Amy Coney Barratt – nothing simple or stress-free ahead ++

Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in to the Supreme Court at 9.17pm in Washington yesterday. This puts Moon Neptune in Pisces in the 10th which can suggest a caring approach though Neptune’s religious zealotry can also be chilling, as well as its slippery indecisiveness. There’s a divisive and rebellious Sun Mercury in the grandstanding 5th opposition Uranus which points to a public display of sorts which arguably runs counter to society’s inclinations, Uranus being in the 11th.

  More significant is an ambitious Mars in Aries in the 10th which squares Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter in the 8th. This is an appointment which will set out to make waves but may well run into hidden obstacles and resistance – and at times attempt to manipulate and use secret methods to gain desired results. It’ll be a crisis ridden role.  

  Her first major drama will come late May/early April 2021, when her relationship with Chief Justice John Roberts is also jangled – and her relationship chart with SCOTUS is moving through stormy seas thereafter for two years, with considerable disappointment about her performance and also in dashing certain of her hopes for what she could achieve.

  Her relationship chart with the USA indicates inherent strains in the chemistry as her views are out of step with the prevailing culture; and there will be increasing confusion through till 2023.

  The two she gets on least well with are Kamala Harris and Donald Trump.

  The relationship chart with Kamala Harris has a toxic dislike composite Mars opposition Sun square Pluto which will be a struggle to the death (metaphorically speaking).  That is being triggered by the Eclipses in 2021 and undermined by tr Neptune from late March 2021 on and off into 2022.

  There is an aggravated composite Mars Saturn in her relationship chart with Trump, suggesting, au naturellement, that it is a one-sided affair where she is expected to do the master’s bidding. 2022/23 will put paid to that notion with tr Neptune square the Mars Saturn and tr Uranus upending the composite Uranus and Venus.

See previous posts – September 19 and September 27 2020 .

ADD ON; She was sworn in by Chief Justice Roberts next morning at 10 am on the 27th – though the earlier chart is likely to be the significant one.

  The planetary aspects are the same anyway – with a contrarian Sun Mercury opposition Uranus; Neptune Moon opposing the Midheaven; and an attention grabbing 5th house Mars square Jupiter Saturn Pluto.

23 thoughts on “Amy Coney Barratt – nothing simple or stress-free ahead ++

  1. What concerns me most about Amy Coney Barratt’s “coronation” is that she’ll likely be a key vote when Donald Trump contests the election results.

    Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are slated to win the popular vote and the electoral college – all off the polling, forecast models, and data scientists give them between an 88% and 96% of winning. Data journalist G. Elliot Morris was explaining that all Donald Trump needed in 2016 to win was a modest polling error (which he received). However, this election Trump would need a polling error 2 or 3 times as bad (which isn’t impossible but extremely unlikely).

    Trump is obviously aware of this and he’s been very outspoken about how he wants all of the results to be reported on election night (which is an almost impossible task in any election; especially in this one given the massive mail-in voting we’ve had). Trump is trying appear to SCOTUS to stop the counting of any further ballots after election day.

    A part of me feels like I could be overreacting to all of the doomsday scenarios that have been consuming election Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter lately….but Amy Coney Barratt’s new presence on the Supreme Court keeps coming to my mind.

    I do take some comfort in seeing that Amy Coney Barratt, astrologically, appears hostile towards Donald Trump….so that alone might compel her to vote against any litigation he has planned for trying to steal the election in his favor.

    Also, Joe Biden is a practicing Roman Catholic (like ACB)…and even though he isn’t a conservative, ACB may still have a more favorable view of him since they do share the same faith and Biden would be the second Roman Catholic President since JFK.

    All in all, it’s very distressing that we’re literally dealing with the possibility of a bitterly contested election and the outcome could hinge Amy Coney Barratt.

    I just hope that North Node sitting on Trump ascendant really does manifest itself as karma this year and keeps him from being rewarded any further.

  2. If she turns out to be somewhat of a fly in the ointment for the GOP, then this might explain why Obamacare looks safe.
    Remains to be seen if she played her own party as suckers to get the job; or they misunderstood her.

    • @Troy, she is what she is. A very dogmatic and unflexible person. But I have a feeling that if ACA already wasn’t an subject most GOP operators would not touch with a 10 feet stick after 2018, it will be come one after this Election. They will want to avoid bringing any further cases to Supreme Court, and try to bury the ones pending somehowm I think that astrology wise, Roberts, a Pisces Sun, and Gorsuch, Virgo Sun/Mercury, are more likely to acknowledge political realities and provide Conservatives with an “honorable” way out.

  3. WASHINGTON — Amy Coney Barrett was actually formally sworn in Tuesday morning as the Supreme Court’s ninth justice, her oath administered by Chief Justice John Roberts. Her first votes on the court could include two big topics affecting the man who appointed her

    I think that that searing in counts more then the one done at night the day before

  4. The thing that strikes me about Barratt’s chart is her cardinal grand cross with Mars in her 12th opp. Uranus and sq. both Moon and Mercury. This could mean that she is capable of being quite contrarian and radical, and confounding expectations of her. Whether this means being an activist conservative or voting against the expectations of conservatives remains to be seen – but certainly capable of surprising. Her grand cross has also been especially activated by Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn – so a transformative time for her.

      • @JAS, really? All I could get from those hearings was how unsubstantial she was, in Legal sense. As someone absolutely certain of her Confirmation on that point, she could have given more substantial answers to many questions, to be honest.

