memory), has a tactile Taurus Moon, which in my experience tend to be hands-on, not necessarily in a sexual sense, they just like physical contact. He’s also got a can-be highly sexual and seductive Sun Venus Mercury in Scorpio hidden in his 12th house; and a super-determined, can-be-dominating Mars in Scorpio square Pluto, which is arguably not sensitive to the nuances of others’ wishes. His Moon is in an intense square to Pluto and inconjunct a 10th house Neptune so he is emotionally highly charged and not always aware of boundaries from Neptune.

He looks demoralised at the moment with tr Saturn square his Moon now till mid-June and tr Saturn at the same time square his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint which brings inhibitions, confidence dents and blocks to progress. Though the virus lockdown will also play its part in these influences. His Solar Arc Midheaven (birth time being accurate) is moving to oppose his Saturn through this year which will either bring career setbacks or heavier responsibilities. From mid August to late November he has tr Pluto square his Mars/Neptune midpoint which is low energy, not successful; with the equally lacklustre tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Jupiter midpoint early October to late January 2021.

He’ll bounce up from late January 2021 with tr Pluto opposition his Jupiter- so if events push the election back which doesn’t seem too likely then it would suit his chances.

His wife Jill, 3 June 1951, a Sun Mars in Gemini sextile a pro-active Jupiter in Aries on one side and sextile Pluto on the other; and trine Neptune is a not inconsiderable personality in her own right. She’s looking upbeat and raring to go from late May onwards, into spring 2021.

A birth date has appeared for Alexandra Tara Reade of 26 February 1964 from the below website which has additional info, though how accurate it is I wouldn’t know, so handle at arm’s length until corroborated by more reliable sources.

If true it makes her a Sun Mars in Pisces opposition Uranus Pluto in Virgo so volatile, erratic, inclined to react strongly. That opposition squares onto Biden’s Saturn Uranus Descendant in Gemini and Sagittarius Ascendant, so not a harmonious mix and one which could impact on his image. She has a can-be-neurotic Neptune square Saturn Mercury in Aquarius which does not mesh well with his Scorpio planets.

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  1. The media are finally catching up with investigating the background of Tara Reade – Joe Biden’s accuser. What they found does undercut her credibility.

    See post May 3 2020.

    Also of interest Tara Reade, 26 February 1964 is a Sun Mars in Pisces – so similar to Isola Lopez Riana, the Killing Eve inspiration, though she’s three weeks later birth. See 14th May 2020 post.

  2. Dig, See you can play civil when leant on. Why you, why now? My tolerance just snapped. I’m sick of people going down the Trump road when they don’t like what’s being said and slagging off the person rather than addressing the facts. I know I know that applies as much to Tara Reade’s story as anything else.
    In this case I blame the left leaning media for not investigating the facts and her credibility. Sometimes wild and wayout website sites have the news first and sometimes they are off on deliberate smears. But that is what the WPost, NY Times etc are there to clarify.
    I’ve no skin in the US political game but I do think Eleanor is right. Too old and the Hunter Biden thing was a serious questionmark over senior’s judgement.
    It may be the media’s reluctance to investigate Tara Reade is less political and more queasiness about upsetting #metoo’s progress. But that’s what got the UK into a considerable mess over the fantasist ‘Nick’ and his fictional, attention-seeking paedophile stories. The nightmare of making sexual abuse accusations is that there are usually no witnesses and damaged victims often don’t make the most credible of witnesses.
    That doesn’t mean that blind belief has to follow every claim. I worked for years in the child sexual abuse field and in that time I came across one (admittedly only one) who I reckon flat out lied either for attention or to show up people as gullible. The others who almost certainly were abused often had fragmented memories. Though studies indicated a surprisingly large percentage could find corroborating evidence if they looked for it.
    The small number of false allegations which do occur usually coming from troubled personalities seeking their five minutes of fame. They do immeasurable damage and need to be rooted out – and punished.

    • Just cut him loose, Marjorie.

      I read some of his most recent post (below) only to conclude it is time to leave Dig in the dust.

