Anthony Fauci – designed to last and do good

Anthony Fauci, a familiar figure in the news during the pandemic is back as concerns about new variants arise and infection rates spike again. Though vaccinations and boosters appear to reduce the risk of severe disease.

  Fauci is a vibrant 82 year old (like Nancy Pelosi) who has been in the public health sector in various capacities for more than fifty years and has acted as an advisor to every U.S. president since Ronald Reagan. He is director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and has made contributions to HIV/AIDS research and other immunodeficiency diseases, as a research scientist and head of the NIAID. He has been at the forefront of U.S. efforts to contend with viral diseases like SARS, the Swine flu, MERS, Ebola as well. Or two decades he was one of the world’s most frequently cited scientists across all scientific journals.

  Born 24 December 1940 in New York with a pharmacist father, he is a practical and ambitious Capricorn Sun square Neptune in medically-inclined Virgo and trine a lucky and hard-working Jupiter Saturn in Taurus. His Jupiter Saturn may oppose a Scorpio Moon and square Pluto. Earthy, enduring, in it for the long haul with so much Fixed energy (think Queen and David Attenborough). Jupiter Saturn for some can raise them to dizzy heights in the public realm as they combine idealism with pragmatism. Pluto on the point of a T square gives immense perseverance and the ability (at best) to uncover fundamental truths so can be invaluable for research. Though it often arouses resistance and hostility from others. He also has a doubly-determined Mars in Scorpio in a high-octane opposition to Uranus so he’s a risk-taker by nature.

  His get-it-together 5th Harmonic is well aspected; as is his humanitarian 9th, healer 12H and global-name 22H.

  He may slow down by 2024 when his Solar Arc Sun oppose his Neptune and his Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct his Pluto; with the 1925 tr Neptune Saturn in Aries (sometimes associated with epidemics) square his Sun – he’ll either be in the thick of the next one or deciding to withdraw and wind down.

  He has been collaborating since early on with Bill Gates over Covid leading to all manner of whacko baseless conspiracy theories.

 Fauci’s Pluto, Jupiter Saturn and Scorpio Moon connect with Gates’ Scorpio Sun; with Fauci’s determined-researcher Pluto conjunct Gates’ innovative Uranus – at best they bring about a revolution together.  Fauci’s experimental and fearless Mars opposition Uranus square onto Gates’ super-confident (and wealthy) Jupiter Pluto in Leo – together they can move mountains.

  Their relationship chart has a composite Saturn opposition Pluto square Mercury. At best that is deep-thinking (Mercury Pluto) and capable of having a profound effect on the masses (Saturn Pluto).  Though without an earth-shattering public health disaster to soak up the energy they wouldn’t get on at all.

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  1. Some of these posts illustrate what is wrong about this time. There should be space and respect for differing opinions. As to the vac+ine ,it is indisputable that it has produced some very serious side effects in some people which are not documented, at the same time protecting many. Sad that the rancour of some posts are very unedifying.

  2. YO. Those who quack about “vaccine damaged people.” There are tens of millions of people DEAD because they didn’t get a vaccine. I personally know several dozen unvaccinated people who came close to death and now have long COVID, cursing the day they took the advice of vaccine naysayers. I also knew dozens of unvaccinated people who died from COVID. I have known ONE—count ’em, ONE—vaccinated individual had to go to the hospital after coming down with COVID and that was because he had severe asthma and heart conditions and the vaccines he took saved his life. I have met exactly ZERO vaccinated persons who had a negative effect of any kind from the vaccine beyond a sore arm for one day. I have no problem if YOU don’t want the vaccine. If people don’t want to take into their own hands the responsibility of their own well being, it’s their choice. You are a sovereign soul with the right to your opinion. Plenty of people feel they must gain power in life from frightening others with lies and naysaying the genuine miracle of a cure that the entire world came together to create for the well being of the world. The fact—and I mean fact—that every individual I know who has said anything negative of the COVID vaccine had decided it was a deadly government plot long before a vaccine was even produced doesn’t speak well of any of you. The lies that have been spread by people like you have been a ghastly evil on the planet. There’s nobody here listening to your rants—myself included—and the fact that you feel such a deep fear of those who have achieved more than you speaks volumes about yourselves. So you can give it a rest now. Fauci, who has devoted a lifetime to the physical well being of the public, and Gates, who has built a life of creative and financial success that only a handful of people in the history of the world have accomplished, aren’t losing sleep over your remarks, even if you think they are. So don’t waste your time whining here. Grow a life. Then do something with it. Till then, good riddance.

