Bill & Hill Clinton – joined in adversity

The Epstein Files have been released and are being absorbed with most media outlets saying there are no new bombshell revelations though the reputational damage for Prince Andrew is stacking up.

  Bill Clinton also has a starring role and both he and Hillary are moving into a heavy-stress two years ahead whether over this predicament or for other reasons.

  Bill Clinton, 19 August 1948 8.51am Hope, AR, has his Solar Arc Sun square his Pluto now for a major road block in his life. Tr Uranus will conjunct his 8th house Taurus Moon from mid March for an emotional upset. Then tr Pluto will start to square his Saturn in Leo from April on and off till January 2026 which will be a discouraging slog. Plus a disruptive, upsetting tr Uranus square his 26 Leo Sun from this July which will produce a jolting change and that repeats into 2025.

    His relationship with Hillary will have fractious moments in March and will be undermined by tr Neptune opposition the composite Sun Mercury from May onwards into 2025.

  His relationship chart with Epstein – who does appear to have left damaging ripples behind even after his exit – hints at more anxiety and worry to come this year.

  Hillary, 26 October 1947 6.45pm Chicago, IL, has her Solar Arc Pluto conjunct her Sun in effect now and through most of 2024 which is logjammed, exacerbated by her SA Mars following close behind making 2024/25 miserable, tormented and trapped.

 Her relationship with Epstein was always a tug of war with both fighting for the upper hand and is aggravated this year.

  Hill and Bill’s relationship was never overly close, being more designed for business than cosy togetherness. The relationship chart has a composite Sun square Uranus hinting at a need for space for two independent types. Bill’s Leo Sun is square Hill’s 4th house Saturn and his Saturn is square her Sun. His Taurus Moon is conjunct her North Node and square her Saturn Mars Pluto. Her Pisces Moon is square his Uranus.

 Epstein must have had quite a grip on Bill Clinton with his Pluto conjunct BC’s Sun and square BC’s Moon; and his indulgent Jupiter in Taurus falling in BC’s house house of sexuality and money. EP’s South Node in Leo was conjunct BC’s Pluto and Ep’s Aquarius Sun was opposition BC’s wannabe-important Saturn. Both had/have a can-be-promiscuous Venus Mars conjunction.

Sigh, the rich and famous at play.

4 thoughts on “Bill & Hill Clinton – joined in adversity

  1. Candy that’s fascinating about the same-summer births!

    With Marjorie’s feature on Kristin Scott Thomas, the photo immediately made me think, she looks just like Hilary at that age. Not just the hair and jewelry fashion, but the facial expression and demeanor reminiscent of Hillary’s hard edge. I then saw the quote about KST seeking conflict and the astro-explanation of troublesome Mars. Makes me wonder, first, if she would be the ideal actress in a biopic or historical drama about Hillary, and second – I’ve not tried to dig into this yet – if there are further astro similarities between these two women unwilling to back down from a fight.

  2. Bill Clinton is one of three presidents born in the summer of 1946:

    Donald Trump: born 14 June 1946

    George W Bush: born 6 July 1946

    Bill Clinton: born 19 August 1946

    Between them they’ve governed for 20 years.

    I think it’s to do with the Saturn at 14 Libra 46 in the USA astrological chart.

    Dubya has Chiron at 15 Libra 25, Trump has Chiron at 14 Libra 54. Clinton has Chiron at 18 Libra 52.

    Clinton has Venus at 11 Libra 07 trine Uranus at 21 Gemini 8. George W Bush has Jupiter at 18 Libra 8 trine Uranus at 19 Gemini 9. Trump has Jupiter at 17 Libra 27 trine Uranus at 17 Gemini 53.

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