Donald Trump – a lacklustre, indecisive Solar Return


Donald Trump’s Solar Return for this birthday (four days ago) for the year ahead is not remotely as calamitous as his Solar Return from June 2019 which had Saturn Pluto in the 10th opposition Mars Mercury in the 4th as the driving planets from a delusional-bubble Water Grand Trine of Neptune trine Mars trine Moon. Plus more head-in the-clouds, inability-to-grasp-reality from Sun opposition Jupiter square Neptune. Horrific and completely boxed in though he didn’t notice most of it.

This coming year’s Return interestingly has Uranus in the 10th suggesting a radical change of career or life’s direction which he also had in his June 2016 Return over his step up into the White House. The tr Uranus change-in-direction in his Solar Return is only one degree from the square to his control-freaky natal 12th house Pluto which it will pick up exactly from early this July on and off till February 2022, which usually indicates turbulence and a major upheaval.

That apart his 2020 Solar Return is fairly limp with a Sun square an indecisive and not-succeeding Mars Neptune Moon in Pisces in the 9th house ruling legal affairs and foreign countries. There’s also Mercury in the secret 12th house trine Mars Neptune so much going on behind the scenes – elusive and evasive and muddle headed.

Tr Neptune is also, of course, within minutes of a degree to the square to his Moon and then Sun which it will aspect exactly on the degree from late March 2021 on and off till late 2022 – so an undermining, confusing time for him.

The one positive is the super-confident Jupiter Pluto in Capricorn which sits on the Descendant which is sextile the Mars Neptune Moon so will inject a touch of substance into otherwise lacklustre plans. Though Jupiter Pluto is also in opposition to – and the Ascendant conjunct – Procyon, the Fixed star which indicates rises and falls as the wheel of fate spins. That point around 25 Cancer is also key in his chart having his natal Venus Saturn in Cancer conjunct, so it will focus a spotlight on his emotional wounding.

The midpoints on his 2020 Solar Return could suggest relationship splits with Uranus conjunct the Sun/Moon midpoint, as well as arguments and a self-willed/argumentative approach. Plus ca change. And with the Saturn/Uranus midpoint conjunct Mars and Neptune – forced release from strains, accident-prone, major battle and weakening resistance.



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  1. Don’t be surprised if the change of direction is one that embraces “black lives” “police reform” and immigrants. This man is very good at reinventing himself. The idea will be to get new followers. He is aggressively courting the black vote.

  2. Unfortunately, in the U.S. the person who gets the most votes in the presidential election isn’t always the winner. Aside from the flawed Electioral College process, we also have longtime issues such as Republican gerrymandering, rigged voting machines, and other organized forms of outright voter suppression.

    • Exactly!! So this is why the movement to vote is flawed and even the blind man can see that but that is not what the narrative is saying. Before any change can take place, that has to change and no-one is talking. So ….. hmmm!!

    • @ TrisKit,

      What you just described happens every election, unfortunately. However, we’ve been able to overcome the voter suppression tactics in many elections.

      For example, the Wisconsin Primary was a hot mess this year. The Republican-controlled Wisconsin State Legislature refused to postpone their state’s primary despite Covid-19. Wisconsin’s Democratic Governor Tony Evers tried to postpone it…but the state legislature worked against him.

      The Republican-controlled State Legislature wanted to hold the primary on its original date because they were hoping to get one of their conservative state supreme court candidates elected and they thought having a lower turnout would help make that happen. Fortunately, their plans backfired and Wisconsinites ended up voting for the more progressive Jill Karofsky.

      Then there was the Georgia Primary. Republican Governor Brian Kemp set up his little “trial run” for what the state can expect this November. There are two U.S. Senate races this year in Georgia…not to mention the Presidential election. The data analysts are saying Georgia is expected to be competitive this year due to changing demographics. So, the GOP wants to suppress the votes because they do not want two Democrats getting elected to the U.S. Senate…and they definitely don’t want Joe Biden to win their state.

      During the primary, in heavily Democratic Atlanta, there were voting machines that were malfunctioning, inexperienced poll workers, long lines (people had to wait in the rain), and many mail-in voters didn’t even receive their absentee ballots.

      Despite all of the setbacks though, Georgian Democrats turned out in record numbers to vote in this year’s primary. Stacey Abrams reported that the number of Democrats who voted in Georgia’s primary actually surpassed the number who voted in 2008.

      All in all, I do believe we can overcome these dirty tricks and voter suppression tactics when we try hard enough. People really are more determined than ever this election.

  3. Merc going retro shortly. And we’re in the shadow period, as I recall it’s name. The usual miscommunications (hey! the corona virus is over) and threats fizzling over that new book from Bolton.

    • I notice Trump’s niece, Mary Trump (daughter of Fred jr) is also publishing a book, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man” in which she details how Trump derided his father when Fred succumbed to Alzheimer’s. The publisher’s note reads “She explains how specific events and general family patterns created the damaged man who currently occupies the Oval Office, including the strange and harmful relationship between Fred Trump and his two oldest sons, Fred Jr. and Donald.”

      Trump is considering a lawsuit to block publication apparently. That’s going to be a lot of lawsuits.