  3. Megs333, Several things you wrote puzzle me.
    1. If you really worked in the Biden campaign and have real proof of Tara Reade’s so-called Russian ties, instead of rumor-mongering, why not take it to the media, which
    2. you quote when it suits your narrative (top of 1st & 2nd comment), then bashes when it doesn’t (bottom of 1st comment & 2nd comment). If you want us to believe you that media organizations are hiding the truth from us, then why should we believe any news quotes you’re offering us, especially without a source?
    3. In my years reading this site, I have yet to come across your handle. But you suddenly pop up to claim your love for Biden as VP, then, again when it suits your narrative, write that your real choice is Warren.
    4. Your astrology questions are not only rhetorical, they don’t make sense, which again suggest that you came to this forum for a specific purpose.
    5. You accuse the media of pandering to Trump. While certainly it would be wonderful to turn on the news and not see his mug plastered everywhere, he is the current POTUS, so what he has to say, even if it’s mostly lies, the media still has to carry because his voice carries the official message of the executive branch of the government. So, for you to use that against the news media shows either a lack of understanding or deliberate skewing of facts. Which is it?
    6. The news coverage that I’ve seen of the Tara Reade accusations is trying to hold the Democratic party to the standards it has espoused, which is supposed to higher than that of Trump and his administration. Since a variety of media organizations are still covering Trump’s accusers as well, how do you come to the conclusion that they’re “play to one candidate’s tune, but not another?”
    7. The difference is that the legal apparatus that would hold Trump accountable has been crippled by his cronies, whereas Biden is trying to get himself into a similarly untouchable position, and the Democratic party is showing the world that it will stoop to any depth to get him there, the people be damned. By so doing, it is erasing clear differences between the two parties, giving an opening for a third-party candidate, which just happened over the weekend.
    This is a Republican strategist’s wet dream come true.

  4. I have not lived in the US for more than 40 years, and am almost completely ambivalent as regards its political scene. Having read the above comments, I have no opinion to offer regarding the ‘she said, he said’ accusations and rebuttals described above. However, as regards Joe Biden’s fitness or otherwise as a possible future POTUS, it does seem to me that the elephant in the living room is not his ‘hands on’ approach as regards women, but rather his cognitive ability to function as the leader of one of the most powerful nations on Earth. Every day I read publications from around the world, representing a broad cross-section both politically and culturally. And it concerns me that several of these more respected publications, in articles written by veteran political observers, are expressing growing concern over Biden’s seemingly evident cognitive deficiencies. I find it absolutely astonishing that out of a population of roughly 330 million people, the best candidates that can be found for the 2020 election are Trump and Biden.

    • Thank you EleanorD, for representing a voice of reason in this ugly back and forth!
      I think Biden’s inappropriate behavior toward women and him not having gotten Hunter to refuse the Burisma Board post are part of the evidence of his cognitive deficiencies.
      He was a “good” bet as a VP precisely because in those good “old” days, no one would’ve wanted someone so foolish to take the POTUS position, thereby lessening Obama’s chances at facing assassination attempts.
      The POTUS job is not a gold watch you simply hand to someone for having served his purpose as a VP-cum-human shield. It needs to be earned by someone who has shown some inkling of capabilities to dig us out of the mess Trump put us in (now even messier with the pandemic).

  5. There are too many inconsistencies in Tara Reade’s (aka Tara McCabe aka whatever other alias she’s using these days) claim which raises many red flags for me.

    The positive (now deleted) tweets about Joe Biden (when she was going by Tara McCabe) make me the most suspicious. There was one tweet she posted in particular that caught my attention. Tara wrote: “My former boss speaks truth. Listen” in the tweet I’m referring to and I found it extremely problematic that she would send out a tweet telling people to “believe” and “listen” to a person she claims had did something so awful to her 27 years. I can’t imagine any sexual assault victim telling the public they want their attacker to be “believed” or “listened” to.

    Another big red flag for me was that Tara Reade recently admitted she still plans to vote for Joe Biden this November despite the allegations she’s making against him. That’s oddly very generous of her to give her vote to someone she claims violated her.

