Ariane Grande – finding her way to the altar

Singer Ariane Grande has finally taken the plunge after a series of relationships and one short-lived engagement, and married real estate agent Dalton Gomez. 

  Born 26 June 1993 9.15 pm Boca Raton, Florida, she has a hard-working 6th house Cancer Sun trine Saturn in her financial 2nd and square a sociable and light-hearted Moon Jupiter in Libra. She also has the highly-strung Uranus Neptune in Capricorn on her Ascendant opposition Mercury and a passionately intense Venus in Taurus opposition a controlling and influential Pluto in her 10th. Her Saturn is also opposition an 8th house Mars in Virgo – a complicated lady, strong in some ways but also prone to getting over stressed.

  Her previous engagement to comedian Pete Davidson, 16 November 1993, a Sun Pluto in Scorpio square Saturn was never designed to be a long-term prospect and split after a few months. See post June 13 2018.

  Dalton Gomez, 7 August 1995, in California, has a charming Sun Venus in Leo which falls in her 7th house of marriage which is ideal. His Sun Venus are sextile Mars in Libra and trine Jupiter in Sagittarius – he’s definitely a looker on the bright side.

  Their relationship chart has the composite Sun opposition Neptune Uranus in Capricorn so it will be changeable, muddled at times and both will need their own space. Though a possible Moon Pluto conjunction hints at possessiveness and a Sun trine Pluto, sextile Mars will make for some high voltage moments. A Jupiter trine Venus will smooth a few rough edges but it will be a drama-filled partnership.

Pic: Cosmopolitan UK 

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