Andy Murray – contemplating life after top tennis + Jamie, Dunblane shooting, hotel

Andy Murray, former tennis world No 1 and three times Grand Slam winner, may be facing the winding down of his international career. His defeat in the US Open recently prompted him to say he would step away if his play “gets worse”. He has struggled over recent years with hip problems.

   Born 15 May 1987 2.10pm, Glasgow, Scotland, he has a much-travelled 9th house Taurus Sun inconjunct a 4th house Sagittarius Moon Uranus and Saturn – not designed for a stay-at-home life. He also has an ambitious 10th house Mars in Gemini opposition his Moon Uranus, giving him a liking for thrills, excitement, risk and provoking excitable emotional reactions.  He also has a yod of Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct his Midheaven and Mercury. Whatever comes next he’ll need to find a wide-ranging, constantly changing, varied career. He’s a real jitterbug.  He also has Venus Jupiter in Aries in his 8th – lucky financially, emotionally secretive.

  His Aries North Node falls in his 7th house of relationships so he’ll be constantly searching for a way to be independent within the context of a meaningful relationship.

  Tr Uranus is aiming to conjunct his Sun from June 2024 on and off into 2025 which is possibly when he will make the changeover. This year into early 2024 as well he has tr Saturn square his Midheaven which usually accompanies career setbacks which may be the decider. Plus tr Neptune square his Mars and Uranus which will induce a sense of failure until early March 2024.

  He’ll also have some upbeat patches late – this September to the end of October could see a confident run and he will have some luck mid October to mid November this year and April 2024.

  His Progressed Moon has another year moving through his 8th house which will find him swinging from one extreme to the other as he searches for a new direction emotionally as well as in other ways. From July 2024 as it moves into his 9th he’ll feel lighter and brighter, more secure in himself.

  July 2024 sees Jupiter moving across his 10th house until September 2025 which is usually successful.

By 2027 he will be ready for a complete change of direction with tr Uranus moving across his Midheaven and into his 10th for several years thereafter.

ADD ON: He and brother Jamie were present when Thomas Hamilton shot and killed 16 at their school on 13 March 1996 9.35am Dunblane, Scotland. At that point there was a transiting Mars, Sun, Saturn in Pisces with tr Saturn exactly square Andy’s Mars – so a considerable shock, unsurprisingly. Tr Mars was exactly square his Moon as well. His SA North Node opposition his 8th house Jupiter might suggest he felt lucky to emerge physically unscathed.

  His brother Jamie, 13 February 1986 2.01am Glasgow, has a friendly Sun, Jupiter, Venus in Aquarius in his chatty 3rd house; with a go-ahead Aries Moon in his sporting 5th house. He also has a tough Mars Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius in his 1st square his Mercury with his Mercury also trine a 12th house Pluto. He will hold strong opinion and not have had the easiest of childhoods.

  The tr Mars, Sun, Saturn were square his Uranus at the shooting.

  Andy and wife Kim Sears have done up a Dunblane Hotel in sumptuous style – nice piece with pics:

9 thoughts on “Andy Murray – contemplating life after top tennis + Jamie, Dunblane shooting, hotel

  1. Thank you for the add on Marjorie, which has given more context.

    Their hotel looks really cool.

    I like Andy for various reasons, but he really impressed me when he supported women tennis players, including Serena Williams, who for some reason seems to bring out very strong negative reactions to against her. I’ve always liked that his support seems to come from conviction and not because it will make him look good. Clearly mum (Judy) has been a strong, positive influence on him (and Jamie).

  2. Thanks Marjorie. I was interested in what you wrote:

    “Plus tr Neptune square his Mars and Uranus which will induce a sense of failure until early March 2024.”

    Andy and Jamie Murray survived the Dunblane School massacre on 13 March, 1996. Sixteen children and a teacher were killed. The gunman was known to many, including Andy, Jamie, and their Mum. The brothers managed to hide. I can’t help but think how this horror must have affected them all. Tr Saturn was 26 Pisces, with Mars 20 Pisces, Sun 22 Pisces, on that terrible day. Tr Neptune has been travelling over those degrees, activating Murray’s Mars/Uranus in a different way, before Saturn comes along in Pisces and returns to it’s 1996 position. Tr Pluto has been conjunct the March 96 Neptune, 27 Capricorn. Murray’s SA Moon and Saturn also 26 Capricorn, and 24 Capricorn.
    I think all those memories, and the lasting effects of the event, may help to shape Murray’s future plans and choices as he emerges from that Neptune transit. Perhaps he’ll see what he can do to help young people in some way, through the sport or otherwise.