    I was chatting with one woman (who is supporting Joe Biden) who told me she herself is a survivor of a violent sexual assault and she does NOT believe Tara Reade at all. She also told me she’s a member of a women’s support group for sexual assault survivors and all of the women in her group have either serious doubts about Tara Reade’s claims…and others just do not believe her story altogether – because she keeps changing her story, her past actions (like the positive tweets), and the fact she says she still voting for Biden (her supposed attacker) all make them question her integrity.

    Then I found out that Tara Reade’s late father had some kind of an erotic or romance novel published years ago. Journalists (and even some people who read the book) were finding strikingly similar comparisons to Tara Reade’s claims and an actual excerpt in the book. Again, another bright red flag.

    I do remember thinking to myself, when I was watching Tara Reade’s interview with Amy Goodman from Democracy Now!, it did sound a bit overly dramatic and it also sounded as if Tara was creating this elaborate narrative as she went along. It DID sound like something out of an erotica or romance novel.

    All in all, I do not believe Tara Reade (and all her aliases). I believe Joe Biden…and I am voting for him this November.

    We should always listen to victims, but we shouldn’t just accept what someone says at face value (even if what they’re saying can’t be validated) simply because it’s supposedly the “politically correct” thing to do. If someone is going to make serious accusations like this, the need to substantiate their claims…and they need receipts. Otherwise, they should be surprised if they dragged on social media, scrutinized by the press, and disbelieved by the public.

    Anyway, I still believe Joe Biden is going to win the general election this November – he keeps rising in the national polls, he’s now leading in virtually all of the swing states that decide the electoral college, and more people are rallying behind faster than I originally expected.

    Since most astrological predictions about Joe Biden were off during the primaries (most astrologers predicted he would not get the nomination), I’ve often wondered if the birth time presented for Biden is his actual birth time at all. So, I hadn’t really been looking at his chart for the general election. Instead, I started looking at the chart for Kamala Harris (whom many believe will be Biden’s VP pick) around election time and she has some very strong aspects in November pointing to an advancement in her career.

    Then, I noticed a political astrologer I’ve been following since 2015 who runs “Starlight News Blog” recently posted about Joe Biden and his general election chances. She had this to say:

    “On a far more positive note, there are three aspects in Biden’s chart that seem to indicate success for him in this election. The first is his progressed Venus moving to quincunx his Pluto (7Leo13) beginning in September 2020 and continuing through July 2021. Pluto is the ruler of Biden’s three Scorpio planets including the Sun, as well as the ultimate dispositor of everything in his chart. Thus, aspects to it are particularly important. On Inauguration Day, transiting Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus will all be in near-exact, hard aspects to Biden’s natal Pluto. Thus, Biden’s connection to the coming administration will be sealed into the four-year pattern described by the Inaugural chart.

    In addition, Biden’s tertiary progressed Venus will be square to his natal Pluto from October 25 to December 5, thus lighting up the progressed Venus/natal Pluto aspect over the time of the election and thereafter. The eleven month duration of this progressed Venus/natal Pluto combination describes very deep emotions of affection and care that impact Biden, as well as enhancing his appeal to the public.

    The second and third aspects of note that may well signal a win for Biden occur over the time of the Inauguration and beyond. The tertiary progressed Jupiter in Biden’s chart will cross his Midheaven (19Virgo54) from December 6, 2020, to December 20, 2021. This progression points to an expansive and very positive enhancement of his reputation and career.

    And finally, the transit of Pluto will oppose Biden’s natal Jupiter (25Cancer08) for the entire month of January, as well as twice more later in the year. With Jupiter as the ruler of Biden’s Sagittarius rising chart, this is a highly beneficial transit that will greatly magnify his presence in the world.”

  6. For the record, Biden wasn’t even in my top 10 of Democratic candidates. Elizabeth Warren was my favorite. I want big money out of government, and for the DNC to address the systemic corruption that benefits the 1%. I guess I’ll have to wait until 2024.