        • Oh good, Marjorie. I only became aware of her recently – she’s a clinical psychologist so it will be interesting to see her take on it.

          • Yes this will be fascinating, and includes quite a bit about the serpentine family finances apparently. I couldn’t resist looking at May 1965 – and interesting to see Mary’s Chiron at 21 Pisces making a t-square with Trump’s Sun and Moon and nodes. You can add his Gemini Uranus into that as well. BML for May 1965 ranges from 22 – 25 Capricorn, opposite Trump’s Venus and Saturn – I thought this seemed like a lot of female family history, suppressed anger, and generally overturning the family applecart. We shall see.

  4. Thank you Marjorie. Interesting to see the smoke-and-mirrors Mars and Neptune in Pisces in the 9th, with Mars ruling the MC. More shenanigans of a legal nature perhaps, or a deceptive “foreign” influence of some kind….doesn’t bear thinking about really, but could also be a hard to diagnose illness? Chiron on the MC is a strange one. Possibly it adds to the message of emotional wounding you write about here. If he does lose this election, I can’t see a graceful exit somehow.

  5. I’m usually setting Solar Returns for the location person resides, rather than place of birth, since in my experience, relocation matters. I also tend to look at both Placidus and equal house charta, since I live beyond 60th parallel, and Placidus tends to give charts here ridiculously distorted houses (I have friends with angular houses encompassing 90 degrees of their charts). In Trump’s case, differences are minimal, since he still resides on East Coast of The US, but Washington location does put that Sun of his to 12th house side on this, at least using equal house system. If not anything else, I interpret this as him being “done” in Washington, although it could mean even general loss of identity due to “sundowning”.

  6. This analysis further solidifies why I believe Donald Trump will lose this the general election this November. With 40 million plus people unemployed, covid-19 cases and deaths escalating out-of-control, police brutality on the rise, and the economy in such a precarious state, the odds are truly against Donald “Agent Orange” Trump. No incumbent, in the history of a U.S. Presidential election, has ever been reelected when unemployment is so high and the economy is so awful.

    This is just an observation, but another reason why I believe Trump has dropped so significantly in the polls, is because it appears more Democrats and progressive-leaning Independents are starting to come home to Joe Biden. At the beginning of this year, we had one of the most crowded Democratic Presidential primaries since 1976 according to various news sources. So, when Biden was able to capture the nomination, I think it took awhile for some of the voters who supported other candidates to shift over to Biden’s camp.

    Even though Biden’s already got the nomination, I’m still keeping up with the primaries (we have 7 contests left) because I want to see how many Democrats are turning out to vote in the major swing states. So far, the results have been rather promising. For example, more people voted in the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania (critical swing state) than in the Republican primary there – Joe Biden, alone, was able to receive 1.2 million votes (so far, they’re still counting) while Trump only received 1 million in these contest primaries. Also, more people voted in the Democratic Presidential primary here in Florida (another pivotal swing state) than in the Republican Primary in this state. Overall, there have been about 33 million (in counting) people who voted (nationwide) in the Democratic Presidential Primaries this year (which 7 more contests to come) as opposed to only about 30 million people who voted in the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primaries. Even in Georgia, according to Stacey Abrams, the number of Democratic primary voters (despite the recent suppression tactics) actually surpassed 2008’s numbers. And data analyst G. Elliot Morris reported that if Georgia is a competitive state this year (and he believes it is), then Trump is quote: “definitely in trouble.”

    All in all, it appears the Saturn-Pluto Conjuction in Capricorn this year is really making it’s presence known in the most intense way possible. Capricorn does rule governments, the economy, and corporations – all of which have been effected by current situations in some way. It does seem to indicate that we’re headed for change of some kind.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

    • “It does seem to indicate that we’re headed for change of some kind.

      Not to rain on your post – and at the risk of being censured – it is a tad long-winded as a soapbox theme. Yes, change is in the air.

    • Change, in and of itself, is not necessarily a good thing. Trump himself was a change, both from Barack Obama and from the expected norms of a US President. A change can be either for better or for worse (and whether better or worse can depend on your point of view).

      • @Unmystic Mom,

        Sometimes things have to get worse better they get better. There’s no doubt that things have certainly got worse these past few months and this fall, we’ll likely see more challenges (a second wave of covid-19, Republicans playing dirty tricks, more economic hardships, etc.) but but as long as we get Trump and Pence OUT of office, it will be, at least, some sign of relief.

      • ‘The only constant is change’.

        What is good change or bad change is a personal perception according to our understanding of life. I guess if it flows effortlessly and syncs with us, we are aligned with the planets to help (however small) to create that change, and if it is challenging for us we are resisting the planetary flow that speaks of that change because of our own preconceptions of how things should be. If we are lucky enough to want to understand astrology in some form or shape, and can gain insight from the gems that Marjorie and others share with us, it’s a start in realizing that we should not take change personal.

        It’s just a part of the evolution of life and living. Just a thought!!

    • You were absolutely RIGHT!!! I said the same thing but based solely on transiting Neptune squaring his sun. In my long experience I’ve NEVER seen people “win” when Neptune aspects a personal planet.

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