David Frost – bullying the EU not working

David Frost, the UK Brexit negotiator, said the government underestimated the impact Brexit and the Northern Ireland Protocol would have on businesses and that the disruption to trade between the UK and Northern Ireland had been greater than expected. He said talks so far had not been “hugely productive” and the government would “have to see how far we can take it”, accusing the EU of being “purist”, indulging in point-scoring and lacking in sense about the issue. He threatened that the UK could soon take drastic action over concerns about violence and disruption. Breaching international law by tearing up the protocol was understood not to be under consideration, though there are hints of triggering Article 16 to suspend checks being an option.

  At the time of Frost’s controversial promotion into the Cabinet, which breached the constitutional principle that a government adviser should not have a seat in legislature, he was described as a nightclub bouncer not a diplomat. His bully-boy tactics seem to be winning as few friends as before, indeed creating problems with his abrasive approach.

  Born 21 February 1965, he’s a Sun Saturn in Pisces with a volatile collection of Uranus, Pluto and Mars in Virgo; with Boris’s Teflon-coated, none-too-practical, overly-hopeful Neptune opposition Jupiter which in his case squares onto Venus in Aquarius.

   He’s not exactly thriving this year with a variety of Neptunian sinkers hitting various midpoints this year but it will be 2022 which expose his failures from April onwards, with a discouraging run up of several weeks.

  His relationship with Boris will be under strain from mid this August till late November and moving into enraged, trapped and high-risk territory from March 2022 onwards for two years as tr Pluto opposes the composite Mars.

  Frost’s Term chart, 1 March 2021, has a destructive and combative 7th house Mars in Taurus conjunct Algol trine Pluto in the 3rd – which is as far removed from diplomatic as you can get. It is sagging badly in morale from the middle of this August, discouraged in early 2022 and road-blocked from March 2022 onwards for two years.

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18 thoughts on “David Frost – bullying the EU not working

  1. I would just like to point out that when people voted in the 70s, they were voting for a trade deal, by joining the EEC. They had never heard of the European Union, and never imagined that their laws and way of life would become subservient to an unelected government. Ted Heath and his cohorts were extremely dishonest with the electorate.

    And while I imagine that most remainers think their desires to remain in the EU outweigh those who voted to leave, they should remember that democracy needs to be respected. Not just when your side wins.

    • No sensible country allows a decision as far-reaching as Brexit on a 50-50 vote. There should have been at least a 55% or better still 60% threshold. And I’m not sure the Russians exactly respected democratic norms when they exerted backroom pressure.

  2. What is worse: having a bully fight for your interests or someone who caves at the first opportunity and allows bullies to walk all over us?

    • Not sure we should treat the EU as enemies Linda. They have always been honest about their objectives, our government has deliberately ignored them. Our mistake. Brexit as portrayed by the Brexiteers was never achievable.

      • I agree Emily.

        Just to add, Linda, that you appear to have swallowed the Brexiteer rhetoric hook, line and sinker.

        We chose to be part of the EU originally, and it brought us many benefits as well as challenges. The UK is not a victim; but the UK government is fast making its own people into victims of its pisspoor policies, with no protection for us from membership of the EU. The only winners here are big business and the super-rich.

  3. Boris does not do any real interactive interviews, because he does not see himself as accountable to anyone. This prevents the public from seeing who he really is , allowing the dreadful mantra ” he is doing his best” to percolate. He is doing his best for one person only.

    • Boris doesn’t do interviews because he’s no good at talking on his feet. It’s why he doesn’t do debates either. Odd with his overblown rhetorical flourishes.
      He tends to have female confidants, but not close male friendships, possibly because of his appalling father and grandfather, but great love of his mum.
      He’s a loner, with popular appeal.
      He earns (earned) a fortune, is mean, but has no money, especially now after his recent divorce.
      He’s seen as privileged, but was a scholarship boy.
      Lots of curiosities explored in Tom Bowyer’s biography of him.
      A complicated man, but not particularly likeable or trustworthy, as we all well know.

  4. ‘David Frost, the UK Brexit negotiator, said the government underestimated the impact Brexit and the Northern Ireland Protocol would have on businesses and that the disruption to trade between the UK and Northern Ireland had been greater than expected. ‘
    The dishonesty is sickening. They were warned time and time again.
    There is NO excuse.

  5. I know this sounds, a little bit crazy but, everything Boris does seems to benefit Russia? Last years report was just swept under the carpet. The Evgeny Lebedev’s meetings last September just shrugged off, Donations to the conservative party without a question, the Italian villa holiday in 2019 nothing to see here, even the new Russian supplier for number 10 communication equipment. Coincidence

    • Not crazy. Its the elephant in the room, which hopefully, sooner rather than later, will be faced.
      John Pilger made a doc called “Boris and the Magic Mountain’ that is readily available on YouTube.
      Its been in the works for decades. Aside from that Russians own huge tracts of real estate here, including most of Belgravia…
      The famous investigative journalist, Carole Cadwalldr is onto it, but walking into a storm uphill.

      Actually it would be great to do a chart for her, re Aaaron Banks and the bad boys of Brexit.
      Her day will come.

      • Not only that, Boris’s Son was Christened in Italy last year. It is said that Boris stayed at his Russian friends house in Italy on that occasion. Furthermore, there is the 2019 Christmas holiday villa enigma. It was twice as much (circa £30 million)as was first reported. He is not recognising the findings, because if he did, he would be suspended from his job as an MP. Not to mention Vote Leave having Russian backers. Johnson is up to his neck in skeeze. Some MP are backing him to stay in power, because they want to keep their Red Wall seats.

        • Indeed. And watch his father ooohing and aaahing with delight over Putins military parade in St Petersburg in the Marigold Hotel reality tv series, while his fellow castmates look askance out of the corner of their eyes.
          A terrifying “in plain sight” moment.

          • It has been written about Johnson’s senior being quite a misogynistic man. Putin is the action hero type of guy; personifying misogyny. I can imagine Stanley cooing over being a macho man, with his equipment either being military or a masculine image. Boris has been quoted as stating his favourite playground game is British Bulldog. This is how he is running the Government , there isn’t a day that goes by, where we do not see Boris dressed up as something on TV. Image is everything to Boris.

      • Carole Cadwalldr has openly and explicitly stated to a Court of Law that she is a damned, barefaced shameless liar and a fraud.
        What pities me is the stupid numpties who ‘crowd funded’ this liar and perjurer.

    • Apologies, I’m getting my journos mixed up.
      It’s not John Pilger, its John Sweeney…
      And its not the Magic mountain of Thomas Manns fame, but ‘Boris and the Russian Mountain”, much more explicit 🙂

  6. Astonishing really. This is generally the problem with bullies, they have no other tricks up their sleeve. They never learned any other strategies for dealing with opponents. I so grieve for my home country that it has sunk so low. The reports one reads in Guardian about the treatment of visitors to the UK from the EU by Border Force are also deeply disturbing. If I understood your previous postings correctly, Marjorie, there is little hope of the UK regaining its collective senses until towards the end of the decade. How bad does it have to get before people actually start to demand change?

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