    I don’t think Biden can win, and if he does, he’ll have a permanent target on his back that he will not be an effective leader. As for Reade, I’d like to hear her speak on the record and clear up the inconsistencies in her story. Wanting this doesn’t make me a hypocrite. Not every story holds the same weight. Asking questions and not blindly believing every person who has an important story to tell is necessary– especially when so much is on the line. How many of us have heard a story, felt something was off, but couldn’t put our finger on just why, and changed our minds over and over as new information came in? I feel comfortable with what I wrote earlier. If I feel she’s given satisfactory answers that deal with my reasonable questions, I will believe her and call for Biden to drop out of the race. I will not address Weinstein vs Biden.

    My concern echos columnist Heather Cox: “Please follow me here: I am not speaking of the claims of Ms. Reade, which are a separate conversation. I am talking about the use of her story to control our political narrative. The attempt to get Biden to jump through hoops Trump ignores is classic gaslighting. It keeps Biden on the defensive and makes sure he is reinforcing Trump’s narrative, thus strengthening Trump even as Biden tries to carve out his own campaign. It is precisely what the Trump campaign, abetted by the media, did in 2016.”

    My astrology question is: Media is ruled by 9th house and/or Mercury and Uranus influences, right? Another astrologer (Michael Wolf ) says no major political candidate can win the Presidency without having strong ties to America’s moon, which he puts at 25 Aquarius (with 10 Scorpio rising) because it shows how the nation views the candidate at a fundamental level.

    Does media gaslighting come from a combination of the candidate’s 9th house, Neptune, Mercury, and Moon? From the 10th of public standing? From the nation’s planets/angles– especially the moon? From the composite of the corporations (CNN, Fox, MSNBC, etc…) to the DNC/RNC/Candidate? Or does it simply have to do with the candidates’ solar arcs, progressions, transits, etc…

    Is there a way to determine why the media will play to one candidate’s tune, but not another? The media is exhausted by Trump. They know he’s a con artist, and yet, they still do his bidding day after day.

    And I guess “friendly media” depends on your own values, projections, and experiences. For my money, the media goes after stories that rile people up and drum up ratings. There may be liberal commentators, but corporations run the show. They have no intention of informing the populace. They’re beholden to their stockholders.

  7. A UK physic-said many months ago that Elizabeth Warren, would be the nomination. This may seem strange but it is possible even now this late on. However he goes on to say Trump gets in just,? But the curse of Tippecanoe continues. I think both running mates are going to be key in this election for many reasons perhaps we should be looking at the astrology of some prominent females on both sides?

    • It will not matter now even if Elizabeth Warren gets the nomination. The fact that the Democratic party dug in its heels has already given rise to a 3rd-party candidate that the party (and all those silent “women’s” organizations) will have to spend money and time to defend against. That Warren endorsed Biden will be held against her, if not by those who support her, then by her opponents as a cudgel. Again, this entirely unforced error by the Democratic party has mortally wounded its chances and, in turn, the US chances to avoid disaster with a Trump 2nd term.
      The DNC has learned NOTHING from 2016.

      • @Jennifer,

        I have to disagree with you. Biden is winning back a lot of the voters we lost in 2016…I follow the data analysts like G. Elliot Morris, Nate Cohn, Harry Enten, Dave Wasserman, and Nate Silver…instead of the media pundits.

        The polling has been very consistent in Biden’s favor in all of the major swing states.

        Plus, the economy is in shambles now. When the economy goes…so does the political party in power (happens every election).

        I kind of feel history is repeating itself. Barack Obama was elected during the recession in 2008…..and Obama and Biden are both remembered for having taken us out of the recession. Now, we’re heading for another recession (possibly worse) and Biden is the nominee. Biden has actually made gains with older White and rural voters (a more reliable voting block than young voters).

        Also, data is now showing Biden leading in Arizona (a state with changing demographics) and North Carolina. In other words, Republicans are going to have an even HARDER time in these much needed electoral college states than they had in 2016.

        Anyway, this is all being reported by the data analysts….not just my personal opinion.

