Mia Tindall – a royal handful

Mia Tindall


Mia Tindall, Zara and Mike’s two year old daughter and Princess Anne’s granddaughter, has managed to bring a spark of light relief to recent news. She featured in Annie Leibovitz’s photograph of the Queen and younger family members, determinedly holding up the Royal handbag; and has been cavorting boisterously at Badminton where her mother was competing.

Born 17 January 2014 at 1.51am in Gloucester, she has a packed 3rd house with a charming and quite manipulative Venus Pluto in Capricorn opposition a 9th house Jupiter in Cancer square a 12th house Mars in Libra opposition Uranus in the 6th. So with a Cardinal Grand Cross she’s got initiative spilling out, will be restless, go-ahead, opinionated, quite reckless and have a life of revolving crises, many self-created.  She’ll adore excitement.

Her sharp-witted Capricorn Sun is also in the 3rd along with Mercury in Aquarius – so she’ll be intelligent, a good communicator, boosted by a confident Jupiter in the travelling 9th. Mercifully her Sun Venus are sextile Saturn in Scorpio which will slow her down slightly and give her staying power.

Her 9th house Leo Moon is flamboyant, yearns for exotic places. It opposes Mercury squaring onto her Scorpio Ascendant – so she’ll be designed for a public life though she’ll be self-protective and private at the same time.

Her earthy Capricorn planets certainly fit well with her mother’s Taurus Sun and her father’s Taurus Moon as well as Princess Anne’s Virgo Moon.


Valerie Storie – A6 murder – overcoming horror

Valerie StorieJames Hanratty

Valerie Storie has died, who was raped, repeatedly shot and left for dead in 1961 in the infamous A6 murder which left her married boyfriend dead. She identified James Hanratty who was found guilty and hanged, posthumously cleared after a public outcry. Later DNA testing proved beyond doubt he had done it. She spent the rest of her life in a wheelchair, going back to work within a year and supporting her parents.

She was born 24 December 1938 and was a Sun Capricorn square Saturn in self-reliant Aries; and she had a Yod of Sun sextile Jupiter inconjunct Pluto so confident, intense and ultra-determined, though not always good at co-operation.

Hanratty, 4 Oct 1936 12.05am London, was a 4th house Sun Mercury in Libra; with Uranus in Taurus inconjunct Sun and trine Mars, opposition Venus in Scorpio and square Pluto; and a Mutable T Square of Saturn in Pisces opposition Neptune square Jupiter in Sagittarius. So volatile, emotionally conflicted and very highly strung. He had previously been described as mentally deficient, a psychopath, a pathological liar and ineducable after a childhood concussive accident.

Tr Jupiter was opposition his Pluto Ascendant when he committed the rape/murder, in a macabre way giving him the confidence to do it.

Hanratty’s Libra Sun was opposition Valerie’s Saturn; his Venus conjunct her Mars in Scorpio with his Uranus opposition her Mars; and her Moon was opposition his Pluto. In that spooky way of random encounters between people who had never met before, there was a definite cross over.

Their relationship chart was very marked with a hard Water Grand Trine of Moon Saturn trine Pluto trine composite Sun, formed into two Kites with a struggle-for-the-upper-hand Pluto opposition Jupiter; and a paranoid Moon Saturn opposition Neptune.

Hanratty’s chart also impacted sharply on Michael Gregsten’s chart, 28 Dec 1924, Valerie’s lover and his murder victim. Gregsten was a Capricorn Sun opposition Pluto square Mars in Aries – which collided with Hanratty’s Libra Sun.

UK – in the next decade or two

UK 1801In response to a query about the UK near/far future and whether it might return to happier, kinder times and away from globalisation.

The good news in the short term is tr Jupiter moving across the UK Libra Ascendant from mid October this year which should produce a morale boost and more confidence thereafter.

Tr Neptune is now just into the 6th house of health and work staying till 2030 which will be undermining for health workers, socialist/workers’ political parties, armed forces and the civil service.