  3. My! I’ve never thought that pointing out a person’s upcoming difficult transits was “hostile”. I am certainly not a “hostile” person. If anything- I am frustrated that Vaccine injured people are invisible. Perhaps my “more fun!” comment was not understood as the black humor one has when describing very hard transits. I don’t consider a Saturn hard aspect as ‘fun’ – it is said with tongue in cheek. You know- like- “OH, BOY… here we go!”…. And as far as ‘mirco-chips’ ???- I have ZERO idea what THAT is about- And I do mean zero. So, there is some kind of major projecting going on. This is an astrology site- I enjoy the posts- and try to strive for professionalism. Since someone filled in the blank (Bill and Fauci plans) without my help- I will help- Bill and Fauci’s plans are to– one day- (*it’s been well documented- and very much in the public eye)- have vaccines in our food. The issue that has not been able to get around- or figure out- is dosage. That has stopped some funding of this future plan. It is believed that if vaccines weren’t in shot form, they would be accepted more easily. Especially for kids. Maybe some people love this idea. Maybe it will be our future- I don’t know…Bill is certainly buying up lots of land in America. And Fauci is the “Vaccines forever” person to join up with! And I for one, personally believe that people need to come together in America- not continue to separate. A divided America is a losing America. I am a lifelong socialist- (Bernie fan! Voted for a democrat my entire life). I have learned that putting down others who feel different is not a virtue. Learning to have a discuss is. I am an astrologer- a free-thinker- that means- I look at all sides. Best to all-

  4. Hi Wendy K – Mostly the USA, thanks to the last administration and its leadership the words evil and godless seems to be part of the vernacular. I dont know if you are able to watch the hearings of the January 6th insurrection in NZ – those hearings clearly show what is happening in the USA.

    • Hi Suzanne. Yes I keep a good watch on US politics so am aware of what seems to be the brain damaged thinking that is holding the country to ransoms. I asked where people lived because I hoped that those thoughts weren’t abroad more widely. I know that conspiratorial and paranoid thinking is quite widespread but having it leap out onto Marjorie’s page it seemed to have jumped a fence somewhere

      • I’m not sure any posters mentioned microchip insertion. I’m not familiar with the whacko lobby – if any had suggested that here they would have disappeared pronto. That really is psychotic thinking and very worrisome. Always good to keep an open mind but not so open your brain falls out.

      • Bill Gates is not a good man in power we should be protecting. He is a child abuser for one. He was Epstein’s sidekick.
        He owns over 200,000 acres of land in the US to grow GMO crops which profits him but not the collective.
        He basically ruined poor African communities by testing vaccines on people in rural areas. He tests there because there’s less legal and logistical problems, in addition to no mainstream media to report on what he’s doing.
        He’s funding millions of dollars into lab grown food.
        Do you think he eats lab grown meat and GMO crops? Or does he have his own organic gardens and chefs? I think the latter.

        It is about time these people leave their positions of power who have been stuck in the old paradigm of ego and illusions. I am glad to have read he will have a turn-around in his image come 2024/2025, interestingly the timing being when the outer planets start to shift into new signs. This signals a massive change that is coming for the collective and our consciousness.

        I hope the younger generations will start to take a stand and dismantle the old governing structures that clearly don’t work for the rest of us.

        LASTLY, Gates has enough money to feed and house all of America, but I don’t think that’s his priority. His daughter having a multi million dollar wedding during the pandemic was though!

  5. I too am surprised of the comments of evil/microchips on this blog, most of these stem from Qanon and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and others like Steve Bannon, Alex Jones, Marjorie Taylor Greene et al and DJT. The conspiracies the very same conspiracy theories are used against Holocaust survivor George Soros and the allegations made against my late Jewish parents and grandparents in Europe pre WW II before they were sent to concentration camps, even the verbiage is the same.