        • Hi Chris

          I hear you but I guess my bottom line is ‘we will see’. Due to the flashback of the time I said ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins…..’ But at the same time thought ‘No, the people would never vote him into power …’, then heard the news. The rest is HIStory/history.

  8. My god, Megs333, I do hope you’ve gotten a paid consultancy out of this mess that’s requiring women to bend over backwards to protect yet another man’s ambitions. All the Biden talking points–brava! Seriously, is there no Democratic loyalist who will protect women over Biden? Didn’t Weinstein also use the “but-she-said-nice-things-about-me” as a line of defense? How little are women worth to you if one assault (and YEARS of inappropriate touching/kissing) is not good enough?

    You do know that by protecting Biden in your contortionist I-care-about-women-except-those-who-come-out-against-candidates-I-like argument, you are essentially offering another wall of defense for Trump? BTW, here are some of those disturbing Biden moments (especially toward children) you want to dismiss out of hand:

    What I don’t understand is why the Democratic party insisted on betting on a guy with documented evidence of inappropriate behavior. Do you know how much damage the DNC just did to the long-term credibility of the Democratic party (not to mention its chances of defeating Trump) by insisting that all these high-profile women go to bat for and straddle the ethical fence over Biden? Biden–the guy who gets cheers just for coming out of a debate sounding coherent?? Is it his corporate loyalties? My, my, coming onto an astrology site to do Biden PR damage control, it’s a full-court press isn’t it.

    BTW, the argument you made about the Obama campaign’s vetting has also been used for Kavanaugh. Perhaps you can ask the media that question instead of the victim given how Larry King and guests pretty much ignored Reade’s mother’s question about how to address her daughter’s experience at Biden’s hands and just talked amongst themselves.

    Moreover, the media has been EXTREMELY Biden friendly. It felt like most of them had gotten amnesia from the moment he threw his hat into the ring, since there’s been pretty much radio silence about all the recorded evidence of him being inappropriate with women and girls. Man, you’re doing a hell of a job shoving survivors back into the closet and bolting the door. This is sickening!

    • Dig, You are on warning. There is a civil way of disagreeing with other comments without resorting to insults. Any more and the block goes down.

      • Is there a warning to Megs333 as well for insulting someone who’s not here to defend herself? I’ve seen plenty of commenters who’s been much more harsh toward each other, but don’t understand why I can’t be expressing how sickened I feel about people smearing someone with no proof whatsoever just so some doddering old man can get his nomination in.
        I would appreciate an even-handed approach.

  9. I will always love Joe as VP, and his bromance with Obama was one of my favorite things in politics. I worked on his campaign twice– taking a sabbatical in 2012 to head up a field office in California. I’m still disappointed he is the Dem nominee. I do not think he was the strongest candidate in a crowded field and I think his best days are behind him, and Marjorie’s forecast doesn’t leave me especially hopeful. It seems like we’ll be forced to watch various factions pick him apart from now until November, weakening him every step of the way.

    Now Republicans want his campaign to open up the archive at the University of Delaware to comb through all of his Senate papers looking for dirt (though they claim it’s to see if there’s any mention of Tara Reade. She would not be mentioned here. Those types of official documents would be kept in another place. The archive is supposed to open to the public two years after Biden officially leaves public life). Biden gave the papers to the university in good faith.

    There was a thoughtful opinion piece from USA Today this week on the case. The paper leans right, and the column was written by a former prosecutor. Its arguments were sound, but if I’ve learned anything over the last 4 years, it’s that new information is always coming out, and it’s best not to immediately react to something you see on Twitter. We’ll see in the coming weeks and months if this prosecutor was right. But I thought he made some salient points.

    I will listen to any woman who says she’s been a victim of sexual assault. I will weigh the evidence that is presented to me, and I will make a judgment based on what I know.

