Alain Delon – yods and a novelesque life

French actor Alain Delon the leading screen sex symbol in the 1960s/70s and 80s with a colourful and scandal-prone not-so-private life is finishing his days embroiled in conflict with two of his children. His early years were not auspicious with parents who abandoned him, an education which finished at 14 because of his disruptive behaviour, and an early CV including working in a butcher’s shop, the navy for three years, then waiter, porter, secretary and sales assistant. Only after hooking up with an actress did he land at Cannes Film Festival  aged 21, was offered two contracts and the rest is history. He became one of Europe’s most prominent and successful actors and made a few Hollywood movies, at one point being considered for the lead in Lawrence of Arabia.

  He was born 8 November 1935 3.25 am Sceaux, France with divorced parents who put him into foster care and when the foster parents died he was handed back which evidently did not work out. His chart like his life is both lucky and impossibly difficult with two yods and a Water Grand Trine, formed into a Kite with Mars on his IC being the driving planet – the aggravations of his childhood may have pushed him on but they never left him. Now that I look there is a third, admittedly obscure, yod of his Scorpio Sun sextile North Node inconjunct his Chiron.

 He had a 2nd house Scorpio Sun which later turned him into an astute businessman with a mega-fortune and it was in a creative Water Grand Trine to his Cancer Midheaven and trine Saturn in Pisces. He had a controlling and influential 10th house Pluto trine Jupiter in Scorpio also in his 2nd house. The two yods were Venus sextile Jupiter inconjunct Uranus on the cusp of his 8th house and Pluto sextile Venus inconjunct Saturn.  

  When he got his first break into movies in 1956 at Cannes tr Uranus in Cancer was conjunct his 10th house Pluto tugging on one leg of a yod and sextile Venus on the other leg. Not only did it turn his career upside down in a good way it also activated one of his yods, which usually need an unexpected turn of events to produce a new direction. His Solar Arc Midheaven was also conjunct his Pluto and SA Uranus and trined his lucky Jupiter on the other yod – so the planets aligned.

  His love life was a constantly revolving carousel though he said Romy Schnieder, an early romance, was the love of his life. Born 23 September 1938 10.05pm Vienna, her New Moon in Libra was conjunct his Venus and her Venus in Scorpio was conjunct his Sun. She subsequently married and divorced stage director Harry Meyer who hanged himself later and she lost her only son, aged 14, when he fell out the window of her Paris home. Her own death the following year was a possible suicide or overdose.

  There were scandals aplenty for Delon including his bodyguard being found murdered in a rubbish dump with revelations about sex parties involving celebrities and members of the French government, including future president Georges Pompidou. A Corsican crime boss, a friend of Delon, was suspected of involvement in the murder.

 A novelesque life which would not be easy for his children who all appear to be squabbling amongst themselves and over his live-in companion for 18 years. Which sounds par for the course in wealthy families but I am more interested in what comes down the generations psychologically.

Anthony Delon, 30 September 1964 1.41 pm Los Angeles, CA, an actor, is a Sun Libra with a tricky inter-generational 8th house Moon Mars in Leo and Venus in Leo square Neptune opposition Jupiter. His Chiron is opposition his father’s Neptune and his father’s Sun is conjunct his Neptune – so at least an evasive interface. And he has a boiling reservoir of anger and resentment from those 8th house planets.

  Anouchka Delon, 25 November 1990 12.36pm Douchy, France, supposedly her father’s favourite, has Mars in her 4th house opposition Sun Venus Midheaven in Sagittarius so her experience of her father would make her particularly aware of his Mars on his IC – home would be heated. And her father’s driving Mars is square her Uranus Neptune in Capricorn – so not be an easy chemistry.

  Even less so Alain-Fabien Delon, 18 March 1994 2.17 pm Gien, France, who has a 9th house Pisces Sun trine a 4th house Pluto with a troublesome Mars Saturn Mercury in Pisces in his 8th. Like his elder brother he has inherited some of the family’s calamity-prone tendencies. A third brother died of a heroin overdose.

  The sins of the father visited on the children and he carried the burden of what went before him as well.  A strikingly beautiful face and talent running alongside or maybe emerging from emotional damage.

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  1. Lester Piggott was born three days earlier on Nov 5th. Only recall because you profiled him last year on his death and my dad was born the same month but very different life experience to either of them.

    A quick look at the month also shows Gary Player the famous golfer born on Nov 1st; King Hussein of Jordan (14th) and Jack Welch (19th) who was the highly influential CEO of General Electric.

    Generally I think the Scorpio Sun, Jupiter trine Cancer Pluto with a Capricorn Mars gave a big drive to achieve

  2. Did Delon have anything interesting astrocartographically across Serbia or former Yugoslavia, where he met Marković, of the Marković affair you mention?

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