  6. I am really shocked at the angry comments on here re Dr Fauci. And Bill Gates. For sure both have positions of power and like all other humans are not saints, but there is a suggestion of evil in some of these comments. I wonder what country you who feel like this, are in? Here in NZ, perhaps more of us are more open to science and logic?

  7. I don’t doubt Fauci or Gates could move mountains for the good but power corrupts. I don’t believe there are many supporters for either of them and neither am I.

  8. “Whacko baseless conspiracy theories” : May we one day sort out the facts, separate the true from the false, without doing any manicheism.
    What about Fauci’s potential conflict of interest?
    Your post is much too emphatic about him.

    • Conflict of interest is one thing – the thought that Bill Gates was injecting 5G microchips along with the Covid-19 vaccine is a paranoid delusion.

  9. Fauci has let us know his plans, does he know the Universe may have a different one? He is coming in to a rough patch -or possibly some questions may surface-about investments. Certainly, nothing to shrug off. T. Pluto 180 his Jupiter, T. Neptune square his Mercury, favors his Mars, Uranus, is 180 to his Neptune, T. Saturn 90 his Mars and Uranus (oh, the fun)… Oct’s Solar Eclipse- @ 2 Scorpio – could sit on his Moon (time unknown) will be 180 to his Jupiter,(wide 180 to Saturn) and 90 to his Pluto- (more fun!)…T. Jupiter on his Snode..could bring an earlier than planned retirement- if you view 80’s as early. Is he the rare bird that isn’t attached to power? Moon-Mars in Scorpio doesn’t like to let go. Lots of FIXED (stubborn) energy. I would love to think he is all selfless. But, I don’t. Why? He couldn’t be bothered to meet with the vaccine injured in Washington. The stories are heartbreaking. (He was invited-by Senator Johnson, didn’t have time, and couldn’t send a Rep). Yes, we do exist. I’d have more respect for him, if he’d showed up and listened to the people that were just trying to help the CDC, Big Pharma and all these public servant make a better vaccine. They weren’t interested. I think he’s let the power-money go to his head. The Lunar Eclipse on Voting day may change some plans he and Bill have. Not to forget that T. Mars is going to do some shaking up as it hits the Eclipse points-this month. There was a time when I respected him, it has passed. The higher you go, the further you fall, if you aren’t careful. The ego can cause trouble when not held in check.

    • Senator Ron Johnson is deluded and a pathological liar. He is the con man here. No respected scientist should meet with him. It is really pathetic that Dr. Fauci is being smeared by con men and paranoid people after all the service he has given to this country and to the world.

      • Ron Johnson is a piece of work with a chart to match – staunch ally of Trump, promoted false claims of election fraud, rejects the scientific consensus on climate change, holds fringe theories about COVID-19, and spread misinformation about vaccinations.
        Overwheening ambition from a Sun Aries opposition Neptune trine Pluto. Plus a hard, angry, obsessive Mars in late Taurus opposition Saturn square Pluto.

      • I am sure that the man (on the panel of vaccine injured) who lost his child to a heart attack after the vaccine, doesn’t share your opinion. The point of a public servant is to listen- certainly would help to make a better vaccine! Listening helps, denial doesn’t.

  10. On the surface Fauci looks and sounds good . Hasn’t he got self serving links to all the big pharma companies ,I don’t trust anyone at the top of any country at the moment

  11. Unless things get drastically worse, it looks like he’ll withdraw and wind down. It was just reported that he plans to retire by the end of Biden’s first term (roughly by January 2025). Thanks as always–a very timely piece, Marjorie.

  12. Perhaps a little more research before blithely dismissing wacko conspiracy theories . Also
    it could be argued that so much power invested in individuals is not altogether desirable.

  13. Thank you very much for looking into their charts.

    “Whacko baseless conspiracy theories” I love it, Marj!

    Interesting to note that “they bring about a revolution together.” We need a revolution to change the current system and structures. Our governments are so corrupt and self-serving, protecting themselves and their legacies first and foremost.
    Prince Andrew was able to pay off his sexual abusers with money, Bill Gates and Bill Clinton were never charged or investiagted and Ghislaine Maxwell received 20 years in prison all while Julian Assange from Wikileaks is facing 150+ years for wanting to expose corruption. What a world we live in.

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