    As for Tara Reade– I am troubled by her love of Putin. She’s made some alarming claims, then said her words were taken out of context…. but the AP quoted her blog, so I don’t see how her words were misrepresented. I’m troubled by her changing story; The lack of other victims who’ve claimed they were penetrated (hugged aggressively and at times inappropriately… yes there is, unfortunately, a pattern; however, she is the only woman saying sexual penetration took place). Family and friends only spoke of the neck and shoulder touching; not the sexual penetration. If you look at other high profile predators, there is always a pattern. I cannot believe the Obama vetting team didn’t find something if there was a pattern. He was the first African American presidential nominee. They would not chance a sexual predator on the ticket. Remember, John Edwards was also running for President and had to drop out because of a sexual scandal/love child. So the Obama team would have been on high alert for sexual misconduct. And unlike the current administration, the Obama vetting process was very thorough. Reade was supposed to be interviewed on Fox News this weekend. She canceled. I am not saying that she could not have had an uncomfortable encounter in 1993, it happens. But what kind of woman praises their assailant on Twitter multiple times over the years as Reade did of Biden? Something seems to have happened in 2017/2018. That’s when she started praising Putin, calling him the kind of man women want. (Um, no thank you!)

    So Joe’s been vetted time and again since the early 70s. If this is true– why didn’t anyone find a pattern from Joe’s time in the Senate? You have to think Bernie Bros would have been all over this long before now. They were in it to win it at all costs. And Tara is a Bernie fan. The only knock I could find on Joe (aside from all the hugging)… was the fact he often puts his foot in his mouth. Not a great trait for a President. I’ll just leave it there. Otherwise, it seems that most people in DC think he’s a very decent man.

    And to be clear, Biden has always maintained that Reade has every right to make a claim, but the media is practically starting to do backflips trying to dig up anything to make this a story. It’s Hillary’s emails all over again. We’ve learned nothing from 2016. Trump and Biden are not the same kinds of men, and the media is trying to set up an equivalency. It’s disturbing.

    Trump has been accused by 24 women of either rape or sexual assault. And yet, none of those women are getting airtime.

  10. The high-profile democratic women are being used by the Democratic party to sell out women in general. The party has more than Biden to count on and it should have never backed him given his (more than) handsiness toward both women and girls. Tara Reade’s story was investigated by the same investigative reporter who helped Ronan Farrow blow the Weinstein case out of the water. He has told Democracy Now that he was surprised at how little coverage the press overall has given this case. Now, of course, more outlets are covering because more corroborating evidence is coming out, such as Reade’s mother’s phone call to Larry King and her neighbor corroborating their conversation in the mid 90s.
    I get that this is “inconvenient” for all of us who do not want to see Trump get a second term. But women/girls make up more than half of the US population, and selling us out will ensure that the DNC give Trump another term.
    As for the astrology, I hope Jill is happy mid year ’cause she’s getting a divorce. It has been deeply disappointing to see so many Democratic women choose political advantage over women’s rights.

  11. I followed the thread link above. One would almost be forgiven for thinking Tara Reade is potentially a con artist?

    • She is a con artist. She scammed people with a GoFundMe page and she eventually apologized to the people who donated. I don’t know if Tara refunded their money.
      Oh yeah there is another tidbit. The dress code when she worked for Biden required women to wear pantyhose so it would have been impossible for Biden to have digitally penetrated her unless he had pulled down her pantyhose or he had some really sharp fingernails which would have injured her if he had done what she claimed he did.
      Details. Details. Details.

      • Do please supply some actual evidence for your claims. Also, jeez, had I known that pantyhose is the modern equivalent to the chastity belt, I would haven’t never thrown any of my old ones away (even the ones that got snagged and ripped by a wayward cuticle).

        • Now we’ve obtained new information concerning Tara Reade’s character, from a non-profit organization based in Watsonville, California, called Pregnant Mare Rescue (PMR). Lynn Hummer, Founder/President of the highly-rated horse sanctuary that’s committed to rescuing pregnant mares and orphan foals from abuse, tells us that Tara Reade (McCabe) volunteered at her rescue for a couple of years (from 2014–2016). During this time, Hummer alleges that Reade “stole from her nonprofit, lied, and created stories to obtain sympathy and money.”
          We’ve also obtained receipts and emails that back up many of Hummer’s claims.

