Russell Simmons – in the eye of the storm


Music mogul Russell Wendell Simmons who resigned from his positions at Def Jam Recordings and other companies after multiple allegations of serious sexual misconduct and assault, has popped back up in a radio interview proclaiming his innocence. A recent documentary featuring some of his accusers lost Oprah Winfrey’s support. In 2018, it was reported that Simmons had moved to Bali, Indonesia, where there is no extradition treaty to the U.S.

Born 4 October 1957, Simmons is a pro-active Sun, Mars, Jupiter in Libra in sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius on one side and Uranus on the other – a risk-taker, confident, innovative. His Saturn is also in a tough-minded square to Pluto. His Venus in seductive Scorpio squares onto an Aquarius Moon.

It’s not a particularly alarming chart (without a birth time) but his way ahead looks less than upbeat. He has a car-crash Solar Arc Mars conjunct his Saturn this year, as well as tr Uranus opposing his Mars/Saturn for a run of calamities from this month, on and off to early 2021; plus jolts and jangles from tr Uranus square Uranus, Sun/Saturn and Jupiter/Saturn midpoints from this July on and off into mid 2021 – which suggest losses, upset and forced change. And tr Neptune is in a disastrous opposition to his Mars/Pluto midpoint now till early 2021. In 2022 Solar Arc Neptune squares his Mars for panicky failure. Photo: David Shankbone


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