    • Thank you Jane for reminding me of this. You’re right, both Jamie and Andy (and the family as a whole) must be carrying this trauma with them regardless and in spite of all their successes in the external world.

      In a way they are the success story from an horrific tragedy, but we have no idea how they (and all the other families) are impacted. It may explain why Andy seems perplexed (sometimes) when asked questions – these questions may seem irrelevant and unimportant in the context of what he witnessed, survived and experienced & the processing of it (which I don’t know if you can fully process something horrific like this).

      Very interesting what you’ve said about those transiting outer planets visiting the same degrees that were present on that terrible day and Andy’s SA planets. Although I can’t comment on them, because I don’t have enough astrological experience, they must impacting in some way on a very internal level.

  3. I hope Andy Murray sets up a tennis academy, one with good links in Spain so the training is more all year round. Strong 9th house planets and Jupiter in Aries, he’s cut out to be a pioneer in his field. Somebody needs to nudge British tennis into the 21st century and he’s got the nerve to do it!

  4. I like Andy Murray – it took me a while to like him, as in his early career he was sullen & moody. But he grew on me. He made me smile, a few years back, when asked how he liked to eat his strawberries (everyone else had said something like “with cream”). Andy looked quizzical & then answered “with my fingers”.

    I wish him luck in whatever direction he goes in.

    On an astrological level, I’ve always wondered about his relationship with his mother. To me she always seems warmer toward Jamie. So, does Andy’s 4th house Moon, Saturn & Uranus indicate that she is, perhaps, a distant, colder mother towards him or does it indicate that she has been an unusual, independent mother with a guiding, structured hand?

    • I like him too. I’m quite confused by that Gemini MC though because, as you say, he can come across as dour but of course, there’s the Sag moon-saturn plus Taurus sun. But whenever he speaks, he has really thought through his opinions and is not in the least hyperbolic. Generally very stoic attitude when he speaks. On court, you see him trying to keep the emotion under control and berating himself a lot – saturn-moon.

      On the 4th house moon-saturn, he seems to be very much a feminist – so to speak. He has often spoken in support of women tennis players. he was probably the first male to get a female coach (Amelie Mauresmo IIRC).

      If his mum tends to side with Jamie it may just be that Jamie is the elder so will have bonded with her as first born. I heard her on a Radio 4 interview a few years back and I was very impressed by what she had to say.

      With all the Sag-Gemini / 9th house energy, you’d have expected the BBC to have him signed up as a broadcaster when his career is over. But I dpn’t think I’ve ever seen him doing TV stuff. I wonder if he might go into coaching or some sort of higher ed / research.

      Always find it interesting that Novak is born a week later – just moving his sun in to Gemini and moon into Aries.

      • Yep, GnarlyDude, he does seem a supporter of women. He really stood out & stood up for women tennis players, some years back, when I also remember Novak saying something disparaging & sexist against women tennis players (unfortunately, I can’t remember what he said) – it put me off Novak & I’ve never really forgiven him for it.

        I think, for Andy, he may have the positive side of a Moon, Saturn mother, with the added independence of Uranus in the mix – a healthy respect for women & recognising their individual equality with men.

        I agree with you about his Gemini MC, communication & the Saturn/moon, Taurus Sun, but also that Pluto on one arm of his yod with Mercury/MC will likely make him seem quite serious as well.

    • I think his mother amuses him and that he’s in control of their situation. Whenever he talks about her, he’s usually smiling fondly, making some cryptic remark. According to Judy, he was always a very independent child, knowing exactly what he wanted : at the age of 8 demanding a decent opponent, ie an adult, insisting on going to Spain rather than the British lawn tennis set up. Perhaps too, Judy has always felt slightly guilty about sending Jamie to the British tennis place. She said it spoilt his tennis and she wouldn’t have sent him if she had known. But they all seem very fond of each other. Recently Jamie has made a point of saying how much his dad did in the background to help them, especially after the divorce, and that none of it would have been possible without him.
      Nice family.

      • Thanks Zita for the heads up on the family dynamic & for shedding a light on both Andy & Jamie. It’s also nice to hear about their dad as the focus has always tended to be on Judy.

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