Alcoholics Anonymous – Chiron and Neptune

Alcoholics Anonymous has been around for 86 years with a membership of around 2 million globally which for a self-support group is not bad going. June 10 1935 is celebrated as the day of its anniversary which has a perfect T Square for its role in treating alcoholism with a focal point wounded- healer Chiron square Neptune in health-oriented Virgo opposition Saturn in Pisces. Saturn Neptune is also associated with the drive to create a better society. The Gemini Sun is also conjunct Chiron and square Saturn and Neptune. Neptune is further strengthened in effect being the driving planet of a Kite from a healing Water Grand Trine of Jupiter, trine Mercury trine Saturn. Healing and a religious undertone.

  Bob Smith, one of the co-founders, 8 August 1979, has his Neptune conjunct Chiron square his Leo Sun. The other co-founder Bill W Wilson, 26 November 1895 has his Neptune trine his Chiron; and a T Square of his Sagittarius Sun opposition Pluto square his North Node tying him into the cultural shifts of the time.

  What’s also intriguing is the AlAnon chart has its Pluto conjunct the South Node in Cancer, suggesting a compulsive pull back into the past which has to be overcome. The Capricorn North Node individual produces an initial tendency to act in an immature way, constantly seeking crutches and creating self-inflicted illnesses. Letting go is their essential learning lesson of life.   

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  1. Thank you Marjorie
    I have experienced re-hab more than once and attended many AA meetings. One abiding astrological truth for me was the very beneficial face of a positive Saturn, often seen as the Old Devil. Appropriately in Pisces in the AA chart. Surrender your will, bend the knee and apply oneself over a period of time, and allow a new reality to construct itself, all Saturn themes, working within in the social setting ( Moon/Mars in Libra) Of an AA group.

  2. Interesting! I was reading just yesterday that the Cancer-Capricorn combination of the nodes either way is one of the most difficult.

  3. I learned two things about my own chart while reading this post. First, my natal Chiron is also exactly square Neptune, but in cardinal signs. In addition, natal Chiron is the driving planet in a kite formation with a grand trine in water signs. My father was an alcoholic who was cured by AA. He was an Aries with several severely afflicted planets in Pisces, including the Moon. His childhood was marred by family trauma. He ended his life as a devout Roman Catholic. We share Mars in Pisces, my own being near the IC. Chiron in my case is opposite a Jupiter-Cancer conjunction in Cancer trine both Saturn in Scorpio and Mars.

    Second, I also have a Capricorn NN. Marjorie’s description certainly fits. Planets conjunct the NN by solar arc have had a powerful effect. Next year, natal Neptune in Libra reaches my NN by SA. I do have a spiritual bent which has greatly helped self-healing.

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