Tr Saturn is going through the 3rd till late 2018 which could throw up communication and transport problems – telephones, postal services, newspapers, freedom of speech issues. It’s not likely to lead to more neighbourliness.  Nor indeed is tr Pluto through the 4th from 2013 to 2029 which tends to bring up internal resentment and conflict about enforced changes on the population – and that would certainly include immigration issues. That will worsen if anything when tr Saturn goes into the 4th from Dec 2018 to 2021. Domestically fairly bleak.

There are two major configurations in the UK chart. One is a Cardinal T square of MC Moon in Cancer opposition Sun square North Node in Aries. That has been jolted and hammered in recent times with the tr Pluto square tr Uranus hitting on the Capricorn Sun in 2013 especially. Since it focuses onto the 7th house North Node it has brought up partnership commitment issues (EU etc), especially with tr Uranus moving through the 7th as well.

Tr Uranus is now finished; but tr Pluto will square the North Node for the final time later this year and then moves on to oppose the Moon in 2017/18. This latter suggests an emotionally intense population pulling against the government and ruling classes. I’ve always associated that 10th house Moon with the Queen, so it may also involve her winding down as she advances into her 90s. It’s certainly part of a several-year phase of reviewing and realigning the UK’s identity – not so much how the country appears in terms of image, more an internal process of grappling with who the country is in the context of the recent changes.

The other configuration is the Fixed Grand Cross – or if you’re fussy about orbs – the two Fixed T Squares of Neptune opposition Mars square Venus, and Saturn opposition Venus square Neptune. Since these have planets in the three Mundane financial house, 2nd, 5th and 8th it’s partly why the UK has always had a strong commercial/banking/business focus.

Those Fixed T Squares will get a serious shake-up from tr Uranus in Taurus hard aspects to all four planets between 2021 to 2025. With tr Uranus into the business financial 8th from 2019 onwards – so a time of highs and lows economically, nothing too stable.  Indeed there will be a forewarning when the Solar Arc Sun is square the UK Mars, exact in 4 months’ time; and Solar Arc MC squares Mars late 2017/early 2018 both of which will involve a considerable shock, emotional as well as financial, with high levels of anger.

The 8th house Mars is also associated with major accidents, natural and man-made, involving loss of life. When tr Pluto was opposition that Mars in the late 1980s there were a run of horrific accidents – Kings Cross, Zebrugge etc.  It also tends to upend silt from the bottom of the barrel, so when that Mars is triggered, for example more child abuse scandals emerge.

So first the Solar Arc Sun and MC hit it, then three years later tr Uranus is conjunct Mars which looks fairly explosive and disruptive, financially and in other ways.

Around 2024/25 tr Uranus will square the UK 11th house Saturn which suggests radical changes to government institutions, the legislature – and to the UK’s hopes and plans for the future.

The late 2020s will see a major gear shift, probably for the better with tr Uranus out of the 8th, into the more open-minded 9th; and tr Pluto into the 5th, promoting a more confident push for recognition.

Whether any of this results in a nicer, fluffier UK is debatable.

Sally Brampton – a sad loss

Sally Brampton, the well-liked and respected founding editor of British Elle magazine, and later a newspaper agony aunt, has died by walking into the sea. She wrote about her lifelong depression, which at times became incapacitating, in her memoir ‘Shoot the Damn Dog.’

Born 15 July 1955 in Brunei, where her father worked for Shell, she moved frequently in childhood and was sent to boarding school in England which she hated.

She was a Sun Uranus conjunct in Cancer square Neptune in Libra – so a maverick, highly strung with Uranus Neptune; and with Cancer’s innate sense for what the public wanted. Many fashion designers are Cancer. She also had Mercury Venus in Cancer; and an enthusiastic Mars Jupiter in Leo.

Her Taurus Moon was square Pluto and probably opposition Saturn in Scorpio, which may be where part of her depression stemmed from – very bleak.

Reading snippets about her, what seemed a shame was that she discounted the benefits of therapy which could have been a help.

Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne – hitting a tough patch

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have split their 34 year marriage after his affair with a hairdresser was revealed.

