David Soul -a tough childhood left its mark

David Soul, half of the iconic Starksy & Hutch team with Paul Glaser which dominated the screens five decades ago and sent female fans wild, has died. Four years of being a global heartthrob ended and he never regained his former glory, though reportedly he disliked fame and wanted to be taken seriously.

  He was born 28 August 1943 2.55am Chicago into a strictly religious, abusive home which left him with a volcanic temper and alcohol problems  which wrecked several of his five marriages. He was also a musician and singer. His Hollywood career post-Hutch involved a string of dud ventures and he moved to the UK in the 1990s to start a new and successful career on the West End stage in shows including Blood Brothers, with occasional excursions onto tv.

 He had a 2nd house Virgo Sun conjunct Chiron which was square a volatile, short-fused Mars Uranus in Gemini. His attention-seeking and probably arrogant 1st house Moon, Pluto Jupiter in Leo was also sextile his Mars Uranus.  

  His chart is all left-hand/eastern hemisphere making him self-motivated and individualistic. Ironic for someone whose greatest claim to fame was being part of a duo.   His 10th harmonic of highs and lows is particularly marked.

  Paul Glaser, 25 March 1943 3.25pm Cambridge, MA, an 8th house Sun Aries tied into a Half Grand Sextile from a 12th house Pluto in Leo opposition Mars, sextile/trine Sun and Saturn Uranus in his 10th; with a Leo Ascendant conjunct Chiron. He and his family suffered a horrific tragedy when his wife was given a blood transfusion infected by HIV just after giving birth which was then passed onto their baby daughter and their son in utero. Their daughter died aged seven and his wife died in 1994.

 Paul Glaser’s Sun is conjunct David Soul’s Midheaven so a good career combo mirrored in their relationship chart by a workmanlike composite Sun Saturn conjunction.

3 thoughts on “David Soul -a tough childhood left its mark

  1. It’s so sad that actors & singers arise from tragedy. My parents one born in early 1930s and the other 1940 had such tragic lives from school to war to arriving in USA.

  2. Thanks, Marjorie. I used to watch Starsky and Hutch as a kiddo. David Soul had a reputation for being physically abusive to women and it seemed like he dropped out of the spotlight

  3. Thank you Marjorie. I enjoyed seeing him in the Poirot stories Appointment with Death with Peter Ustinov and Death on the Nile on tv. I also remember him in Little Britain. Back in the day I liked Starsky better!

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