North Korea – desperate for leverage

North Korea has taken a step back from rapprochement with South Korea, blowing up a joint liaison office in the demilitarized zone between the countries. It had allowed constant communication between the two sides for the first time since the start of the 1950-53 Korean War. The two countries have one million troops stationed on either side of the border.

North Korea has been irritated by the flow of anti-Pyongyang leaflets sent over the border on drones and in balloons by defectors. Though analysts say they may be seeking to manufacture a crisis to increase pressure on Seoul while nuclear negotiations with Washington are at a standstill, which pushes back any chance of sanctions being lifted. They say South Korea has failed as a mediator.

The pandemic has also caused problems, freezing cross-border trade with China which has worsened the impact of UN sanctions, which limit the purchase of almost all goods from North Korea. Beijing had hoped to coax Pyongyang towards market reforms in return for scaling back its nuclear programme, but that’s no longer a priority.

The North Korea country chart is in over-hopeful gear at the moment with tr Neptune square the Jupiter which also often accompanies financial meltdowns and that runs on and off till late 2021. This month’s Cancer Solar Eclipse will conjunct the Uranus exactly which is likely to provoke impulsive reactions and unpredictable behaviour.

Kin Jong Un is thought to have had health problems recently and his Leadership chart, 29 December 2011 11.57am Pyonggang is being rattled by the Eclipses this year with the Mercury catching the June 5th Sagittarius Lunar eclipse; and the Sun Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus catching the early and mid year Eclipses, Solar and Lunar. With a panicky-failure tr Neptune opposing the Mars this year into early 2021; and a downbeat tr Saturn square the Jupiter in place exactly now till early July. The regime is not in great shape.

Kim’s sister Kim Yo Jong has been more visible recently, making this latest military announcement. If her birth date is accurate, 26 September 1987, she’s a Sun Venus in Libra with Moon Pluto in Scorpio. She’s in a year of upheaval with tr Uranus opposition her Pluto and then on a fast downhill slide in 2021/22 with tr Neptune opposition her Mars and square her Uranus, so any violent responses would end in failure. Though she’s also at risk if her brother dies or is overthrown since there would be a deadly power struggle between older rivals for the leadership.

The South Korean President Moon Jae-In’s Administration chart looks rattled by this December’s Solar Eclipse conjunct the Saturn; and will be into turbulent waters come 2021.

The North Korea/USA relationship chart has been and will continue to be rattled by this year’s Eclipses and tr Neptune in a nerve-stretched square to the Uranus and in a deeply uncertain opposition to the Saturn through 2021; with more jolts in 2022. So nothing sorting soon.

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