        Also, given her possible Mercury-Mars-Moon T-square in Cardinal Signs, she isn’t likely to be genuinly likeable, or at least easygoing. She has a temper that she is fighting hard to keep at bay. That would not be an issue for me personally, but it would be for those American Conservatives who expect that from women, no matter in how high a position.

    • @David W, Marjorie does not have an exact TOB for ACB, and has thus set the “standard” midday chart for her. We do not know in which house her Mars – or any other planet – is.

  5. Thanks, Marjorie! ACB is the weakest link and being so inexperienced, not only might she blunder but indeed there will be others scrapping over her past decisions with a fine toothed comb. The last time a SCOTUS judge was impeached was 1805 I think. But maybe this will change.

  6. Marjorie, How do you see the current Mercury and Mars retrogrades also affecting this confirmation down the line too, if anything? Thanks

  7. “There is an aggravated composite Mars Saturn in her relationship chart with Trump, suggesting, au naturellement, that it is a one-sided affair where she is expected to do the master’s bidding. ”

    Shades that Trump succeeds? He’s making noises about rewiting law to ensure election results are posted Nov 3rd.

    • No, it’s possible one of the multifarious cases pending on him ends up in front of the Supreme Court given his propensity for countersuing aggressively and appealing ad infinitum when there’s any legal attempt to nail him to the floor. Even more likely if he loses the election.

  8. “Her first major drama will come late May/early April 2021, when her relationship with Chief Justice John Roberts is also jangled – and her relationship chart with SCOTUS is moving through stormy seas thereafter for two years, with considerable disappointment about her performance and also in dashing certain of her hopes for what she could achieve.”

    As many commentators have pointed out, ACB is spectacularly under qualified for a SCOTUS, having served as a Judge for less than 3 years. Even Bret Kavanaugh had been a Judge for 12 years. There is a real chance she will make a big blunder early on.

    I’m also thinking about the question brilliantly raised by Senator Whitehouse during ACB’s Confirmation Hearing – there are some serious questions on funding of Federalist Society, in particular. If Democrats gain control in Senate, be not surprised if dark money becomes a big issue in The US politics in coming years.

    • @solaia “Considerable disappointment about her performance” I’m curious what this suggests, a disappointment for the Republicans and Trump who are expecting her to rule their way, or will she disappoint the legal world because she is “spectacularly under qualified for a SCOTUS” and just can’t handle to job and as a result damage the reputation of the Supreme Court and that will result in a huge push back.

      • @anita, the latter. I don’t think she’ll damage the reputation of SCOTUS directly, she is a seemingly good fit. But she just seems a very “literal”, detail oriented person finding it difficult to speculate. Thiz may infuriate other SCOTUSes due to the enormous workload they have, requiring them to be rather intuitive.

        • Others, like Elena Kagan and David Souter, weren’t necessarily judges or weren’t judges for a long time. There was intense opposition to Souter from women’s groups, but it turned out their objections were unfounded. As a professor for 15 or more years, there is no way ACB doesn’t understand the law. I think the disappointment may be to Trump and Republicans.

    • @ Solaia, in the Supreme Court the justice’s opinions are written by their clerks so her inexperience won’t matter much.
      They put her on the bench due to her age, but who knows what will happen over the course of her tenure as an associate justice.

      • @Roderick, sorry, I was falling asleep last night writing, so not the clearest answer. I think I think the “workload” issue separated from “blunder”, although heavy workload may lead to blunder, if you understand what I mean. So, here’s what I think might happen:

        1) I doubt ACB will “blunder” in writing an opinion, because even if at least some Justices have been known for writing their opinions and dissents rather than letting clerks do it based on their notes, these are in fact filtered. However, Justices also preceed public hearings questioning sides. And here, I could well see ACBs inexperience as a judge combined to her quite possible Mercury in Capricorn – Mars in Aries – Moon in Cancer T-square. She is a willful person, no doubt, but maybe not the most patient one.

        2) Other Justices getting impatient might be what I’d call a workflow issue. Even if clerks and other staff definitely do the heavy lifting, it’s up to SCOTUS Justices to drive the processes. In my understanding, it’s been usual for them to take roles not only based on their legal expertise, but personal qualities. While “Conservative” judges now have a 6 to 3 advantage, and can, in a way, let someone sit on a bench, they’d probably been much more comfortable with a more experienced “newbie”. Also, when I looked at charts of some of the most notable Justices, I saw a surpricing amount of Pisces there. And I have a feeling Piscean crowd might get irked by ACB’s T-square fixating on issued they don’t find relevant and not letting go.

        • Thanks for the detailed reply, Solaia. I haven’t researched ACB’s chart much because the entire affair makes me angry.
          Why didn’t RGB retire in 2013 when Obama requested and we wouldn’t be in this situation. I was hoping that RGB would live at least until Biden was sworn into office in January but at the moment I am not sure if Trump won’t win a second term.
          I guess ACB could do her best Clarence Thomas impression and sit there like a knot on a log as he usually does during oral arguments.
          I live in Florida and I requested a ballot by mail but instead of mailing it back I took it to the office of elections and saw all of the people standing in line to vote.
          I have no idea when this country went off the rails but I don’t think we will ever be the same even if Biden manages to win because Trump has unleashed the hounds of hell and there’s no way to send all of that evil back to where it originated.

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