          Tara Reade Allegedly Tried Stealing Items From a Charity Auction/Raffle
          Tara Reade Billed Personal Services to the Non-profit and Refused to Pay Them Back
          Reade Bragged About her Work for Biden

          Ms. Dig, you may want to lay off the caffeine and the pantyhose, and enjoy the read about Ms. Reade.

  12. I read Tara Read has also filed sexual complaints against her own father, her ex and others. I don’t know if this has been substantiated. She appears to be a complex, perhaps troubled, person. I am sure Biden is overly tactile but so far I don’t see him as an abuser and I doubt people other than Trump’s rabid base will. Trump is the real sexual abuser here.

    Biden is another Neptune in the 10th person, who finds fulfilment in being a savior. He is certainly perceived as such by millions at this point. I wonder about his relationship with his mother.

  13. It is a real shame that sexual harassment complaints are highly politicised. You believe complaints made against the party leaders you dislike.

    When sexual harassment is used to meet political ends, harassment complaints loose their importance for people who have genuinely suffered.

  14. “There’s only one net-site hint about a birth date for Tara Reade of 26 February 1971, so it should be treated with caution.”

    This couldn’t be true, since she told herself that she was 29 when the alledged assault took place in 1993. So, she would be born either in 1963 or 1964.

  15. If she feels morally obligated to alert the voting public to Biden’s sexual misconduct, I have to wonder why she didn’t bring all this up when he twice ran for VP.

    • For me the weak link in her story is that she filed a complaint about some kind of “inappropriate conduct”, but didn’t keep a copy herself. This was in 1993, two years after Anita Hill hearing, which justly infuriated a generation of smart, professional women. She wasn’t a naïve intern, but had, among her duties, supervising interns, so has to have knowledge on HR procedures.

      • Exactly. After the Anita Hill fiasco workplace sexual harassment was highly visible and women were filing sexual harassment complaints against their male supervisors right and left and there was no stigma against the victims just sympathy and support. So she really had zero excuse for not going into detail if the incident had happened.

        • It’s not unusual, for sexual assault victims to block memories, so the “not mentioning sexual assault” in complaint could well be true. But not keeping ANY record of a workplace complaint if not otherwise, in case it’s not handled properly does not sound true. Even if it has been 27 years. I still have a copy of complaint our student board placed against a professor for not skipping his tutorial obligations in the late 1990’s. Not to mention of legal dispute I had 20 years ago.

    • Caught a clip of Trump’s response to a reporter asking about Biden. Interesting that part of his comment included that there is more accusations to come. My thought was ‘hmm….’

      • If you’re talking about Eva Murray then she’s been proven a liar.
        Murray who is the niece of Biden’s Republican opponent Christine (I am not a witch any more) O’Donnell when he ran for his Senate seat in 2008 stated that she attended a dinner with her aunt in May 2008 when she was 14, and someone introduced her to Biden and stated her age and Biden supposedly told her gawkingly that she was well-endowded.
        She said she told lots of people. The only problem with her story is that Biden didn’t attend the dinner because he had out-patient sinus surgery in Philadelphia that day, and he sent one of his staff to attend the dinner in his place.

  16. Note that for Joe’s Mars square Pluto we get “super determined” and “not sensitive to the nuances of others’ wishes”, while for Tara’s same aspect we get “can either be overly submissive or bitterly angry”. You come off as highly biased in this entire post, Marjorie.

    • Mars Pluto tends to operate differently on men and women’s charts. With men the stronger dominate side tends to emerge. With women they start off submissive and are resentful at being tramped on; and some though not all then get empowered and become super-determined themselves.

      • Even Lindsey Graham is defending Joe Biden, saying that they traveled together for years as senators and he never saw Joe do anything untoward a woman and never heard of him being inappropriate. And he stated this on Fox News, on the Hannity show, neither of which would welcome support of Biden.

        • Lindsey is a Trump toady so his opinion is mud. Republicans are supporting Biden in public knowing that they are enjoying this hit job privately because it is taking attention off Trump and the Republican governors who have opened up their states even though the number of coronavirus diagnoses and deaths are rising.

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