Sharon, 9 Oct 1952, and Ozzy, 3 Dec 1948, are both going through a very sticky time. He’s got tr Saturn conjunct his Sagittarius Sun this year with tr Neptune square; and a confused tr Pluto square his Neptune till late 2017 – so he won’t know whether he’s coming or going.

Sharon is a Sun Saturn Neptune in Libra with tr Uranus opposing Neptune this year; and tr Pluto this year is on the discouraging trek in square to her Sun Saturn, continuing till late 2017. So she’ll be feeling even more pressured and depressed.

Their relationship chart has an affectionate and possessive composite Sun Venus Mercury square Pluto in an expansive trine to Jupiter.  There’s also an explosive composite Uranus opposition Mars perhaps square Moon so it won’t ever have been an easy marriage.

What’s showing on the relationship chart is a devastating tr Pluto square Neptune; and a disappointing tr Saturn square the composite Jupiter and tr Neptune conjunct.

It may cobble itself back together at some point.

Rodrigo Duterte – The Punisher – too many sextiles

Rodrigo Duterte, the surprise new President elect of the Philipines has been described as a misogynist, loud-mouthed bigot like Trump. In reality he’s a much harder figure, reputedly using death squads to target criminals during his time as Mayor of Davao, earning him the nickname The Punisher.

Born 28 March 1945 he’s a Sun Aries opposition Neptune square Saturn in Cancer, and trine Pluto. So one of these Sun Neptune Pluto individuals who have a vision for power and influence; and with a focal point Cardinal Saturn, he certainly has executive ability but won’t be happy to share the driving seat with others. He’s also got a Half Grand Sextile of Sun sextile Uranus sextile Pluto sextile Neptune (Moon) – so talented, lucky. Plus a mini-Grand Trine of Mars in Pisces trine Saturn sextile Venus in Taurus.  A surfeit of ‘easy’ aspects in a chart can, oddly enough, lead to a lack of moral fibre. His Jupiter in Virgo is picking up the tr Pluto trine in 2018/19 – so money and success will roll his way.

The Philippine 10 Dec 1898 8.45pm chart looks a good deal less happy with tr Saturn in hard aspect to the Pluto Neptune opposition Saturn Sun in Sagittarius in 2016/2017; and tr Neptune following along behind to start squaring first Pluto in 2017 then Sun Saturn in 2019/20.

The Philippines 4 July 1946 9.15am Manila chart is more mixed with a giddy high from Pluto Jupiter in 2016/17 but also tr Saturn square the Moon this year; with tr Neptune opposition Moon in 2018/19 along with the disruptive Solar Arc Sun square Uranus at the end of this year; and the high anxiety, uncertain Solar Arc Saturn conjunct Neptune later in 2018. That could suggest some do well out of his election but the general population of the poor don’t benefit.

Italy – economic doldrums

Italy is facing calls internally to exit the euro, or even the EU, as its economic situation continues to stutter along with no growth, and youth unemployment figures in the south are way over 50%. They are in no shape to face another global recession and the constraints of EU policy make it impossible for them to pull out of their dire situation without a debt default.

The Bank of Italy chart 10 Aug 1893 is panicking madly this year with the tr Saturn square tr Neptune hitting on the Pluto Neptune conjunction in Gemini square a financial Venus; with tr Neptune continuing next year  to oppose Venus and square Neptune – so all uncertain, swampy, disappointing.  The major disruption comes in 2018 with a Solar Arc Uranus square Pluto. So no fast or easy solutions.

Nicola Sturgeon sworn in – confident though needing focus

Nicola Sturgeon was sworn in to the new session of the Scottish Parliament just after 9.30am this morning (anyone with an exact time, gratefully received). This gives the confident, upbeat Earth Grand Trine of Venus Mercury (Sun) in Taurus trine Pluto trine Jupiter – so could be good for business. Though, of course, it forms into a Kite focussed on Neptune from the opposition to Jupiter, which is less wonderful for politics – well-intentioned, impractical, evasive. There’s also a scattered, bad-tempered Mutable T square from that opposition onto Saturn Mars in Sagittarius. So high levels of nervous energy but needs discipline, focus and direction.

A showy Leo Moon is trine Mars Saturn – so again emotional aggravations.